Duelist Pack – Kaiba –

Duelist Pack – Kaiba – Duelist Pack – Kaiba –
In 2009, we brought back some of Yugi’s best cards in the easy-to-collect Duelist Pack format. Now we’re doing the same for Yugi’s greatest rival, with Duelist Pack – Kaiba –!

This is your chance to collect the most famous – and infamous – cards of the man himself, with some all-new twists you’ve never seen before. We’ve expanded this Duelist Pack set to 40 cards, because Kaiba has so many great cards, and we couldn’t bear to leave any of them out!

Highlights of this special set include:
  • A brand-new “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” Effect Monster, available for the first time!
  • 5 Ultimate Rare versions of Kaiba’s most foreboding – and forbidden – cards, including “Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End,” “Cyber Jar,” and “Pot of Greed” – cards never before seen as Ultimate Rares.
  • Brand-new artwork for “XYZ-Dragon Cannon” and “Vorse Raider.”
  • Includes two of the biggest monsters ever created: “Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon” and “Dragon Master Knight.”
  • A new chance for you to get popular but hard-to-find cards like “Fiend’s Sanctuary” and the alternate artwork “La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp.”
  • Foil-up your deck with a shiny Super Rare version of “Return from the Different Dimension.”
Each pack also contains a tip card to help you re-live some of Kaiba’s greatest Dueling moments.

So dust off your cape and strap on your Duel Disk, because it’s time to prove you’ve got what it takes to be the world’s greatest Duelist!

Duelist Pack – Kaiba – product breakdown:
  • 40-card complete set:
  • 19 Common Cards (4:1)
  • 8 Rare Cards (1:1)
  • 5 Super Rare Cards (1:5)
  • 3 Ultra Rare Cards (1:15)
  • 5 Ultimate Rare Cards (1:24)

Launch Date: 20th April 2010
Konami Tournament Legal Date: 20th April 2010

Ultimate Rare(5)
DPKB-EN010 Cyber Jar
DPKB-EN016 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
DPKB-EN029 Pot of Greed
DPKB-EN036 Ring of Destruction
DPKB-EN039 Crush Card Virus (alt. Art)

Ultra Rare(3)
DPKB-EN023 Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon
DPKB-EN026 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
DPKB-EN027 Dragon Master Knight

Super Rare(5)
DPKB-EN001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
DPKB-EN022 The White Stone of Legend
DPKB-EN025 XYZ-Dragon Cannon (alt. Art)
DPKB-EN035 Fiend’s Sanctuary
DPKB-EN038 Return from the Different Dimension

DPKB-EN008 Vorse Raider (alt. Art)
DPKB-EN013 Vampire Lord
DPKB-EN014 Different Dimension Dragon
DPKB-EN015 Kaiser Glider
DPKB-EN017 Kaiser Sea Horse
DPKB-EN019 Peten the Dark Clown
DPKB-EN024 Paladin of White Dragon
DPKB-EN033 Cost Down

DPKB-EN002 Hitotsu-Me Giant
DPKB-EN003 Judge Man
DPKB-EN004 Swordstalker
DPKB-EN006 Saggi the Dark Clown
DPKB-EN005 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp (alt. Art)
DPKB-EN007 X-Head Cannon
DPKB-EN009 Lord of D.
DPKB-EN011 Y-Dragon Head
DPKB-EN012 Z-Metal Tank
DPKB-EN018 Enraged Battle Ox
DPKB-EN020 Familiar Knight
DPKB-EN021 Ancient Lamp
DPKB-EN028 Polymerization
DPKB-EN030 The Flute of Summoning Dragon
DPKB-EN031 Magic Reflector
DPKB-EN032 White Dragon Ritual
DPKB-EN034 Ring of Defense
DPKB-EN037 Interdimensional Matter Transporter
DPKB-EN040 Cloning

DPKB-EN001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Super Rare

DPKB-EN002 Hitotsu-Me Giant

DPKB-EN003 Judge Man

DPKB-EN004 Swordstalker

DPKB-EN005 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp

DPKB-EN006 Saggi the Dark Clown

DPKB-EN007 X-Head Cannon

DPKB-EN008 Vorse Raider Rare

DPKB-EN009 Lord of D.

