Yugi Starter and Kaiba Starter Deck Reloaded

Yugi Starter and Kaiba Starter Deck ReloadedThe original Dueling Legends get their Decks updated in Yugi – Reloaded and Kaiba – Reloaded Starter Decks. Each 50-card Deck features that character’s favorite cards and is tuned to provide easy learning of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. Fans will love role-playing and Dueling with their hero’s Deck just like on TV! These Starter Decks were designed to be evenly matched and provide a fun and entertaining jumping-off point for new Duelists. With the ongoing popularity of the original TV series, fans with fond nostalgia have been asking for a modern revamp and their cries have been heard with the Yugi – Reloaded and Kaiba – Reloaded Starter Decks.

Release: 6th December 2013

Yugi Starter

YSYR-EN001 Dark Magician x2
YSYR-EN002 Mystical Elf
YSYR-EN003 Giant Soldier of Stone
YSYR-EN004 Summoned Skull
YSYR-EN005 Neo the Magical Swordsman
YSYR-EN006 Gemini Elf
YSYR-EN007 Dark Blade
YSYR-EN008 Kuriboh
YSYR-EN009 Buster Blader
YSYR-EN010 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
YSYR-EN011 Dark Magician Girl
YSYR-EN012 Skilled White Magician x2
YSYR-EN013 Skilled Dark Magician x2
YSYR-EN014 Old Vindictive Magician
YSYR-EN015 Breaker the Magical Warrior
YSYR-EN016 Double Coston
YSYR-EN017 Silent Swordsman LV3 x2
YSYR-EN018 Silent Swordsman LV5
YSYR-EN019 Green Gadget
YSYR-EN020 Red Gadget
YSYR-EN021 Yellow Gadget
YSYR-EN022 Electric Virus
YSYR-EN023 Magician’s Valkyria
YSYR-EN024 The Tricky
YSYR-EN025 Dark Hole
YSYR-EN026 Swords of Revealing Light
YSYR-EN027 Black Pendant
YSYR-EN028 Mystical Space Typhoon
YSYR-EN029 Mage Power
YSYR-EN030 Book of Moon
YSYR-EN031 Thousand Knives
YSYR-EN032 Dark Magic Attack
YSYR-EN033 Magical Dimension
YSYR-EN034 Ancient Rules
YSYR-EN035 Magicians Unite
YSYR-EN036 Soul Taker
YSYR-EN037 Shard of Greed
YSYR-EN038 Trap Hole
YSYR-EN039 Waboku
YSYR-EN040 Mirror Force
YSYR-EN041 Spellbinding Circle
YSYR-EN042 Call of the Haunted
YSYR-EN043 Magic Cylinder
YSYR-EN044 Miracle Restoring
YSYR-EN045 Zero Gravity
YSYR-EN046 Rising Energy

Kaiba Starter

YSKR-EN001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon x2
YSKR-EN002 Aqua Madoor
YSKR-EN003 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
YSKR-EN004 Battle Ox
YSKR-EN005 Opticlops
YSKR-EN006 The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave
YSKR-EN007 Luster Dragon
YSKR-EN008 X-Head Cannon
YSKR-EN009 Mad Dog of Darkness
YSKR-EN010 Vorse Raider
YSKR-EN011 Alexandrite Dragon
YSKR-EN012 Wattaildragon
YSKR-EN013 Twin-Headed Behemoth
YSKR-EN014 Yomi Ship
YSKR-EN015 Des Feral Imp
YSKR-EN016 Kaiser Sea Horse x2
YSKR-EN017 Chaos Necromancer
YSKR-EN018 Blade Knight
YSKR-EN019 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4
YSKR-EN020 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6
YSKR-EN021 Cybernetic Cyclopean
YSKR-EN022 Puppet Plant
YSKR-EN023 Des Mosquito
YSKR-EN024 Tiger Dragon
YSKR-EN025 Vanguard of the Dragon
YSKR-EN026 Divine Dragon Apocralyph
YSKR-EN027 Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon
YSKR-EN028 Dark Hole
YSKR-EN029 Soul Exchange
YSKR-EN030 Tribute to the Doomed
YSKR-EN031 Rush Recklessly
YSKR-EN032 Mystical Space Typhoon
YSKR-EN033 Offerings to the Doomed
YSKR-EN034 Stamping Destruction
YSKR-EN035 Enemy Controller
YSKR-EN036 Burst Stream of Destruction
YSKR-EN037 Shrink
YSKR-EN038 Shield Crush
YSKR-EN039 Silent Doom
YSKR-EN040 Dragonic Tactics
YSKR-EN041 Shard of Greed
YSKR-EN042 Trap Hole
YSKR-EN043 Sakuretsu Armor
YSKR-EN044 Shadow Spell
YSKR-EN045 Widespread Ruin
YSKR-EN046 Threatening Roar
YSKR-EN047 Birthright
YSKR-EN048 Damage Gate
EXTRIMAKER - 19. Sep, 11:53

a all new deck of kaiber and yugi?,so theiy want to bring the v-jump blue eyes out this way in the tcg?,and also i wonder will yugi get somthing similar to blue eyed maiden for his dark Magican? because currently kaiber has the more playable deck so i really wonder,will those decks finaly be somthing that actually supports theiy main monsters in a good way?,and not like the prevous decks that were all just like the normal starter decks a bunch of useless cards thrown togehter with 5usefull ones.

