2013 Zexal Collection Tin

2013 Zexal Collection TinIn March 2012, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Premium Collection tins gave Duelists a whole new way to upgrade their Decks, with a trimmed-down, no-packs product format composed entirely of new and variant cards. In 2013, we're taking this model to the next level - with the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Zexal Collection.

Each Zexal Collection tin comes with 3 Ultimate Rare variants of existing cards, plus 11 ALL-NEW cards from a special, 21-card set. And unlike last year's Premium Collection, the power level on these new cards in Zexal Collection is out-of-this-world! All contents are also based on TV: previously-unreleased cards used by Yuma and Kite, the main characters of the new Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal animated series. These new Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards can work in any Deck, or tie in especially well with the other Yuma and Kite cards seen in products like the 2011 and 2012 Starter Decks, Generation Force, Photon Shockwave, Order of Chaos, Galactic Overlord, and Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy.

Each Zexal Collection tin comes with 3 Ultimate Rare variant cards, 4 all-new Ultra Rare cards, and 7 all-new Super Rare cards.

Release: 20th February 2013

ZTIN-EN001 Dododo Warrior
ZTIN-EN002 Number 61: Volcasaurus
ZTIN-EN003 Number 19: Freezadon
ZTIN-EN004 Gagagaback
ZTIN-EN005 Gagagashield
ZTIN-EN006 {Photon Pirate}
ZTIN-EN007 {Photon Satellite}
ZTIN-EN008 Photon Slasher
ZTIN-EN009 {Kuriphoton}
ZTIN-EN011 {Galaxy Wizard}
ZTIN-EN012 {Galaxy Knight}
ZTIN-EN013 {Number 56: Gold Rat}
ZTIN-EN014 Starliege Paladynamo
ZTIN-EN015 Message in a Bottle
ZTIN-EN016 Accellight
ZTIN-EN017 {Galaxy Expedition}
ZTIN-EN018 {Galaxy Zero}
ZTIN-EN019 Triple Star Trion
ZTIN-EN020 Zubaba Buster
ZTIN-EN021 Chachaka Archer
razole - 7. Dec, 21:29


YAYS!!!! Finally!

dragon master of the tcg - 8. Dec, 00:05

its on the front of the tin so its safe to assume its in there, i just hope the galaxy support is in it
xleaxgz - 8. Dec, 02:22

Logical Choices

All the new cards from DP Yuma and DP Kite make sense, so that would be:

Gagaga Shield
Number 61: Volcasaurus(yay!)
Number 19: Freezerdon
Photon Pirate
Photon Satellite
Photon Slayer
Dimension Wanderer
Galaxy Wizard
Galaxy Knight
Photoknight Paladius
Feelings Towards the Future
Accel Light
Galaxy Expedition(Yes!)
Galaxy Zero

So that's 16 of the 21 new cards. Any bets on the other 5?

Also, betting Ultimate versions of Utopia, GEPD, and... Uh, Illumiknight, or something.

RiverShock - 9. Dec, 05:36

You missed Dododo Warrior from Yuma's DP, and we'll probably get Goldrat (which was a reprint in the OCG Kite DP) as a new card. The others are probably Zubaba Buster, Chachaka Archer and maybe Dododo Buster or some OCG Kite/Yuma promo we lack, though I can't think of any others.

It's hard to guess what the third Ultimate will be. (And the obligatory Kite one might be Neo Galaxy-Eyes.) Shame Utopia is the only likely candidate that isn't already an Ultimate. My guess for the third would be Galaxy-Eyes/Neo Galaxy-Eyes (whichever isn't the "main" Kite promo) or Utopia Ray, but it could just as easily be some random Number. Watch them do something like ultimate Gagaga Magician. ;p
Dragon King - 28. Dec, 03:23

I would like to see some number cards....#56 Goldrat is a card I've been looking for some time now.
judaikunakafish - 8. Dec, 06:41

2013 Zexal Collectable Tin

So does this mean we're not going to get duelist packs anymore? about damn time... I'd much rather have them in a tin with the extras than the crappy duelist packs.

curious1122 - 8. Dec, 09:48

sniff sniff T_T

i thought the day would never come konami u.s gave up on duelist packs! FINALLY!

KarakuriSoldierMdl216 - 10. Dec, 04:15

I'd rather have the duelist packs than this, cuz the Yuma one had common Wonder Wand, which i was waiting for, the Kaito one had a rare Giga-Brilliant reprint, but oh well, i'll at least be able to make a good photon deck.

curious1122 - 10. Dec, 12:04


dont think of it as losing a chance to get reprints think of it as a chance at getting in on all those sweet new cards much faster than if they were in a duel pack lol
Setosama - 11. Dec, 09:13

Oh HELL no!

Is THIS how they're gonna release the last 2 Japanese Duelist Packs?! REALLY?!

Well... I guess on the plus side, we aren't going to get ANOTHER Utopia reprint. -_-

And having all the cards in 1 spot and relatively easier to get is kinda nice... But still... =/

RiverShock - 11. Dec, 21:29

Untrue, one of the ultimates is pretty much guaranteed to be Utopia. (Which is a good thing since all the other likely candidates already HAVE Ultimates.)
Setosama - 13. Dec, 04:24

Was more referring to NOT taking up a slot for a card in a booster pack or starter deck that could easily go to something else. But yeah, I'm pretty much expecting an Ultimate Utopia in this tin. XD
Pokemonking3000 - 31. Dec, 00:16

Guesses for Ultimate Rares...

My first three guess are for Ulti Utopia, Ulti Photon Lizard, and Ulti Gagaga Magician

Dragon King - 1. Mar, 01:10


It is now FEB 28!!...still don't see a tin?!?....
Where do you get your info for release dates?....because most of the times,their way off!

Setosama - 3. Mar, 19:45

Photon Thrasher?

Pretty sure that's supposed to be Photon Slayer... Not Photon Thrasher

Also according to the wikia, the ultimates are Gagaga Magician, GagagaBolt, and Giga Brilliant.



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