Structure Deck - The Dark Emperor

'Caius the Shadow Monarch' makes a mighty arrival with the all new Yu-Gi-Oh! structure deck, The Dark Emperor! In troducing brand new cards and some highly desirable reprints, the all new structure deck allows players to banish opponent's cards to another dimension! This 40-card deck is built around 'Caius the Shadow Monarch', a dark monster that may be one of the most powerful monsters found on a structure deckyet! Combine The Dark Emperor with your Dark army from the Phantom Darkness booster set and you're on your way to victory! Enjoyable for the intermediate player and containing strong cards for the tournament-level player, The Dark Emperor also comes with a rulebook, an exclusive playmat and a deckbuilding strategy guide that explains some of the explosive combos and some relevant cards from recently-released product to help build an even stronger deck. 40 cards/deck
  • Command the Dark Emperor, “Caius the Shadow Monarch” – the newest and greatest of the tournament winning Monarch monsters.
  • You can master the tactics of the Different Dimension monsters, including the rare “D.D. Warrior”.
  • Combine “Caius the Shadow Monarch” with cards from Phantom Darkness to create the ultimate DARK monster army.
  • Banish your opponent’s cards from the game with this ready-to-play 40 card Deck. A great introduction to a powerful strategy with a guide on how to add new cards to your Deck to make it stronger
Each deck contains 39 Common cards (39:1), 1 Ultra rare (1:1),
Deluxe customized Gamemat, Dueling Guide and Rulebook

- 40 cards per Deck
- 8 Decks per Display
- 12 Display per Case

Street Date: 2nd 8th April 2008

//Note that the picture might not be official

Caius the Shadow Monarch
DARK/Fiend - Effect/6/2400/1000
When this card is Tribute Summoned, remove from play 1 card on the field. If it was a DARK monster, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent.
Ultra Rare

Dimensional Alchemist
LIGHT/Fairy - Effect/4/1300/200
Once per turn, you can remove from play the top card of your Deck; this card gains 500 ATK until the End Phase. When this card is destroyed and sent from your side of the field to the Graveyard, you can select 1 of your removed from play monsters and return it to your hand.

Samsara Kaiser
EARTH/Warrior - Effect/2/200/100
When you Tribute Summon a monster by tributing this card, return this card to your hand.

Golden Homunculus

Primeval Sun - Helios

D.D. Warrior

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

Bazoo the Soul Eater x2

Exiled Force

D.D. Warrior Lady

D.D. Scout Plane

Chaosrider Gustaph

Gren Manju Da Eiza

D.D. Survivor x 2

D.D.M. - Different Dimension Master

Banisher of the Radiance x2

D.D. Assailant

D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation
Equip Spell Card
Discard 1 card. Select 1 of your removed from play monsters. Special Summon it in Attack Position, and equip it with this card. When this card is removed from the field, destroy the equipped monster.

Mystical Space Typhoon

Nobleman of Crossout

Soul Release

Reinforcement of the Army

Dark Core

Big Bang Shot

Enemy Controller

Lightning Vortex

Brain Control

Dimensional Fissure x 2

By Order of the Emperor
Continuous Trap Card
You can choose to negate the activation of an Effect Monster's effect that activates when a monster is Normal Summoned (including itself). If you do, this Effect Monster's controller draws 1 card.

Return from the Different Dimension

Torrential Tribute

Bottomless Trap Hole

Sakuretsu Armor

Karma Cut

D.D. Dynamite

Macro Cosmos
erushio - 8. Jan, 17:25

hell no

that's the worst new in some time, all the noobs that will put their hands on this deck scares me O.o

DenFrenzy - 8. Jan, 18:22

What is the problem with making all these cards available to everyone? Who cares if newer players have access to Raiza and Caius? This means that skill will be the determining factor in games and generally the person more experienced with these cards will win.

This is good news for everyone that Caius won't be a Secret Rare in an upcoming booster and that it will be easy for everyone to get.

Plus it Light and Darkness Dragon and Perfect Circle Decks will be the prime targets for people to run Caius against. Should make things interesting.

darkdiablo - 8. Jan, 18:38

please say...

this can't be an early April fool's joke, can it? Release date April 1st. Please God no I want Caius

Johnist - 9. Jan, 04:30

um... it says "Street Date: 2nd April 2008"
Gilford the Legend - 8. Jan, 21:09


Finaly i know that this deck gonna come out in the TCG,but this name of the deck sux a lot ^^.Now i only wait to see the whole list of cards and the changes in the deck.I cant wait 1st april ^^

Clemmes - 9. Jan, 00:14

Caius is stupid.

