Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Starter

Fire up your engines with the upcoming 5Ds Starter Deck! This 43-card Deck includes new content and an entirely new card type that is sure to revolutionize th game. Be the first to emulate Yusei, the new hero with the "Junk Warrior" Synchro Monster and collect all his cards. Get ready and get set because the 5Ds Starter Deck! is sure to leave all other Duelists in the dust!

Release: 5th August 2008
Legal for local events: 5th August 2008
Legal for Premier Events: 5th August 2008

Contains 43 Card Deck, Playmat, & More!
  • Total Cards in Set: 43 Cards (40 Common, 2 Super Rare, 1 Ultra Rare)
  • Specs: New 5Ds Deck with 15 New Cards! New Monster Types: Synchro's & Tuners, New Rules, too!
  • Contents: 43 Card Deck (40 Main Deck + 3 Synchro Monsters), Playmat, and Rulebook
Tune Warrior
EARTH/Warrior - Tuner/3/1600/200
The warrior's antenna can attune it to any energy wave. It can monitor transmissions from miles away but always suffers from bad reception.

Water Spirit
WATER/Aqua - Tuner/1/200/1400
This ancient water spirit haunts the glacial monoliths of the Antarctica. It has the power to seep into the pores of any substance and chill it to the bone.

Axe Raider

Dark Blade

Charcoal Inpachi

Woodborg Inpachi

Spiral Serpent

Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World

Atlantean Pikeman

Sonic Chick
EARTH/Winged-Beast - Effect/1/300/300
This card cannot be destroyed by battle with a monster that has 1900 or more ATK.

Junk Synchron
DARK/Warrior - Tuner/3/1300/500
When this card is Normal Summoned you can Special Summon 1 Level 2 or lower monster from your Graveyard in face-up Defense-Position. That monster's effect(s) is negated.

Speed Warrior
WIND/Warrior - Effect/2/900/400
During the Battle Phase of the turn you Normal Summon this card, you can double its original ATK until the end of the Battle Phase.

Magna Drago
FIRE/Dragon - Tuner/2/1400/600
Each time this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, it gains 200 ATK.

Frequency Magician
LIGHT/Spellcaster - Tuner/2/800/400
When this card is Normal Summoned, place 1 Spell counter on it (max. 1). You can remove 1 Spell counter from this card to habe 1 face-up monster you control gain 500 ATK, until the End Phase.


UFO Turtle

Mystic Tomato

Marauding Captain

Exiled Force

Synchro Boost
Equipment Spell
The equipped monster gains 500 ATK, and its Level is increased by 1.

Synchro Blast Wave
Spell Card
Activate only while you control a face-up Synchro monster. Destroy 1 monster your opponent controls.

Synchronized Realm
Continuous Spell
Each time you Synchro Summon a Synchro monster, inflict 500 damage to your opponent.

The Warrior Returning Alive

Smashing Ground

Rush Recklessly

Monster Reincarnation

Lightning Vortex


Double Summon

Symbols of Duty

Threatening Roar

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
Normal Trap
Activate only when an opponent's monster declares an attack. Negate the attack, and Set this card face-down again instead of sending it to the Graveyard.

Continuous Trap Card
Select 1 monster with 1000 or more original ATK. It loses 1000 ATK, and its Level is reduced by 1. When that monster is removed from the field, destroy this card.

Spellbinding Circle

Backup Soldier

Trap Hole

Sakuretsu Armor

Divine Wrath

Seven Tools of the Bandit


Junk Warrior
DARK/Warrior - Synchro - Effect/5/2300/1300
"Junk Synchron" + 1 or more non-Tuner Monster
When this card is Synchro Summoned, it gains ATK equal to the total ATK of all Level 2 and lower monsters you control.
Ultra Rare

Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth
EARTH/Warrior - Synchro/6/2600/800
1 Tuner + 1 or more Non-Tuner Monster
Super Rare

Colossal Fighter
DARK/Warrior - Synchro - Effect/8/2800/1000
1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
This card gains 100 ATK for every Warrior-Type monster in any Graveyard. When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, Special Summon 1 Warrior-Type monster from either player's Graveyard.
Super Rare
scorchingwolf - 7. May, 14:25

first commet

mmmmm i have seen some posts put up about this it's alright it could be better anybody playing with this should beast with it the guy yusei is a beast he dueled jack on 5d it was kinda sweet i liked it
i really like there decks i want to make a psyco deck but yea this is great starter deck.

