Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator

Product Features
  • Includes cards from the latest booster pack, "Crimson Crisis"
  • Featuring 2,800 cards from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, more cards than any other Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship title
  • Includes 2 exciting modes of gameplay in one game, 5D's Story Mode and World Championship Mode
  • Battle in single player mode or against Yu-Gi-Oh! gamers around the world via Wi-Fi
  • Game will include 3 exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards
US Release: 19th May 2009

WC09-EN001 Infernity Archfiend
DARK/Fiend - Effect/4/1800/1200
When you have no cards in your hand and draw this card, you can reveal it to Special Summon it. When this card is Special Summoned, if you have no cards in your hand, you can add 1 "Infernity" card from your Deck to your hand.
Ultra Rare

WC09-EN002 Infernity Dwarf
DARK/Warrior - Effect/2/800/500
While you have no cards in your hand, during battle between an attacking monster you control and a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the ATK of the attacking monster, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent.
Ultra Rare

WC09-EN003 Infernity Guardian
DARK/Fiend - Effect/4/1200/1700
While you have no cards in your hand, this face-up card cannot be destroyed by battle or by card effects.
Ultra Rare
J4B0i - 19. Dec, 00:42

Ohh shit son ~First Comment~

Can't wait for this game. Hopefully all cards will be included but I doubt it, looking forward to seeing Toon Kingdom and some Synchros on here. Anyone else?

chaos20022002 - 19. Dec, 03:39

i need a new game cause my ds is starting to get sad from me not playing it
ShinobiPhoenix - 19. Dec, 04:59

OK, that's odd

Ok, if this is coming in February for us, why is there still no Release Date for the Japanese version (which obviously would come first)?

Shriek's main blog still has no date listed on that.

chaos20022002 - 19. Dec, 11:12

Konami's plan

they're trying to get us on their side so they're giving us the game first <_< >_>
Master-Of-Faster - 4. Jan, 00:54

Because it is a worldwide software for the world championship 2009.
EternalTruth - 19. Dec, 14:35

The only real difference between US/JP/EU versions is the language of the promos. Given how bad the promos are supposed to be this time you might as well order the JP version given how it normally has an option to use English.

Master-Of-Faster - 3. Jan, 01:16


I have been waiting for WCO9!

Johnist - 13. Jan, 07:35

Gamestop has it listed as February 10, 2009...

See Title...

Great Shogun Shine - 21. Jan, 17:33

I Knew It!

I knew there would be cards from the Duel Terminal sets in this game! Can't wait to get this game in english so I can make a Genex Deck (4 different Genex Decks with different attributes), a Natural Deck, a Jurac Deck, and a Demon Roar God Deck! Also if their are any Lightsworn cards in this game, I'll make a Lightsworn Deck too!

Forrenz - 27. Jan, 16:29

So, is this for sure yet?

March is still so far away, but if gaming stores still have this game pegged on being out in two weeks... Which is it?
bherrell2 - 3. Feb, 01:12


This game comes out this month not in March. But since when have there been cards in Duel Terminal Sets in this game? And there will be all cards in this game up to Crossroads of Chaos and most of Crimson Crisis. Like WC08 didnt have all of Glads Assult, they were missing Test Tiger and a couple more holos.

Game is gonna be great!
Forrenz - 25. Feb, 11:31

Wii game is too cool

Forrenz - 25. Feb, 11:35

This game's English trailer

Nero Jinous - 23. Mar, 12:28

Jap version

Everyone should just get the jap version. The Official release is the 26th of march for Jap game, but the rom file was leaked on Sunday at like 4am EST. Started deck is better than last year. You can now decline a challenge on wifi if you do random and it selects someone you don't want to duel. DCing is still a problem, and I hate story mode >.<.

BTW my FC is: 4296-8849-4488
IGN: Nero

brain_master - 29. Apr, 00:17

this thing is out already right
i think i have seen it at my target more that once
there is a green one and a blue one, tin that is

ShinobiPhoenix - 29. Apr, 05:28

GameFAQs has May 19th for US and 15th for Europe.

So apparently Europe gets the official release of the game 4 days EARLIER than the States and Canada.


brain_master - 5. May, 23:55

so is this game any good ?
cause there are a lot of crappy yugioh games out there
bherrell2 - 6. May, 00:32


This game is the god of yu gi oh gamess. Its basically the World Championship game except they changed the name for some reason, but yes it is THE game.

Notice they dont put other games on here.

brain_master - 7. May, 03:00

guess i will give it a rental to see if i like it
i will build a tele-dad since i never had one
bherrell2 - 8. May, 04:25


You like Yu Gi Oh then you will like this game.
ShinobiPhoenix - 15. May, 00:16

DUDE... Gamestop just called me...

Apparently Konami moved up the date and now the game ships TODAY for sale TOMORROW!!!

Not the 19th now, but the 15th. Crazy!!! I mean would they make Gamestop hold it for 5 days or could this really be true.

I called them back and the guy said they can and will sell it TOMORROW.

Same for Wheelie Breakers. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Yes, this would mean we get it the same day as Europe now.

bherrell2 - 15. May, 00:21


..why are u buying from gamestop? Walmart sells the games in better condition and at a cheaper price. I constantly find myself finding games 10-15 $ cheaper at Walmart, and sometimes Wally has the games faster too.
ShinobiPhoenix - 15. May, 00:52

Yes, I really trust Great Wal-Mart of China.

Better condition? Wal-Mart? That's basically an oxymoron.

