Duelist Pack 6&7

Duelist Pack 6: -Jaden Yuki 3-
Duelist Pack 7: -Jesse Anderson-

Now you can create your own Deck based on your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! GX animates series character. With New Elemental Hero’s in the Jaden Yuki 3 and Crystal Beast’s in the Jesse Anderson Duelist Packs their moves and combos are at your fingertips. Just add these cards to your staple Deck and “Get your Game on!”

Key Selling Points:
  • Acquire Jaden and Jesse’s best cards!
  • New cards in Jaden 3 and Jesse Duelist Packs never seen before outside of the cartoon.
  • A unique Strategy Card designed to further your skill with the character’s Deck!
  • Modify a current Structure Deck or add them to a Starter Deck for your own take on the GX theme.
  • Increase multiple purchases with an enticing price point!

Each Duelist Pack
Jaden Yuki 3 & Jesse Anderson Duelist Pack contains:
  • 5 cards and a Strategy card in every pack.
  • Collect 13 common cards (4:1), 6 Rare cards (1:1), 4 Super Rare cards (1:5), 2 Ultra Rare cards (1:24), and 10 Strategy cards per Jaden 3 and Jesse sets.
  • 25 cards per Set of Jaden or Jesse
  • 5 cards per pack of Jaden or Jesse
  • 30 packs per box of Jaden or Jesse
  • 10 boxes each Jaden and Jesse per Case 20 total
Release Date: 26th January 2008

"'Crystal Release' works with any Crystal Beast monster, but it's best with 'Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger' or 'Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus' (available as a Secret Rare in this year's Collector's Tins)."

Duelist Pack 6: -Yuki Judai 3- Spoiler

Duelist Pack 7: -Johan Anderson- Spoiler

darkwing - 26. Nov, 21:07

i need to know

are there going to be any changes in the cards in this duelist pack then the japanese version

shriek - 26. Nov, 21:44

there's no confirmation if there will be changes, neither is there any confirmation that there won't be changes
Johnist - 12. Dec, 10:17

Looks like they've cut 5 cards from each, otherwise they "mistyped" the ratios
Sapphiretri - 27. Nov, 01:45

Goods times are to be had.

If the packs remain the same there isn't anything completely nuts in them BUT they sure do introduce some interesting cards. Evil Hero Becomes More playable with its own version of Miracle fusion, More fusions, more support that actually don't suck:) ANd Jesse's Packs Introduce his easier to get Crystal beast cards and his cards when controled by Yubel and the sick twisted torture cards. Like said nothing that screams OMFG BUT enough to keep yas entertained.

darkwing - 29. Nov, 03:28

is plasma vice going to be in this pack because he is on the cover of this pack in japan and what are they going to do with rainbow dragon in jesses pack are they going to really turn him in to a rare that will really blow his rarity down.

Johnist - 29. Nov, 10:52

Plasma Vice & Rainbow Dragon

They are both marked as Regular Rares in the Japanese Edition DPs.
cybergx - 22. Dec, 13:08

No, i bet they are not going to release them since they already made them into tins. Also, they are not on the cover of the pack like the Japan packs were which just makes mefeel 100% they didnt.
Setosama - 14. Dec, 13:49

Well... i'm gonna buy a box of jaden and help build my Evil Hero collection... :D

Sniper A - 22. Dec, 00:32

Who isn't? xD I'm saving up to buy one at the PHDA preview ( If they have them. >O )
arapokemaster - 15. Dec, 03:52

Evil hero Malicious Devil,Hell sniper,Wild Cyclone

evil Hero Malicious Devil is like a Beefed up Hero version of Volcanic Doomfire.I's best summoned when you have no cards on the feild and you're opponent whants to attack with weak monsters potentialy destroying his/her cards and inflicting huge chunks of damage.Hell Sniper is an Evil Rampart Blaster which is a huge attacker and defender at once and it has a bonus effect which makes it imune to spells.Wild Cyclone destroys a spell/ortrap when it's summoned and destroys all spells/trap on the opponents feild.

arapokemaster - 15. Dec, 03:56

Torture Golem.

Torture Golem is not that good.It only gives you weaker tokens which you're opponent can potentialy destroy with the card itself.And since it's summoned on you're opponents turn he/she can atuomaticaly destroy 1 token.The bonus thuoh is you're opponent can't summon cards for 1 measily turn.

Regis_Mark_V - 15. Dec, 18:22

Wrong, Again.

Torture Golem is summoned during your turn so you combine it with your own cards like D-Hero Plasma, Creature Swap, Dimension Wall, Inferno Tempest, etc.

