Forbidden/Limited Cards (effective March 1, 2013)

Check your deck is tournament ready!

If you’re planning on playing in a tournament, be sure to check out the Forbidden Lists section to see which cards are allowed to be used in your Deck. In the Advanced Format, certain cards are forbidden from being used in your Deck and other cards are limited to one or two copies in your Deck.

Check these lists to make sure your Deck is ready for the type of tournament you are going to participate in. The Advanced Format is used for all premier events.
Please note:
Japanese, Asian-English and counterfeit cards are not legal for use in Official Tournaments. The English print Egyptian God Cards are also not legal for tournament play.
Setosama - 23. Feb, 02:21

FIRST! Same as the vjump scan

No surprise there

Surprised it's out this early for us.

Tsuna - 23. Feb, 08:43

Not Really

Its less than a week before the new format would start. Which is about on time for TCG to get it.



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