Secrets of Eternity - Sneak Peek

Sneak Preview: 10th - 11th January 2015

SECE-ENSP1 Dragoons of Draconia
FIRE/Beast-Warrior - Pendulum/4/1800/200
Armed with muskets and iron spears, these mounted land troops of the Draconia Empire are feared by the Reptier Kingdom and other bordering nations.
Pendulum Effect (Blue 2/Red 2):
Once per turn, if a Normal Monster you control destroys an opponent's monster by battle, after damage calculation: You can add 1 Level 4 or higher Normal Monster from your Deck to your hand.
SECE-ENSP1 Dragoons of Draconia
IvanV101 - 22. Nov, 10:17

this set whack @>@ unless the exclusive are good

TKing6488 - 24. Nov, 18:22


Necloth/Nekroz of Trishula (Heart and soul of the Deck)
Caius the Mega Monarch (That 2G Burn, Gagaga who?)
More Burning Abyss Support (we don't know :D)
More Qliphort support (not as good as the core support but more variety)
Shaddoll support (garbage though)
More Satella support (eh)
Infernoids Introduction (deck is good)
Many singles for older archetypes (Zombies, Koa'Ki Meiru stun, Volcanics)
Not to mention generic synchro and XYZ monsters
Set isn't Duelist Alliance good but far from whack.
EXTRIMAKER - 23. Nov, 22:41


why that?,it introduces necroz wich are a legit answer to qliphort/burning abyss or even shadoll,also shadoll gets more support,so will burning abyss,and also qliphort ,also we get more support for jinzo that makes him some what legit,and also new archtype infernoid,and even some support for stellaknights,also x-saber,gem-knights and even constellar get support also new synchro and new xyz monster,so i really don t get what you problem with this set is?.

IvanV101 - 24. Nov, 23:01

if you guys know what i meant! yugioh moving too fast and you have to spend and spend to get those expensive top tier decks. why can't it be like before. even the boxes now sell over prize like 65 dollars and up. you can't compete if you have a fun deck, and now just about archtype. they should have some single useful monster spell or trap that will work for certain stuff not just for the one archtype.

EXTRIMAKER - 25. Nov, 02:23


Dude long story Short:
Konami encourages fast play cause of the masses of players going to big tournaments,the players themself also want FAST duells(as everyone complains when you take longer for a turn then theiy used to) and therefore the game itself also Encourages Fast play.

Also if the cards are to expensive for you/you don t want to spent money at all on the game,then simply Play Yugiohpro/devpro both receiv a monthly update so theiy always up to date with the card data base,and its all for free,has all cards can be customized and if you like me into compettive plays you can play ranked and play against many different peopel from all around the world.

also what kind of "certaint stuff" you reffering to?,theiy made support for decks that really needed it and even were reqestet by most of the community so really don t see why you need to complain at all.
IvanV101 - 25. Nov, 23:20

if you want fast play, they should unbanned all the old stuffs so they can be compete and every deck able to play well. going forward but not looking backward is bad.

EXTRIMAKER - 26. Nov, 00:21


DUDE ARE YOU FUCKING MAD?,if konami ever goas ape shit on us and brings all of the forbidden cards like pot of greed and harpysfeather dust back to 1 then hell would literally be break out,that would be a freaking nightmare to have format that is able to create decks that are FAR FAR FAR WORSE then qliphort currently is,hell freaking dragon rulers got theiy shit banned for a reasion,also op spellbook of judgment got banned for a reasion,also trishula-synchro,chaos emperor dragon,Crush card virus,painfulchoice,graceful charity...sorry but you just proofed to me that you really don t understand anyhting about this game when it comes to "balancing the format" and making a game fair for everyone,and still exciting and fast,because unbanning any card on the list is literally the most stupid thing konami could possible do to the game for several reasions.
TKing6488 - 26. Nov, 01:47

I agree with both of you.

Way back Konami always hit the faster paced decks to bring other decks back to par. Now they just rotate decks with just hitting some cards. They don't hit problem cards. Even with shorter banlists. Traditional formats exists although I emphasize that the decks would be far more unfair.

