Champion Pack - Game Eight

Konami Unleashes Champion Pack 8 on Duelists Everywhere

Legal for local events: 5th January 2009
Legal for Premier Events: 5th January 2009

//thx to ness00 for the complete list

CP08-EN001 Gravity Behemoth
DARK/Beast - Effect/6/2300/2000
If it is not the first turn of the Duel and there are no cards on the field, you can Normal Summon this card without Tributing. You can destroy all Field Spell Cards on the field. This card cannot attack the turn you activate this effect.
Ultra Rare

CP08-EN002 Prohibition
Super Rare

CP08-EN003 Mind Crush
Super Rare

CP08-EN004 Dimensional Fissure
Super Rare

CP08-EN005 Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner
Super Rare

CP08-EN006 Magician's Valkyria

CP08-EN007 Silent Magician LV4

CP08-EN008 Great Shogun Shien

CP08-EN009 Herald of Creation

CP08-EN010 Burial from a Different Dimension

CP08-EN011 Necro Gardna

CP08-EN012 Mushroom Man
Normal Monster

CP08-EN013 Royal Oppression

CP08-EN014 Beckoning Light

CP08-EN015 Neo-Spacian Dark Panther

CP08-EN016 Alien Mother

CP08-EN017 Alien Warrior

CP08-EN018 Vanity's Ruler

CP08-EN019 Miraculous Rebirth

CP08-EN020 Cell Explosion Virus
Cosmos - 5. Dec, 10:04

1st comment

Meh... gravity behemoth... kinda disappointed... a super lumina ? well... just cool... hope for more interesting (and usefull) cards...

Joenen - 5. Dec, 16:11

Yeah, GB is pretty dissapointing. Seriously, lame stats, lame effect, overall useless. Hope all the bad was put in that card so the others would be ok.
TriforceMaster3000 - 5. Dec, 17:16

Not too shabby...

They could've put in a better card than Behemoth, but it's still a decent side deck card against recent field spells (Zombie World, village, etc.).

However, Super Lumina is badass. I might pick some of these up just for her.

Dark Hunter - 20. Dec, 17:52


Why does the dates say January 5th 2008?

shriek - 20. Dec, 19:15

woops, typo ;)
TriforceMaster3000 - 20. Dec, 20:32


Necro Gardna? Beckoning Light? Herald? ALIENS?! Duuude, I so need to find a cardshop around here and buy these packs.

unknownhero - 21. Dec, 00:38

SR prohibition is kinda cool, but SR beckoning light or herald of creation would have been sexy. Sigh, I was hoping for a SR Trade-In

boingboing1 - 22. Dec, 11:42

My review of Champion Pack 8

SR Prohibiton, Rare Burial of A Different Dimension and Rare Necro Gardna are
great. Lumina and D-Fissure SR's are rubbish though.

Wysten - 13. Jan, 00:07

Not really, you generally use the champon pack to raise the raity of commons or rares to supers if they were good, so it's possible to have a holo deck.

Burial from a Different Dimension is purely epic, I am glad I did not chase down a couple more Ultras. I need 1 more for the Zombie deck I am making, for general fun. ^^

I actually think GB is pretty fun though, like Ravengous Rever is a gift to Dark World Decks world wide, this card could be the level 6 Cyber Dragon that can counter attack earthbound monsters that will be soon over here.
Joenen - 14. Jan, 02:20

It's been out for, well in theory, a week, and no one posts scans? Sorry I already heard why, just saying that according to metagame, ude has been unable to recieve, or konami has not sent, champion pack game five. Meaning ude cannot rullfill their clients requests for them. Coincidence or accident?

Johnist - 14. Jan, 06:27


bherrell2 - 4. Apr, 01:39


Oh its Johnist. Your that guy from UDE Forums that kept changing to weird usernames and always talked a rather large mouth.

You said you were quitting, yep that worked out.

Its gay this Champion Pack is being delieverd right now to my locals in Colorado, except were having locals 1-2 times a month and right now havent had one in 8 weeks. Ill be lucky to even get 1 pack of this. I didnt get any CPo7.



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