But this will probably be a best selling item for UDE. I mean, how many ppl are gonna buy 3 of these?

Johnist - 9. Jan, 04:32

I'm gonna buy 5. Some of these cards will be great trade bait, even though common they be... (the D.D. Revival)...
Ace Avenger - 2. Mar, 20:32


Yeah, I kind of agree with you, D.D. Warrior has been long awaited and some of these newer cards will also be amazing trade bait. SDRL gave us Foolish Burial and Trade In, I hope that if UDE does butcher the deck at least they give us 2 cards like Foolish/Trade In like last time. Solemn would be one of those kinds of cards and I would guess DDWarrior might be the other IF they dont change the deck. But we all know UDE, they will more than likely change the deck around, even if it is just a little bit.
hamsterworld - 9. Jan, 01:15


this rumored to be awsome i am very exsited about this one .

ps:I still hope they put out the other two as well there should be a starter deck for every deck so new players can have a choice of deck type.

Johnist - 9. Jan, 03:55

SWEET! I am so glad that this is coming out! ALL THE MONARCHS IN ONE PACKAGE! FINALLY, FLOOD THEM THROUGH THE MARKET! MWA-HA-HA-HA! Maybe now they'll start to limit them.
Gilford the Legend - 9. Jan, 10:48

It isnt surely that the other 5 monarch will be in this SD.Maybe they gonna remove the other monarchs cuz they win more money from them if they are ultra or super rares.

Clemmes - 10. Jan, 00:37

I hope so.
hamsterworld - 11. Jan, 02:00

I agree

monarchs shouldn't be as rare as they are i'd be able to use them more if pepole whouldn't try to trade me for them so often. I have contemplated tradeing zaborg thunder monarch becasue i have two but i'd only trade for magic formula or silent doom and nobody has them and I try not trade cards I use in my deck.I just think it will be along time before i get either one of those considering i'm protesting Gladiator's Assault becasue it's unfair.
Krais - 15. Jan, 18:37

Like they did with the last SD

I guess they might add 'fiend's sanctuary' in this SD like they did with the last one.. they put Horus LV 6 which wasn't in the deck in Japanese version.. Or they might add 'Dandelion'... Excited!

erushio - 18. Jan, 12:52

not dandelion, since it will problably come out in a shonem jump magazine... but I'm almost sure they will take some cards out and add other cards like they did with SDRL*.
Johnist - 31. Jan, 08:51

Won't be Fiend's Sanctuary... Champion Pack 5 Ultra.
supreme_slayer - 4. Feb, 05:33


No. They took out Yamata Dragon last time and put in a new card that was already printed in a pack. Why would they release a brand new card that just came in America in this thing?
hamsterworld - 31. Jan, 02:56

Any idea what those changes will be

Any idea what those changes will be I hope they don't make this deck lame changes i'd love to see

return from differnt dimention to dimention fusion

D.D. Survivor s to magicans valkurias for combo with dd master so you could have him on the field with out worry of him being attack so you could summon your power house monarchs out easy.:)

another good change would be DD assilant DD warrior DDwarrior lady etc maybe united we stand XD I know they would never do anything that cool and they probaly will make it depressing but I can dream.

EternalTruth - 31. Jan, 03:40

I'll be happy with this deck as long as 2 things happen:

1. All the new cards STAY

2. Zaborg stays. Its not really used now and its prime time for a reprint.

Johnist - 31. Jan, 08:47

Zaborg, Mobius, Thestalos and Granmarg ALL got Reprints in DR3.

Raiza is the ONLY Monarch to not have a Reprint.
Ace Avenger - 4. Feb, 21:45

Cards to Stay!!

Cards I want to stay in are D.D. Warrior, Solemn Judgement, Granmarg and Zaborg. As we've all heard, all the origional Monarchs have in fact been reprinted. Zaborg, Mobius, Thestalos and Grandmarg have all been reprinted 3 times if not more than that. Zaborg(DR3, AST, TP8), Mobius(SOD, DR3, TP8, SD4), Thestalos(DR3, RDS, SD3, TP8), Granmarg(DR3, TP8, FET). D.D. Warrior has been out for what? 2 years now without a reprint, where as Needle Worm and Mechanicalchaser have been made common in the DB2 pack. D.D. Warrior demands a reprint, as well as Granmarg and Zaborg so that all the monarchs have been reprinted 4+ times.
hamsterworld - 6. Feb, 00:07

reCards to Stay!!

