Duelist Pack: Battle City

Duelist Pack: Battle CityAfter a four year hiatus, Duelist Packs return to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME with the biggest set ever assembled in Duelist Pack: Battle City! Based on the famous Battle City story arc from the classic Yu-Gi-Oh! animated TV series, Duelist Pack: Battle City contains brand new cards plus classic favorites!

This huge, 47-card Duelist Pack set includes cards used by several characters from the show, like Yugi, Joey, Kaiba, Bakura, and Marik, as well as brand new cards, making them instant ‘must-haves’ for every Duelist’s collection. These exciting cards are mixed with other favor tes like Red-Eyes B. Dragon, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and more, making it even easier to collect these for your very own!

Duelist Pack: Battle City is an easy way to get your hands on some of the most memorable cards from Season Two of the classic Yu-Gi-Oh! animated TV show, and will bring back memories of past Dueling glory.

The Duelist Pack: Battle City booster set contains 47 cards: 27 Commons, 10 Rares, 6 Super Rares, and 4 Ultra Rares.

Release: 19th June 2015
greater222 - 30. Mar, 17:19

Them reprints...

Just what we needed, more blue eyes...at least give us the SDK print.

Hylander McLeod - 31. Mar, 00:51

I could see Card of Demise being printed in this one (though I'm hoping it comes out in Dragon's of Legend 2). I doubt we'd get Dark Sanctuary seeing s how Dark Necrofear's effect was altered from its anime version but I'm hoping it does get printed.

My Top 5 Wants

Disgraceful Charity
Tribute Burial
Spell Sanctuary
Dark Sanctuary
Dark Wall of Wind

some 2nd choice mentions
Multiple Destruction
Card of Demise
Roulette Spider

EXTRIMAKER - 31. Mar, 02:16

Hylander McLeod

actually the anime effect of dark sanctuary reads as follows(if we can believe yugioh wikia on this atleast...) Activate only when a "Dark Necrofear" is sent to your Graveyard. The Ghost of Dark Sanctuary appears. During each of your End Phases, Tribute 1 monster or destroy this card. and acoording to the wikia aswell,the Ghost itself is a Equip spell card that can be equipt to a opponenst monster and if the opponenst chooses to attack with said monster his attack gets negatet and he takes damage equal to halve the atk of the monster and the player who controlls dark sanctuary gets life points equal to that amount.

so yea that would be possible to impliement in the game.

also on a side note: multiple destruction would push dw way to hard XD i mean come on theiy would have a card destruction that can easly deal 4000damage! and still pluses them to no end?XD also maby even minusing the opponent? if it really gets released it gonna be nerved hard^^...but yea card of demise is a card i would like to have XD. Also if spell sanctuary becomes a thing then invader of darkness will be pretty badass XD(seeing as he prevents the opponenst from using qick-play spell cards and sanctuary treatsh all spell cards as qlick-play spell card so opponenst can not use spell cards at all XD also spell sanctuary+ Qliphort tool or nekrzo ritual spell is= op as fuck summoing trishual in the opponenst turn? HELL NO XD or qliphort tool during opponenst turn?XD god the madness is real with this card XD).

Dragon King - 27. Jun, 05:00

To be honest I was planning too but this deck pass..... I was thinking to myself why do I need any more reprints from the first generation?... But after looking at the list of cards that will be in this pack....I realize that a lot of the cards that are in our actual reprints of cards that really haven't gotten a lot of reprints... The card set isn't really that high....and the majority of the cards are actual fan favorites....buster blader....Jinzo....and more.... So now I'm actually pondering if I should buy at least a couple packs.



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