EliteKakashi - 7. May, 18:13

Uhh.. what?

Have you consider adding periods and commas? What are you trying to say is:
- Yusei is a beast. (In a good way)
- Dueling against Jack is great.
- I want to make a Psycho Deck.
Forrenz - 7. May, 19:03

I'm hoping they keep the original decklist for sure...
and I DO count 15 new cards from the original, so it should be the same, but maybe they'll swap out some of the previously-released cards like 'Spiral Serpent'...
hamsterworld - 7. May, 22:39

i hope that those are the offical cards

Roadrunner is so cute .:)

hamsterworld - 14. May, 23:18

re a cute deck

yes allot of my monsters are cute I admit that.

hamsterworld - 15. May, 22:56

re will i get this

yes i will.

EliteKakashi - 18. Jun, 03:27

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Starter Deck

Hey shriek, did you check out the English version picture of the 5D's starter deck yet?

Forrenz - 1. Jul, 13:11

36 days...

It's taking way too long for this to come out! >sob<

I can't wait to give Yusei's deck a shot! I especially wanna see what cards are switched out! Copycat is obviously not gonna be in here, but hopefully we'll get something really cool in its place.

FilipGX - 3. Jul, 23:42

I don't get it

Does anybody knows what is the second picture with Stardust Dragon?

Forrenz - 9. Jul, 01:13

Let's see if I can explain it right...

Well, the pic on the right, with 'Stardust Dragon' on the cover, is a kind of "concept art", so that online stores can have an English image to put up for the pre-sale of this Starter Deck. If you notice, the image with 'Junk Warrior' on the front, that box has the same design as the "Dark Emperor" Structure Deck's box, instead of the older image on the right.
That explains it, right?
DIMD - 9. Jul, 15:04

Second Picture

I would imagine that since the picture has Stardust Dragon on it that one of the 3 synchros in the jap version will be replaced. My bet would be "Knight of earth - Gaia Knight" because of us already having plenty enough GAIA cards.

And on an additional note, if it is only for a concept, how hard would it be for UDE to release a pic of the english version, if the only difference was the language on the box, when the japs already released?

FilipGX - 10. Jul, 00:10

yes it explains a lot, thank you Forrenz!

cybergx - 10. Jul, 15:44

So we know...

That there will be 15 new cards, and they are most likely the 15 cards introduced in the Japan deck. If they do change anything in the deck, Copycat may not be in here, and possibly UFO Turtle(and I'm stressing it here) Mystic Tomato. Maybe they can replace UFO with a Giant Rat? That woud be nice!

Spells, Spells... They might add Amulet of Ambition? I could see that happening.

Traps, they could take out that lone Good Goblin Housekeeping (maybe Birthright, I'd like it if they didn't) for Jar of Greed.

Forrenz - 10. Jul, 20:17

"Sonic Chick"???
No need to mess with something that ain't broke, people!!
Oh well...
'Speed Warrior' probably has a different name too :P
Forrenz - 10. Jul, 20:21

Well, if 'Copycat' is a Subscription Promo now, even if it isn't in here, it would still be easy to add!
Maybe they'll throw 'Limit Reverse'? There's lots to pick from to add, but I hope they use something other than 'Spiral Serpent'...
cybergx - 12. Jul, 05:36

Spiral Serpent was completly useless. Just a beater that you had a small chance of summoning, maybe you could revive it later with Birthright. They really need to take that card out, and fit in something else that fits well with the "Synchro" theme. Personally, Gigantech Fighter would be a better ace card than Spiral Serpent that was introduced in the Japanese deck.