upper deck is to greedy and currupt to do that.
Doomfire - 6. Feb, 15:56


Yes secrets are hard to get nowaday, but UDE is not greedy. This is a TRADING card game right? i think they are doing this so people are force to trade which is the whole concept of the game right? trading. that's just my oppinion

Ace Avenger - 6. Feb, 20:52


Sorry, but the game isnt based on Trading just cause the game is called Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game. Isnt it a game too since game is in the name? >.> Its meant to be played competitively and for collectors to gather the cards and trade to get them. This deck is in fact being released so we do not need to worry about Caius becoming a Secret Rare. Its still unknown how badly they will butcher the deck if at all, more than likely they will, but still ya never know. As I have previously stated, as long as Zaborg, Granmarg, Solemn and DD Warrior get their reprints, I'll be happy.
unknownhero - 8. Feb, 03:44

I know its not going to happen, but it would be kinda funny if they reprinted Necroface in the deck

Ace Avenger - 11. Feb, 20:10


lol Your right, it wont happen. Cards that make a $300 profit they are more than likely not going to reprint >.>
ScottAtem666 - 11. Feb, 21:16

Go back to Pojo.

why do people that comment these things PURPOSELY make themselves look like fools by saying things like that?

Some guy on the light of destruction article said it would be good if JINZO got reprinted.... in a NEW set.... WTF AMERICANS?
Ace Avenger - 14. Feb, 06:03


ScottAtem666, kinda hope you werent talking to me =/ As of late I heard Necroface's price has dropped to $200 or a little above. I understand how much people wish Necroface to become easier to pull/obtain, but seriously, its no reason to reprint the card so soon. Tbh I think that Rainbow Dragon had the fastest reprint.
ScottAtem666 - 16. Feb, 22:22


No Ace, i told Unknownhero to get the hell back to pojoland

"I know its not going to happen, but it would be kinda funny if they reprinted Necroface in the deck"

If you know its not going to happen, then STFU. Its like me saying "I know its not going to happen, but it would be kinda funny if they reprinted Crush card, Gold sarc, des voltsgalph and doomcalibur knight in the deck"

Pointless, eh?
Forrenz - 18. Mar, 18:58

Wouldn't it be funny if some people that come to these sites are KIDS with little money so they can't play competitively without the $200 cards all the "pros" have?
Isn't it nice now that kids who read "STFU" have to ask their parents what it stands for?
The game is made for kids who watch cartoons who can't play the tournaments because unlike Wizards of the Coast, players have to pay to get to each major competition.
Sorry, just brooding...
nejix9 - 11. Feb, 23:29

bunch of losers

to everyone that says that its unfair to players that can t get the cards like re a bunch of losers. it makes the game more interesting to see how players that doesn t have the money play this card. i m a player that wants to see everyone enjoy the game. and if that means giving rare cards that are powerful to a non experience player...well thats fine by me. and besides, everyone that plays this game just copies the most played deck. i admit i do play the most current deck, however, doesn t mean i havent gone into a tournament regional with my own deck ideas and gone pretty far with my own deck till i get cheated by players that have no honor for the game. this game is played to have fun and be respectful. u guys should apprieciate what you have and enjoy the game.

hamsterworld - 12. Feb, 03:55

re bunch of losers

ok jd rockfellea I have never copyed anyone except darkmagican girl and chazz lol only few times for fun lol while but my deck stands on it's own that's number 1 number 2 you don't seem to undderstand not everybody who plays this game is super rich and we can't afford cards neccerary to keep playing this game it would be one thing if they where only making secret rares out of cards that are just pluss but not when they incompass a intire theme you can't create diversity when you do that.and 3 we are complain about the fact japan has a huge advantage over everybody else becasue of there production they have access to better everything there more up to date on everything and what's worse they have exspernce we don't and can't get without access point being the only why we will stop complaing is when are tcgs both treated equally .
G-star. - 14. Feb, 00:48

We are not losers...

How are we losers just because we say that they shouldnt re-print like raiza and Solemn and zaborg. It would benefit u but we worked are asses off just to get these cards and we feel that they shouldnt re-print the crazy cards like these.. And some people copy decks because they cant make thier own but thats alright this game doesnt need people to have thier own decks. Oh and yeah u should appreciate what u have to. I aint a cocky faggot that tells people thier below me but still they shouldnt re-print the good cards people spent 100's of dollars on.

akhill - 19. Feb, 13:00

I actually want this deck to come out. I think it would be more fair if all people have access to these cards - not just the really rich!