Horrible business practices, horrible employee treatment, horrible quality... corporately directly under the thumb of the Republic of China.

Yes, I really want to give my business to them.

And btw-- What games... BY NAME and WHEN have you gotten at 15 bucks less, especially NEW games? Not those red-marked down ones. Even years old game, when new, they want 10 bucks MORE (as I was just in there when a friend wanted to find some Raging Battle packs).
bherrell2 - 16. May, 00:49


I am talking about the U.S..............since this is the TCG section not OCG........most of the people here are TCG players..........

alapharm - 16. May, 01:49

gotta go with ShinobiPhoenix on this one....the most you save at Walmart is a dollar or two maybe....usually its only 2-3 pennies. i do like that walmart keeps them in the original packing where game stop does not. i think the point he's making about China is that most of walmarts stuff comes from there and how lousy walmart treats its people/employees...they're forever getting sued for something they've done to sombody who works for them.

also, i wonder why its taken them so long to release it here when its been out in Japan since March......hmmm, oh well......
ShinobiPhoenix - 16. May, 16:13

@alapharm - The game IS OUT. AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW

The game IS out.

Go to GameFAQs or DMC if you follow Shriek's links.

I'm not sure if EVERYONE has it available now, but those who pre-ordered the game from Gamestop got it yesterday (myself included and I've been playing since last night). I don't have any word from people who didn't pre-order the game though about if they got it.

Same with Wheelie Breakers.

bherrell2 - 17. May, 01:17

lol @ preorder

...........how does preordering a game get it faster to you......you still have to go to the store and get it.....they dont like pre-release it to people who preorder it.......if gamestop just now gave you it via preorder, then that means they have it in stock the same day........all preordering really does is gurantee you a copy if it sells out. WHich doesnt happen with YGO games much.

ShinobiPhoenix - 17. May, 02:42

Completely false... again

There have often been a lot of games that get an early release to those who pre-ordered or been to a special event, but the game itself is not on sell for the general public until a future date. It's not like other games and genres haven't done that.

Hell, I'm sorry, we play YGO, a game where now you literally do JUST THAT. Go to a special event and buy cards the rest of the public can't buy UNDER PENALTY OF LAW (or did you bother to read those merchant agreements?) until a later date. It's early adopter bonus.

Regardless THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS... some people have the game already (those who pre-ordered) and some don't (mostly those who did not). Some people actually got the call for pick-up for the 13th and they received it, and yet still others couldn't just go get their own copy.

Some stores (like mine) had EX2009 BUT not Wheelie Breakers (and they said outright that it was because no one pre-ordered it for that store), which is still 19th for release.

It's simple, some stores will only bring in the copies for people who directly asked for it, the rest just have to wait.
EternalTruth - 17. May, 02:15

Intriguing change with Infernity Daemon to Infernity Archfiend, it seems the Archfiend archetype often gets minor support with renamed cards :P

Tbh now that I look at the again, the only really bad one of the 3 is Dwarf.

ShinobiPhoenix - 17. May, 02:47

How is a card that gives ALL of YOUR monsters piercing bad?

Exactly how many cards in the game even do that? Enraged Minotaur? Meteorain? Dragon's Rage? FGD due to the Tag Force 3 glitch?

The worse one out of the bunch is Daemon. It's not a bad card, just the least useful outside of the direct Infernity theme (not even another 0 hand theme like Blade Knight-beat or Cybernetic).

Dwarf can be used ANYWHERE and makes a surprising good top-deck card so long as you have monsters for it to pump its effect into.

Guardian can be used anywhere too and it's a very good top deck card because you have a 0 hand, but it will protect you by protecting itself.
EternalTruth - 17. May, 04:54

Misread Dwarf. It is decent now - didn't realize it gave all creatures you control piercing. The only thing that holds it back are it's weak stats.

Daemon, I'm thinking more along the lines for an Archfiend deck rather than anything else.
bherrell2 - 17. May, 21:20

Maybe a Day or Two......

if that..........

and no the infernity monsters are terrible.....Infernity Dwarf is only when you dont have any cards in your hand, which is when your in topdecking mode and hoping for a good topdeck, not a weak monster with piercing.

really bad promos this time......

alapharm - 18. May, 05:50

ShinobiPhoemix...saw your post and tried out Gamestop Sat. evening. Got a copy that night...had to go to 2 stores, the first one was sold out. Anyway, thanks for the heads up.

Gotta say not to impressed with the promos....unless your topdecking, these cards don't seem to great...only one that might be ok is Infernity Archfiend...maybe.....
ssj_duelist - 19. May, 17:21

Yeah they are bad. I hope the Tag Force 4 promos will be better.I wonder what they will be?
dragon0466 - 19. May, 23:41

Is it out???

today i tried to get to Blockbusters, HMV and Future Shop and they dont have it, i m trying EB games saturday

bherrell2 - 21. May, 05:32

I got it....and

Well the promos were already in bad condition, as they seal them behind a piece of plastic.

But I NEED to find the North American Action Replay codes for this. I can only find the Japan ones that dont work.

Link or c/p please someone.

brain_master - 23. May, 19:11

wow u should get a refund
to get good shape promos
anything good like dark bribe
bherrell2 - 9. Jun, 05:20

found them

I could care less since the promos suck anyways.........

And the replay codes were on some site...

Game sucks tho......

BrandonMurrayBMM - 11. Jun, 22:43


The Promos Arent Bad. Infernity Guardian is actually good and Infernity Archfiend isn't bad either. The Game is also really good.



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