If you're going to write a card off as bad make sure you know what the card does first.
4evrdrk - 15. Dec, 06:07

all i want is hand severing, i couldnt care less about the rest ;p

but i just love drawing ;p

hamsterworld - 20. Dec, 02:53

i don't know howw i feel about these

I though I had posted about these oh well here is what I said.

Jaden and Jessies cards are more for younger players than the rest of us. As far as crystal beasts they are a combo of cute and cool effects but lack attack power. Jadens are based more on comic book super hero's with less than interesting effects and has focus more on fusion summoning which would be cool if not for the fact that these cards are dominating upper decks production run as a resalt allot of other themes are being ignored.plus I think they should have picked a differnt dulest pack than another jaden such Alexis Rhodes or Bastion Misawa
water and fire XD

cybergx - 22. Dec, 13:04

I am going to stangle their necks! I want to get Malicous edge but they still make it harder to get him! i liked the japanese set better where they made him a rare. i dont have the money to spend on like 20 packs to get this guy. My luck is horribly bad...

darkwing - 28. Dec, 00:49

what i think

i think for jesses pack they are going to have this

crystal beast ruby carbuncle
crystal beast amethyst cat
crystal beast emerald tortoise
crystal beast topaz tiger [rare]
crystal beast amber mammoth
crystal beast cobalt eagle
crystal beast sapphire pegasus[super rare]
phantom skyblaster [ultra rare]
grinder golem [super rare]
grave squimer [rare]
crystal beacon
rare value [rare]
crystal blessing
crystal abundance [rare]
crystal promise
ancient city rainbow ruins
hand collapse [rare]
crystal release [super rare]
crystal tree [super rare]
torrential tribute
triggered summon
last resort
crystal raigiki
crystal counter [ultra rare]
crystal set [rare]

Zelda 264 - 4. Jan, 01:06

Pack guesses

I believe that we will not have Sapphire Pegasus and Rainbow Dragon because:
Topaz Tiger is 004 and Phantom Skyblaster is 007
001 - Ruby?
002 - Emerald?
003 - Amber?
004 - Topaz Tiger
005 - Cobalt?
006 - Ametyhst
007 - Skyblaster

so where would pegasus and rainbow dragon go b/c pegasus would have to be 007 and rainbow 008 to make sense so....
I hope Im wrong and I really hope that we get Crystal Tree

we may have the 3 Neo-Spacians, maybe have Neos Alius and Captian gold. Proof is:
Malicious Edge is 007 in japan and here so we will most likly have the same cards from 001 to 007. Im also really hoping that they keep Dark Fusion, Plasma Vice, Inferno Wing, Lightning Golem and that they make Dark Gaia a Super Rare. heres why:
dark fusion, fuse Valkyrion and Raviel= 7500ATK monster, Play another dark fusion and fuse ur Dark Gaia and a really strong rock type in ur hand(maybe another valkyyrion and get a 11000 atk point monster.)

so yeah we can only hope and I really wish this would get updated same with PTDN,

Zelda 264 - 4. Jan, 01:22

no pegasus

"'Crystal Release' works with any Crystal Beast monster, but it's best with 'Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger' or 'Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus' (available as a Secret Rare in this year's Collector's Tins)."

see available as a secret rare in this years collector tins. if Pegasus was in the pack then they would have said available in this duelist pack.
so we know for a fact now that Pegasus and Rainbow(other tin) are out of this pack(I REALLY HOPE IM WRONG!)
Great Shogun Shine - 24. Jan, 02:45


There is no Rainbow Dragon,Evil Hero Inferno Wing, and Evil Hero Lightning Golem. Well at least Neo-Spacian Grand Mole is in the list and it a good thing.

Forrenz - 24. Jan, 14:03

UDE blows us off again..

Each of these packs has 5 less cards than their Japanese counterparts; The reason is likely that Gladiator's Assault was (relatively) just released, so in the Jaden 3 Packs, we're missing 'Necro Guardna', 'Plasma Vice' ('cause, as noted before, hr IS in a tin for this year...), Evil Heroes 'Inferno Wing' and 'Lightning Golem', and the very missable 'Swing of Memories'; In Jesse's packs, we're robbed of 'Rainbow Dragon' and 'Sapphire Pegasus' (see:Plasma Vice), 'Rare Value' (which would have been very nice of UDE to include...), 'Field Barrier', and 'Torrential Tribute'.

Zelda 264 - 1. Feb, 16:37

swing of memories

wrong. we still have it.
DP06 - EN017: Swing of Memories

I got my first packs of this yesterday and got 4 foils from jesse:



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