lordpain - 19. Sep, 14:26

v-jumps of the dark vagician and bewd wouldnt be bad consdiering that bewds art is the best ive seen so far.only time will tell but i think theyre gonna go big on this one and try to replicate theyre decks from the anime as best they can
ShiroRyu - 19. Sep, 13:31

Wonder if these will have Slifer and Obelisk in now that they're playable. Also BLS Envoy of the Beginning.
Food for thought.

lordpain - 19. Sep, 14:28

bls envoy was for the GX era appearence but it might be splashed in there.either way i dont care to much but it gives me hope for another jaden yuki deck remake. id love to see a neo space based deck
EXTRIMAKER - 19. Sep, 17:09


in Gx it was said by Bastion that BLS envoy of begining was indeed a part of yugis deck and that Kaiber actually had envoy of the end in his deck Aka emperor dragon and that was also infact true cause kaiber used emperor dragon against Siegfried to finish him off,so if bastion was true about kaiber having emperor dragon in his deck,then why would he not be true about BLS being in yugis deck?.

also i think it would be cool if theiy really would make all the anime cards into real cards would be so awsome,but i think cards like cards of sanctity would be really op to play cause instant drawing 6 cards because you have no hand cards would be really cheap,i mean serously i have a exodia deck that sets facedown traps to draw so i mostly don t have a full hand after that,now this card would boost the deck(and any deck in general) so heavnly we would have a even more broken card then pot of greed(wich also together with gracefuly charity is part of yugis deck) not to mention all the other forbidden cards that were played by yugi and kaiber,like dimoc and ccv what i really would like to see is dark reneval its a card that only works with spelcaster therefore it would not be to cheap.

lordpain - 19. Sep, 21:29

true. but i think it still shouldnt be in the deck. ive tired of bls envoy reprints. and they shouldve shown bls envoy in the 1 series of yugioh. btw there were waaaaaaay too many episodes unlike GX which is by far the greatest era of all time
Duelist_Kingdom_Champion - 19. Sep, 17:20

What if..

They decided to include the XYZ's : Legendary Magician of Black and Legendary Dragon of White? Or Possibly Ultimate Rares of Red DM and Aa new Alt art for BEWD? Re-print Card of Sanctity, but call it The Cards of sanctity, having the Anime effect Or perhaps something called "The Ultimate Virus Canon"? having the virus canon effect kaiba's had against Ishizu? All food for thought and I know the cards have long since been printed and are sitting in a warehouse awaiting delivery, but it's fun to hope..right?

EXTRIMAKER - 20. Sep, 01:11


1.well to many reprints he has indeed.

2.nope 5ds was WAY better the enemys had playable decks unlike all of jadens opponenst(arcane force...armored dragon...amazone...unplayable sacred beast...old school archfiend wich was even back then a out datet deck oh and horus..) and the only decks that were playable made him lose big time,destiny hero,cyber dragon,Dark world,and crystal beast only lost because theiy did not have rainbow dragon (wich was statet by jesse himself) so in a not plote hole protectet duel he would have lost,so and now we compare to yusei....

jack atlas several times...and he played some really good deck compared to most of those from GX.or the earthbound immortals always more playable then arcane force...together with dark synchro there were beast,also polar gods unlike in real life,there would return to the field without needing a tuner and he defeatet all of them when there were all on the field at the same time!,there really were on par or even stronger then destiny hero,also the time Lords would obliterate anything that was played in Gx,because there are nearly invincible,also the anime version of Syphilon was WAY stronger then the real card,because he was able to give all time lords on the field 4000atk! and got said boost from all of them to its owen atk so he would have 20000atk! and could tribute the other time lords so he would not get destoyed just in case anything could eventually harm him,and to be honest,what the hell would jaden do against such a beast? or shooting Qasar and shooting star dragon?,no just no,5ds beats gx in comparsion,honestly i think the first series with atme is second to 5ds then zexal and then gx because from a playable point of view zexal just has the better cards,even if its arguable if its the better series in general but from a playable point of view gx is last,due to yugi having so many overpowered cards.

lordpain - 24. Sep, 01:26

to each thier own.theres playble versions of arcana force,armed drags,an amazoness. the arcana mainly relies to much on coin flips and light barrier but the vallhalla/court of justice versions are pretty good. and to what jaden would do to quasar? super poly it of course XD thats what i do and i make it miss timing. and if it wasnt for jaden defeating "death/or the dark lord" then there wouldnt be a 5'Ds or a zexal same with the first series.the absolute worst pack of 5'Ds is ancient prophecy.the only thing good there were the x saber cards.
KarakuriSoldierMdl216 - 20. Sep, 07:31


$5 says this will be the Yugi and Kaiba structure decks we didnt get. Both 1 and 2 of each of them combined into one deck each.