arapokemaster - 20. Feb, 22:36

O.k all of you aren'nt wrong but you are rude.I respect you're opinions but the rich folks don't need to say they worked they're asses of to get those cards.And not all of you said that.So who cares that was you're descison,but some folks can't afford those cards or can't find a place to get them cheap.I for one love these structure decks and just love meeting new people by playing yugioh.But I do get mad at at those people that just seem to get the cards they whant all the time and use they're money just for cards.They're are lots of guys or gals at ages like 20- 30 who just finished college or still live with they're parents that live for yugioh,and won't trade they're good cards to amueters or kids younger or older than 12 which is my age.Everyone has different and unique opinions and no one is right or wrong,but they do beleive they're opinions are fine because it was they'res.Thats what makes yugioh and all trading card games unique and enjoyable.So do what you do,and just love yugioh.i hope i lightened up some people,but I apologise in advance if I was rude by saying all of you where rude.

unknownhero - 21. Feb, 07:11

Seriously WTF

WTF is wrong with you SCOTATEM If you are retarded enough to pay $200 or more on a card like necroface your just F'n stupid. All i was doing is posting what i wish would come in this deck and you had to start some shit. I cant pay $150 for an Il Blud, or $500 for a pair of necrofaces, or $600 for a set of Dark Armed Dragons... How fair is that, if you cant shell out hundreds of dollars on cards, there is no way you could possibly win a major tournament. I think you need to STFU. Mind your own damn business. The game has become a rich mans game. No one is winning because of skill or deck building talent, whoever has more money to pay for cards wins. Wasnt that the point of reprints to begin with....TO make the game fair....
Your the reason the game is suffering, with all you stuck up assholes spending thousands of dollars on cards kills the game. Why the hell do you even care if they get reprinted, ohh, thats right, your too god damn stupid to be able to out-play somebody, you have to have the more expensive cards to win. Im sorry to anyone this post may have offended, but SCOTATEM shouldnt have even began this. So what if i want necroface reprinted, how did that bother him. This is a CARD GAME for LITTLE KIDS, how are THEY supposed to spend hundreds of dollars on cards. YOU seriously need to STFU and go to Pojoland you little fagget...
And it would benifit everybdy if they reprint everything, then you wouldnt have to work for the cards....

arapokemaster - 21. Feb, 17:28

You're right not everyone whants to spent thousands of dollars on cards.even if they are adults and have a paying job,or if they are kids.I meant that so everyone can afford it and not spend alot no matter they're age.It does'nt mean they're crazy,it means they to can afford it.This was not meant to be a negative or offensive comment.I'm sorry if it got you so mad G-Star.i did'nt know it could offend anyone if I said adults and kids don't have to spend alot of money.If you wuold spend alot of cash instead of getting a structure deck you're free to speak you're mind.
G-star. - 22. Feb, 23:25

holy shit fken calm down...

Jeezus christ fken calm down.. Its just fken cards dont have to complain about someone acting like ur a fken big shot.Stop complaining and get on with ur life u fken jerk..
ScottAtem666 - 24. Feb, 20:06

Actually Unknownhero, neither can I

1) I live in the UK. I dont have your stupid American moneyz as its double the pound

2) I'm 14. I dont pay out loads for cards, as i dont have that kind of money. I'm a respectable player in Scotland and all my decks cost less than £50 ($100). I mean, i play gadgets minus Soul takers and Big City. Cheap Decks, right?

So i seriously think YOU are the one that needs to STFU.

Don't wish things as it's not gonna happen. You think that people at UDE really listen to what the public have to say? I thought not. They do a great job, no boubt in that. But seriously, they KEEP cards like necroface and DAD secret rare so that they DONT get overplayed as the game would be no fun.

So what have we learned here?

1) Don't say things like "I wish so and so would happen, even though it's clearly not" as you'll get flamed.
2) If it's a card game for little kids, then why the hell do we still play it? I hear that Warcraft is pure good.
3) Unknownhero called me retarded, when he can't even spell "ScottAtem666"

<3 you GStar for what you just posted xD
arapokemaster - 23. Feb, 00:53

This is for everyone and is just a freindly tip so we don't get mad at eachother.We should all respect eachother because we all love this awsome game and we can become friends in the poicess.I'm not saying any specific names.But any one who calls someone a loser should respect them.I for one don't whant to offend anyone in my comments,but I understand that i might mistakenly make people mad.So lets just hope we are all happy.

G-star. - 25. Feb, 02:22

Just pieces of card board...

