Structure Deck - Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Structure Deck - Saga of Blue-Eyes White DragonSo the players have been looking for more classic Yu-Gi-Oh! well here is their chance to get one of the most iconic monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME universe, the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon. From the earliest of times, Blue- Eyes was the most powerful monster rivaled by very few other monsters. Now the legend comes to crush opponents with its new powers! Behold, the Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Structure Deck built around the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card at its core. That’s not all, introducing Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon, a powerful new Synchro Monster whose impact is immeasurable. Never before has a Structure Deck been released revolving around such an iconic card. Only the strong at heart have what it takes to wield this Deck to Victory.

Duelists can find additional synergy with cards from Judgment of the Light, Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, and Cosmo Blazer booster sets!

This Structure Deck Contains: 37 Common Cards, 2 Ultra Rare Card, 2 Super Rare Cards, 1 Rulebook, 1 Game Mat, 1 Dueling Guide

Release: 13th September 2013

Structure Deck - Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Alexandrite Dragon
Luster Dragon
Flamvell Guard
Maiden with Eyes of Blue
Rider of the Storm Winds
Darkstorm Dragon
Kaiser Glider
Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit
Mirage Dragon
Divine Dragon Apocralyph
The White Stone of Legend
Herald of Creation
Kaiser Sea Horse
Shining Angel x2

Dragon Shrine
Silver's Cry
Burst Stream of Destruction
Stamping Destruction
A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon
Cards of Consonance
White Elephant's Gift
One for One
Monster Reborn
Dragonic Tactics
Soul Exchange
Swords of Revealing Light
Enemy Controller

Castle of Dragon Souls
Fiendish Chain
Kunai with Chain
Damage Condensor
Call Of The Haunted
Compulsory Evacuation Device
Champion's Vigilance

Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon
dragon master of the tcg - 6. Jun, 00:41

HELL YEAH BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER!!!! im hppy to see we get this structure deck its going to be fun

Black masked emporor - 6. Jun, 03:11

Getting loads of these.

endymion99 - 6. Jun, 18:50


I did not want that deck I wanted a spellcasters, these letters are already well supported dragons in Konami TCG hate you and now let me say that as punishment'll buy anything this year is half of your products will not see my money.

lordpain - 25. Aug, 00:52

spellcasters will be up next year, if you follow the cycles then were overdue for one

its basic knowlege of the "whats in" trend
ShinobiPhoenix - 6. Jun, 21:29


So they are declaring it is not a "Blue-Eyes" monster? The Kanji looked the same to me, was something else different?

GenmaNoOu - 6. Jun, 22:14

The Kana were

Blue-Eyes is written with Katakana reading "Buruu-Aizu", while Azure-Eyes is written with katakana, reading "Sougan".
oInward - 7. Jun, 19:58

Reprint?! Maybe?!

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon?

Maybe In a SE or the New Tins

lordpain - 25. Aug, 00:52


are you serious right now? if you are then you must be slow or something because that things got a shit ton of reprints
BlasterBlade88 - 8. Jun, 06:32

WTF?! this may have been the last straw!!

I have been playing this game since it started and blue eyes white dragon was and always has been my original obsession. I was really looking forward to this structure deck being released here and now they messed it up.
I kinda feel betrayed now that its named azure eyes. I know it sounds stupid but now it not a blue eyes. What's the reason for the name change? Konami is always changing crap for no good reason.
Yet another reason why I've been playing cardfight vanguard more now!!!

xleaxgz - 9. Jun, 09:36

You have it all wrong. Azure-Eyes is NOT the original Blue-Eyes, it is a new Synchro version. It isn't part of the Blue-Eyes archetype, just related to it, so it needed a different name entirely. They decided on Azure, which is a type of blue, and I for one think it sounds cool.

