2012 Premium Collection Tin

2012 Premium Collection Tin 2012 Premium Collection Tin
Three 4-Card promo packs (all foil cards) + 2 Variant Cards – Total of 14 foils in each tin.

The 12 Random foil cards will make up a 23-card set, which includes new cards from each of the 4 animated series. The 2 Variant Cards will be the same in each tin.

“This will be the only chance for gamers to get their hands on these Premium collector cards as they will be sold exclusively in this tin release!” – Konami

Each Premium Collection tin contains:

  • 1 Secret Rare card: Elemental HERO The Shining
  • 1 Secret Rare card: Number 34: Terror-Byte (alternate art)
  • 4 additional Secret Rare cards
  • 8 Super Rare cards
  • 1 Beginner’s Guide

Release Date: 20th March 2012

PRC1-ENV01 Elemental HERO The Shining Secret Rare
PRC1-ENV02 Number 34: Terror-Byte (alt. Art) Secret Rare

PRC1-EN001 Meteor Dragon Super Rare

PRC1-EN002 Fiend's Mirror Super Rare

PRC1-EN003 Firewing Pegasus Super Rare

PRC1-EN004 Meteor B. Dragon Super Rare

PRC1-EN005 Beastly Mirror Ritual Super Rare

PRC1-EN006 Quick-Span Knight Super Rare

PRC1-EN007 Armored Bee Super Rare

PRC1-EN008 Poseidon Giant Beetle Super Rare

PRC1-EN009 Junk Forward Super Rare

PRC1-EN010 Fallen Angel of Roses Super Rare

PRC1-EN011 Machina Cannon Super Rare

PRC1-EN012 Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird Super Rare

PRC1-EN013 Scarred Warrior Super Rare

PRC1-EN014 Kagemusha Knight Secret Rare

PRC1-EN015 Photon Wyvern
LIGHT/Dragon - Effect/7/2500/2000
When this card is Normal or Flip Summoned: Destroy all Set cards your opponent controls.
Secret Rare

PRC1-EN016 Great Gallant Demonic Angel, Rosarian Secret Rare

PRC1-EN017 Ma'at Secret Rare

PRC1-EN018 Masked HERO Acid
WATER/Warrior - Fusion - Effect/8/2600/2100
Must be Special Summoned with "Mask Change" and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. When this card is Special Summoned: Destroy all Spell and Trap Cards your opponent controls, and if you do, all monsters they control lose 300 ATK.
Secret Rare

PRC1-EN019 Masked HERO Dian
EARTH/Warrior - Fusion - Effect/8/2800/3000
Must be Special Summoned with "Mask Change" and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. When this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower "HERO" monster from your Deck.
Secret Rare

PRC1-EN020 Gravity Warrior
EARTH/Warrior - Synchro - Effect/6/2100/1000
1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
When this card is Synchro Summoned: It gains 300 ATK for each face-up monster your opponent controls. Once per turn, during your opponent's Battle Phase: You can target 1 Defense Position monster your opponent controls; change it to face-up Attack Position, also it must attack this turn, if able.
Secret Rare

PRC1-EN021 Void Ogre Dragon
DARK/Dragon - Synchro - Effect/8/3000/3000
1 DARK Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
Once per turn, during either player's turn, when your opponent activates a Spell/Trap while you have no cards in your hand: You can negate the activation and destroy it.
Secret Rare

PRC1-EN022 Photon Sanctuary Secret Rare

PRC1-EN023 Photon Rising Stream Super Rare
kennyisthebest - 23. Nov, 09:17

nice one

RiverShock - 23. Nov, 14:54


So THIS is where we'll FINALLY get Shuttleroid... Probably... Seriously, what does Konami have against us having Shuttleroid? It should've been in PP02 or LCGX (even despite the lack of other Vehicroids.)

ShiroRyu - 23. Nov, 18:01

Possibly, but "new cards from each of the 4 animated series" makes me doubt Shuttleroid. I wouldn't put it past them to treat them as the same, though.
darkarmeddragon666 - 23. Nov, 15:53

fuck yea!!!


Genma no Ou - 23. Nov, 16:36

This is really cool...

