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Japanese, Asian-English and counterfeit cards are not legal for use in Official Tournaments. The English print Egyptian God Cards are also not legal for tournament play.
Lentra - 21. Aug, 03:53

This is why I tell my players to wait.

The list /CAN/ be different from the OCG, as this one proves. It's always a good idea to wait for official sources before going wild with deck predictions and changes. I have to adjust my Vampires for additional cards and overhaul my current three decks, but otherwise... I'm fine with these changes.

What's going to happen on January 1, though.... That has me curious.

dragon master of the tcg - 21. Aug, 04:13

wtf this is both a good list and bad many things that needed to be hit (evilswarm im looking at you) but over all it could be healthy for the game

Setosama - 21. Aug, 04:35

They DID hit Evilswarms.

They limited Rabbit.

But honestly, this list... WTF KONAMI! SO much good on this list but SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much bad in comparison! Let up on Mezuki and T.G. Striker but Limit Bottomless AND Compulsory?! Not to mention: WHY THE **** DID RAI-OH GET CRACKED DOWN ON?! HE DID NOTHING LAST FORMAT!!!

One of my friends said that Konami was trying to get Bujins to sell with this list... I can kinda believe it although I think the deck would have still played well because Crane is a Broken Piece of ****nugget.

Also, if I didn't like T.G.s or any other deck not rapped by this list, THANK THE GODS we're getting a new list in December because this list BLOWS!!!!
TKing6488 - 21. Aug, 07:20

^^ this guy

What makes you think a new list in December would be better? Konami in TCG are just out to sell product and ban old cards
Setosama - 21. Aug, 20:51


You've got a point sir. But I can still hope for better. XD
TKing6488 - 22. Aug, 05:11


It can get better. But Konami went from having really insane and broken decks to restricting or banning key cards. This is a drastic switch in pace from a fast pace to a slow pace game. Too drastic of a changeover. Solemn judgment does not need to be banned.
lordpain - 23. Aug, 07:37

theyre mentally retarded

i think OCG should run the entire game, they were fair on things in japan the baby dragons deserved to get hit for theyre cheapness. i was gonna play bujin but they got retarded with susano'o by changing it to susanowo. ive lost all faith in this game, i think im going to replace my deck with an exact japanese version,move to tokyo or japan and play OCG only.
TKing6488 - 21. Aug, 07:15


If this doesn't prove that Konami TCG is just out to sell product. I don't know what is. The only cards in this list that are understandable are the bans like Card Destruction, Shock Master, and Gateway which are win con cards. Other cards like Bottomless, Compulsory, and FF Spirit are like WTF. Mezuki to 2 was to sell Shadow Spectres and Rooster wasn't touched to sell Judgment of the Light. This game has gone to a new low in terms of just wanting to make profits. Glad I owned a Trish and didn't waste $40 :).

KarakuriSoldierMdl216 - 21. Aug, 08:48

Well, i never thought this would come this soon. Time to move to japan :l

Dragon King - 21. Aug, 18:50


Sorry!!...I can't stop myself from laughing my A$$ off!!
The baby elemental dragons on the band list?!?..... hilarious!
I really should of saw that coming. I mean what do you expect when you release common versions of a broke card?...then release a Rere version of their adult forms. I just recently got my hands on a rare "Tempest,Dragon Ruler of Storms". In fact I was thinking about going on a quest to collect at least two of each of these rare elemental ruler dragons. Man this is going to tick some people off!... But I'm not completely unscathed by this myself. I was planing to boost a little extra blood into my Dragon deck with these new elemental ruler Dragons. Oh well c'est la vie...

I'm glad I found out about "Spell Book of Judgment"!.... I was making plans to save up some money to get myself at least not!

Other than that,nothing else in the list really bothers me or surprises me!

Kind of glad to see that "Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" is no longer on the ban list....Yippee! I remember how it steamed my biscuits when I pulled one out of the pack and then less then a week or so,it was announced it would be put on the band list. It was Black Luster Soldier:EOTB over again!...
Myrel - 22. Aug, 04:37

@Dragon King

Look again. Trishula's still banned. Going to be a while before you get to use her again.

