2013 Collectible Tin

Each 2013 tin design features one Dragon Ruler on its lid: Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders; Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls; Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos; or Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms.

These tins provide an opportunity for Duelists to get their hands on FOIL, Secret Rare versions of the Dragon Rulers, for the first time! Each tin comes with a Secret Rare version of the Dragon Ruler shown on the lid. Plus you get an awesome-looking storage tin to carry your decks and cards in.

Also included are 4 Super Rare cards in each tin, reprinting popular cards old and new. One of these cards in each tin is one previously available only as a promotional card to SHONEN JUMP Alpha subscribers or manga readers (different in each tin). The other 3 Super Rare cards are selected from popular cards like Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning and Ally of Justice Catastor.

Release Date:
Wave 1 - 30th August 2013
Wave 2 - 22th November 2013

Wave 1

- 1 Hidden Arsenal Pack*
- 2 Abyss Rising Packs
- 2 Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy Packs
- 4 Super Rare Cards
- 1 Secret Rare Card

*One pack of either Hidden Arsenal 4, 5, 6 or 7.

Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls

Super Rares
Ally of Justice Catastor
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear
Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning

Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos

Super Rares
Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 "Burei"
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear
Gagaga Cowboy
Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings

Wave 2

- 1 Number Hunters Pack
- 2 Cosmo Blazer Packs
- 2 Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy Packs
- 4 Super Rare Cards
- 1 Secret Rare Card

Super Rares
Rank-Up-Magic Barian’s Force

Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders

Super Rares
Diamond Dire Wolf
Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo
Spellbook of the Master
Rank-Up Magic: Barian's Force

Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms

Super Rares
Thunder Sea Horse
Gear Gigant X
Number 50: Blackship of Corn
Rank-Up Magic: Barian's Force
Colslaughter - 4. May, 17:45

Dragon Rulers

So I guess we won't be getting these LTGY....

GenmaNoOu - 4. May, 18:03

Um, what?

Konami has never removed cards from a mainline set because of tins, I doubt they'd do it here.

So, I guess this means the pics weren't fake. Also, if one looks closely, it seems the other two may get them as well.
Tsuna - 5. May, 06:38

More like...

it tells us why they are going to be base rares in the set. Konami is going to make a mint off these tins just because of how stupid the deck is.
Colslaughter - 5. May, 21:46

Well, that's good, then.

I've got a tournament 2 days after this pack and I was planning on using them, and it would be nice if they stayed super. At least then they might stay around $30-40
SavrCosmicFighter - 7. May, 02:40

if only...

nah they rare and the mini-drags are common
yet the main stuff you need is still secret
Great Shogun Shine - 7. May, 08:36

I got a funny feeling

Does anyone have a strong feeling that Number 11: Big Eye may get reprinted in these tins?

JP6641 - 7. May, 16:22

Pretty Much

@ Great Shogun Shine

"The force is strong with this one"
KarakuriSoldierMdl216 - 7. May, 21:09

There is also a chance that No 11 will be in the Number Hunters pack
ShiroRyu - 9. May, 11:54

"60 card set: 50 brand new cards, plus 10 cards re-released as foil cards for the first time."

Read the product description next time.
TKing6488 - 26. May, 06:08


Number Monsters and Numbers pack I thought the same thing at first. Big Eye will probably be reprinted in the battle pack or first wave of tins. Before they most likely limit it.
Jhooten - 18. May, 15:04


i hope we get the baby versions of the dragons in the tins to

Black masked emporor - 20. May, 11:26

I doubt the baby versions will be in these tins takes up a space for something for people who don't run dragons, I would like then shiny but konami want a sale so they will put in popular cards and reprint jump/manga promos hoping for no50 and no22 mine are waiting to be let loose.

TKing6488 - 26. May, 06:33

they might

Main cards of the tins are Incarnate Dragons oops Dragon Rulers so they might put the baby with the respective attribute. It does take up space but you still get 1 card like Bls and 5 packs with promos. Whoooooooooooooo!!!! Just sayin
Saiber - 20. May, 19:49



Black masked emporor - 21. May, 12:30

I doubt they will be in the tins, in guessing on dragosack because of its popularity at the moment, possibly a fire fist stuff like that, hoping for dragoncarnation a short print that loves elemental dragons

Dragon King - 24. May, 17:02

I am actually quite disappointed with the card choices for the tins!...

Sure this cards are awesome..... Some may even go as far as saying broke!!...
But in my opinion I don't feel these cards don't deserve being released as super rares in a tin!
Think about it.....do we really need a secret rare version of a card that's already a rare?!?....

It's spore all over again!!..
I remember I was in a Card Shop playing Yu-Gi-Oh when I heard a bunch of guys saying "Oh wow,a Ultra rare version of spore!".....
I walked over to them with a look of disgust on my face saying...."You do realize I have over 27 copies of that card in my folder?!?...right?"...
to my horror... they replied by saying "But it's not an ultra rare!"...
........ So basically in a nutshell they want it because it was shiny?..... You know who else likes shiny objects?......MONKEYS!!!!!...
So it seems to me that mankind has not grown as much as I thought they have. Willing to pay money for the same exact card......just to flash a little paper bling to their friends...
Anyway I am excited about the reprinting of cards from SJ and the manga!.... I don't have any bookstores that sell the manga near me... And I haven't re-subscribed to SJ,for over two or three years. So I'm excited just seeing what cards make the cut....
But for the tins,I was kind hoping for maybe some reprints of some other much more harder to get cards this year..... Like some of the prophecy monsters....or the brotherhood of the fire fists.... Heck even a reprint of the elemental lords would be welcome!!... What I'm saying is Konani had a choice a lot of good cards and they pick the ones that aren't that impossible to pull out a pack!!...

