Champion Pack 6

Duel like a champion with Champion Pack GAME SIX! This is the latest in line of the fan-favorite Champion Packs. The 20-card set collects tournament tested cards together with several all-new cards to create a must have item for players and collectors. “Rigorous Reaver,” a punishing new Ultra Rare, will be introduced along with the return of popular promo card “Elemental Hero Stratos,” and the first printing of several popular cards in Super Rare foil will all combine to make Champion Pack GAME SIX the hottest yet! Champion packs are perfect for new players looking to expand their collections or current Duelists seeking to increase the rarity and prestige of their Decks.

Key Selling Points:
  • Three brand-new cards, including the Ultra Rare “Rigorous Reaver,” seen in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga.
  • Features the return of previously hard to find promo cards, including the tournament main-stay “Elemental Hero Stratos”!
  • Players will be excited to upgrade their Decks with Super Rare foil versions of championship level cards like “Destiny Hero – Fear Monger” and “Phoenix Wing Wind Blast.”
  • Champion Pack GAME SIX encourages collecting, leading to repeat tournament participation.
  • Features cards that are strong in combination with both current and future product releases for maximum appeal and increased interest in your on-shelf products.
Set Contents:
  • 20 card set with 1 new Common card, 1 new Rare card and 1 new Ultra Rare card

//Credit for the info to bestt101 on Pojo

Release Date: 12th May 2008
Legal for local events: 19th May 2008
Legal for Premier Events: 19th May 2008

Rigorous Reaver
FIRE/Plant - Effect/3/1600/100
FLIP: Each player discards 1 card. A Monster that destroys this card by battle loses 500 ATK and DEF.
Ultra Rare

Destiny Hero – Fear Monger
Super Rare

Old Vindictive Magician
Super Rare

Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
Super Rare

Blaze Accelerator
Super Rare

Call of Darkness
Continuous Trap
Send any monster that was Special Summoned by "Monster Reborn" to the Graveyard. While this card is on the field, "Monster Reborn" cannot be activated.

Blade Knight

Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon

Elemental Hero Stratos

Helios Duo Megistus

Mage Power

Sentinel of the Seas
Normal Monster
A merman warrior dedicated to defending the ocean against anyone who would defile it.

Batteryman AA

Theban Nightmare

Majestic Mech - Ohka

Soul of Purity and Light


Cold Wave

Magical Hats

Dimension Wall
Regis_Mark_V - 4. Mar, 00:11

Rigorous Reaver = Mezuki?

If so then, Zombies might just make a comeback. I hope the other two cards are PP10-11 manga cards.

EDIT: nvm, it's that Plant monster.

ScottAtem666 - 4. Mar, 00:14


Lolwut? The UK already have it easy because we got it as a common for the Pharoah Tour :P

Super PWWB sounds good

arapokemaster - 4. Mar, 01:21

I hope you don't mean Stratos,becuase we do have it in america as a shonen jump promo,they reprinted it to make it easier to get.It would also be cool if they reprinted destiny hero malicious.Unfortunatly they're are no hobby leagues within my area so I can't get this pack
ScottAtem666 - 4. Mar, 18:47

Yeah man, I was talking about Stratos. I know America has it already, I just meant that it was easier to get it here.

We could get it from a Shonen Jump Magazine OR just turning up for a Pharoah Tour Event (Pharoah Tour Cup, Pharoah Tour Challenge etc.) which only cost about £5 ($10) to enter.
arapokemaster - 4. Mar, 01:38

Rigulas Reaver Fire/Plant/Effect,LV3.ATK/1600,DEF/100
Flip:Each player discards one card from their hand.Decrease the attack and defence of the monster that destroyed this card by 500 points each.

hamsterworld - 4. Mar, 02:32

rechampion pack 6

Is there anything in it i'd actully care about i'm not to into elmental hero's becasue upper deck keeps pushing them on us and I think most of them are a waste of time.
monster types i'm into

I admit I like only 3 beast type monsters the ojamas they combo well with Herald of creation cybernectic magican and snipe hunter who is my favorite fiend not mention spell cards like reload .

