Cosmo Blazer

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. is proud to bring you the first new booster release of 2013, Cosmo Blazer. The latest 100-card “First Edition” core booster set kicks off the New Year in a blaze of glory with fiery versions of mythical creatures. Cosmo Blazer introduces brand new FIRE-based themes for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME and more support cards for currently popular Decks. There are also cards that will be a boost for the upcoming Structure Deck (releasing in February).

100-card complete “First Edition” set: 48 Common Cards, 20 Rare Cards, 14 Super Rare Cards, 10 Ultra Rare Cards, 8 Secret Rare Cards

Release: 25th January 2013
ywontuc - 2. Oct, 03:11

What does "First Edition" mean?

dragon master of the tcg - 2. Oct, 03:30

when a set gets produced the first ones to be sent out have 1st Edition printed on them which may add a little value to them, special edition sets such as return of the duelist packs do not have this printed on them
2003malibuss - 3. Oct, 01:16


what kind of question is that but thanks for helping this guy dragon master
ywontuc - 4. Oct, 02:53

No the fact that no set has been introduced with quotation First Edition. Unless you want to point me to another example stop being a smart ass because you don't have enough time to recognize anomalies in the descriptions.
dragon master of the tcg - 4. Oct, 03:34

Well if the question you asked was so simplistic it would be hard to extrapolate what you meant, for all i knew you were new to the game and did not know the difference.
By the context you are implying now it would be logical to assume that it would get a special edition. by the way there is no need to be insulting to people that were trying to help someone understand something
2003malibuss - 4. Oct, 21:22

Thanks Dragon Master

again thanks for helping a noob understand his own question just as the 1st questions makes anyone think he doesnt know anything

i was just stating that its common sense what 1st means
ywontuc - 5. Oct, 01:12

Is it obvious? I see no references as to why this is the only time they put it in quotations. Also you two started attacking me first by belittling me and never answering the question.
dragon master of the tcg - 5. Oct, 02:09

I in no way have attacked or belittled you, i beileved that you were new to the game and was mearly trying to help, but if you re-read my previous comment you will notice that I came to the conclusion that there may be a special edition based on the use of the term "first edition". it was also used on the hidden arsenal 4 list but was put as "1st edition" which this set later became a special edition.
judaikunakafish - 7. Oct, 07:26

Cosmo Blazer

Dang already? Abyss Rising isn't even out and they're already announcing this for the TCG. Honestly tho not really looking forward to this set. Full OCG spoiler isn't up yet but so far I have to say I'm not impressed at all. Nothing really looks good except for the numbers and Zexal Weapons and even those aren't that great. As usual tho it all comes down to the OCG and TCG Exclusives. I'm guessing we'll be getting Hot Blooded and Flame star (currently V-Jump exclusives for OCG) to go with the fire support in this set and most likely Number 69 and Number 88 to go with Number 92 if we don't get them in Abyss Rising. It would make more sense for them to be in this set tho if anything.

blackwing dragon - 18. Oct, 22:01

i kinda want number 107 i dont care what the effect is going to be for us
its confirmed and i want it i guarentee it will be broken as hell just like neo galaxy eyes was and still is in the right hands
cosmo blazer doesnt sound that great for anyone that doesnt run burn/fire decks or maybe water decks
though i have heard that x-sabers might come back with this set
kinda excited for that though
no 107 doesnt come out of this set its the next one after this and it is confirmed as the cover card and the ghost rare
we wont get it until atleast april if not may or june
xleaxgz - 17. Dec, 17:40

TCG Exclusives

unsurprisingly, it comes down to the TCG Exclusives whether or not i buy a box of this. I want whatever Noble Knight cards are revealed, as well as the fish, but there isn't much else I want... the fire fist xyz for trade bait, i suppose.

Setosama - 17. Dec, 23:15

1 Level 3 FIRE Monster?

I think that's supposed to be 2 there. Typo. XD

Dragon King - 19. Jan, 04:29

I like how Mystic Fairy Elfuria,looks.
Oh ...and I didn't want Demon of the Infernal Flame...till I saw this!



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