TKing6488 - 26. May, 06:03

dude calm down

Yes people like to hallow out decks. They add value. Plain and simple. The Super Spore is still worth more than the common Spore. It could be an ego thing or someone wanting to add value to a deck concept they came up with. You can say the same about people with cars. You don't need an expensive BMW to get to work but people buy them for their own interests that don't always go with your own
TKing6488 - 26. May, 06:15


Gotta get me that Redox. Also BLS is nice. Reprint some Prophecy stuff please. I want to make the deck but dont feel like spending a grand to make it lol

Dragon King - 6. Jun, 04:49

I understand what you guys are saying. Some people do deserve the pamper themselves. But we're not talking about people with lots of money burning in their pockets or somebody that suffering from a midlife crisis. We're talking about children's card game that's played by adults.....Which not that I say it out loud like that........kind of makes me want to cry!...lol
I just want everyone to understand that I'm not raging out.
I'm just saying that if you ask anyone in this comment page......besides the elemental dragons of course, there's a lot of well-deserved cards that should be released in this tin!
Some I feel fans of been waiting for a long time.

Also, I feel you really can't compare Yu-Gi-Oh cards to cars or watches. Car is take you places!......Watches tell time!....
I think it's pretty sad you have to use a piece of paper,with shiny letters and holographic picture on the front to show off your statuses of being better then everyone else.
Black masked emporor - 26. May, 22:21

Hopefully magi magi magician gal is in this.

KarakuriSoldierMdl216 - 2. Jun, 02:26

I sure hope so, i just want 1 for collection
Black masked emporor - 2. Jun, 18:48

I need 1 for collection 2 for deck, been waiting forever for it to be released hopefully its in here.
Dragon King - 27. Jun, 23:51

That would be a good pick for the tins!
Black masked emporor - 4. Jun, 08:49

I will be getting 3 of each tin mainly because I want the packs but I want to try the elemental dragons deck.

Black masked emporor - 19. Jun, 21:56

I hope blood mefist is in this.

Dragon King - 27. Jun, 23:58


I still feel that their are better card to put in it,then the EDragons.
So many Promos.... It use to be if you missed the promos from SJ..or a manga....you could get it in the tins later that year. I know some of the XYZ gimmick puppets would be good for fans of the number hunters packs!

xleaxgz - 28. Jun, 03:05

They continue to be SJ promo reprints, they've never really been the cover cards, though.

Also the EDrag reprint is to milk more money out of them doing so incredibly well and not having a holo print.
Dragon King - 28. Jun, 17:04

See xleaxgz can see it!....

It's just a waste of a good opportunity for a good card!

Also a lot of players don't realize that sometimes it's not alway easy to get cards,not because of its rarity but because no one's willing to trade it! Take Gagaga magician. He was impossible to get..... And nowadays you can practically tripped over how many you have now! But for quite a while I couldn't get my hands on one. Half where unwilling to trade and the other half just didn't have one. And Lord knows how many CardShop i would swing by looking for the cards I need. So in my opinion,any thing higher then a super rare is not easy to acquire..... Especially when you need more then one. So sometime I'm happy with cards that are not secret rares. I would like to see promos of Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory,Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force,Number C96: Black Storm,Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon....and probably more cards that I can't think of right this very moment!
DarkWingEmperor - 1. Jul, 02:12


The secret rares in the HA packs will probably be the new secret rare foil from DREV onward. Mainly because the packs in here are the ones that haven't gotten it yet (1-3 got it in the Hidden Arsenal SE) Also it begs the question of what the big staple money card is in these, if it's not BLS or Catastor that is... the ChibiDrags might be in this, but not in the corresponding tins, make people buy them all in multiples to flash them out. As for the EDrags themselves, they're about at hard to pull as an Ulti in the packs.

KarakuriSoldierMdl216 - 1. Jul, 21:46

if you read the product descriptio correctly then you will see that the baby dragons will NOT be in the tins
IvanV101 - 15. Jul, 09:53

oh please give me fire fist bear, gaia charger...^.^

Coballz - 3. Aug, 15:55

How about Armageddon Knight? I've been waiting for him, he hasn't been reprinted in like, ever - and no, Turbo Packs hardly count.

KarakuriSoldierMdl216 - 12. Aug, 04:34


Oh well, it was gonna happen sooner or later

EXTRIMAKER - 12. Aug, 12:14

about the 4 super rares

after everything i researched i think the 4super rare cards are:

Fire fist bear.
ally of justice catastor.
Karakuri shogun mdl 00 Burei
Black luster soldier envoy of twilight(because theiy said bls would be in the tin but also a card prevously only aviable to shonen jump subcribers ,wich would fit for Black luster soldier envoy of twilight because he was the last shonen jump promo to be released,and he is based on black luster soldier envoy of begining)

or theiy release another Black luster soldier envoy of the beginig wich would be stupid because he already had enough reprints.

bystander79 - 31. Oct, 01:33

Getting tired of waiting.

We are passed the 1 month away mark, Konami should have started revealing the super rare reprints by now. How much longer are they going to make us wait?

Dragon King - 9. Nov, 21:25


Well....for me... I'm glad I can get my hands on some more rank-up magic cards...lol

KarakuriSoldierMdl216 - 10. Nov, 08:44

Barian Force

Apparently Rank-Up Magic, Barian Force is in both tins, not Diamond Drire Wolf



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