Dragon King - 22. Aug, 21:41

Oh cheap!....ok..
Not I'm 3% sadder,then
lordpain - 23. Aug, 07:32

i dont know why shes banned to begin with. theres effect failures around and other things to negate the effect
lordpain - 23. Aug, 07:30

the worlds worst list ever

instead of hitting stratos they should have banned or limited duality the main source of adding in the deck.
mst shouldve been limited,dark hole should been banned too just to make it all fair, ophion shouldve been hit but wasnt,bottomless was at 2 and fair,epidemic eradicator shouldnt have been limited now spellbooks are the only deck thats tier 0,the only true playable deck is haze beast/fire avatar because it didnt lose anything, and finally blaster shouldve been limited.

i think ill be running OCG list tournaments for a while until they fix shit or konami japan takes control of the american branch. YCS is going to be bad this year so until the fix the banlist dont compete in tournaments the game is unbalced right now,and dont say e heros are still playable they lost stratos which renders an actuall hero deck useless unless your running butt hurt heroes aka spell heavy heroes

IvanV101 - 24. Aug, 00:05

i don't know why you guy hate the ban list and or always complain about reprint stuffs. i think this ban list is the best of the best. everything in here is perfectly the way i want it. thank you konami....

lordpain - 24. Aug, 05:58

you must be a rookie so ill explain this to you the best way possible. spellbooks werent hurt enough so now we have the pleasure of being raped by world of prophecy who can grab 2 spell books and nuke the field,merfails arent dead they didnt even lose much because theres another version ive seen people play now with poseidra. this format is inconcivable and the fact they didnt ban dark hole or mst is enough to rage quit. thats why were pissed off. youve never been to regionals so you dont know how horrible it can get.the only plus ill say about all this is now i can spam my cursed seal of the forbbiden spell
IvanV101 - 25. Aug, 19:24

then you must be a noob, spellbook ain't that good no more that why i hate people that complain like you. if you said spellbook good then you should build it and face me on DN loser
lordpain - 26. Aug, 13:58

oh really? they lost one book and nothing more. theyre still strong with 3 reapers,world of prophecy and high priestess can be spamed with out worry of backrow threats like bottomless or torential but youll see for yourself soon enough. 2nd pros like me dont waste time with DN where sore losers stall and waste time with stupid chatter. real pros use YGOPRO where you dont need to wait for new cards to come out like on dn and where theres timed matches meaning stalling isnt going to help you. go back to your corner kid,your far from my league of play.oh and just so your aware true losers say noob. just saying.
TKing6488 - 27. Aug, 04:45


Spellbooks are still good with Reaper and World Techs like Lordpain said. Priestess takes setup now in so many ways and MST makes Tower salty (if you chain it to the effect during the Stand By). This is not a terrible list although there are still some spamtastic decks out there Effect Veiler becomes a crucial main deck for those first turn plays. Real Pros also use whatever makes them good. I prefer YGOPro because of players that stall, cheat, or just plain cannot take losing on DN. Formats are about adjusting with the changes if you complain about something and do nothing about it you are not going to increase your skill. Instead you'll be salty just saying. Decks this format are broken but they are still more counterable than the decks of last format
lordpain - 27. Aug, 05:44

thanks TKing

nice to see someone also sees my point of veiw. spellbooks are going to be a problem unless you can somehow main cursed seal of the forbidden spell.which would be funny as hell,no adding with powers anymore lol.this formats going to be failer heavy and thus more marketing for her price. shes gonna be the first 30 dollar rare in history .i dont run veilers theyre to main stream and is considered god tier.
fusion gate is god tier as well, it looks at solomn warning and goes lol.its going to be a very difficult format theres no denying it.good decks to run for players ona low budget would be:haze kings,the blue eyes deck coming out in september,harpies maybe but only if they reprint everything in LC4. and finally that xyz deck that came out with utopia ray V.i can see zexal weapons becoming a decent deck
revan182009 - 25. Aug, 21:11

It's not bad

Baby dragons, not a problem. most people played the big ones in decks that weren't strictly dragons. Compulse, bottomless and torrential going to 1 isn't a problem. They were BA cards that could completely end any kind of otk move, heavy storm and monster reborn were already cheap so its good they're finally gone. It just slows the game down and changes the style of the game from STUPID otk or ftk decks that totally dominate to actually having to think and set of moves without having to worry about back row being wiped or traps that were totally cheap. Besides, you can just use traps that no one ever thinks of like karma cut, wobaku and magic cylider

lordpain - 26. Aug, 14:00

true story:upon going through my 2006 box i found 5 of my karma cuts. they gets the job done
TKing6488 - 27. Aug, 04:48


There will be some spamtastic decks in the format. I notice everyone is running Infernity of Devpro. But they are still very counterable. Stupid decks of where you spam and OTK are becoming a thing of the past and the game does require some setup again. I'm happy to a degree so far until everyone starts to netdeck again XD
lordpain - 27. Aug, 05:22

fuck i forgot about infernitys. X-sabers could be a come back deck like to see X-saber take YCS



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