ScottAtem666 - 4. Mar, 18:48

Clearly you haven't played Big City my friend ;)
G-star. - 6. Mar, 04:18

wtf reaload??!!?

dude e heros are better than most of the stuff u got up there
Great Shogun Shine - 4. Mar, 06:46

Sweet! Rigorous Reaver is a sweet card for a Dark World deck!

hamsterworld - 5. Mar, 02:43

reClearly you haven't played Big City my friend ;)

I don't think ehero decks have ever been that big I know monarch burn insect decks do really well and my hobby league deck has beaten quite a few mainstream decks my armed dragon lv 10 my other power houses Hours the black flame dragon lv8 and silent magican lv8 I might not always run the same cards but I play them very often and the ojamas are good cards you can draw your good cards out faster by exchangeing them with reload and they act as sheilds you can block your opponents monster card zones and buy time while your waiting for other cards plus they combo with cards that can distroy other more powerful monsters and who dosen't like getting 3 lv7 monsters from your grave to your hand plus there repetive return soul and dark factory of mass production insure you never run out of cards since ojama magic came out they are really cool.

ScottAtem666 - 5. Mar, 12:24

You talk about your decks FAR too much. Big City is a control deck, and judging by your "Armed Dragon LV10" and "Powerhouses" you clearly don't play very good cards that win.

Have you ever been to a big tournament?

And a Hobby League isn't where you say your deck wins alot, as your meta MIGHT be full of n00bs.
Red-Eyes Darkness Girl - 5. Mar, 10:07

XD Super Rare Fear Monger?

Yeah, the commons were clogging up the place.

hamsterworld - 5. Mar, 23:23

re lock out vs ehero

Well in my eyes lv monsters rock Horus the black flame dragon lv8 royal decree mystic swordsman lv6 silent magican lv 8 armed dragon lv 10 fail to see what makes you think there dumb cards they put my opponents at a real disadvantage I can summon them quickly and picture for a second you can't use magic trap or most monster effects I destroy every monster on your side of the field by discarding 1 card . I personally guarantee
most winners consist of zombie monarch burn insects lock out and machines etc. not ehero lock out decks are better than ehero any day of the week .how are lv monsters bad ScottAtem666?

ScottAtem666 - 7. Mar, 19:09

To hamsterworld: Lv monsters are bad because they are too slow. Even horus in the end phase isnt fast enough. The opponent will just find a way to kill it next turn. WTF is lock out...

To arapokemaster: NOONE WANTS TO KNOW EVERY SINGLE CARD IN YOUR DECK, STFU. YUBEL AND DRAGON ICE ARE NOT FREAKING STAPLES. And Magician of Black Chaos Sucks =/ You clearly are bad at YuGiOh's cos you don't even know what a staple is dude.

"But I'm not saying it wins alot"

Be quiet then as this is about GOOD decks that WIN.

You are both bad.

BTW, America is getting invaded tomorrow at Costa Mesa. There's about 17 brits going over xD
unknownhero - 7. Mar, 22:10

Even though ill agree with scottatem666 that level monsters are way too slow...its no reason to brag that your sooo much better than they are....

And as for the brits at costa messa, Ill be there to kick their ass.....

ScottAtem666 - 8. Mar, 00:46

Bad thing that I personally can't make it as I have school and exams to do =[

And I don't know if you were telling me or the LV fetish guy to stop braggin =/
hamsterworld - 9. Mar, 07:10

reI don't know if you were telling me or the LV fetish guy to stop braggin =/

Seriously i'm not bragging if I post a idea it's just that and I really don't care what you have to say about the cards I use. Well actully I did care till that last comment about me with lv fetish . Not everyone wants to sit there and pretend to be Jaden Yuki if you do fine leave me out of it. I'm tired of e hero's hogging the prodution run and I think there a waste of time that is my view last I checked i'm allowed to have my own views .

ScottAtem666 - 9. Mar, 13:00

Dude, did you just call me Jaden Yuki? =/

You said it yourself, you DID care. So shh.

Big City isn't your standard "Jaden" E-Hero Deck, it's a control deck and ABUSES Stratos so many times that your opponent runs out of options. Not "Summon Stratos, search for sparkman for Polymerization" like you think. If you think that the whole game should be played like: "Get out big guy, attack" then you're wrong.

The game needs less players like yourself that think that big monsters win games. That's why I'm now playing warcraft =]

Actually if you live in a Dictatorship country then you're NOT allowed your own views ;)
JP6641 - 10. Mar, 03:52

It's elemental my dear Syrus.

Elemental Hero Rainbow Dragon...
Elemental Hero Stratos ver. 1...

So now we can get Evil Heroes with Stratos ver. 2 too, and destroy more s/t?

