Legacy of the Valiant - Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview: 18th - 19th January 2014

LVAL-ENSP1 Sylvan Bladefender
EARTH/Plant - Effect/4/1900/700
When this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard: You can excavate the top card of your Deck, and if it is a Plant-Type monster, send it to the Graveyard. Otherwise, place it on the bottom of your Deck. If this card is excavated from the Deck and sent to the Graveyard by a card effect: You can add this card from your Graveyard to your hand.
LVAL-ENSP1 Sylvan Bladefender

When a card says to “excavate” cards from your Deck, you reveal
those cards to both players. Then, before you do anything else,
apply the instructions from the card effect that excavated them.
Cards that are being excavated are still treated as being in the Deck
until sent elsewhere by the card instructions.
EXTRIMAKER - 11. Dec, 00:04

intressting so the new sneak card,is support for the Shinra archtype?,i wonder what the tcg exclusive will be???.

TKing6488 - 13. Dec, 03:47

WTF is Excavated?

What happened to reveal?

bincenzo - 13. Dec, 05:09


Excavate = reveal. Maybe to avoid confusion because people confused "Reveal" with "Draw"...still don't like the change though...
TKing6488 - 14. Dec, 03:51

Not really

I know that's why the changed it but they should have changed it like Cyber Jar's revised wording Pick up (not draw). Reveal (Not Draw) would have been better
zombie.master - 14. Dec, 17:47

Sounds as hell

Konami is always so stupid.

Black Masked Emperor - 15. Dec, 19:35

There is abuse for days with this guy and plague put a shinra on top of deck get plague put bladefender on top of deck get plague overlay 2 plagues for gachi attack with bladefender get another then attack again.



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