The chance to get some cool new stuff from all 4 shows sounds good... but I don't see why this has to be a Tin and not a Blister pack...

Infernity Zero - 23. Nov, 17:16

Chain Resonator...PLEASE GOD!!!

Pokemonking3000 - 23. Nov, 18:10

I'm wondering...

Does it mean completely new cards from the anime (as in not in the OCG) or Cards the OCG has from the anime that we don't have?

I'm pretty sure its cards from the OCG so here are my predictions...

Number 16 Ruler of Color - Shock Ruler (Since the english dub will be about 20-some episodes in when this comes out, I think it is possible. It'll either come in this or Order of Chaos.)

Number 11: Big Eye

Since it doesn't look like we'll be getting Tag Force 6, I think it's safe to say at least one of the promo cards will be in here.

The cards from Duel Disk - Yusei Version 2010 that we never got:

Driven Daredevil

Dark Flattop

Dark Diviner

Can't really think of anything from DM or GX era other then the alt. art Magicians

Fob4eva - 23. Nov, 21:25


Another money making scheme by making reprints! Typical konami!!! Alternate art blue eyes ultimate dragon from bandai yugioh!

Lentra - 23. Nov, 23:06


Umm.... Konami=\=Bandai. Konami doesn't have any kind of legitimate access to Bandai's cards outside of the shared names from the base license. While I expect some of the cards in the tin will be reprints (Arkana's Dark Magician, for example), there's still more than a few that could be "new" cards as promised.
Fob4eva - 24. Nov, 09:17

i meant that they could reprint that? rofl. the bandai blue eyes ultimate dragon looks sick.
sonic_slicer - 24. Nov, 04:18

Let's see....

If konami does this right, we can finally get dark renewal, necromancy, underworld circle, and more good cards from the anime.

But if i know konami, then were just getting reprints with different art

Fob4eva - 24. Nov, 09:18

Rebirth Judgment

You think konami would ever make this card real?

sonic_slicer - 24. Nov, 17:20


Atleast that card is broken as some other cards like Hand demise (or whatever that draw card kaiba used where you draw 5 cards, then in 5 turns discard your whole hand).

Rebirth Judgement is more a combo card where it's only good with other cards.
ShiroRyu - 24. Nov, 17:17

There's nothing to indicate we're getting completely new 'anime-only' cards here.

Quoted from Kevin himself:

Here's the actual info we DID send out:
In 2002, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME hit the shores of North America. Now, exactly 10 years later, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Premium Collection offers more than 20 brand new cards pulled from ten years of Dueling history.
Cards from the Premium Collection tin will combo well with cards in Extreme Victory, Generation Force, Photon Shockwave, and Order of Chaos!
Each Premium Collection tin contains 12 random foil cards from a 23-card set, which includes new cards from each of the 4 animated series. In addition, each tin also comes with 2 variant cards (same in every tin). That's 14 foil cards total per tin!

I'll also point out that "variant cards" are generally reprints, with a new type of foil than the previous printing. That's why they're called "variant cards". And since variant cards are reprints, they are not "exclusive". In fact, having a "variant card" that is "exclusive" to that particular item is a paradox.

So, I'm expecting imports of cards from each of the 4 series - this means things like Meteor Black Dragon, White Night's Queen, Goldrat, etc. And the 2 variant cards, as Kevin explained, are reprints, so I'm expecting either Quasar and Sephylon here or E-HERO The Shining and Dark Highlander, to make them legal outside the US. Pretty sure there are other cards, but they seem like the most likely pairs.

sonic_slicer - 24. Nov, 17:49

This is my take on that

This will be a 23 card set (and being able to get 12 out of 23), and the 2 "variant cards" will probably be reprints of key monsters (dark magican, neos, utopia,etc...)
ShiroRyu - 25. Nov, 12:13

Problem is the 2 variant cards are the same every tin. So there's only 2 (rather than 2 out of 4 or whatever), so I really doubt we'd see DM, Neos, Utopia or Stardust since the criteria doesn't limit them to 2 cards.