Hold on to Yubel 1, it can fusion with Neos, or you could just use E-Hero Prisma. OCG says its called Elemental Hero Wiseman. Looks like Neos usual, but with Yubel armor. For source see latest episode of GX.

hamsterworld - 20. Mar, 22:39

Dude, did you just call me Jaden Yuki?

yes I did
Hold up I use lots of low level monsters
Tree born Frog, Sangan, Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, Morphing Jar ,Ebon Curran & White Magician Pikeru to name a few. no yugioh is about strategy.

Dude seriously a dictatorship that cares about how someone feels about a card game seem highily unlikely.

ScottAtem666 - 21. Mar, 13:23

I meant big monsters as in high attack.

Ebon Curran + Magician Pikeru? WTF?

That's just backing me up in saying that you play bad cards.

And that reply took you a long time. Were you away learning how to troll?
hamsterworld - 21. Mar, 22:20

reI meant big monsters as in high attack.

Yes I use cards like jinzo hours the black flame dragon and silent magican so lots of pepole use them. re my monsters :Dude if you have two Magicans Vals on the field there Pikaru will sit there increase my life points and Ebon will take my opponents .I really think you don't understand how lock out works so I already knew you would dis ebon and pikaru the fact is lock out monarch burn insects zombies etc have won sjc championships and eheros have not if they win at a championship before they release comicbook ehero's ill retract what I said .
reAnd that reply took you a long time. Were you away learning how to troll?:
It took me so long to respond becasue I have other things to do than argue with you over about how anoying upper decks production run is I wanted to wait intill I had time off from work and school before logging on to the computer.I will give props for Rigorous Reaver but 1 card does not make this a good set.

ScottAtem666 - 21. Mar, 22:35


Tell me one thing. How CONSISTENTLY do you get out this combo of yours?

Not very

Do you seriously think that your "lock out" deck can stand up to the turbo decks of today? Shining examples being DMOC OTK, Gigaplant OTK and Magical Explosion.

I can't be bothered wasting peoples reading time any more with you. Find the PM button and ask me for my email address and we will continue the matter further. Thank you
Shadowd1016 - 22. Apr, 01:59


Big City And Diamond Dude Turbo Took Over SJC, Regionals, And Comic Con When Stratos Was At 3...

LV monsters Are Not Bad Pursay...They Can Be Played But The Deck Focuses On So Much As To Lock People In A Box Untill They Find That Break Point....I.E

Dasher - Tribute for 3100 Hit Your Horus?
Consistancy is Key To This World And Dude...LV Isnt That Consistant
hamsterworld - 1. Apr, 23:26

re how often dou you get this combo of yours

3 out 4 duels
question 2 do I think this deck can stand up to newer decks? i'm the answer is no I need a few trap cards I don't have yet becasue ground mole and Caius the Shadow Monarch and a few others worry me yea I do have cards like mircle dig and dimention fusion but I really need pulling the rug acid trap hole etc.

Fyga - 2. Apr, 15:37

1. This whole talk depends on what decks are played in one's area. If locals are competitive, casual decks die; if loose, decks like Horus can rule.

2. Your argument died, hamsterworld, when you said you used Silent LV8, Armed LV10, & petite cureburn. Silent Magician is terrible beyond belief (which means your local area is full of terrible players), Armed decks only use LV7, 10 is a waste of time & space, & you said "Dude if you have..." meaning you are relying solely on a situation to back up your cards (naming situations is the worst excuse for defending any card or deck).

3. You clearly did not know Big City, so again your argument is butchered. Big City is up with zombies, macro, & burn. It's Topped Shonen Jump Championships in US & Pharaoh Tours in EU. Horus has not Topped once; can be amazing, but doesn't match those above it. The rest you named are only casual, and from the perspective of ScottAtem666 are bad & your locale is bad.

4. Mole one of the prime of your worries? Using Miracle Dig or needing Acid Trap Hole? I don't know what country you're playing in, but those cards do nothing to this format; your area must really be out-of-class.
hamsterworld - 2. Apr, 23:13

silent magican

silent magican dosent stink it takes two cards to summon her and she is uneffect by lighting vortex your opponent cant use shrink or steal her and you can use cards like diffusion wave motion plus when sangan is distroyed you can add her to your hand from your deck and armed dragon lv10 is in my side deck most of the time becasue it's sicuationol pikaru dosn't stink apprentice magican can get her on the field and there are a ton of combos with spellcaster atribute so my argument still stands i fail to see why ehero's are so cool to you but i don't like useing them becase to many pepole have cards in there side decks to stop them i was not telling you that decks dimetionol decks stink marco cosmos is not lame and niether is helios etc. i was telling you that elemental heros do I simply don't know why you mixing up stuff but I to tired today to if you want to say you won i don't care it's a card game the world is not going to end if i just cut this offf right know .in short this is the last time i will respond to you about this.

