Judgment of the Light

The Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME introduces its next 100-card core booster set, Judgment of the Light. New Synchro Monsters make a BIG comeback, fan favorites from past sets like Archfiends and Prophecy monsters see increased support.

Based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL animated series, Judgment of the Light follows our heroes Yuma and Astral through some dark times but through faith and the help of some awesome monsters like Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory, pull through victorious.

That’s not all – MORE Number monsters that go beyond the 100 limit make their way into this booster with easier ways to be summoned with all new Rank-Up Spell Cards! Play like your heroes and become a champion with Judgment of the Light.

100-card complete set:
  • 48 Common Cards
  • 20 Rare Cards
  • 14 Super Rare Cards
  • 10 Ultra Rare Cards
  • 8 Secret Rare Cards
Release: 9th August 2013
Tsuna - 11. Feb, 03:02

This cant be right...

Hope Ray V is already a confirmed pack card in the Super Starter...

SavrCosmicFighter - 11. Feb, 14:14

another Utopia Form

probably this is what he uses to beat the Barian big boss at the end of the current arc as a 3rd Utopia
ywontuc - 11. Feb, 19:34

You see

ray v is a chaos number ray victory is a normal number. This can be discovered since the article mentions the cards full name which is what we have there.
Tsuna - 11. Feb, 20:10

Hope Ray V is a CNo...

And is used to beat Gilag in the anime. It's not a normal monster and its effect makes it clear its only meant for use with Rank Up Magic - (Limited) Barian's Force.

That's why I dont think this information is correct. It also doesnt help that the reporting site was a CBS affiliate.
SavrCosmicFighter - 11. Feb, 22:40

Ray V and Ray Victory?

doesn't really matter to me either way though Number C107 would look better ;D
dragon master of the tcg - 11. Feb, 22:47

i hope this is a mistake cus another utopia card will just be a waste of ink
Tsuna - 12. Feb, 00:23

I'm assuming for now...

that the mention of Hope Ray V being in JOTL is a mistake since its been confirmed in the 2013 Starter Deck for the last month at least.
judaikunakafish - 12. Feb, 05:42

Judgment Of The Light

There's no cover card revealed for the OCG set yet... Kind of a let down IMO, I'm getting tired of these Utopia upgrades and Galaxy Eyes cards. They're getting annoying. I wish they would give us more Numbers. There are currently only 35 known numbers from the below 100 category. I was kind of annoyed when they unveiled the over 100 numbers when there are still so many of the below 100s missing.

Tsuna - 12. Feb, 08:33

Two problems...

One, there's actually over 50 due to the manga

Two, Hope Ray V isnt in this set at all. Its the main draw for the 2013 Starter Deck and on the case that the decks come in.

blackwing dragon - 13. Feb, 22:22

number 39 utopia ray victory is CONFIRMED
it is the cover card for judgment of the light
its not a mistake its not false it is 100% CONFIRMED
judaikunakafish - 13. Feb, 23:02


I was going off of the yugioh wikia page and there aren't over 50. There are only 34 Numbers (including the ones from the Manga) under 100. I'm not counting the Chaos Numbers as numbers because they're upgrades to existing Numbers, and there are 24 unknown numbers that I am also not counting because they have not been unveiled yet. I just wish they would give us more. Unveiling the rest of the numbers will take a lot of sets.
Tsuna - 14. Feb, 20:22

Blackwing Dragon

There was no cover card confirmed in that announcement and a name confirms nothing.
judaikunakafish - 15. Feb, 06:05

It's official

It's on the official Konami website man. It literally says "Judgment of the Light, This new 100-card set brings back Synchro Monsters that are stronger than ever! This set also introduces Number 39: Utopia Ray Victory" stop being ignorant. It doesn't say whether or not it is going to be a cover card it just says it's going to be in the set. I hope it's not a cover card because it really would be a waste of a cover card, especially since the super starter comes out in June two months before the set actually releases. Personally I'd rather have Number 39: Utopia Ray Victory in a deck rather than wasting a space in a tin or a set. I really think they should change the promos in the Expansion Packs for the TCG.
Tsuna - 15. Feb, 07:30

Learn the Difference

Saying a card will be in the set is not and will never be the same as saying a card will be the cover for the set.