Konami wants a faster paced game. I noticed now as the game has progressed, skill is hardly a factor unless if players go into grind games when they actually have to manage resources. Beating someone if 4 turns between two players is not skill. It's luck of the draw. Even with a consistent deck you can still draw bad. But that's the problem. If decks were designed to go into grind games more people would complain. Just like the banlist. For years players have been complaining we didn't have our own list. Well guess what now we do and people complain about that too. No one wins in this game anymore. Prize support isn't worth the pay in. That's why every player trades like they're vendors now to make up for it. Me personally I'd rather have OCG banlist in effect. Heavy Storm was always stupid but beats a format of dumb dumb floodgates. Decks can be countered but flood gates just steal games more than anything. Even Cowboy XD.
Black Masked Emperor - 26. Nov, 11:53

I can agree with everyone here. Some cards that are banned need to stay banned, but I personally believe that alot of cards could be taken off the ban list.
EXTRIMAKER - 26. Nov, 14:12

Black Masked Emperor

well not a alot but some can be like:

cyber stone.
mind master.
dark strike fighter(cause his errater makes him less broken).
heavystorm/giant trunade/colde wave.
pot of avarice.
monster reborn(cause when soul charge is still allowed this card will have far less of a impact).
premutre burial(same reasion as monster reborn also mst is a thing).
solmn judgement(as there is already warning and solmn advice and there also don t make that much of a impact)
time seal(cause 1- for the ability to seal your opponenst draw for 1turn is not that good anymore)
trapdust shoot(as it would bring more counters to op decks wich would help increase the skill factor of the game).

those cards from all of the banned ones are the least broken ones to unbann and could therefore be very well be unbanned atleast to 1 each because most decks have evolve to a point where those cards are not that broken anymore.

TKing6488 - 26. Nov, 17:51

With the reasoning behind Dustshoot (more counters to OP decks); I could not disagree more. It also gives OP decks a chance to push other decks into the ground faster. In order to increase skill in this game power creep would have to be dealt with. Which ain't happening. Duels only last for so long now because the cards are too powerful and combos can put players into a bad spot faster. Bringing back more powerful cards would only make the game worse and duels shorter if they are drawn.
EXTRIMAKER - 26. Nov, 20:10


well i agree on the fact that unbanning any OP card is not going to help at all but the cards i mentioned are not that broken,i mean year dust shoot is awsome but its not dust shoot itself that makes a OP deck strong and most of the op decks like qliphort don t need that card anyway so it would only help those decks that really need it,but then again i can t predict the future so what do i know...

TKing6488 - 29. Nov, 08:54

Most of the cards are fine

Sangan, Cyber Stein, Heavy Storm, Dark Strike Fighter, Monster Reborn, and Solemn Judgment I think are all good. Cards like these will not alter the game much.

Pot of Avarice, Substitoad, and Mind Master could come back, But I think they can be more of a problem than the previously mentioned cards. Pot of Avarice being the most broken. Substitoad and Mind Master I think could open up dumb combo decks or make that Soul Charge really sacky XD.

Giant Trunade, Cold Wave, Premature Burial, Time Seal, and Trap Dustshoot I don't believe will return for awhile

Giant Trunade - Least unfair but the only card that stops it (Solemn Judgment) is banned. Unless if Cursed Seal or Magic Jammer get played. Cards such as Gorz and Trago could also be mained to stop OTK's. This card also abuses face up cards that aren't limited to once per turn conditions (Qliphort Scout, Gates of Dark World, Call of the Haunted)

Cold Wave - Card is a win button even today. Activate this swarm with everything gg.

Premature Burial - Yes it has a cost and can be MST'd. Hidden Armory can search and abuse it. Cards that bounce (Pliedes, Vulcan, Dewloren, Zephyros the Elite) also make this card abusable. Monster Reborn is less unfair

Time Seal - Less broken than before but is a win con at times (Topdecking) Although then again so would Drastic Drop off.

Trap Dustshoot - with monsters galore formats I can understand this. First turn this card just wrecks and even if it did come back Mind Crush would have to be limited. This card is perhaps the most broken on your list

I can't predict the future either. That's just my two cents XD. Trap Dustshoot would be a power staple. It always was Especially with heavy Storm in the same format. I think Qli's would run it.
EXTRIMAKER - 29. Nov, 21:45


how is substitoid and mind master still a thing? and even if so,peopel are complaining that the meta Game is to much about the new cards and not enough about creativity yet when anyone like me mentions a unbann of some rather not so broken cards you think it could be a potentional Otk,and beside of all the cards that are on the list of banned cards those i mentioned are really just the
"weakest of them all".

also for the rest:

heavy is good for the format cause it forces the opponenst to think about his resources rather then just set all cards facedown and sit on them for several turns(wich really is more annoying to me then just the fear of getting storm) so heavy at 1 would be fine trunade and wave were just there to name other options that could be unbanned in order to balance the set-all my shit down format a bit,just one out of the 3 is enough.