Limit Reverse would be a great addition to the deck with already low ATK monsters, and makes for a card that allows for more Synchroing. (yay for new word!)
FilipGX - 10. Jul, 21:33

I would like them to change the name of Gigantech Fighter, maybe Giga Fighter or something...

Forrenz - 10. Jul, 21:44

What's wrong with "Gigantech Fighter"? It's an English play that only English-speaking people can get --> "gigantic" + "tech".
DIMD - 11. Jul, 14:29

oh my gosh, so obvious.

Were all thinking that the pic with Stardust Dragon is simple for an English version, or a swap with another card but I think I really figured it out. I think, like the 07 starter of Jadens, where you go the special saprkman in the SE Starter, there will be a SE starter of this with Stardust. What do you think?

Forrenz - 11. Jul, 19:27

I doubt it...

It does say 43 cards, not 44, so I kinda doubt it. Also, that was a Special Edition that came with that "Evil Sparkman"...

But, how come 'Sonic Chick' and 'Junk Warrior's effects aren't posted? Well, yeah, we already know them, but still.
danierulynx - 11. Jul, 23:42


Their effects haven't been posted because the image of Sonic Chick's card is overlapped by that of Gaia Knight; the image of Junk Warrior's card is, as you can see from the above picture, within a box; and I don't have magical X-ray eyes that can see through such hi-jinks (as it was me who gave Shriek the effects for Junk Synchron and Gaia Knight (even though the latter's effect text consists only of the card's Synchro Material Monsters)), =P

It's always how things are done on this site. Yes, the effects of these cards have been known for ages due to the fact that they were released in Japan centuries ago, but Shriek prefers to only list the effects once we know their exact TCG wording.
cybergx - 12. Jul, 05:38

No Star Dust

Why? They are going to release a tin that allows easy acess to getting the card. PLUS, there'd be no way Star Dust would be released for 15 bucks, AND with 42 other cards. More like 30 bucks with the new tins.
cybergx - 12. Jul, 05:46

... Junk Warrior

Too bad his effect is a trigger effect, and not a continuous one... Would've made him better, but hey, at least it prevents Junkulator OTK decks (Junk Warrior + The Calculator) from being such an awesome deck.

Calculator would have 2100 ATK, and Junk would have 4400(Add in another Calculator and that means 13, 700 damage right there...)

Question though. Junk Synchron negates the The Calculator from giving him more ATK, correct? The reason why I'm asking this question is because The Calculator is a continuous effect. I'm thinking this situation is a lot like Light Improsoning Mirror and Batteryman AA.

Haplo - 12. Jul, 21:28

If the Calculator is already on the field before, It should gain the attack points from Junk Warrior before Junk Warrior resolves. Calculator's effect is continous, So it happens instantly as soon as Junk hits the field. Getting that Calculator on the field before Junk can be bothersome though.
cybergx - 14. Jul, 19:28

I know if you got out Calculator before Junk's effect resolved, Calculator's ATK won't be affected. I'm just thinking that if you summoned Calculator through Junk's effect (and it resolves), then the effect will be negated.

I found out it would be negated, similar to the Light Imprisoning Mirror and Batteryman AA.
Haplo - 14. Jul, 21:46

Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were talking about Junk Warrior. If you summon Junk Synchron and use its effect to summon The Calculator, your Calculator will have 0 ATK points. Junk Synchron's effect is more like Skill Drain than LIM. LIM only negates effects that activate, while skill drain will negate continous effects as well. I'm not sure how it would enteract with a card like Exiled Force, that remove themselves from the field before they resolve.
cybergx - 16. Jul, 17:13


That's what I though. Just to clarify.

If a card is removed from the field for a cost, then the effect should resolve though.

So if Exiled was Level 2 or lower, you can still use the effects, but they'll be negated. So, if the card was removed from the field during the time you can activate it, as long as it isn't continuous, the effect is still applied.