Don't have to get mad just for card board and just because they call u a bad player or something but its plain and simple they shouldnt re-print solemn, raiza and thats prolly about it.. Everyone will be playing these cards if they print it in the deck and it makes game no fun like what scottatem says. If Dark armed dragon or necroface get re-printed it would ruin game completly. Crush card is coming to and it doesnt completly ruin game but its hard to get such as DaD and Necroface

ScottAtem666 - 25. Feb, 18:18

Well actually Solemn is pretty easy enough to get on its own (Champ Pack 1 i think. But it was in a Champ Pack anyways.) and Raiza is getting limited so will be cheap to get like Card trooper when it got limited. (I'm trying to put this into dollars =/.) About $50 down to ~$20. For us it went from £30 to £10, because there was no need for 3.

Back to the expensive cards? Look at the results from the Shonen Jumo at the weekend there. 10 Dark armed dragon decks in the top 16, and what wins? SIX SAMURAI! Please notice that samurai has only just won a SJC now with all these "OMGLOLBBQ Expensive" decks expected to win it all. Who saw that coming? =/

Okay Six Sam ISNT the cheapest, but Grandmaster has dropped significantly in price over the last few weeks.

Thats my two pence into the argument anwyay. PM me for my MSN and well discuss this moar =/
dragon0466 - 25. Feb, 19:11

taking out

i think they will take out:
Shrink (they wont put a promo in a deck)
Solemn Judgment (getting use too much and really hard to find)
Return from the Different Dimension (in the movie pack/CP05)

ScottAtem666 - 25. Feb, 21:40

Return is actually CP04. Just thought I'd let u know :P
akhill - 1. Mar, 14:37

Could be good news?

I would enjoy having some monarchs, and I'm willing to bet that there are other people like me. It really is no fun for a deck to be so expensive that no one except the very rich can use. I play a lot with my friends, and often the gap between those that have money, and those that don't becomes really clear (I have Mirror Force - they don't). It might not be much difference, but structure decks do make things a lot more balanced (Remember how SD 1 gave us Premature Burial and Snatch Steal... I thought that was amazing!).

Red-Eyes Darkness Girl - 3. Mar, 09:28


I totaly agree with you. As for Mirror Force... ~_~ The rich aren't so lucky in Japan, Mirror's a common.
Ace Avenger - 4. Mar, 16:11


SD1, 2 and 3 came with cards such as Pot of Greed, Premature Burial and Snatch Steal. 2 of which are banned now. If I recall they released SD6 with Chaos Sorcerer and it was banned at the time. As of late they have, yes, changed this. Cards such as Mirror Force are seen more often than cards like DD Warrior and Solemn Judgement, though Solemn is starting to see more play as well as Dark Bribe in this Oppression Format >.>. I believe part of the reason why they are releasing monarchs like this to just anyone is because they want to pull more players into the game. Making the cards hard to get for new players isnt always the best way to get them into the game. By "bribing" new players with some good cards in each deck that'll make new players want to continue buying yugioh products to build their decks.
akhill - 18. Mar, 12:10


I don't see any other monarchs...

Andy-Sweden-93 - 18. Mar, 13:26

I hope they still will keep Solemn Judement, Kaiser Sacrifice and all the monarks in this deck...

FilipGX - 18. Mar, 20:59

No Monarchs!

As I can see, the changes of this deck are HUGE! Many of the monsters are so different and I don't see any monarchs in this deck. :(

Dan_the_Dark_Monarch - 19. Mar, 02:44


from the looks of it...there wont be the other monarchs...i personally dont really care, but that would just be retarded if they didnt. technically, it is a macro monarch deck, with 1 monarch...welll see what happens. Also, nobody has metioned how good D.D.R. is...when arms hole comes out [who knows when thats gonna happen :( ]this card will be amazing!!!

G-star. - 19. Mar, 06:23

Not a monarch deck.

It was a monarch deck in japan but on tcg it focuses on macro: meaning removal. And the focus on caius. I hope they dont put any monarchs in here because its already been reprinted except raiza but that card is overused to much same with solemn. solemn has been printed ultra, super, rare. Dont think it will be common maybe in the up coming gold series.

arapokemaster - 19. Mar, 20:16

These are my guesses for the uncomfirmed cards.They all saty constant to the macro theme.D.D Warrior Lady,Different Dimension Master,D.D Assailant,D.D Gate,D.D Designator,D.D Trap HoleDifferent Dimension Capsule,Dimension Fusion,Chaos End.Dimension Disortion,Witch Doctor Of Chaos,Gren Maju Da Eizag,Soul Absorbtion,Dark Mirror Force,Helios-The Primordial Sun,Helios-Dou Megistos.This is another guess,but since Kaiser Sacrifice stays constant to the monarch's tribute theme,they might switch it with a card we don't have,Helios-Tri Megistos,if they put the other Helios cards in.I'm sort of glad this is a macro deck.I always whanted to make a macro deck without taking the cards such as D.D Warrior Lady,and D.D Assailant out of my main deck.Now I don't have to gather the cards I need to make a Macro Deck out of random packs.