Lentra - 20. Sep, 23:49

That's entirely what I expect. Probably a variation of Yugi/Kaiba 2, made tournament-legal for the TCG format.
EXTRIMAKER - 24. Sep, 02:38


well yea you can have your opion ok,but still saying arcane force or amazone are playable(wich would requrie the fact that theiy would be ever able to beat some meta game top deck) is nonsense for said reasion,theiy never were in the tops of any tournament,and is not because peopel dislike old school cards or amazones no its because theiy are BAD just bad,theiy not consistent enough to defeat the likes of anyhting that ever was in the metagame for obvious reasions,x-saber on the other hand was dominating the meta at some point and can even now do some major damage to most decks,the same goas for flamvell(wich also happen to be in the booster you called bad) so yea have your opion but that won t change the simpel fact that arcane force and amazone can t do shit and never did get shit done,to the rest i say: yusei is far to smart to lose to jaden,even if qasar was owned by super poly(wich was only played due to plot device anyway) he still would get shooting star out and win the duell with him as his deck can counter almost anything even fusion decks,when jaden just relyse on his heros being on the field and protecting them,yusei actually just plans during the duell a way to defeat his opponent regardless of who he may be,and he almost never fails with it.

ywontuc - 25. Sep, 00:04

magic cylinder
lordpain - 25. Sep, 18:40

conversation over

you obviously dont know what your talking about, amazoness have been toping at the locals around me. you need to build and test play before you can say anything.unless you play test it you have no right to judge a deck just because it doesnt top. (point is extremely valid)heroes were like that until the shining made things better with fusion gate heros and in rare cases butthurt hero(bubble beat)

as for the out come of the jaden vs yugi episode jaden won, if you looked at his hand he had honest when he attacked with neos. and you dont know the outcome of something until its been done which it hasnt yet so you cant say yusei would win thats just stupidity talking it be like saying jadens god.(which hes not but is the king of the spirit world)

the garudanix structure deck is possibly the best deck released so far which i consider to be the true flamvell pack because it had alot more to offer in the way of rekindling targets and haze beast support. propfailcy didnt even make much only with those cards. everything else was a waste of time putting in even the sneak peek had horrible pulls,you couldnt even win with the mix mash of cards unless you pulled xsabers and went to the sneak the day before so you could have the best advantage in the sneak tournament. again my point is valid. conversation over
Black masked emporor - 25. Sep, 05:44

Firstly in the last season of gx jaden did plan and think on his feet something all main characters did (in revering to Yuki judai vers not 4kids vers). On a scale of dimmest to smartest you have Yuma, jaden, yugi, yusei. The most experienced being yugi, the most passionate being jaden and yuma just makes everyone else look good lol. Anyway these decks hopefully we get dark renewal in the yugi deck I wouldn't mind the movies virus card in Kaibas but would love any of his unreleased cards of epicness. As a side note though shriek did you used to work on the yugioh world magazine?

EXTRIMAKER - 25. Sep, 16:07

Black masked emporor

1.well yea judai did get smarter(what is to be expectet if you fuse with someone else) but he is still not that smart compared to yusei,i don t think that judai for exampel has a iq of over 200! wich yusei has(wich i think is the reasion he can think so much ahead in a duell) also yuma is still a child he is in the moment as smart as judai was before he fused with yubel,also he still has 3seasions to evolve before he actually is grown up and has his final state reached.so comparing yuma now to any of the others is like comparing 2seasion judai to the judai he is now its just not possible because he still is evolving,also i don t see how yugi is the most experienced?,seeing as the others also faced many enemys that were god-like,and some of those were even more powerfull then the ones yugi faced.

