Master of Pendulum Structure Deck

New Pendulum Monsters arise in the Master of Pendulum Structure Deck, bringing with them powerful effects and strategies to mystify your opponent! In addition to these monsters, the Master of Pendulum Structure Deck contains 10 brand-new cards, including brand-new Synchro and Xyz Monsters!

Spellcasters abound in the Master of Pendulum Structure Deck, empowering you with the ability to destroy opponent cards with the tip of a hat! Dragonvein Magician and Dragonpit Magician do just that, by discarding Pendulum Monsters to target your opponent's Monster or Spell/Trap card and destroy them! The Pendulum Call Spell Card lets you pick a perfect pair of Magician Pendulum Monsters while protecting the Magician cards in your Pendulum Zones. This formidable Structure Deck even lets you dabble in Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Summoning and includes one of each kind of monster! Try your hand at Synchro Summoning Odd-Eyes Meteor Burst Dragon or double down on Level 7 monsters to Xyz Summon Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon!

This 43-card Deck has great synergy with the Clash of Rebellions and Dimension of Chaos booster sets, and includes cards that new and experienced Duelists will enjoy!

The Master of Pendulum Structure Deck set contains 38 Common Cards, 2 Ultra Rare Cards, 3 Super Rare Cards, 1 Dueling Guide, 1 Rulebook and 1 Deluxe Game Mat.

Release: 4th Decmeber 2015
Ashura Muto - 15. Aug, 08:28


can't await this deck for europe ^^
please give us insight magician in this structure. It would be a shame if not

Dragon King - 23. Aug, 21:15

I hate to break it to you.....

I'm pretty sure that Konami will not put "Insight Magician" in this deck.
If anything....Konami has been known to take cards out of circulation. There was this one strategy deck that they decided to remove a card from it... Because the card was still a very hot collectors item and they did not want to flood the market at the time what a lesser copy of it. It's most likely that "Insight Magician" will be one of those kind of cards that are going to be keep out of the hands of both players and collectors...tell a much later date. Ever noticed when a card that supports an archtype that was quite a hot commodity...One or two years ago...just suddenly gets introduced?... My theory is... Konami purposely will hold a card out of circulation till the type of deck it supports starts to fizzle out with players. Cyber Dragons…Ancient Gear Golems…Elemental HEROS.....
Ashura Muto - 24. Aug, 08:26

but tcg gets 10 new cards instead of 9 xD

and the hope lietrally dies last xD
But i share your oppinion ... maybe insight gets a secret rare in a booster pack ... but I really dont hope for a Jump Promo release because i am living in Germany ... that would be the most ineffective way for konami to get this card to the tcg

And in Japan it was a Jump promo and so not really hard to get for them xD ;)
Ashura Muto - 10. Dec, 21:57

and i got right with my feeling the card is included in the structure deck
DarkFate101 - 26. Aug, 09:33

For sure they will take out either seven swords or summoner art unless next ban list summoner art get limit. Hopefully it is lol. Just cause I hate qli and IG Knight, those are horrible archtye.



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