2012 Collectible Tin - Wave 2.5

Collectible Tin - Wave 2.5Konami Digital Entertainment Inc, is proud to bring you an new incremental product offering to kick off the new year, Wave 2.5 Tin!
Each Tin will include 5 booster packs plus 5 additional foil cards. This 5+5 model was incredibly popular with fans in 2010 and 2011. Each embossed tin will feature a powerful monster (depicted on the tin’s lid), plus 4 variant cards including high‐demand cards that are difficult to obtain. Perfect for the new player, or for the veteran looking to fill out his collection!

This uniquely designed single tin offering will feature a fantasy art designed monster from Return of the Duelist. The fantasy art is a new design for the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading card game and is sure to capture the attention of gamers of any skill level.

Tin Contents: 2 Order of Chaos Packs, 2 Galactic Overlord Packs, 1 Photon Shockwave Pack, 4 Super Rare Cards and 1 Secret Rare Card

Release: 18th January 2013

CT09-EN005 Prophecy Destroyer
DARK/Spellcaster - Effect/6/2500/1200
If this card is in your Graveyard: You can banish 3 "Spellbock" Spell Cards from your Graveyard; Special Summon this card from your Graveyard.

Super Rares
Endless Decay
Steelswarm Roach
Photon Strike Bounzer
Infernity Barrier
IvanV101 - 1. Aug, 01:03

this is funny looking tin.. look like Magic G...Gaiga attack better then dis card...its too long to wait for this Tin... the world will end 12 21 2012.. lol just like it said prophecy...rabbit will be in this ?

Ghostar - 1. Aug, 08:54

What the?

Is this... Legit? The artwork looks like MTG rather then YGO. Strange Indeed.

dragon master of the tcg - 1. Aug, 10:34

better its looks like MTG rather than card vanguard

Shadow X-Calibre - 3. Aug, 17:53

Didn't you know that the artists (or at least, some of them) involved in Yu-Gi-Oh do Vanguard too...?
Black masked emporor - 1. Aug, 12:37

i would like to see a source before i believe this the reasons being that 1)awesome image but not Yu-Gi-Oh! like at all, all cards follow the same anime like feel to them this does not. 2)2.5? why not make it the exclusive tin 3)when have we ever had a tcg exclusive in a collectable tin?? never they are always variants. I wont believe this until its on the shelves.

edit: wtf i just found it in the return of the duelist spoiler this may actually happen. Konami if this is a wind up it is not cool. But OMG i am getting 3 of these tins because im running this guy at 2 and a copy of him for permanent display why couldn't they introduce full art cards for the variant rares XP. also this guy looks frikkin similar to summoned skull and stats are the same too.

ShiroRyu - 1. Aug, 12:44

Card is real. They're starting to introduce more fantasy-style art on cards, which is pretty awesome.

The tin's image and release info was released before the article went up and many people thought it was fake too. But, it's real. Kevin even confirmed it.

Also, following patterns with Konami isn't wise. This past year especially they've been rather unpredictable, especially with the other tins. I'm pretty confident that no-one expected the Dolkka or Overlord tins.
Black masked emporor - 1. Aug, 12:48

good point, also i just realised that the anniversary dark magician was a similar style too
EXTRIMAKER - 2. Aug, 00:45


so theiy create a new typ of art work,that looks like magic the gathering??? serously?o.O i really wounder: why they doing that???,the art work of the normal ygo-cards fits very well and is for me one major reasion why i don t play magic the gathering,now all theiy have to do is realeasing a monster typ that needs you to put monsters of a specal attribut in your spell/trap zone so you can summon a new monster from hand,then its proofen that KONAMI trys to copy magic LOL^^.

but anyway good artwork,looks badass but why is summoner skull that abused??? i mean serously:

1.original(wich already has 3different artwork vanilla versions)
2.archfiend version.
3.toon version
4.anniversary version.
5.Zombie-synchro version.
6.and now we got the destroyer of Prophecy version.

seems like summoner skull is a pretty strong monster in the
duell-monster-dimensions,when everyone from pandemonium(wich reprenst hell itself) and the dark ruler(wich revived him as a zombie) and even the spellbook magicans want him as a memeber for theiy army.

guess he never will die for sure,he always gets somehow resurrectet XD.

Steele - 2. Aug, 08:19

Your trolling us, right shriek?

I refuse to accept that art as anything remotely Prophecy related, let alone yugioh related. If they want a different art style bring back the good ol days of Doma the Angel of Silence and Ogre of the Black Shadow!

MasterGawain - 2. Aug, 09:46

For All The Haters:

The "Prophecy" Archetype is based on Real Life Tarot Cards, and this card is "The Devil" but since Konami has to be "Kid-Friendly" they named it Destroyer. This cards artwork may be a ripoff of MTG, but its a nice change from the cutesy BS that you see so much of, especially in the Meta.

EXTRIMAKER - 2. Aug, 18:33


if its true that theiy have to be kid friendly and did not name it devil because of this reasion,then why did theiy name the majin archtyp devil??? in the japanese version.


and by the way: the normal art-styl of ygo is way better then this artwork wich is just a copy of the MTG styl,but i don t hate on it,wonder waht new monsters theiy also make with this art styl.
Thegravekeeper - 2. Aug, 23:47


Not to sound rude but it's pretty common knowledge about the censorship differences between OCG and TCG. Look at cards like Dark Magician Girl and such where even the pictures were altered between translation from OCG to TCG to hide more of the pictures breasts. The Japanese market is far less concerned with censorship of the game than that of the TCG market where Konami must comply with the censorship rules. Hence why the name was 'devil' in Japanese and 'Djinn' in the TCG.