Reasoning behind my 2 suggestions is that Quasar + Sephylon is a 2-card set (both JUMP sub cards, and JUMP is ending soon), whilst The Shining is a card non-US territories have been begging for for ages now, and Dark Highlander's also a desired manga card (from a different series too) that's not legal outside the US.

Of course, we could end up getting original-art Dark Magician and Neos anyway. It's all pure speculation at the moment anyway. Who knows with Konami.
Pokemonking3000 - 30. Nov, 02:11

One of the Variant...

One of the Variant Cards could be the alt. art Terror Byte.
DaKareerKilla - 24. Nov, 18:22

I'm kind of surprised noone's mentioned any of the JUMP or Manga promos that are in need of a reprint in order to become mass-released and legal for World Championships. Although, saying that, I'd imagine most people who post on this site are from North America and therefore don't have the problem of not being able to use such cards as "Elemental HERO The Shining" or "Dark Highlander".
With this product, I wouldn't expect any of the OCG exclusives to be printed as variant cards; as promotional cards released in the OCG (such as Duel Disk Promos, VB, and Premium packs).
As Konami have already reprinted a lot of the JUMP and Manga cards this year, so I'd imagine they'd use the opportunity to either give us some more, or possibly reprint common / rare cards in foil.
The two cards I've mentioned are probably up there as being some of the more needed reprints, but keep in mind an Advent Calendar was recently released in Germany with foil reprints of various 5Ds cards.
So it's possible they could give us "Formula Synchron" in Ultra or Super Rare, for example.

jobniks - 25. Nov, 07:46

does anyone cares that

does anyone noticed that this pack is for Germans only AGAIN ????

why konami starts to make some pack specially for Germans only??

i want to have pack like this to be able to get at any shops in Europa ...

Germans are starting to take over the world again ....

ShiroRyu - 25. Nov, 12:05

It doesn't say that anywhere. Stop making stuff up.

If it was German-only, why would there be a picture of an English tin? Do a bit of thinking before you say anything.

I've not seen even a shred of speculation saying it will be German-only. Considering it will have 23 brand-new cards (at least, new outside of the OCG), I would highly doubt this would be limited to a particular region (unless it was US only, which it isn't).

The reason Germany got the calendar was because the whole advent calendar thing originated in Germany, and generally people don't use them in other countries as much as they used to (or something like that... Kevin's explanation, not mine). He wanted it to be something more than 'just getting it for the cards', essentially.
DaKareerKilla - 25. Nov, 12:55

They probably released the Advent Calendar as a German exclusive because they have the biggest market for the game, and probably Konami "market research" returned more kids like the brand than anywhere else.
Fob4eva - 25. Nov, 13:12

so what?

Who cares if its only release in germany? Its not hard to order it online. I got a german advent calender with a tour guide inside. Big deal if it's only 1 country, you can always order stuff online. It's only people with no credit card QQs. That's just too bad lol.

Also, the advent calender packaging was a major fail that overall a lot of cards ended up bad condition. Buy one and you'll know. Oh wait some people can't.
Myrel - 25. Nov, 13:47


I don't think the problem with it being German exclusive is the ordering issues. I think it's that German cards aren't allowed in US tournaments. Or at least I was led to believe we couldn't use foreign cards.
ShiroRyu - 25. Nov, 14:38

No, you can use German, French, Italian or Spanish cards at US tournaments too. The issue would be (if it was exclusive, which it isn't) that if a card is only out in one region (including any reprints), it's only legal in that region. For example, Quasar is only legal in US because it's not available in other TCG territories. Gallis was only legal outside of the US until Legendary Collection 2.

Though, none of this matters anyway, since this isn't Germany-exclusive.
Infernity Zero - 25. Nov, 15:29

The Alternate Art Dark Magician Girl that we NEVER GOT!?!?

Just hoping for that along with a few other things (*cough*Meteor B. Dragon *cough*)

ShiroRyu - 25. Nov, 17:09

That would be cool. The 2 variant cards could be that Dark Magician Girl and Arkana's Dark Magician. With Magi Magi Magician Girl in the main set.
ANIMEKING26 - 26. Nov, 06:25

Heroes Legacy

Why can't that card be made for us already ><

ywontuc - 26. Nov, 09:08

I know it won't be in here but legal slifer would be lolsy as hell

Duelist_Kingdom_Champion - 26. Nov, 20:11

hmm konami..