So Exiled tributes itself, and now that it is in the Graveyard, you can destroy 1 monster on the field. It's the same case as Skill Drain, now that you've reminded me of the card. (I would've used that as an example instead of LIM, but I forgot about the card, lol)

No need for apologies either. You didn't do anything wrong! XD
Malakai - 19. Jul, 18:18

Junkwarrior power up by 4000

Sumon Junk Sy6ncron, special summon Batteryman AA from grave. activate infernal reckless summon and get two moe AA.

Syncro summon junk warrior and get 4000 atk added from the batterymen. i tell you the batteryman deck will love these guys.

Blacktream - 20. Jul, 05:38

doesn't work

AA is level 3, so... no that wont work, sorry.


Summon Junk Synchron, special summon from grave: the calculator.

its effect is negated, so it has 0 attack, so you can then activate inferno reckless summon, getting you 2 more calculators.

you then synchro the junk synchron with the negated calculator bringing out junk warrior.

when junk warrior comes out the total levels on your field will = 9, so each of your other two calculators get 2700 atk. meaning junk warrior has... +5400 atk!
Forrenz - 27. Jul, 21:11


However, 'Junk Warrior' has a weakness in its ability that a friend of mine loves to exploit. A little card named 'Reverse Trap'.
Still a cool play.
ShiroRyu - 26. Jul, 23:16

lol, common copycat. Mint that Magna Drago is in it still.

Forrenz - 27. Jul, 16:41


Sweet! I'm so glad I don't have to subscribe to get it (my friend still will, mostly for 'Cloning').
Why would you think 'Magna Drago' wouldn't be in here? It's always said that this had 15 new cards...
ShiroRyu - 27. Jul, 22:23

I didn't think it wouldn't be in, but if it wasn't I wouldn't be happy since I want it as a dragon tuner for my dragon deck. ^^;
sonic_slicer - 27. Jul, 13:34


with the switch of good goblin house to 7 tools of the bandit....they didn't redo (butcher) this starter deck

cybergx - 27. Jul, 17:13


The TCG Starter Deck is actually better than the OCG one for a change! I can't believe they didn't take out Copycat! Now I don't have to subscribe to Shonen Jump to get it.

But eh... I liked the name Gigantech Fighter better than Colossal Fighter. But we can't have everything though.

Forrenz - 27. Jul, 21:07

I know, I know...

What gets to me a little is that they left 'UFO Turtle' and 'Mystic Tomato' in, and each of those only search out 1 Tuner and 1 high-DEF monster each, which isn't exactly great harmony (I mean, you only really want to Normal Summon 'Junk Synchron', right?)...

Um, but have you noticed that there's still no word on the term changes? "tribute" -> "release", "Advance Summon"...
cybergx - 28. Jul, 17:41

They'va actually decided not to change them. Tribute is still tribute and Tribute Summon is still tribute Summon. :)

But yeah, the searchers are kinda bad in the deck, but its supposed to give beginners a head start, not to pwn everybody with an awesome deck. Personally, I think this is the best Starter Deck they've released.
Forrenz - 28. Jul, 18:25

I agree

Yusei's deck is pretty solid, as we've seen in the show.
I really like the newer terms, but whatever. I'll still say "I release my 2 monsters! Yubel, Advance Summon!"

Anywheres, the cards that the searchers work with are:
'UFO Turtle' = 'Magna Drago' for tuning, or either "Inpachi" monster, to change to Defence Mode ASAP.
same goes for:
'Mystic Tomato' = 'Junk Synchron', who you'd rather Normal Summon to get his effect, and only 'Renge' for the same reason as the "Inpachi"s.

Also, why does everyone dump on 'Colossal Fighter' (not because of its name change, I mean)? Played right, he comes to the field with at least 3000 ATK, and can easily keep rising...
TriforceMaster3000 - 29. Jul, 11:45


I left a comment here about two days ago, what happened to it?

Anyways, can't wait to pick this deck up. I wonder if this deck will be sold at the sneak preview, that way, can start on making a sweet synchro deck right then and there.