ScottAtem666 - 6. Apr, 11:25


I really wish people would stop posting huge walls of text. I'm not illiterate or anything, but who thinks that what hamsterworld just said is so long that they didn't read it?

I think he said something about card x not being bad because cards y and z don't affect it.

*Reads wall of text in 5 minutes*

Name one combo of the spellcaster attribute?

Because a real combo to me is:

Summon Cyber Valley, play Machine Duplication.... Enough said about DMOC OTK

A real combo is a combo that wins the game in one turn like Chimeratech OTK.

The game right now is all about speed, and if you can't keep up, then you lose. Terribly.

Everyone who thinks that Silent Magician (and any deck that hamsterworld has said is amazing) reply to this.
Fyga - 2. May, 19:20

Fixing "ARGUMENTS!!!!!!"

"Lock out" is nothing innovative when referring to Horus; Horus was only used (properly) in lockdown decks to begin with. What is truly innovative is the variety of Horus decks ranging from D-Hero Horus to even Gravekeeper's Horus.

Level Up! belongs in the LVL-Horus variant, where LV4's are actually used; putting it in an aggressive lockdown or anything with only LV6's is wasting valuable card space. Book of Mooning your own Apprentice is terrible advice. And Shining Angel cannot search Magician's Valkyria.

I know hamsterworld said he uses magicians & Horus, but I'm sure he did not say they were in the same deck... if all those were actually in the same deck, then he is a lot worse than what I initially thought.
iViE - 3. Apr, 09:31


Righteous bashing aside, any word (or assumptions) on what the common reprints for this CP might be? After the Gold Series gave us the boot on them, will there be the proverbial light at the end of this forsaken tunnel?

scottatem666 is right on this, hamsterworld. Rejoin the rest of the world in the competitive YGO environment (despite the DAD infestation).

Red-Eyes Darkness Girl - 29. Apr, 07:24

To ScotAtem666

I hope you're exagerating about what Hamsterworld posted being a wall of text, honestly if that's a wall of text, how do you manage to read a book? Also, 5 minutes... you're exagerating right? That was less then a minute worth of reading.

Fyga - 2. May, 19:30

That was definitely less than a minute's worth of reading, but it's not like reading a book at all. Illiterate, idiotic misspelling & lack of even a tiny hint of grammar that at least all other posters have, in addition to how there was only 2 periods out of the whole entire text? (One period was used to shorten etcetera so it's not 3) That was one blotch of text that hurts more to read than YouTube comments.
Forrenz - 8. May, 20:50


This is out in 4 days and still only 3 cards are known???

danierulynx - 14. May, 13:59

To: ScottAtem666, hamsterworld, icedragon1088, and Fyga

Stop this mindless arguing RIGHT THE FUCK NOW! If you don't stop being so damn childish then I'll delete every single one of your comments here, both now and anything you post in the future. This is not the place for it. Comments posted here are for the sake of discussing the contents of Champion Pack 6, NOT for you to argue over your Decks and your grammar.

This is your ONLY warning. Any more pointless fighting and I'll take action.

Cosmos - 16. May, 11:35

Blaze Accelerator

WTF ? A Super Rare Blae Accelerator ? They must be kiddin'....
Also a super rare OVM ? Damnit....

Cosmos - 18. May, 11:21

Too long

It's WAY TOO LONG......
What makes the spoiler ( supposed be NOT anymore) comes so long ?

hamsterworld - 22. May, 02:25

ok I guess this s worth getting

I am happy to see an amplifier and magical hats both are good cards magical hats +ojama magic + magical blast.

ps was hopeing for sage's stone though.

bherrell2 - 19. Apr, 05:20


Are u retarded?
mikey_dc - 22. May, 18:44

I don't want any of the supers in this pack either wouldn't use them or have already got them but want 3 of the rares, Helios, Stratos and another mage power but why can't they release united we stand in either a champion pack or premium pack



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