Seeing as how they have been going reprint happy in the last 6 months.. Ill be expecting the "leftovers" from each of the first 3 generations.. as far as ZexeL goes, we will just have to see what "exclusives" we get.. I won't say it, but all the trolls are thinking of an easter bunny-esque card..and we have the yellow dorm pack being released.. the jaden one wouldn't be anything great..so maybe the promos will be better than The "generation" promo..kinda like how the 2011 tins were..

FossilFusion - 26. Nov, 23:42

Miracle Contact? Electromagnetic Turtle?

I'd be very happy with Meteor B.Dragon really. He deserves to be in TCG now bless him

ralman88 - 28. Nov, 19:37

Not much to think about...

I'm not worried about the previous yugioh series but for Zexal I'm thinking that there will possible reprints or new cards coming from that part, perhaps a ultra gagaga magician/girl, a new number who knows?

snakeking211 - 29. Nov, 08:10

the cards

i wonder if they are going to give us timaues or the other 2 cuz man id kill for those cards

lilkuribo - 1. Dec, 21:55

Variant Cards

im expecting one of the variants to be the playable version of Ra , and the other variant possibly The crimson dragon as a card or another really powerfull monster from one of the series , because , we have exodia from the orginal , yubel from gx , and we havent really started zexal in the tcg , so thats why i say the crimson dragon .

lilkuribo - 2. Dec, 21:56

meant slifer the sky dragon playable
RiverShock - 4. Dec, 01:46

Variant usually means reprint. It's not going to be something that doesn't exist in the TCG or OCG, and something OCG-exclusive has very little chance. Although... What you said makes me hope the legal Ra makes a reprint appearance here. Ra and Quasar or some other big boss would be cool.
Drigon100 - 5. Dec, 21:06

T.G. Hyper Librarian

Isnt it about time we get a reprint of him? He may be limited but he did come out befor Shooting Quazar Dragon, so theoreticaly, he should be reprinted first. I think the second 'vairient' card will be Vylon Delta, as Hidden arsonel 5 is now out, but im hoping for Steelswarm Roach Re-print (doubtfull though)

GWZC - 17. Dec, 16:04

One of the new card to be release is the Photon Wyvern from the next Premium Pack 14, is the side of box, according to Dacardworld

shriek - 17. Dec, 18:59

that's what it looks like, yes.
Dark Hunter - 18. Dec, 19:11

With Photon Wyvern in this...

I guess it's safe to assume that most of PP14 will be here. With JUMP ending in March, I'm expecting Legal Slifer here too. So I'm guessing for the rest of the cards.

Legal Slifer
Red Dark Magician
Meteor B. Dragon
Alternate Art Gaia
Alternate Art Summoned Skull(think there's one more)
The 2 Masked Heros from PP14
White Night Queen
Ogre Dragoon
Gravity Warrior
Star Bright Dragon
Dark Diviner
Dark Flat Top
Driven Daredevil
Junk Blader(still haven't gotten him)
Alternate Art Terror Bite
Photon Sanctuary
+3 other cards from Zexal

I'm expecting most of this to be 5Ds as there's a lot of stuff we still don't have. Variants will probably be Quasar and that Timelord.

fan de yugioh - 18. Dec, 23:42

I want Crimson Blader... :(

Meteor B. is something I want a lot and expect in here, also.
Infernity Zero - 20. Dec, 01:50

I'm personally expecting to see Horakthy as a Variant Promo. If I see Slifer in here, I'm gonna (can't believe I'm saying this) ASSUME that Horakthy is in this at all. Meteor B. Dragon is apparently a lot more wanted than I first imagined, which is actually pretty funny. If they put Meteor B Dragon in here they should also reprint Meteor Dragon. Other than that I agree with Dark Hunter's list of cards.
Dark Hunter - 20. Dec, 21:06

I just remembered...

We haven't gotten The Atmosphere yet.