FilipGX - 19. Mar, 21:36

I don't think it will contain all Macros, but I think it's better that those stupid Monarches, If it will contain all Marcos I'll buy 3 of this deck and make 1 D.D. Deck and 1 Macro Deck. And also I really want to keep Shrink in this deck :)

Dan_the_Dark_Monarch - 19. Mar, 23:25


macro decks and dd decks are the same thing...rfg based/anti meta...and monarchs are almost always (but not everytime) mained in macro...
Great Shogun Shine - 20. Mar, 02:32

Light of Destruction

When are they going to start advertizing about the Light of Destruction sneak preview?

G-star. - 20. Mar, 02:57

Not always.

Monarchs for d.d decks arnt that really great but useful for tributes like scout plane or survivor. I think they should really put a strike ninja in this deck because of the removal in this decks with scout plane and other stuff. Strike ninja could be more broken for other people because of the phantom darkness set which makes strike ninja easy to get. I hope they gonna put it in gold series or this deck.

cybergx - 21. Mar, 13:56

Looking at the deck now, and counting the amount of cards that aren't revealed, I don't see every single Monarch in this deck anymore. If they keep Kaiser Sacrafrice in this deck (which they will), we'll only have 4 left. My guesses? Probably Granmarg, Zaborg, Mobius, and Thestalos, although Thestalos and Mobius were already put in a Structure Deck. DDR WILL see tournament play,it is a lot faster than Escape from the Dark Dimension.
And I'm glad the flame war is over! I was afraid to post something in fear of everybody getting mad at me! That's pretty LULZ

ScottAtem666 - 21. Mar, 16:45

*Gets Mad*


Kiddin man

DDR sure will get tournament play.

It might even replace Dimension Fusion if it gets emergency banned
Zardis - 24. Mar, 17:14


yup I think we won't get any monarchs as most we get Caius, Zaborg(not likely) Mobius, Granmarg and Thestalos.... this is so bad... I think that Konami really hates us >_______<
hamsterworld - 21. Mar, 22:33

return from differnt dimention

I was hoping for dimention fusion I like summoning 5 monsters at one
time however return from differnt dimention stinks becasue you only have one chance to finsh your opponent off when it's triggered and it costs you half your life points to use and you can't use spell economics like with dark magic curtin or dimention fusion. haveing to use so many life points for someting so ify. I'm happy they kept dd warrior though.

cybergx - 22. Mar, 13:03

Well, if you have low Life Points, it isn't going to cost you that much, right? And you would only want to use Return or Dimension Fusion when you are pretty sure you are going to win. In some cases, Return being a Trap is better than Dimension Fusion.
G-star. - 23. Mar, 06:06

wtf are u talking about...

Return first of all kills half life. second of all its slower than dimension fusion. third doesnt stay for ever.

Dimension fusion. Faster. Cost less life points situational, Combos with dmoc, cyber valley, spell economics, other d.d combos u can think of.

If ur saying return is better why dont they limit that rather than dimension fusion. Think of that for a second. They should have banned dmoc and dimension fusion this format cuz it was to broken. If u seriously think return is better than dimension fusion, u should keep ur mouth shut.

ScottAtem666 - 23. Mar, 09:52


I couldn't be bothered flaming him xD
cybergx - 24. Mar, 02:10

Did I say Return is better than Dimension Fusion in ALL cases? No, I didn't, I only said in some cases. I think it is almost as powerful as Dimension Fusion,but maybe not as powerful. Dimension Fusion still costs a LOT of Life Points, 1 quarter. Now, look at the cost for Return. Yes, it costs half of your Life Points, but in a metagame like this in where your Life Points can drop from 8000 to like 1000 or 0 in 1 turn, and if you did survive, which would you use? I that case, Return is better, because at least you can activate it. Return can be activated more than Dimension Fusion, albeit Jinzo.
Dimension Fusion is made to kill your opponent in 1 turn. So is Return. So, you would only want to use both when you know you have a very good chance of winning. Lets take this situation as an example: I have 1 Darklord Zerato and Dark Magician of Chaos RFG. My foe has 2 S/T and 2 monsters set on the field. I have Heavy Storm in my grave I have 3400 LP. Now,it doesn't even matter what card I use if I'm going to win anyways, right? Actually, in this case, I would have lost MORE life points if I used Dimension Fusion. Also, I don't see Fusion being used in 3s do you? Therefore, Return has a greater chance of being drawn than Fusion. I'm completly aware of the combos with Fusion. Also, Fusion brings out your opponent monsters as well, whereas Return doesn't. Now, please don't flame me or anybody else. Starting an arguement is utterly useless and is just rude. I have my opinion, and you have yours. Let leave it at this and not even argue. Its just a waste of time trying to say which card is the best. Wouldn't you agree? I'm sorry if I affended anybody in any way, but I'm tired of people thinking my opinions are useless and wrong. Because they aren't.
ScottAtem666 - 24. Mar, 16:28


Will more people learn to press the return button?