That being said, you're certainly welcome to hate it and play Vanguard, I'm just a guy on the internet. Just explaining the difference for you :)
lordpain - 25. Aug, 00:59

heres what he means

it was blue eyed silver dragon in japan and they retardenized it. like what the did with bujin susano'o changing it to bujintei susanowo. it pisses me off that they let these retards translate and destroy cool names and replacing then with baby talk names.we the fans need to complain and threaten to boycott the game. because of TCGs banlist people have been quiting on a daily basis because of backrow hate mst. its bullshit it really is and quite frankly im about to quit this game and focus on ps4 shit for a while. i know you all agree with me when i say TCG has way to much influence on this game and OCG need to have full control.
bystander79 - 10. Jun, 17:57

Never missed a deck yet, was sold this deck when it was initailly announced for the OCG.

A reprint of Monster Reborn, and a bunch of awesome new cards are in this.

Now all we need is to confirm Super Rejuvenation in this.

Black masked emporor - 11. Jun, 10:55

It wasn't in the ocg version so it won't be in this one might be in the tins though.
endymion99 - 21. Jul, 23:18


As I said it was a mistake to support the archetype of the dragons had better take a spellcasters deck because this archetype had improved so late, that takes years without leaving a deck spellcasters. I think Konami is a disappointment for duelists reinforcing what you already have does not seem to, so do not buy you will see this product or my money.

Setosama - 22. Jul, 01:26

Ok... Changes made...

-1 Genesis Dragon (Good, that card sucks.)
-1 Hardened Armed Dragon (Good, sucks in THIS deck for the most part.)
-1 Maxx C (...................Will delve deeper into this later.)
-1 Level Eater (GOOD! That card shouldn't have been here in the first place!)

+1 Luster Dragon (Um... ok...)
+1 Kaiser Glider (HEY! Haven't seen this in a while! Interesting!)
+1 Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit (PERFECT! Why wasn't this in the Japanese Structure?)
+1 Compulsory Evacuation Device (Good! About time we got another Structure Deck Reprint of this card!)

Maxx C: WHY DID YOU TAKE THIS OUT?! That is a HORRIBLE Marketing Decision! It would have been a MAJOR selling point for the deck in the TCG! Even people who didn't want the rest of the cards would have bought the deck for the Maxx Cs!

Yes, you gave us a reprint for Monster Reborn, Fiendish Chain, and Compulsory, but WHY oh WHY did you take Maxx C out?

Does it really work with the over all theme of the deck? Not really, but it's a Staple Card! Would have been REALLY nice to have that reprint in here! In my opinion, you should have left Luster (Sapphire) Dragon out and kept Maxx C in like it was in the OCG Version.

Also, some of the name change choices are a little weird. Maiden with Eyes of Blue? Couldn't just call it Blue-Eyed Maiden? You know, LIKE EVERYBODY'S BEEN CALLING IT?! Silver's Cry? That's the best you can do to localize Roar of the Silver Dragon?

No maxx c sucks **** but I'm still buying 3 of this deck regardless just BECAUSE it's essentially the Structure Deck I've wanted since the beginning of the game!

lordpain - 25. Aug, 01:03

people that ordered the decks for themselves saw that and demanded refunds. the decklist will be changed when its released so its for legal play, no monster reborn,hopefully replaced with hardened armed dragon, theres an earthbound immortal deck that could use this guy. and as a kicker hes totally immune to his no field spell no monster effect.
Black masked emporor - 22. Jul, 22:28

The max c is a loss not for me personally as I have more than enough but alot of my friends and local duelists really need 1 or 2, the ravine gone bothers me a little as I needed a few more and don't really want any more dragunity decks oh well more swaps then. Either way will be buying atleast 3of these.

Setosama - 23. Jul, 10:30

OH crap! I missed that one!

What'd they replace Ravine with?

*edit* and 2 other cards too. Ravine, Terraforming, and Symbols of Duty. They got replaced by Stamping Destruction, Dragonic Tactics, and Swords of Revealing Light...
Black masked emporor - 24. Jul, 10:47

I know right everyone missed the ravine guessing the maxx c distracted people.



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