That may be in here too.

I just hope if Ogre Dragoon is in this, he's Ultra. Super won't do that card justice. Same with Slifer(if here)

RoseSymphony - 7. Jan, 01:59

The other half of PP13 (Junk Forward, Fallen Angel of Roses, Machina Cannon, Blaze Fenix, and Scarred Warrior) should be in here too, considering this is the PREMIUM collection tin. Plus we've been long overdue for their release anyway. And all of PP14 should be included, because it would be dumb of Konami to just release Wyvern. B/ So that would make 15/23. The three cards from the Yusei Duel Disk are WAY overdue, so 18/23 (Not sure though, cuz there are three Synchros set to come out in Order of Chaos, so they might go there instead). 5 cards left, so they might release the entirety of V-Jump 5, because I'm fairly sure that Queen Angel of Roses, Volcannon, and Snap Dragon (the only other V-Jump cards we don't have yet) will be in Order of Chaos.

So yeah, those are my predictions for the set. Much too organized and convenient for Konami, I know. :V All I want is Fallen Angel of Roses and Rosalian, honestly. Since Rosalian has a high chance of appearing in this set, I'd be angry and surprised if the other Angels weren't included. ;A;

Dark Hunter - 11. Jan, 19:17

Daredevil, Diviner, Flattop and White Night Queen are in ORCS so...

Maybe we'll get the last 3 cards in PP12, Atmosphere and I think Number 11 and 16 has a chance of being released in this.

blackwing dragon - 17. Jan, 22:21

honestly im hoping for like tourguide or fabled raven or dragunity vaj for the variety cards sense they r going to be reprints
we need ravens and tourguide to be reprinted
dragunity vaj would be nice to
maxx C would be nice in some decks how bout d.d. crow as a holo?
alternet art monster reborn would be kinda nice
reprint mirror force holo or solemn judgement holo would be nice to
what else how bout a brio or catastor or trish or black rose
or the other ice barrier synchros that everyone wants
how bout a scrap dragon?

i know they prolably wont happen but we can still wish right ?

my predictions
dragunity vaj
maxx C
alt art monster reborn
holo mirror force
holo solemn judgement
black rose(we need a reprint)

what do u guys think any ideas?
GWZC - 26. Jan, 04:32

Oh my, yes Premium pack in the tin

A few moments ago i check the Yugioh website and they put some carda include in the tin like EHero shinning and terror byte like variants and some cards from Premium pack 14, check it out.LMCO

Genma no Ou - 26. Jan, 16:26

Well this was unexpected

Instead of the 2 variants being the only new cards, they're the reprints (with 1 an art just entering the West). Looks like Premium Pack 14 is already getting here, which means HEROs are gonna get big...

Setosama - 26. Jan, 19:22

Here's your 23 Card Set List Ladies and Gentlemen!

1. Quick-Span Knight (Confirmed)
2. Armored Bee
3. Poseidon Giant Beetle
4. Kagemusha Knight (Confirmed)
5. Photon Wyvern
6. Great Gallant Demonic Angel, Rosarian
7. Ma'at (Confirmed)
8. Masked HERO Acid (Confirmed)
9. Masked HERO Daian
10. Gravity Warrior
11. Void Ogre Dragon (Confirmed)
12. Photon Sanctuary (Confirmed)
13. Photon Rising Stream
14. Junk Forward
15. Fallen Angel of Roses
16. Machina Cannon
17. Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird
18. Shuttleroid
19. Meteor Dragon (Confirmed)
20. Meteor B. Dragon (Confirmed)
21. Dark Magician (Arkana/Pandora)
22. Kunai with Chain (Alt. Art)
23. Acid Trap Hole (Alt. Art)

Not in order of course, but I looked through ALL the Premium Pack Cards we HAVEN'T gotten yet (OFFICIALLY IN THE TCG) and put them in here. Here is the comprised list. EVERYTHING else we've gotten one way or another. Kunai and Acid are the ONLY other PP cards which have Alternate Arts which are NOT Arkana's DM and have 2 DIFFERENT ARTS in both the OCG and TCG.