same for reborn and burieal in a formt where 3 mst are almost a given and also if heavy would be unbanned burieal would not do that much to the game as you might think cause most of the time it would be dead anyways reborn atleast can not be negatet that much so here again both goas.

time seal,is really not a option anymore nobody would use it as it plain out says 1- for no reasion cause the opponenst can just search with tool,falling shadows,any burning abyss,any yang zing,deneb,ect his shit together so it really would just be a waste of deck space.

avarice is given the heavy from grave effect,format a good card but then again anyone but qliphort can use it and qliphort don t need to cause theiy have theiy owen version of avarice already,so it would not be unfair or broken at all.

also yea dust shoot is the most broken on my list,but then again like you said,in a format where monsters are the way to win,this card would literally help any deck regardless of play style also like heavy storm this card needs a good player to be of good use,cause even if it comes trought you still need to pick the correct card in order to make adventage out of it,also fucking raigeki is allowed and peopel do not care so why should theiy for dust shoot?.

also i don t see anyhting wrong with limiting mind crush to 1 when dust shoot can return for it,cause really peopel do not even use mind crush anymore atleast dust shoot would give them a reasion to run it(not saying theiy would/should).

also thanks for your feedback its always welcome espacally if its that detailed like yours.

TKing6488 - 30. Nov, 07:36

Can see your points

People do complain about this game a lot. I am actually on hiatus for a bit. Qli's and Burning Abyss remind me of DRuler/Spellbook format but worse. Emptiness and Skill Drain take so much fun out of this game. Any floodgate card does. Especially with Heavy Storm out of the game. Substitoad and Mind Master aren't cards that I think would be super broken. It's just 1 two card combo thins out the entire deck. Plus Konami hates loops that take up an entire turn, but not necessarily ones that occur from turn to turn lol

I miss Heavy. I can play out of four backrows but there is no punishment for oversetting anymore. People often argue Spells and Traps cannot be replenished like Monsters (Why Raigeki came back) but seriously there is no repercussion for the opponent setting 3-4. BRD and Exciton will almost always never resolve.

I still think Burial causes problems with OTK's and Hidden Armory just sets that up. In a a format without Heavy sure. With Heavy I am skeptical. Reborn is sacky but fine.

Time Seal I still think can cause problems not as broken as before. Besides getting the opponent to top deck now is impossible with all the floaters we have.

Avarice is broken. But if The Beginning of the End is still legal this card can be too.

Like I said before with Dustshoot. I have biased hatred towards it. It still is a very skilled card to use. Being you have to be able to read plays and pick the right card. Also Jeff Jones uses Mind Crush :P

Plus there was a leaked banlist last list that I liked.

It had Moralltach, Sangan, Emptiness, Skill Drain, and Trishula all limited. If that happened I would play again competitively in a heartbeat but I will wait and see.

I always welcome your feedback as well dude. Detail is still essential in this game.
EXTRIMAKER - 1. Dec, 02:09


1. exactly Just like i said,heavy needs to return,cards like BRD and excition knight not only can t do it all alone,but are also way to good to just waste them on backrow removal alone.

2.well given that tellaknight is a deck,you could be right that having bureal back would make them stronger,but then again there were not that good anyways so maby it would make them atleast a litte more relevant to the game,reborn is like i said also fine but yea seeing as tellaknight is a thing reborn is less broken then bureal.

3.yea exactly of course theiy is always a chance to use it but most of the time it will proably be a dead card and raigeki or anything else could be of more use then time seal.

4.exactly avarice ain t that broken anymore cause most decks don t need him anyways but can affort him without getting to strong.

5.i see why that is xd, too can remember the times when dustshoot was a thing,however today it takes more skill then ever to use this card because most deck can search so well that it almost doas not matter if dustshoot is a thing,mind crush is a entirely other beast but then again most peopel don t use it anyways.

wow thats one of the few times i actually have a successfull debat on the internet that ends with me agreeing almost entirly witht the other person.Success!^^.

TKing6488 - 2. Dec, 02:42

I still think most of those cards have where they can win games by themselves but that's been yugioh for years. As the game progressed more and more power cards got introduced making the game more complex (cant read staple cards). I think most players forget that. Although like we both said there is a card being broken and can win games and then there are op cards (Painful Choice, Graceful Charity etc) I always have my opinions but am always a little open minded. Glad to see another player to do the same :)



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