DPKB-EN010 Cyber Jar Ultimate Rare

DPKB-EN011 Y-Dragon Head

DPKB-EN012 Z-Metal Tank

DPKB-EN013 Vampire Lord Rare

DPKB-EN014 Different Dimension Dragon Rare

DPKB-EN015 Kaiser Glider Rare

DPKB-EN016 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End Ultimate Rare

DPKB-EN017 Kaiser Sea Horse Rare

DPKB-EN018 Enraged Battle Ox

DPKB-EN019 Peten the Dark Clown Rare

DPKB-EN020 Familiar Knight

DPKB-EN021 Ancient Lamp

DPKB-EN022 The White Stone of Legend Super Rare

DPKB-EN023 Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon
DARK/Dragon - Effect/8/3000/2500
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by removing from play 1 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from your Deck. There can only be 1 face-up "Malefic" monster on the field. Other monsters you control cannot declare an attack. If there is no face-up Field Spell Card on the field, destroy this card.
Ultra Rare
DPKB-EN023 Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon

DPKB-EN024 Paladin of White Dragon Rare

DPKB-EN025 XYZ-Dragon Cannon Super Rare

DPKB-EN026 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Ultra Rare
DPKB-EN026 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

DPKB-EN027 Dragon Master Knight Ultra Rare

DPKB-EN028 Polymerization

DPKB-EN029 Pot of Greed Ultimate Rare

DPKB-EN030 The Flute of Summoning Dragon

DPKB-EN031 Magic Reflector

DPKB-EN032 White Dragon Ritual

DPKB-EN033 Cost Down Rare

DPKB-EN034 Ring of Defense

DPKB-EN035 Fiend’s Sanctuary Super Rare

DPKB-EN036 Ring of Destruction Ultimate Rare

DPKB-EN037 Interdimensional Matter Transporter

DPKB-EN038 Return from the Different Dimension Super Rare

DPKB-EN039 Crush Card Virus Ultimate Rare

DPKB-EN040 Cloning
SynjoDeonecros - 27. Jan, 23:42

...A New Blue-Eyes Effect Monster? If this turns out to be Sin Blue-Eyes, that's gonna be a bit disappointing. If it's a completely new monster...just, wow. That's freaky.

TheDarkAngelRocket - 28. Jan, 00:07

Kaiba Duelist Pack

Most likely it's Sin Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
Well, it's better that these promos get released sooner than later, right?
Anyways, Chaos Emperor Dragon- Envoy of the End, Pot of Greed AND Cyber Jar? What's the freaking point of including THREE banned cards? It's space that could have been used for some of Kaiba's other cards. Remember, 40 cards isn't a big enough space to include the giant myriad of cards that is Kaiba's deck.

DaKareerKilla - 28. Jan, 00:39

Hey, you never know. This doesn't come out til after the new Forbidden / Restricted list is in place, so maybe Konami are planning on bringing them back? Not really fussed on Chaos Emperor or Cyber Jar coming back, but Pot of Greed would be A-OK =3
alapharm - 1. Feb, 16:29

they will never allow pot of greed back...they are completely against "cards with no costs". it was one of the greatest draw cards around, but because you had to give nothing up, they banned it. so it went for raigeki, harpie's feather duster, dark hole, etc. i'm surprised MST and heavy haven't been touched...yet....
foxfires - 28. Jan, 00:24

Me want!

Give me that super return from the different dimension and fast! :p
That fiend's sanctuary also does sound nice

Wysten - 28. Jan, 01:00

Eh, the ultimate rare thing sounds very gimmicy, as in secert rares in a limited edition pack. Not found of the addition of them, though depending on whats chosen I may not be that bothered. Heheh

Chances are it is probably Sin though, though that would be horrid since that is not one of Kabias cards. Otherwise I be very surprised in a pleasent way.

darkarmeddragon666 - 28. Jan, 02:33

alt art ccv

plz be ulty in here...