There's your 23 Card List. Now if somebody wants to put these in the proper order, be my guest.

ShinobiPhoenix - 27. Jan, 07:04

This is what I believe, based on current evidence...


"©" = Confirmed content and placement

PRC1-EN001 Meteor Dragon ©
PRC1-EN002 Kunai With Chain - Alt Art
PRC1-EN003 Acid Trap Hole - Alt Art
PRC1-EN004 Meteor Black Dragon ©
PRC1-EN005 Black Magician

PRC1-EN006 Quick-Span Knight ©
PRC1-EN007 Armored Bee
PRC1-EN008 Poseidon Giant Beetle
PRC1-EN009 Junk Forward
PRC1-EN010 Fallen Angel of Roses

PRC1-EN011 Machiner's Cannon
PRC1-EN012 Bombardment Bird Bomb Phoenix
PRC1-EN013 Shuttleroid
PRC1-EN014 Kagemusha Knight (Shadow Reckless Knight) ©
PRC1-EN015 Photon Wyvern (Number not confirmed, but this is the order of the original pack)

PRC1-EN016 Great Gallant Demonic Angel, Rosalian
PRC1-EN017 Ma'at ©
PRC1-EN018 Masked HERO Acid ©
PRC1-EN019 Masked HERO Daian
PRC1-EN020 Gravity Warrior

PRC1-EN021 Purgatory Dragon - Ogre Dragoon ©
PRC1-EN022 Photon Sanctuary ©
PRC1-EN023 Photon Rising Stream

Based on the confirmed position of cards and the fact that (as usual) cards are in set in the order they were in set in, we can (usually safely) assume the positions of the cards that were in a set together. So that leaves the DM cards and Shuttleroid.

Meteor Dragon and Meteor Black Dragon have confirmed positions, but they are separated by two slots. So I put the Alt Art traps in those slots in order. I put Black Magician at 5 because that puts all the DM cards together, that leaves Shuttleroid at #13. Though I question the Meteor Dragons' positions because if Meteor Black was #5 instead, then that would put all of the Alt Arts together in the middle and have him at the end as the Fusion card to end off the DM cards.
Black masked emporor - 27. Jan, 21:03

currently the only ones unconfirmed are 2, 3 and 5 however all of the ones confirmed are on the list showing dark magician(Arkana), kunai with chain and acid trap hole are more than likely to be confirmed as well and I'm guessing ShinobiPhoenix is right on the position's... and I'm getting 6 of these need 3 dark magician reds for my deck ^^ not to mention shining etc
Dragon King - 27. Jan, 21:15


First thing,ShinobiPhoenix you put to much time in to finding out what cards are coming out! Just make an educated guess!...
And two,if your prediction is basically every card that has yet to come out,of course your predictions will come true of which Cards to be in the set.

But anyway,I am happy with the cards in this set. I'm even happier that most of them are new and not just a damn re-paint.
Not that their anything wrong with that....I just like to get something new and refreshing.
TCGUnderground - 28. Jan, 07:22

@ Mr. "Dragon King"

Wow! YOU need to take a fucking chill pill bro! This site is to inform people of cards to come! So what if he actually did some research to figure what is going to be released. Haha! Relax...

Setosama - 30. Jan, 19:58

And give credit where credit is due

I'm the one that discovered what the possible cards are in the first place! XD

Also... what with the numbering, it's POSSIBLE that with Meteor Black Dragon coming up @ 4 we PROBABLY might get Firewing Pegasus in here and NOT get the alternate art Acid Trap Hole (since Kunai with chain IS a Joey card), but that's my only possible change I was thinking about when I put all the premium pack cards we'd never gotten together...
judaikunakafish - 4. Feb, 09:13

Tour Guide Reprint

Yo shriek post this! Tour Guide reprint! Battle Pack! http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/products/bp-bped.html
this pack is going to be great! comes out right before my bday too! XD

shriek - 4. Feb, 13:58

just in case you didn't notice, i couldn't post anything for about two days, so i know...
judaikunakafish - 4. Feb, 09:24

Battle Pack

Also Shriek, here's more info on what's in the set. http://www.konami.com/yugioh/articles/?p=3585

brain_master - 20. Feb, 09:09

So after this acid guy comes out will elemental heroes be good all of a sudden like tier 1?

