2011 Duelist Pack Tin

2011 Duelist Pack Tin
This cool black-tinted tin commemorates Yusei's battles against the villainous Dark Signers. Each Tin includes 3 packs of Duelist Pack: Yusei 3 and 1 pack of Duelist Revolution. In these packs fans can easily collect some of Yusei's favorite Monsters, Spells, and Traps to recreate his game-winning strategies.

To represent the forces of darkness, each Tin also includes 4 Synchro Monsters used by Yusei's adversaries, the Dark Signers. Three of these are Super Rare reprints of hard-to-find Synchro Monsters release previously. The fourth is a brand new, Secret Rare Synchro Monster never seen before.

Each Duelist Pack Collection Tin 2011 contains:
  • 1 Frozen Fitzgerald Secret Rare Card
  • 1 Underground Arachnid Super Rare Card
  • 1 Zeman the Ape King Super Rare Card
  • 1 Hundred Eyes Dragon Super Rare Card
  • 3 packs of Duelist Pack: Yusei 3
  • 1 pack of Duelist Revolution
  • 1 Beginner’s Guide

Release: 5th April 2011

DPCT-EN005 Frozen Fitzgerald
WATER/Fiend - Synchro - Effect/5/2500/2500
1 DARK Tuner + 1 non-Tuner Beast-Type monster
If this card attacks, your opponent cannot activate any Spell or Trap Card until the end of the Damage Step. When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, while you control no monsters, you can discard 1 card to Special Summon this card from the Graveyard in face-up Defense Position.
Secret Rare
2003malibuss - 21. Dec, 09:11

how many tins

wow this is nice i was wondering when they would release the new duelist tin for 2011 i wonder how many tins will they release this time and will they be from toys r us, walmart, and target or just hobby
ohh and am the first post yeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

skyphertheslydragon - 21. Dec, 09:40

(Dark) Synchro Promos

My guess is that 2 of the promos might be Zeman the Ape King and Underground Arachnid. As for the other reprint, it could be either Sun Dragon Inti or Moon Dragon Quilla. (Probably Quilla) I can't think of any other (Dark) Synchro monsters out in the TCG right now. I am curious if the new (Dark) Synchro is one of the more recently released ones in the OCG.

Plus, more Duelist Revolution packs = more chances to get Dualities. (I don't have any, nor am I going to pay $120 plus for a piece of cardboard.)

If they do have multiple duelist pack tins, the new promo will probably be different in each one.

bannon - 21. Dec, 11:14

I'm fairly certain that one of the synchros will be Hundred Eye Dragon, since it was a Dark Signer's synchro monster, and was a Shonen Jump promo. Zeman the Ape King is a possibility as well.

The exclusive one may be Dark Flattop, used by Greiger and has not yet been printed in english.

MasterSephiroth - 21. Dec, 12:01


They say hard-to-find cards. Therefor Zemam and Arachnorid are clearly in. Hundred-Eyes is another promo to be in there, because they must legalize it in Europe. The brand new Promo will be Frozen Fitzgerald, if you ask me, because it was the first Dark Synchro Monster to be summoned in 5Ds.

Chaosflo44 - 21. Dec, 13:36

Dark Sychros

There are 3 Dark Synchros left who were not released in the TCG and maybe can be the Secret Rare:

Frozen Fitzgerald
Dark Diviner
Dark Flattop

There are only 3 Dark Synchros left, who can be reprinted:

Hunderd - Eyed Dragon
Underground Arachnid
Zeman the Ape King

ShiroRyu - 21. Dec, 19:16

I think I agree with those of you who are predicting Zeman, Underground Arachnid and Hundred-Eyes Dragon. I'm hoping the new card will be Freezing Fitzgerald or Dark Diviner, although it'll more likely be Dark Flat Top (since that was actually used by a Dark Signer, rather than someone under Roman's control).

Hopefully it will include Hundred-Eyes, since we do need a legal release over here in Europe, although even if it is, it's not until April...