Makes reading alot easier than large walls of text.

See how easy this is? :)
cybergx - 24. Mar, 17:15

Same, but better

Ok, I'll just sum it up if no one wants to read it,which I'm 100% sure no one won't.

If you are going to win with Dimension Fusion or Return, it doesn't matter which card you use because in the end you'll win anyways, assuming you can win on that turn.

You would only want to use Return or Fusion if you are pretty sure your going to win, and in that case, the amount of Life Points doesn't matter unless you will win. Again I only see people who uses these cards when they know they are going to win.

I'm aware of the combos with Dimension Fusion.

Return can ALWAYS be activated as long as your Life Points aren't 1, or Jinzo or something similar is out. Also, if your Life Points are lower than 4000, the cost to use Return is actually less than Fusion, although it may not be noticable.

I didn't say that Return is better than Fusion in all cases, I only said SOME. I think that Fusion is better than Return, but Return does have advantages that Fusion does not, like for example it isn't limited.

I'm sory if I affended anybody in any way, but I'm tired of people thinking my thoughts and opinions are wrong and useless, because they aren't. Also, flaming someone or starting an arguement is useless and is just a waste of time. Who cares who is right? I got my opinion and you have yours. Wouldn't you agree about how useless flaming someone is, or even starting an arguement like this? I think it is just stupid.

There, can you read that better?(I don't mean to be rude here if this is what it sounds like) Oh, and BTW ScottAtem 666, what did you mean before I put down my previous post? I didn't understand.

Now, why can't we all get along? Please? I hate arguing and it goes nowhere.
ScottAtem666 - 24. Mar, 23:31


Grammar Nazi is happy :)

What do you mean what did I mean =/
cybergx - 24. Mar, 23:44

Never mind now, I got what you meant-when you said Icouldn't be bothered flaming him. And what does Tl;Dr mean? Sorry, I guess I'm clueless. LULZ
ScottAtem666 - 25. Mar, 19:09

Tl;dr means

Too Long; Didn't Read
cybergx - 25. Mar, 20:25

lol, thanks Scott! Was my new comment easier to read? Good enough for the Grammar Nazi?
ScottAtem666 - 25. Mar, 23:47

God aye

Grammar Nazi loves you

And the return key
cybergx - 26. Mar, 01:24

Return key? Again, I'm confused. Sad Face.
G-star. - 28. Mar, 03:15

please dont even talk.

Dude return isnt as good and did i read that u said Dimension fusion, i dont see ppl running it in 3's its because its limited... and u see if u top deck return and u see that you already have game it's gotta wait for next turn and Dimension fusion is obviously 10x better its because its faster, good top deck for game and can be picked up from the grave like Dmoc, Magical stone, spell reproduction. It can be combo'd to, so please dont talk.

cybergx - 28. Mar, 20:28


About what you said first, that is why I said "you don't see people run Fusion in 3s, do you?" I know that its Limited, that was the whole purpose of me saying that.

You just basically repeated me. I said I KNOW the combos of Fusion and whatnot. I even said that Return isn't as good as Fusion, but it is close.

You've already stated the obvious, repeated yourself and me, and adding in that "Return can't be used on the same turn it has been set". When I typed my comment down, I'm assuming that it has already been set for a turn, if you couldn't read between the lines.

Again, I even said that continuing an arguement is stupid, and don't even do it. It goes nowhere, so please read my WHOLE comment before putting your coment down. I've already said it, and I'll say it again, I have my opinion and you have yours. OK?

Now, reading your comment just showed me that you are incapable of having an intelligent arguement with me. If you did have something smart there, that comment wouldn't have even been posted. So, if you want more attention, please, try again. But this time read what I said, then you can start an attempt of even conversing with me.

So, in the end, you should be the person to stfu.
hamsterworld - 28. Mar, 21:51

final word

well i'm not surprized .:/

EliteKakashi - 28. Mar, 23:05

The changes. Here you go!