Black masked emporor - 3. Mar, 01:52

well no not really but with escuriado's release and acids release they will start to be competitive they may even be top 32 or higher if fine tuned enough.
Dragon King - 13. Mar, 01:38


Will maybe love is too strong of a word.....I really like it.
So much in fact,that I don't buy alot of the SE-Order of chaos box sets.
Black masked emporor - 13. Mar, 02:26

tbh this set not having red dark magician is a big let down for me considering that was the number 1 reason why i wanted it, don't get me wrong i will be buying tins till i have 4 copies of each of the others i want, just not going to be buying as many as i would if dark magician arkana was in it (fingers crossed for the next premium collectors tin hopefully then we will be up to date)
Setosama - 13. Mar, 08:55





Still though, apart from those 3 disappointing surprises I did call everything else and I DID call that this set would be comprised of Premium Pack cards we never got.

Dragon King - 13. Mar, 16:00

I don't like that ritual monsters are still being used.
And Fire winged Pegasus is all most as old as the game.....the same could be said about black meteor dragon....which I have been waiting for since I was 14!!...lol
Two or three does not make a bad tin set. And I'm sorry that arkana dark magician was not in it.....but I need another magician,like I need another hole in my head!....lol
No joke,I get LOT OF HIM!.....
ShinobiPhoenix - 13. Mar, 19:01


A Tin with Ogre Dragoon, Acid, Rosalian, Gravity Warrior, Scarred Warrior, Fallen Angel of Roses, Bomb Phoenix, and Photon Sanctuary and you're mad about there not being a Arkana Black Magician and there's 2 Ritual cards... that's all and you are done?

You yourself said the missing cards are all ALT-ARTS. So instead of Alt-Arts of cards we ALREADY HAVE IN SPADES, you're mad that got cards we actually DIDN'T HAVE YET.

You might as well threaten to "RAGEUQUIT" while you're at it.
Black masked emporor - 14. Mar, 19:11

I'm disappointed that arkana's dark magician wasn't in the set too but i still want nearly all of the others in triplicate i do admit though i would have preferred arkana's magician to fire wing Pegasus, but i don't mind getting it but i have wanted a red dark magician for one of my decks since the battle city arc came out. back to topic of what out of the set i want what i don't want 3 of i want 4 of.
Setosama - 15. Mar, 21:25

I'dve MUCH prefered the alt art reprints to those 3! At least Kunai with Chain and Acid Trap Hole are semi-useful... Who the **** is gonna run Fire Wing Pegasus or the Ritual Monsters?

All the same, I'll just buy Acid and Daian as Singles.

Phoenix and Ogre Dragon aren't enough to make me buy any of these and I've already GOT my 3 Shinings
Lentra - 13. Mar, 16:37


.....Only took eleven years for Firewing Pegasus to make its way to the TCG. There's still a number of old Normal and Fusion monsters waiting, though.....

ShinobiPhoenix - 13. Mar, 19:04

Count how long it's taking to get...

...Kanan the Swordmistress now.
lightsworn91 - 13. Mar, 20:55

The full spoiler list isn't so bad, the only cards I am really interested in are the Masked HERO cards anyway, so I'll probably just get two of these tins.

Black masked emporor - 23. Mar, 19:35

I've bought 4 tins so far and only pulled 2 copies of each masked hero but ive also pulled 3 gravity warrior, 4 scar warrior, 3 void ogre dragon, 2 ma-at amongst others but i am getting at least another 4 tins i need more multiples XP



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Weekly Shonen Jump Promo
JUMP-EN074 Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
shriek - 22. Nov, 23:36
Weekly Shonen Jump Promo
JUMP-EN075 Dystopia the Despondent DARK/Fiend - Effect/12/5000/5000 Cannot ...
shriek - 22. Nov, 23:35
Forbidden/Limited Cards...
New Forbidden: Apoqliphort Towers Shurit, Strategist...
shriek - 31. Oct, 03:19



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