Monday, 25. August 2014

Weekly Shonen Jump Promo

JUMP-EN070 Ebon Illusion Magician
DARK/Spellcaster - Xyz - Effect/Rank 7/2500/2100
2 Level 7 Monsters
You can also Xyz Summon this card by using a Rank 6 Spellcaster-Type Xyz Monster you control as the Xyz Material. (Xyz Materials attached to that monster also become Xyz Materials on this card.) Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; Special Summon 1 Spellcaster-Type Normal Monster from your hand or Deck. When a Spellcaster-Type Normal Monster declares an attack: You can target 1 card your opponent controls; banish it. You can only use this effect of "Ebon Illusion Magician" once per turn.
JUMP-EN070 Ebon Illusion Magician

Saturday, 23. August 2014

Yu-Gi-Oh! 2014 MEGA-TIN

  • To start with they’ve upgraded the tins to maximize storage space for Duelists. They’ll weigh in a whooping 15% larger than previous years allowing a lot more storage.
  • Each MEGA-Tin includes three 16-card Mega-packs with cards taken from a specially made 247 mega set of a year’s worth of core booster releases. That’s a massive 12 commons, 1 rare, 1 super rare, 1 ultra rare and 1 secret rare card.
  • Three variant cards supporting each Mega-Tin’s theme will be included in their respective tins. That’s 2 super rare and 1 never-before-seen rarity… <drum roll> …Platinum Secret Rare version of the Mega-Tin cover monster!!!!!!
  • This adds up to a Godzilla of a tin with a total of 51 cards with 12 foils. That’s the highest number of foils ever assembled in a single tin!
  • Each Mega-Tin design will be based on two of the more powerful tournament deck themes from the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG competitive scene – Bujins and Fire Fists.
  • Player are certain to want to collect both Mega-Tins so they can place them alongside each other for a truly epic mural of Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters.
  • 15% larger storage tin
  • 51 cards with 12 foils
  • New rarity card – the Platinum Secret Rare
  • Both tins draw from popular competitive deck themes – Bujins and Fire Fists
Release: 29th August 2014

Yu-Gi-Oh! 2014 MEGA-TIN

Bujintei Susanowo - Mega-Tin

3 Mega Packs (12 Common, 1 Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, 1 Secret Rare)
2 Super Rare cards
Bujintei Susanowo Platinum Secret Rare

Super Rares
CT11-EN002 Bujintei Susanowo
CT11-EN005 Bujingi Crane
CT11-EN006 Archfiend Commander

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King - Mega-Tin

3 Mega Packs (12 Common, 1 Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, 1 Secret Rare)
2 Super Rare cards
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King Platinum Secret Rare

Super Rares
CT11-EN001 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King
CT11-EN003 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Gorilla
CT11-EN004 Number 47: Nightmare Shark

Friday, 22. August 2014

The New Challengers - Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview: 1st - 2nd November 2014

Saturday, 2. August 2014

Duelist Alliance

Duelist AllianceA new tournament season and a new story arc means it’s time for brand new Deck themes and an all-new monster Type! Following their introduction in Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown, Pendulum Monsters appear in full force in the Duelist Alliance booster set! Half Monster Card and half Spell Card, these magical creatures let Duelists swing the tide of battle with Pendulum Summons, the powerful new game mechanic for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, guaranteed to impact Duels like never before. For the first time in six years, Duelist Alliance also introduces a new monster Type to the game: Wyrms! These fearless cousins of Dragonkind can stand up to any monster challenge. Duelists will also be treated to a brand new ongoing Deck theme based on Dante’s Inferno, considered to be one of the great classics of Western Literature.

Duelist Alliance also introduces several other tournament-level Deck themes that will delight Duelists with their intriguing strategies.
  • Superheavy Samurais show that the best offense is a good defense! These monsters can switch to Defense Position when Summoned, protecting you with their huge Defense Points. And once your Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei hits the field, all your Superheavy Samurais can attack while in Defense Position, using their DEF to attack with!
  • Stellarknights, based on alpha stars like Altair and Vega, shine with effects that activate each time they’re Summoned, and have all sorts of ways to Summon them from your hand, Deck, or Graveyard. Just like the star systems they’re named after, these monsters come in both solitary and binary forms (the “Satellarknight” effect monsters) and trinary forms (the “Stellarknight” Xyz Monsters). In this Deck you’ll find neat tricks like repeatedly Summoning Satellarknight Alsahm to burn away your opponent’s Life Points, or Xyz Summoning Stellarknight Delteros to protect all of your Summons from your opponent’s effects.
  • Shaddolls are dark, marionette versions of monsters that are strangely familiar. This sinister, shadowy Deck uses trickery and Flip Effects to surprise your opponent. Shaddolls are backed up by two new “El Shaddoll” Fusion Monsters, and have their very own way to Fusion Summon them, with the Shaddoll Fusion Spell Card. All Shaddoll monsters also have additional effects when they’re sent to the Graveyard by a card effect, including when they’re used for Shaddoll Fusion! So go for the triple combo: Use their Flip Effects, then use them to Fusion Summon, then get their extra effects when you do!
  • Meet the first of the new Wyrm-Type Monsters: The Yang Zing! These Chinese dragons embody the different elements of the universe, flowing from one element to the next in an endless cycle of feng shui. Whenever a Yang Zing is destroyed, you can Special Summon a different Yang Zing from your Deck. Yang Zing specialize in Synchro Summoning, and have the ability to Synchro Summon during your opponent’s turn. In addition, each Yang Zing used to Synchro Summon will give extra powers to that Synchro Monster. They also get their own Synchro Monster: Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing. When Summoned, Baxia shuffles 1 card on the field back into the Deck for each different Attribute used to Summon it!

The Duelist Alliance booster set contains 100 cards:

48 Common Cards
20 Rare Cards
14 Super Rare Cards
10 Ultra Rare Cards
8 Secret Rare Cards

Release: 15th August 2014

Friday, 1. August 2014

Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Prize Card

YCSW-EN007 Ascension Sky Dragon
LIGHT/Dragon - Synchro - Effect/10/?/3000
1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
If this card is Synchro Summoned: It gains 800 ATK for each card currently in your hand. When this card you control is destroyed by your opponent's card (by battle or card effect) and sent to your Graveyard, if all of the monsters that were used for the Synchro Summon of this card are in your Graveyard: You can Special Summon all of them, but their effects are negated. You can only use this effect of "Ascension Sky Dragon" once per turn.
Ultra Rare
YCSW-EN007 Ascension Sky Dragon



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