ShiroRyu - 28. Jan, 02:43

Oooh, wow

Ultimate CED-EotE? Don't care if it's banned, that's gonna be sweet. Got myself an OCG version so I know how cool it looks. :D This is a first for a DP to have Ultimate Rares, or have more than 30 cards. Hope Ultimate/Ultra/Super alt-art CCV will be in.

"Brand-New BEWD Effect Monster"? Probably Sin BEWD, but it could be something completely new and awesome. Super Return will be awesome too, and alt-art XYZ will be neat.

Looking forward to more info! :P

P.S. Anyone think a Judai/Jaden Manga DP would be neat? It'd be a good way to introduce the cards that still haven't been released in TCG too.

Setosama - 28. Jan, 03:53

Manga Jaden?

That's gonna be the English PP03. ;-) Great Tornado and Parallel World Fusion FTW!!! XD
darkarmeddragon666 - 28. Jan, 03:03



CCV (alt art)
Ring of Destruction (or possibly dimension fusion)
Pot of Greed
Cyber Jar


Dragon Master Knight
Fiend's Sanctuary


XYZ (alt. art)
Vorse Raider (alt. art)


La Jinn (alt. art)
Kaiser Glider
Ring of Defense
Blade Knight
Polymerization (alt. art)


Spear Dragon
Lord of D.
Soul Exchange
White Dragon Ritual
Paladin of White Dragon
Thunder Dragon
Twin Headed Thunder Dragon
Vampire Lord
Burst Breath
Flute of Summoning Dragon

Forrenz - 29. Jan, 08:27

Great list

But what's "Econ"?
An Onyx Mouse - 5. Feb, 21:18

Enemy Controller.
slypher2005 - 28. Jan, 03:07

I know that this was gonna be coming out it was just a matter of time but with Ultimates witch is kinda cool.

Setosama - 28. Jan, 03:38



The Blue-Eyes Effect Monster, is probably just gonna be Sin Blue-Eyes, but Konami could surprise us with a whole brand new freaking card. I would NOT mind Sin Blue-Eyes tho.

Super Return? About time!

Oh, and "Crush Card Virus" BETTER be in this!

And 40 cards instead of the usual 30? Hm. Intersting! I wonder which Alternate Art XYZ we're getting? Judging by the fact that Alt. Vorse Raider is in here, I'd bet the LE5 one from the same set in Japan.

Oh god! I've waited YEARS for this!!! SETO KAIBA RULES!!!

Fob4eva - 28. Jan, 03:56

Reprinting Ban cards?!

wtf?! why are they reprinting ban cards!? oh yea, im going to put cyber jar, chaos emperor dragon and especially pot of greed in my deck. Time to spend my money on many boxes now.

J4B0i - 28. Jan, 05:08

Some people still play Traditional. :|

dragoon123 - 28. Jan, 05:13

ok... wtf

this is just to cool for words! i mean, super rftdd, and the ultimates in a dp, well kde, what is the meaning of this? i think (as all of you may think) that the naw blue eyes thing is the sin version, still that would be ok, could find use for it somehow xd. but to think they would bring back legends from the past, like chaos dragon, pot and cyber jar... i do not think so, it would throw the tcg game to pieces now, and what would kde do next? no more forbidden cards... i think there making just sweet reprints, however, it is not going the normal way, change of dp-roles; meaning the card total and ultimates in it, making reprints of forbidden cards... would the list of 1-03 become a legend? would be cool, using chaos dragon in my twilight deck xd. it could all be just a reprint section, nothing more :s, never the less, i will give some good stuff fore those ultimates. just weight and see wat this all means, what can we do otherwise? btw foxfires, hoping for super rftdd, haha, me 2, i will get my hands on it, just you weight :p.

and, kaiba realy rules xd

when darkness and light become one, the world will know real chaos
Wolfgang DelaSangre - 28. Jan, 07:44

I'm a bit disappointed

Chaos Emperor Dragon? Cyber Jar? Pot of Greed? Dragon Master Knight?