Lentra - 22. Dec, 07:00

In addition to needing a European release, Hundred Eyes Dragon also needs a reprint in the States to correct its name.
Infernity Zero - 21. Dec, 20:41


Hundred Eyes Dragon
Zeman the Ape King
Underground Arachnid
PROBABLY Dark Flat Top
might be Frozen Fitzgerald or Dark Diviner (the latter would be cool to abuse)

tsog - 22. Dec, 06:57

New Synchro?

Make it trish. Well it's probably impossible but one can still hope.

DPaladinD - 22. Dec, 08:51

Why is it?
"New Synchro"
Every. Bloody. Time.
Trishula will be out in the DTs/HAs next year. Learn some patience >_>
RavenFromHell - 22. Dec, 16:43


true dat. shit, nearly every IB-monster that has been released so far was in a DT or HA (except for dance princess). so yeah, learn some damn patience :D
tsog - 23. Dec, 05:58

LOL @ Trolls Taking the Bait

judaikunakafish - 22. Dec, 09:55

2011 Duelist Pack Tin

I was expecting this but I didn't think they'd set the release date so late after the duelist pack. It comes out 2x months after. I wish they would give us these tins with the 1st edition packs instead of making the packs unlimited. I'm guess the super rare promos will b: Hundred-Eyes Dragon (to legalize it in Europe), Zeman the Ape King and Underground Arachnid. Then the Secret Rare card will most likely 1 of these 3: Frozen Fitzgerald, Dark Diviner, or Dark Flat Top.

Wolfgang DelaSangre - 22. Dec, 13:12

Dark Synchros

Three will probably be Zeman, Arachnid, and Hundred-Eyes Dragon since all three are fairly hard to get. As for the fourth card, I'm personally hoping its Dark Flat Top. Dark Diviner is cool, but much more difficult to summon than people make it sound. Sure Dark Bug and Junk Synchron, but you have to get one or the other in the Graveyard first, and Foolish Burial's at 1.

There's also Frozen Fitzgerald, but the last thing the meta needs is another excuse to run Junk Synchron and Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter in the same deck.

polargod1 - 22. Dec, 19:31

fingers crossed

i hope they release more then 1 tin like they have in the past. for example:
Walmart-Frozen Fitzgerald
Target-Dark Diviner
Toysrus-Dark Flattop
it would make sence

RavenFromHell - 22. Dec, 20:22

here's to hoping ... :p
Infernity Zero - 22. Dec, 21:19

O_o never would have thought of that.
Fingers crossed to this!
Dragon King - 23. Dec, 00:07

Not me.....

I hope they don't do that!! Not all of us have those stores around us. I have like two Walmarts near me,but Target and Toys r'us are about an hour and 35 mins drive for me..and i'm sure i am not the only one.
I would like just to have a tin with all the cards in it. With gas Prices as thier are,i would to still have a lot of money on me and not in the tank!
skyphertheslydragon - 23. Dec, 20:39

I will cry if they make a tin that has Dark Flat Top be Toys 'R Us exclusive. (not literally of course)

Toys 'R Us prices are high, and the only way for me to get it is online (if I am lucky).

However, they may make different tins for each promo, and make 1 for Hobby Stores (like they did with the Duelist Tins Crow, Yusei, Jack, and Leo/Luna one year).

I believe that the Killer Whale Earthbound Immortal of Greiger's (can't remember the name) was in the Leo/Luna Toys 'R Us Exclusive tin, so it may happen.
Darkwarrior - 22. Dec, 21:34

Totaly shit

Konami need to bring out some usefull sh** iam getting sick of them releasing crap like this tin the only use is that they MIGHT reprint 100 eyes dragon so infernitys can live again >.<

Infernity Zero - 23. Dec, 16:16

yep. if they reprint Hundred-Eyes Dragon we might see some serious play with Infernity Dwarf XD
ShinobiPhoenix - 23. Dec, 23:27

I like how everyone says "probably" will be "X" is missing the obvious.

There's only 4 Dark Synchros in TCG.

Only one of them was only from SET (Quilla).

The other 3 were all originally PROMOS in OCG.

How hard is that to grasp?

No way to gauge which of the 3 DDY3 ones will go in here.

