Hobby League 4

Exiled Force
EARTH/Warrior - Effect/4/1000/1000
By Tributing this card, destroy 1 monster on the field.

Swords of Revealing Light
Spell Card
Flip all monsters on your opponent's side of the field face-up. this card remains face-up on the field for 3 of your opponent's turns. While this card is face-up on the field, monsters your opponent controls cannot declare an attack.

Asura Priest
LIGHT/Fairy - Effect/4/1700/1200
This card cannot be Special Summoned. this card returns to it's owner's hand during the End Phase of the turn it was Normal Summoned or flipped face-up. This card can attack all monsters on your opponent's side of the field once each.

Graceful Charity
Spell Card
Draw 3 cards, then discard 2 cards.

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
DARK/Spellcaster - Effect/4/1800/700
Each time this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, you can remove from play up to 2 Monster Cards in your opponent's Graveyard. Your opponent cannot remove from play any cards in either Graveyard.

Torrential Tribute
Trap Card
Activate only when a monster is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned or Special Summoned. Destroy all monsters on the field.



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