Duelist Pack - Yusei 2

Duelist Pack - Yusei 2

Duelist Pack – Yusei 2 – is an easy and affordable way to get your hands on some of Yusei’s favorite cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s TV show!

This 30-card Duelist Pack set includes 5 brand new cards: “Junk Archer,” “Gauntlet Warrior,” “Eccentric Boy,” “Scrubbed Raid,” and “Tuner’s Barrier.” These exciting new cards are mixed with 25 other favorites from Yusei’s Deck, like “Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode” and “Hyper Synchron,” making it easier than ever to build Yusei’s Deck for your very own!

Check out “Junk Archer,” the latest of Yusei’s scrap metal Synchro Monsters, with the power to make an opponent’s monster vanish every turn. And “Eccentric Boy” makes Synchro Summoning easier than ever, by letting you use monsters from your hand to do it!

Every pack also contains 1 Strategy Tip Card, to help you find ways to use these cards in new combinations to beat your opponents.

Duelist Pack – Yusei 2 – contains 30 cards:

* 17 Common Cards (4:1)
* 7 Rare Cards (1:1)
* 4 Super Rare Cards (1:5)
* 2 Ultra Rare Cards (1:15)
* Plus 1 Strategy Tip Card in every pack!

Release: 26th January 2010

DP09-EN001 Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode
Super Rare

DP09-EN002 Road Synchron Rare
DP09-EN003 Turret Warrior Rare
DP09-EN004 Debris Dragon
DP09-EN005 Hyper Synchron
DP09-EN006 Rockstone Warrior Rare
DP09-EN007 Level Warrior
DP09-EN008 Majestic Dragon
DP09-EN009 Max Warrior Rare
DP09-EN010 Quickdraw Synchron
DP09-EN011 Level Eater
DP09-EN012 Zero Gardna

DP09-EN013 Gauntlet Warrior
EARTH/Warrior - Effect/3/400/1600
You can Tribute this card to activate its effect. If you do, each face-up Warrior-Type monster you control gains 500 ATK and DEF, until the end of the next Damage Step that monster attacks or is attacked. This effect can be activated during either player's turn.
Ultra Rare

DP09-EN014 Eccentric Boy
WIND/Spellcaster - Tuner/3/800/200
When using this card as a Synchro Material Monster, the other Synchro Material Monster is 1 monster in your hand. The Synchro Monster that used this card as a Synchro Material Monster cannot activate its effect, its effect(s) is negated, and it is removed from play when removed from the field.
Super Rare

DP09-EN015 Road Warrior Rare

DP09-EN016 Junk Archer
EARTH/Warrior - Synchro - Effect/7/2300/2000
"Junk Synchron" + 1 or more non-Tuner monster
Once per turn, you can select 1 monster your opponent controls. Remove that monster from play. During the End Phase of this turn, it returns to your opponent's side of the field, in the same Battle Position.
Ultra Rare

DP09-EN017 Prevention Star
DP09-EN018 One for One Rare
DP09-EN019 Release Restraint Wave
DP09-EN020 Silver Wing
DP09-EN021 Advance Draw
DP09-EN022 Assault Mode Activate
DP09-EN023 Spirit Force
DP09-EN024 Descending Lost Star
DP09-EN025 Miracle Locus
DP09-EN026 Skill Successor Rare
DP09-EN027 Reinforce Truth
DP09-EN028 Slip Summon

DP09-EN029 Scrubbed Raid
Continuous Trap Card
During the Battle Phase, you can send 1 card you control the Graveyard, except this card, to end the Battle Phase.
Super Rare

DP09-EN030 Tuner's Barrier
Normal Trap Card
Select 1 face-up Tuner monster you control. That monster cannot be destroyed by battle or by card effects, until the End Phase of the next turn.
Super Rare
bherrell2 - 3. Oct, 06:44


These sets are always terrible. owell. *Hopes for some new synchro.