Fritz if they want to push money, Dark Flattop if they want to reserve the better DS's for the sets to as secrets to make THOSE worth more money.

Infernity Zero - 24. Dec, 20:51

One of those 3 will be a tin promo, and Konami will be cheap as ever, so I'm guessing we'll be getting either Frozen Fitzgerald or Dark Diviner (in my opinion they're both equally broken).
RavenFromHell - 29. Dec, 14:39


the super rare promos ARE:
Hundred-Eyes Dragon (IS gonna get abused)
Underground Arachnid
Zeman the Ape King

as for the Secret, i dunno :p

Infernity Zero - 29. Dec, 23:40

hopin for Frozen Fitzgerald, would look so cool as a ScR.
crimsonblade18 - 31. Dec, 22:57

Why is Underground Arachnid going to get abused? It will only work in a deck with insects and FEW (if any) people run insects in the first place.
crimsonblade18 - 31. Dec, 22:55

Determined Daredevil

I want Determined Daredevil!!!!!

dragunity_knight_vajuranda - 5. Jan, 23:05

It's probably going to be

Dark Flattop. Because of the way it's worded, Greiger was actually a Dark Signer.

The other 3 (Zumwalt, Fitzgerald, and Daredevil) you americains will get in another promo (hopefully together), and probably soon.

RavenFromHell - 17. Jan, 16:21

Dark counterparts

hmm.. i think they should reprint all of the DARK counterparts (e.g. Dark Voltanis, Dark Armed Dragon and the lot). This is SO not on topic, but I couldnt help but realise pretty much all of them are ScR or UR... its rediculous :S

Zardis - 4. Feb, 17:56

Frozen Fitzgerald

Is actually pretty good. Too bad that it has such restrictions to summoning. Meaning, I won't use it ever lol.
Still a good card tho :P

Black masked emporor - 4. Feb, 20:08

i know what you mean i love this guy but i can see mine going into my girlfriends d.d.beast beatdown deck...T.T it was already hard to beat...¬¬ it even trashed mmy BW deck and gravekeepers
A.Mouse - 4. Feb, 21:49

This will be quite fun in my Synchron deck... Junk Synchron + Ryko = 2500 pain-in-the-butt for my opponent!
Lentra - 4. Feb, 22:24

My Ojamas look forward to it, as well. Junk Synchron + any basic Ojama = bulky Synchro who doesn't care about Ojama Country's ATK/DEF swap!
skyphertheslydragon - 5. Feb, 02:10

At least in a Beast Deck that runs Junk Synchron to revive Ryko, Nimble Momonga, and other Level 2 monsters, it is easier to get out Frozen Fitzgerald than Zeman the Ape King. Too bad Fitzgerald isn't a Beast type, despite the summoning requirements, otherwise Closed Forest would say "Hi!"
Wolfgang DelaSangre - 7. Feb, 05:16

Well crap.

Frozen Fitzgerald. We need another reason to run Junk Synchron and Ryko in the same deck. Ugh.

Black masked emporor - 7. Feb, 18:59

any beast monster would be good you dont have to run them if you dont want to..... but still they do work well together.
Wysten - 8. Feb, 12:05

Debries anyone?

To be honest, I see it getting a lot of use in there. Using two Junk Synchron instead of quickdraw. I was never fond of quickdraw itself, 3 cards for one fairly useful summon? Thats about half of the hand lost for the sake of one combo.
lightsworn91 - 18. Apr, 02:43

On the Subject of Collector Tins

Here's my predictions for the 2011 Holiday Collector Tins
Wave 1: Life Stream Dragon and Revise Dragon. The reason I say Life Stream Dragon is because all the other signer dragons have been released as tins and it would be nice if Konami included one last 5D's tin. Revise Dragon is the cover card for Generation Force and it's been a pattern since 2008 to have the cover card of the pack released in August/September to be released as a tin. Ex. Stardust Dragon, Ancient Fairy Dragon, Dragon Knight Draco-Equites
Wave 2: Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and some other card from Photon ShockWave. Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon is the cover card for Photon Shockwave and that pack will probably released in November for the TCG. So that's my collector tin predictions



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