Japanese Version:
Lady of Assailant of Flames
Banisher of the Light
D.D. Scout Plane (2x)
Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
Mobius the Frost Monarch
Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
Granmarg the Rock Monarch
Raiza the Storm Monarch
Banisher of Radiance (1x)
Soul Exchange
Dimension Distortion
Soul Aborption
Card of Sanctity
Dust Tornado
Skull Lair
Solemn Judgment
Statue of the Wicked
Counter Counter

English Version:
Golden Homuclus
Primeval Sun - Helios
D.D. Scout Plane (1x)
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
Bazoo the Soul Eater (2x)
Exiled Force
D.D. Warrior Lady
Gren Manju Da Eiza
Banisher of the Radiance (2x)
D.D. Assailant
Mystical Space Typhoon
Reinforcement of the Army
Dark Core
Lightning Vortex
Torrential Tribute
Bottomless Trap Hole
Sakurestsu Armor
Karma Cut
D.D. Dynamite

cybergx - 29. Mar, 13:12

That is just sad...

They made a deck that was really good, into a, how should I put it?-a sucky one. I can't understand why they would take out all of the Monarchs and still have By Order of the Emerpor in here. It would only be able to have Cauis as a target, and why would you want to negate him? Some Spells/Traps are a little better, like taking out Counter Counter or Statue of the Wicked, but overall, this deck isn't really the greatest...
YugiohPlayer3112 - 31. Mar, 10:00

we got the short end...again

UDE traded away monarchs for craps like helios, and The BIGGEST BADDEST(sorry, no such word) Monster of all time: The Powerful Golden Homuclus.... (its like more powerful version of DAD... ONLY it is NOT a SECRET RARE!!! i am in tears right now...)

Sure we got D.D assailant which is still somewhat OK. Thank god we are going to have bottomless, sakurestsu, torential, reinforcement, MST, Kycoo, and Exile Force... a bunch of Good Cards that THEY DID NOT REPRINT a million times already.

Way to go!!! UDE You guys are truly my hero. Thanks!!!
Doomfire - 29. Mar, 15:30

honestly, who didn't see this coming. i expected that to happen. it's not big deal.

cybergx - 29. Mar, 23:33

I saw this coming, but not Zaborg, Mobius, Thestalos, Granmarg, and Raiza taken out... They could have at least kept to the same strategy that Japan's SD went. I just think everybody wanted this deck cause of all the Monarchs. All I wanted was Granmarg and Zaborg...

They should have at least expanded on Order of the Emperor though...
Forrenz - 29. Mar, 22:41


Well, this has a lot of great cards, even without its own copies of the other Monarchs!
Nope, nothing negative to say here.

Krais - 29. Mar, 23:45


What the hell? Why did they have to take the monarchs out of the deck?

cytheh - 30. Mar, 06:24

Same reason as Curse of Darkness and Surge of radiance

If the complete deck is great, they'll not even release. They'll put all the new cards in secret rare. You know what i mean?

what do you want... and what can you do?
You can't get a crush card in a structure deck, these things only happen in Japan.
Nor a solemn in structure deck.
Doomfire - 30. Mar, 01:56

konami and upperdeck look at these sites and see that certain cards are really wanted so they change things around. you know no one to blame but yourselves

supreme_slayer - 30. Mar, 07:01


I don't believe that at all. They don't have time to look at sites like this. What they really do is think of what would be best for profit, and what would be the best for the game (in some cases).
cybergx - 30. Mar, 15:26

Why would they waste their time looking at these sites? Like what supreme slayer said, they want profit and whatnot.
It isn't like UDE and Konami hate us, but they do want profit.
capalex65 - 1. Apr, 08:27

xD It's already been released in Denmark >=P

capalex65 - 8. Apr, 10:37

So much fun..

No really, with three of this deck, you can have so much fun XD

danierulynx - 8. Apr, 21:47


It tickles me to see how UDE removed the other five Monarchs from this Deck.

However, what they replaced them with is pretty funky, =O

hamsterworld - 11. Apr, 23:34

re upper deck sees what we want

NO they are crazy about it they just make my favs secret rares becasue they don't understand there just toys and they think they can get crazy amounts of money from pepole when what ultimately happends is it decreses sales becasue i refuse to pay more than 20 dollars for a card and i really have to want for 20 however that is the limit period i dont care how badly i want a card if it's valued at more than 20 dollars they can keep it.
chiefboppy - 16. Jul, 14:15

good deck

i got this deck a few weeks ago, mainly for trading and deck enhancing. However, my friend got this deck, and dueled me with it, and it is not that bad, it focuses on powering up your monsters, as well as clearing your opponents field.



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