The first three are banned, and the second one was only ever used twice- and of those times, it was Yugi that summoned it, not Kaiba.

All three of these could have been other, better cards that we don't have IRL, such as Magical Trick Mirror and Command Silencer. I doubt we'll be getting anything we don't already have, aside from the new Blue-Eyes card.

spotz - 28. Jan, 07:52


It says "A brand new "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" effect monster, available for the first time!" By this I don't think that its Sin BEWD, because the clause "First Time". That probably includes Japan, especially now that KDE has taken over. I think that it will be a brand new BEUD, but with what stats and effects I have no Idea.

TheDarkAngelRocket - 28. Jan, 18:26

re: spotz

If it isn't going to be Sin Blue-Eyes White Dragon, hopefully it isn't something like Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon (with a ridiculous summoning requirement).
EvilAzn - 28. Jan, 12:47


I was hoping for it but, wasn't expecting it. Hopefully we have a Jyounochi Duelist Pack next, he has some decent cards that really need a reprint.

My guesses:

Ultimate Rares (these just add more holos per box!!)

Chaos Emperor Dragon
Cyber Jar
Pot of Greed
Ring of Destruction
Master of Dragon Soldier

Ultra Rares

Sin Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Crush Card Virus (alt art)
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (alt art)

Super Rares

Blue Eyes White Dragon (alt art)
Vorse Raider (alt art)
XYZ Dragon Cannon (alt art)
Fiend's Sanctuary
Return from the Different Dimension


Paladin of White Dragon
Twin Headed Thunder Dragon
Lord of D.
Ancient Lamp
Ring of Defense
Interdimensional Matter Transporter


X-Head Cannon (I hope they dont get another release --they were in Manjoume's Duelist Pack)
Y-Dragon Head
Z-Metal Tank
Blade Knight
Slate Warrior
Possessed Dark Soul
Spear Dragon
Spirit Ryu
Different Dimension Dragon
Thunder Dragon
Cost Down
Soul Exchange
Enemy Controller
White Dragon Ritual
Flute of Summoning Dragon
Negate Attack
Shadow Spell
Final Attack Orders
Virus Cannon

masterofdarkness - 28. Jan, 18:20


konami have done it again they have REALLY surprised me

Onzee - 28. Jan, 19:04


RED EYES B. DRAGON(effect monster)
Phanter Warrior (alt. Art)
Thousand Dragon (alt. Art)
Aligator Sword (rare)
Battle Warrior (rare)
Aligator Sword Dragon (super rare)
Jinzo (Ultimate Rare)
Insect Queen (alt. Art)
Rocket Warrior (alt.Art)

Infernity Zero - 30. Jan, 13:20

IS there an alternate art of Insect Queen and Rocket Warrior? And Battle Warrior should be common. I don't wanna see no Battle Warrior as my Rare in the Pack. It would be Dark Rabbit all over again :(
Rebornsan - 28. Jan, 23:27


Konami, a duelist pack jack, aki or crow would be more useful then this...

Infernity Zero - 30. Jan, 13:24


*blackfeather synchro monster
*Blackfeather effect monster

Blackfeather Dragon

Armor Master
Amred Wing
Silverwind the Ascendant


RiverShock - 2. Mar, 18:11

Rebornsan, a TCG-exclusive Jack/Akiza/Crow DP wouldn't give us anything we don't already have. The TCG-exclusive DPs are primarily an avenue to release the large quantity of Alt. Arts we likely wouldn't get otherwise, as well as to reprint older cards.

