Shadow Specters - Special Edition

Special Editions give Duelists a great value, combining 3 packs of the latest Yu‐Gi‐Oh! TRADING CARD GAME booster release with 1 of 2 variant cards. In addition to 3 packs of Shadow Specters, each Special Edition box will contain a special championship‐level foil card sure to make a lucky Duelist’s day. Great value and excellent content will make the Shadow Specters Special Edition a must‐have for players of all skill levels.

Duelists will also want to pick up this second offering of Shadow Specters because of this booster set's great synergy with prior and upcoming releases. Shadow Specters has plenty of cards designed to build upon themes such as Vampires, Noble Knights, and even Monarchs!

Release: 13th December 2013

SHSP-ENSE1 Stardust Dragon
lordpain - 28. Aug, 21:27


probably gonna be haze beast stuff,destiny hero and D draw, or merfail crap. too soon to tell

Dragon King - 2. Sep, 01:58

I sure as heck,hope not!....kind of tried of cards at would in my deck...THREE YEARS AGO!!!

Black masked emporor - 3. Sep, 17:31

I'm hoping the promos will be dragosac and tachyon dragon

IvanV101 - 17. Nov, 05:50

TUNING please and or tuning ware

Dragon King - 27. Nov, 01:32


Does he mean StarDUST Dragon?

KarakuriSoldierMdl216 - 27. Nov, 04:14



Black Masked Emperor - 27. Nov, 22:40

Meh, could have been worse so I won't complain :). Going to get a couple of these need 3 tuning and not going to complain about a few extra stardusts either.

lordpain - 30. Nov, 06:52

the best one to date. it actually has value for pay 15 per SE just because of tunings and stardusts.but thank god theyre for 10 each
lordpain - 30. Nov, 06:50

shut up and take my DP

i cant belive they have a decent special edition for once. the wind up shark one and the red eyes darkness metal one were really good. this one makes them look like jokes. shadow spectors was very shitty to begin with because of the rarity rape, they had only around 15 good cards to profit offa but with these theyre gonna make theyre money back 100,000 fold. i preordered 2 cases for profit and for those who might want the terrible ghostricks which are retardedly easy to beat,bujins and felgrand the dragon knight guy lol. and with the return of monarchs this will be pretty intresting.



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