Shonen Jump Magazine Promo

Available exclusively in the special Scholastic issue of SHONEN JUMP Magazine, Troposphere from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga is making its stateside debut.

JMPS-EN001 Troposphere
If you Tribute Summon this card, the Tribute must be Winged-Beast-Type. This card is unaffected by the effects of Trap Cards.
Ultra Rare
JMPS-EN001 Troposphere
Infernity Zero - 17. Dec, 23:38


Wow...this is going in my DragunityWing Deck! :P
He even LOOKS like a Blackwing monster!

B. Katarn - 18. Dec, 00:25

Fun Promo but...

Scholastic issue? Like the kids book thing? More info would help.

Using this thing looks fun and you can Swallows Nest for him from a large number of things.

GUN - 18. Dec, 11:35


Cool looking card but not very good. I was scared this was our sneak peek card but luckily it just a jump magazine promo. Wel nothing can be worse then the last sneak peek card. I was so happy that somebody really wanted to buy my archfiend empress. :P I thought i was never getting rid of that card.

Infernity Zero - 18. Dec, 13:06

lol lucky...I entered twice, got 2 promos, pulled an Archfiend Empress from a SP pack, and pulled another Archfiend Empress when the pack officially came out (bought like 3 packs)
ShinobiPhoenix - 18. Dec, 20:45

Since when are OCG Promo cards used for Sneak Preview cards?

It even says it's from GX Manga, so exactly what made you think it was going to be a Sneak card?
Darkwarrior - 18. Dec, 20:57

Because of wishfull thinking that were going to get a blackwing as a promo ^^

Darkwarrior - 18. Dec, 21:01

As card effect goes it's a bit lacking I mean I wouldn't realy use it in blackwing due to the fact it's a tribute. Sirocco is the only tribute monster werth while.

TheDarkAngelRocket - 19. Dec, 06:06


Troposphere is a good card. Glad it's finally going to be released.

tsog - 20. Dec, 01:19

WOW. This card sucks.

Infernity Zero - 20. Dec, 21:32

Read the effect AGAIN. Every word this time. Then remember that Blackwings (Winged-Beasts that Special Summon like crazy) at a top Deck right now.
ywontuc - 21. Dec, 03:15

Blackwings are a minor annoyance just like monarchs and they are going to get whats coming to them.
tsog - 21. Dec, 06:01

Yep. Reread it. And it still sucks.

A simple synchro monster, caius, or raiza can run this over.
The hell like BW is going to forfeit a monster slot for a non-BW monster with sub-par effect.



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