I do like the artwork for this card, but I feel it just isn't suited to the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game style of cards.
EXTRIMAKER - 3. Aug, 12:42


i know all this censor shit(i call it shit because i think its very meaningless) but theiy is no evidence that the profphecy destroyer.was originaly called "the devil",cause its says its a uniquely designed tin,wich i think means its tcg only,cause theiy is no annoucment in the Otcg site for this tin,wich brings me to the conclusion that we can t call him devil until theiy is a japanese version of him called "the devil" or otherwise statment that he is indeed the devil,cause if you look on his appearence and atk,def,stars then he looks more like another version the summoner skull,wich is just a strong demon but not the devil,the devil is more like dark ruler hades(cause hades is a different name for the devil).

but like i say we don t know,

and i agree on the point with the art-styl

Thegravekeeper - 3. Aug, 16:53

"The Devil"

Whilst his attribute, atk, def, and level match Summond Skull I find the appearnaces differ more than they look the same. But I can see why such a suggestion would be made. The reason that I say it is the tarot card of the Devil myself is that the image has exceptionally close appearnace as the Devil tarot card only with added head piece and sword. So therefore I am positive it is such and under the word "Destroyer" means it pretty much is because religion marks the Devil as the biggest destroyer!

Also just a side note on Hades because I love mythology and your assump[tion was incorrect about it, Hades isn't a different name for the Devil but another name for Hell. The Underworld in Greek Mythology was also called Hades and that's where the name for the Greek God came from (who in himself wasn't the Devil). In the case of Dark Ruler Hades, it is not Dark Ruler Devil or of the Devil it is Dark Ruler of Hell in theory. I most religions today Hell is still refered to as Hades, and whilst the Devil has many names Hades isn't one of them! Sorry about the little rant it's just I get annoyed when people get mythology wrong >.<
TKing6488 - 3. Aug, 16:07


I see this game turning more and more into Magic the Gathering. I thought I was on the wrong site at first. lol Spellbock

EXTRIMAKER - 3. Aug, 19:37


about the religion thing you re sadly mistaken,cause i looked it up on wikipedia and theiy its says that HADES is the NAME of the God that rules over the underworld(also refered to as GOD of the Dead).

and wiki is backed up with history facts.

here look it up for yourself: http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hades

Thegravekeeper - 4. Aug, 00:54

RE-read my comment!

In my comment I explained that Hades was the name of the Underworld (Greek Mythological Hell) and the Greek God Hades was named because he ruled over the place. The Greek God Hades was never a Devil he was a GOD. I did say that in my point that he got his name because he ruled the Underworld but that he wasn't a Devil. Before you say I'm mistaken make sure you accurately read my comment. And yes he is God of the Dead but not a DEVIL. That's the difference. That's why Hades isn't a name for the Devil it never was and never will. Check facts before trying to argue with someone who has spent twelve years studying mythology!!!!! Plus many religions STILL DO use Hades as a reference to Hell not the Devil because of the fact it was the Underworld in mythology.
Kennethih - 4. Aug, 10:02


I really do hope that Konami goes away from this kind of art, pretty soon....or we might as well just play MTG, This kind of artwork DOES NOT belong in the Yu-Gi-Oh! world....Sry. but it just doen't

Besides Konami have been "Toying" ALOT whith the game lately:

New Rarities and now This crap of artwork...WTH Konami, stick to what makes the game cool and unique...they definetly aren't doing that by giving us the kind of art


ShiroRyu - 4. Aug, 21:55

Your definition of cool isn't everyone's definition of cool though, and some people prefer this style of art. Also, it's not like they're phasing out art styles, they're simply introducing new ones alongside existing styles. It's not like we're going to end up with everything drawn like this.
EXTRIMAKER - 4. Aug, 14:39


wathever dude it do not metter to me,its just a religion like anyother,and i still can t see the point of destroyer being the devil,when he more looks like summoner skull in all means:


MasterGawain - 4. Aug, 22:29


Dude, Calm Down. Let your hatred for this card out when Konami posts a Survey for Return Of The Duelist on Yugioh-Card.com , that way you can B*tch all you want about how Crappy you think this card is. But dont post any more of it here, everyone doesnt want to see your hate, we have all seen enough of it.

EXTRIMAKER - 5. Aug, 22:45


wtf is your problem???o.O this comment section is supposed to exist so we can say waht we think about the product on this siteO.O,and i did not say its crap,i just said it looks like another
version of summoner skull,and that the art-styl is not fitting for ygo wich also said many others her in the comment section so its not bitching its called: a opinion,and i had a conversation with a other user about why he thinks that the card is "the devil",wich was very intressting to talk about,but you on the other hand just bitches about my opion as if youre a admin or somone that can tell me thinks,but theiy are NEWS YOURE NOT SO STFU.

Ryus - 9. Aug, 07:09



Some clue about the promos in this tin?
IvanV101 - 22. Oct, 05:38

kanomi should reprint trap and magic...Infernity barier plz

Dragon King - 6. Nov, 16:05

After seeing the roster for the 4 tins that were released this year, I don't really have a lot to guess with. I can think that a lot of collectors are seriously pissed!... Me not included...lol
If the promo cards in this tin are anything like the last 4 tins.
They would be cards that are hard to find or are very much sought after. I'm hoping for some more cards from the Prophecy monsters.
I would very much like to get my hands on another "High Priestess of Prophecy"and "Spellbook Magician of Prophecy". I know the last card isn't really that hard to get, But to find an honest person to trade with is very hard. That's why I wait for For the tins to come out.
DivineVictory - 1. Dec, 17:02

and you thought it was safe...

Strike bouncer and steel swarm roach says "what's up?" "Sucks you "Pros" spent all that money just so we could be reprinted LOL!"

curious1122 - 1. Dec, 22:31

hell yeah

i know im loving it! i could never save enough for those cards than POW tin HAHA X)



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