2.yea i also hope dark renewal get printet and well kaibers movie virus would be insta banned if theiy release it seeing as it steals you 1card for every star of your monsters in every standbyphase(or was it endphase?) of your turn you would get to lose very fast.and no i don t work for any magazin nor did i ever do but now you mention it i wonder why you ask? because some how i wonder why anyone would think i work for a magazin? makes me curious to know.
Black masked emporor - 25. Sep, 17:11

I say he was the most experienced due to the pharoahs experience since they shared a mind etc but yeah I believe the yuma in Japan is like Haden was in season 1 us. A side note why did 4kids change a serious duel convo and sartorious into talking about sandwiches
EXTRIMAKER - 26. Sep, 12:16

Black masked emporor

well the pharao don t even know whats synchro or xyz summon is hell yugi did not even know that elementar heros existet so i say he has even now much to learn,i mean yusei atleast knows what fusion and synchros are!,i mean my point is,to say someone is the most experienced would Need him to know the most cards of the game and strategie with and against them,and yugi/Atem both don t know what the most playable fusion arc type was,nor what synchro or xyz is hell even Mai valentain and pegasus knows so why not yugi?!,after all i would say yusei is most experienced due to him knowing what synchro and fusion is and always having a combo to use them correctly so i think yusei is most experiecend,or what are you using as criteria for yugi being the most experiecend?.

Black masked emporor - 27. Sep, 00:44

Being knowledgeable and being experienced are two different things true that yusei knows about alot of things that came out before he was born, how is yugi which when he dueled Jaden jaden went into the past when heroes didn't exist, however yugi did know about fusions with dark paladin, b-e ult and b skull etc which were just creeping out in his era its like if someone came upto you 8 years ago and started synchro summoning or Xys summoning etc. But nm this argument is mute after all tbh all main characters have ways to win yugi being a skilled games, jaden mostly fusing, yusei has his versatile deck and a staggering IQ and Yuma has luck and astral, and in yumas case I see him developing skills as he learns from astral as he demonstrates later in the series.
EXTRIMAKER - 27. Sep, 14:12

Black masked emporor

well yea ok thats a point,and yes any main chara has a way of winning,also i think yuma did not have resortet to luck anytime but did use at the begining his owen knowlegde(as he even statet in the first duell against shark that he do NOT want astrals help) only thing was that without utopia he never would have been able to defeat number 17 or shark,but also it was seen in the series that yuma would sometimes think of combos that even astral did not think of wich shows that yuma do not complettly relay on astrals knowledege but also uses his owen mind to win duells and learns from them otherwise he could not have defeatet the god-like monster he defeatet in the last episode wich he had to face in order to safe astral so he could not relay on him during the duell.

also the cover of the new Yugi & Kaiber decks look like theiy are complettly new as silent warrior lv 5 never was in any other yugi deck before and here he is on the cover wich fits the anime deck cause yugi did play him against bakura in the final arc even if in the anime the level up mechanic was different.

GenmaNoOu - 27. Sep, 18:46

For -EFF- sakes

They're rereleasing the artworks that have been done so many times we're sick of them? They still haven't released Pandora's Dark Magician or the V-Jump Blue-Eyes, this would have been the perfect opportunity to do so.

Black Masked Emperor - 7. Oct, 22:32

I hope at least they make blue eyes/dark magician foil I don't want anymore common tablets

Black Masked Emperor - 7. Oct, 22:55

Hopefully we will be getting dark renewal, dark spiral force, tyrant wing, the movies virus card, magical academy, royal straight slasher, card of demise, power balance, attack guidance armour & melody of awakening dragons in these if you are reading this Konami you have lots of options no more **** like d-boys plus would you please stop printing the tablet arts any other art would be preferable. I am aware that in hoping for alot but still in greedy lol XP

Black Masked Emperor - 8. Oct, 19:03

Might buy 3 of each of these depending on cards included wish they would announce the cards in these already.

Fob4eva - 22. Nov, 05:16

Ultimate Rares are obvious

Black Magician and Blue Eyes White Dragon!

KarakuriSoldierMdl216 - 28. Nov, 00:30

Reprints, all of them

Anyone else notice that there is no "...new cards.." in the product description?

EXTRIMAKER - 28. Nov, 22:55


So much dissapointment here....both those decks are as bad as the prevous starter decks...i mean serously its still just a bunsh of useless cards that hold no value to anyone that wants to play as yugi or kaiber.for kaibers deck you might aswell buy the blue eyes structer deck it hold far more awsome cards for kaiber deck then this sorry execuse for a "kaiber deck" also yugis deck is also not even close to be a good deck,the biggest dissapointment of all is that those decks have not even some exclusive cards that you can only get from buying those decks...like there prevous version had...no its just a bunch of random cards that nobody would need to buy the decks to get them...SO much dissapointment Konami SO MUCH...Dissapointment...

IvanV101 - 29. Nov, 21:03

they make horus lv 4 and 6 but no lv 8 then how i use them..

Black Masked Emperor - 30. Nov, 14:31

Nothing new, but with reprints like breaker, gadgets, dark hole, mystical space typhoon, book of moon, mirror force, magic cylinder in the yugi deck and dark hole, mystical space typhoon, enemy controller, shrink, threatening roar in the Kaiba deck the reprints are ok, it would be great if all these were foil reprints.

Black Masked Emperor - 3. Dec, 19:30

Judging on content the Yugi deck will sell more than the Kaiba deck due to the reprints being better



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