Fob4eva - 1. Nov, 06:12


Junk Archer
EvilAzn - 3. Oct, 08:31

Well at least some card rarities go down

What I like about these sets is that they make all them useless hard (Nitro Warrior, Turbo Warrior, Turret Warrior, Max Warrior) to get cards easy to get.

ShoDan - 3. Oct, 11:18

This is better then the last Yusai pack.

Eccentric boy and Junk archer are worth buying the pack for.

Gauntlet warrior
You can Tribute this card to have all face-up Warrior-Type monsters you control gain 500 ATK and DEF until the end of the next Damage Step they battle. This effect can be activated during either player's turn.

Eccentric Boy
When this card is selected as a Synchro Material Monster, the other Synchro Material Monsters must be 1 monster in your hand. The Synchro Monster that uses this card as a Synchro Material Monster has its effect negated and removed from play when it's removed from the field.

Junk archer
"Junk Synchron" + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
Once per turn you can remove 1 monster your opponent controls from play. During the End Phase, the removed monster returns to its owner's side of the field in the same Battle Position.

Tuner Barrier
Trap card
Activate by selecting one face up tuner you control. Until the end phase of this turn it cant be destroyd by battle or by a card effect.

Forced termination
Continous trap card
By sending one card you control to the graveyard, end the batthe pase of this turn. This effect can only be actived during the battle phase

Forrenz - 3. Oct, 15:37

Yay! :3

I can't wait to get Junk Archer and Eccentric Boy!
vamer21 - 4. Oct, 11:18


i cant wait to for those two cards!
especialy the eccentric boy!
DivineVictory - 7. Nov, 21:51


*thinks about card combos with Junk Archer*

Must get at least two of these!

Red-Eyes Darkness Girl - 17. Nov, 05:26

Still waiting...

For this world to stop hati-- Er... For a Duelist Pack Jack Atlus.

Infernity Zero - 30. Jan, 03:15


Instead we're getting a Duelist Pack - Kaiba with 40 Cards instead of 30 =P
Elemental Azza Kid - 28. Nov, 14:21

Card List

You should add the currently confirmed card list to this. If you don't know what it is then I'm glad to help:

DP09-EN001: Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode
DP09-EN005: Hyper Synchron
DP09-EN010: Quickdraw Synchron
DP09-EN013: Gauntlet Warrior
DP09-EN014: Eccentric Boy
DP09-EN016: Junk Archer
DP09-EN029: Scrubbed Raid
DP09-EN030: Tuner's Barrier

brain_master - 12. Jan, 18:41

that eccentric boy will make dark simorgh really playable giving it great speed
DivineVictory - 15. Jan, 23:51


Why did they Nerf Junk Archer? He was fine at 23. Now they made him a 21. He can get run over by almost anything now. Damn it...

ShinobiPhoenix - 16. Jan, 19:50

You're as blind as a bat.

It's 2300, the card has been 2300 for a long time... I don't know... since IT CAME OUT IN JAPAN. It's not suddenly going to be 2100 for the English (not unless it was some misprint). And it's not the case.
ShinobiPhoenix - 16. Jan, 19:52

What's the European Date?

Because stores in Britain are ALREADY selling them. I bought 6 packs at a hobby shop in Cambridge (they said they just came in today). I was wondering if some people opened their boxes early or if the date was much sooner than the US.

DivineVictory - 18. Jan, 13:41


Shriek made a mistake...

How does my head taste? Now that you have fucking bitten it off.

People on this site get more and more fucking snappy everyday...
Infernity Zero - 19. Jan, 01:17

Duelist Pack Yusei 2 Booster Box

Is it me, or is does the Booster Box look different?

ZeroFrame - 19. Jan, 09:21

absolutely nothing FORCE!!! in this set is playable in my deck!.. looks like I'm not going to bother buying this pack... next please..

Infernity Zero - 21. Jan, 23:49

So you DON'T want a 2300 ATK monster that removes a monster from the game once a turn? =S
masterofdarkness - 26. Jan, 19:41

tuner's barrier

this card looks good combined with blackwing gale of the whirlwind for a syncro monster next turn



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