Forrenz - 29. Jul, 14:43


It's out on the 5th, so it should be...
How come they never tell us the flavour text for the new Normal Monsters?
Forrenz - 30. Jul, 14:49

'Junk Synchron' + 'Hand of Nephthys' combo

Thinking it through while playing my Dragon Lords deck, I drew my 'Hand of Nephthys', then remembered all the talk on Manjyome's site we had about some cool combos that can be made using 'Junk Synchron'. One was using him to bring 'HoN' back from the grave, then use her effect to bring out 'Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys', but since 'Junk Synchron' negates the effects of the monster it brings back, this was cast aside.

However, that does not negate paying the cost to activate an effect. Since 'HoN' would be in the Grave when the effect resolves, it won't be affected by him anymore, so the effect will still resolve properly.

Just throwing that out there.

BandicootNewman - 31. Jul, 09:55

Mixed Cards

can someone tell me that can we use our original cards and mix them in with the white new cards? im sorta confused lol ???
Forrenz - 31. Jul, 17:15


Okay, Synchro Monsters (the White ones) go into the same deck as Fusion monsters. It used to be called the "Fusion Deck", but now it's called the "Extra Deck".
cybergx - 21. Aug, 21:35


I was thinking of making a Phoenix deck after Junk Synchron was released, and realized I didn't have Nephtys! The combo works though, and its really powerful. A friend of mine made a Apprentice Monarch/Phoenix/Synchro deck with Allures, and its been nice.
leonaxium - 31. Jul, 17:52

Umm... Scrap-Iron Scarecrow?

Can Somebody tell me if you can use this in the same turn again after you've already used it, because wouldn't that mean an infinite blocker for attacks as long as its effect wasn't negated or destroyed? I'm just questioning it because, I'm not sure......

shriek - 31. Jul, 17:56

no you can. after reseting it, it's treated as if you just set it.
and since you can activate traps the turn you set them....
FilipGX - 31. Jul, 18:52

Hey Shriek, Would you please tell me where do you find all these information about the products? Thank you previously.

Forrenz - 5. Aug, 09:02

Pics please?

Since this is out today, will you have pics up?
NeosKing - 5. Aug, 18:28

Released today!

I actualy need to pick up 4 copy's of this deck soon.
I need 3 Junk synchron and multiples of other cards. {Copy Cat doesn't hurt =P} And I'm getting one for my friend.
Only thing is I've checked everywhere for one.
It takes forever for my place to get things.
We don't even have Premium Pack 2!

ShiroRyu - 8. Aug, 00:59

I picked up 3 a few days ago, this deck actually has very cool cards in it! I've already made my own variation of the Synchro-Bushi deck. Most cards are level 2/3, with exception of things like Exiled and Armageddon Knight. Graceful Revivals, Junk Synchrons, Limit Reverses and Card of Safe Return along with Disk Commander make for insane draw power, plus I consistently am able to Synchro Summon every 1-2 turns (if i want). Got a few proxies at the moment though, need some Jutte Fighters, Graceful Revivals and Goyo Guardians from TDGS.
Forrenz - 9. Aug, 18:41

Stores are terrible :P

Pfft. My store doesn't have anything after Phantom Darkness still, including the Special Edition of it. I'm stuck with online shopping unfortunately. But I'm definitely getting at least 2 of this.

"Clustering stars will call upon a new force! Become the path of light it shines upon!
Synchro Summon, Junk Warrior!"
Forrenz - 13. Aug, 15:32

Sweet card ruling!

'Colossal Fighter's effect IS allowed to target itself, so my friend is happy about that.

ForteDS - 21. Aug, 00:26

Really?! That's so broken....though I still think that Disk Commander is probably the best choice, albeit obvious.
ForteDS - 21. Aug, 00:24

Smashing Ground

Excellent.....good thing I didn't buy those Invasion of Chaos boosters just to get this, though Smashing Ground has disappeared now in the metagame. One copy is fine enough, in my opinion.



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