Now is there anything else you want to assume and be blatantly and patently wrong about? I'll be happy to correct you every time.
judaikunakafish - 15. Feb, 08:10

seriously dude...

I never said it would be the cover card. I clearly stated "It doesn't say whether or not it is going to be a cover card it just says it's going to be in the set". I merely said that I hope it's not a cover card because it really would be a waste of a cover card, especially since the super starter comes out in June two months before the set actually releases and you didn't correct me on anything. At no point did I ever assume that it would be a cover card. Stop trying to act like a know it all when you clearly don't understand what I was saying. I'm sorry if that sounded a little harsh, but honestly, I'm not trying to argue with you at all I'm just pointing out what I stated is not wrong and I get that's the basis of arguing but really I just don't care that much to get into a full argument. It's just a card game after all.
blackwing dragon - 18. Feb, 03:25

ok the starter deck 2013 say "number C39: utopia ray v"
the booster pack just says "number 39 utopia ray victory"
perhaps these two cards are different sense one says chaos and the other one doesnt just pointing out a fact that they r currently 2 different cards via name alone
yes we will have to wait and see if they r going to be the same card or 2 different cards and no it is not confirmed if this will be the cover card or not but it is confirmed that it is going to be in the set
but as i see it right now they are two different cards from two different sets completely
Tsuna - 18. Feb, 10:50


My new theory on the whole Utopia Ray Victory fiasco is that there was a typo now that information on cards in the set are finally being leaked. V Salamander pretty much having its effect locked in CNo 39 gives at least some sort of credence to the idea. Course this pretty much means that Konami is going to waste a spot in the pack on card that would be better off in the Starter Deck alone.

@blackwing - Seeing as Utopia Ray Victory is a rank up Exceed, and that the only means of summoning and gaining the effect is through Barian's Force and Limited Barian's Force (Both of which can only summon CNo's or Chaos Exceeds), I cant see Utopia Ray Victory NOT being a CNo.
blackwing dragon - 19. Feb, 08:53

i guess we will just have to wait and see what he turns out to be
granted u do have a point but im just pointing out the obvious aswell
according to konami website and wikia they r currently 2 completely different monsters all together
konami is official so im not exactly sure what will happen but we will soon find out in the weeks/months to come before the release
Tsuna - 20. Feb, 10:36

And Konami...

can up and make a mistake in putting a typo in an announcement. The wiki is taking their info from the Konami page and NAC, and I've had it out there over some of their insistence to post stuff that isnt confirmed.
judaikunakafish - 29. Mar, 16:13

looks like you were wrong after all

The cover card is Utopia Ray Victory. It's official. It's on the official OCG page as well and it shows the pack art as well. http://www.yugioh-card.com/japan/lineup/zexal/bp_judgment_of_the_light/. Sucks that it is the cover card... I think this set as usual is just going to come down to the OCG Imports and TCG exclusives. The only cards I'm looking forward to from this set are Star Form Dragon and Armades, The Keeper of Illusions. Those cards are so broken. Finally we get some good new generic synchros. It's been a while. The last good generic one we got was Orient Dragon.
TKing6488 - 17. Jul, 07:22

This set is gunna be off the hook

Archfiends baby lol

14SteeleA - 18. Jul, 00:24

Thoughts on the OCG Imports

Mono Synchron
Steam Synchron
Number 42: Starship Galaxy Tomahawk and/or Number 106: Giant Hand

Setosama - 6. Aug, 09:50

Ghost Eater? Corrections. (Because somebody has to point them out.)

I think you mean "Star Eater".

Don't know how they couldn't catch that, it's right there in the picture.

Also, that is NOT a picture of Rooster, it is a picture of the new Noble Knight monster in this set.

shriek - 7. Aug, 00:48

no idea how i didn't catch that, it's fixed now though.

thanks for the note!

and i'm all open for corrections since it's just me typing those effects and i'm sure to mistype stuff... :D



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