Hobby League 6

Nobleman of Crossout
Spell Card
Destroy 1 face-down monster and remove it from play. If the monster is a Flip Monster, both players must remove from play all monsters from their Decks with the same name as the destroyed monster.
Parallel Rare

Limiter Removal
Quick-Play Spell Card
Double the ATK of all face-up Machine-Type monsters you control, until the end of this turn. During the End Phase destroy all monsters that were affected by this effect.
Parallel Rare

D.D. Warrior Lady
LIGHT/Warior - Effect/4/1500/1600
When this card battles an opponent's monster, after damage calculation you can remove from play that monster and this card.
Parallel Rare

Reinforcement of the Army
Spell Card
Add 1 Level 4 or lower Warrior-Type monster from oyur Deck to your hand.
Parallel Rare

Call of the Haunted
Continuous Trap Card
Select 1 monster from your Graveyard and Special Summon it in face-up Attack Position. When this card is removed from the field, destroy the monster. When the monster is destroyed, destroy this card.
Parallel Rare

Shining Angel
LIGHT/Fairy - Effect/4/1400/800
When this card is sent to the Graveyard by battle, you can Special Summon 1 LIGHT monster with 1500 or less ATK from your Deck in face-up Attack Position.
Parallel Rare
DenFrenzy - 9. Jan, 23:26

Hopefully we get Red and Yellow Gadgets and more Six Samurai this time around. That would make me pretty happy.

Johnist - 10. Jan, 10:08

Would like to see a Hobby League version of Amethyst Cat, Topaz Tiger, Emerald Tortoise, Cobalt Eagle, and Amber Mammoth
Zelda 264 - 11. Jan, 01:32

yeah and maybe Sapphire and Rainbow lol like that'd happen.
maybe they should make some more E-Hero fusions parallel rares or maybe CyDra or even some D - Heroes.

hamsterworld - 11. Jan, 01:46

i enjoy getting free cards

well they did come out with allot of good promos for hobby league last time i still use scape goat and the ghost distroyer but i'd like to see harpies pet dragon or something that stands out.

Zelda 264 - 11. Jan, 02:46

yeah like all those cards that only few people got from the old games.....or even make Diabalos, King of the Abyss and Neo-Parshath Sky Paladin parallel rares so everyone can get them since we didnt get the decks(which we should of. Those were the 2 decks I looked foreward to but no they couldnt give them to us.....><) but w/e we just need a ton of really good parallel rares like Tempest(the only parallel I own and I have 2)
DenFrenzy - 3. Feb, 05:45

Limiter Removal

Shiny Limiter Removals make me happy. One more shiny card for my Cyberdark Deck.

arapokemaster - 21. Feb, 17:37

It would be awsome if they had a shiny Neo-Spacian Grand Mole,Winged Kuriboh,Kuriboh.or Cyber Dragon.I can't seem to find a good hobby league spot but that does'nt stop me from my guesses.

G-star. - 11. Mar, 00:03

its never gonna be cyber.

Cyber wont be in hobby league probably. It has been printed to much tin,packs and prolly in the gold series. I hope they put like D.D survivor or Wild heart would be nice. Grand mole maybe but unlikely and i dont want those dumb kuribohs either they are stupid.
Cosmos - 6. Jun, 06:04

Too bad

Too bad there's no Hobby League at all at my place....
It's very difficult for my to getting those cards......
Anyway, a paralel monster reborn looks great ^^



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