Just so you know, only Joey has enough Alt. Arts we don't have left after Kaiba. (Having Alt. Arts for Flame Swordsman, Gilford the Lightning, Kunai with Chain, Panther Warrior, Red-Eyes B. Dragon, Thousand Dragon and Tiger Axe.)

Hmm... Actually... There's also barely enough for a second Yugi DP... (Celtic Guardian, Gaia the Fierce Knight, Kuriboh, and some longshots. Come to think of it... That may explain why several iconic cards of Yugi's weren't in DPYG... (Gaia/Swift Gaia, Celtic/Obnoxious Celtic, Magician of Black Chaos and the Magnet Warriors...)

But anyway, that's off-topic.
darkarmeddragon666 - 29. Jan, 00:29


who thinks it'll go up 2 1 (and price will be jacked up). I wouldn't be surprised, ccv at 1 and plague banned would cripple ls, the deck that has been winning every sjc this format. Plus this pack will sell better.

dragoon123 - 29. Jan, 01:57

ls counter

well, if you say lightsworn, then i can think of the top deck in the world, however, i have a counter maybe. i have tryed it many times, and it works perfectly xd. use a anti-ls-side deck, not to mutch, and ply d-end dragoon in a zombie-destiny deck, it works like nothing ever stoped dragoon, i mean, it was a top card some years ago, well it is back and stronger then ever!

this is a list of cards that could be used

2x plasma
2x dogma
zombie master
2x necro gardna
2x mesuki
burial from a dd
2x polymarisation
3x d-draw
2x allure
2x malycious
2x diamond dude
2x bottemless

for side a good card would be solemn and dark bribe.

you could use decree to block shadow mirror and skill so...

before any one is going to say i am trying to be the great know it all, i am just a good deck builder i think, i like the d-heros and dragoon even more then any other card.

remember that you could bring it back into the grave with burial from a dd and even stop brionac with skill or even stop the summoning of it with c.

dont look at the deck without thinking of the power combos, think about zombie world xd... i tryed tis at tournaments and won a lot.

darkarmeddragon666 - 29. Jan, 02:46


actually, i am not a hater of LS. i actually run a kristyasworn build and am hoping jd and ccv DONT get touched. i just have a feeling that ccv will get unbanned, as it also would be good 4 buisness since this pack is being released annd the second turbo pack has already been released, so the rare one could go 4 $40-60 like cp01 solemn did b4 it got knocked down 2 1. call me be biased or whatever but its just my personal prediction. o and y the fuck would u run non-zero fusions in a destiny zombie deck? this meta is wayy too fast 4 dragoon. zero isnt that hard 2 find it comes w/ a $9 manga. and no brionac? fail

dragoon123 - 29. Jan, 06:08

dark armed dragon666

oh, i am not a ls hater either, it is my best deck, my side is that of a twilight to confuse my oponent during round 2 and they uses light mirror lol. crystiasworn, nice, still i think end dragoon cruches all monsters, even by skilling it, it will be a beatstick of 3000, and, i play zero as well, but i am not going to put my deck on a site or whatever, just give some fun tips or so...

i like ls but love d-heros, for a special reason so... never the less, i still play ls at tournaments every time and wins again and again xd; and did the same with end-dragoon, so ls vs d-end decks, hmmm.....
Forrenz - 29. Jan, 08:40

If not [SIN Blue Eyes White Dragon]...

Maybe it'll be a LV4 monster along the lines of [Cyber Dragon Zwei], which would be cool for added [BEUD] fuel and something to use [Burst Stream of Destruction] with too :)

AtlasJack - 30. Jan, 04:49

Blue eyes Ultimate shining dragon

To counter the Red eyes darkness metal dragon, it would be cool to have a counter monster to the red eyes series

Infernity Zero - 30. Jan, 13:46

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Shining Dragon

LIGHT / Dragon - Fusion - Effect / 12 / 5000 / 4000
"Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" + "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon"
This card can only be Fusion Summoned with the above Fusion-Material Monsters. This card gains 500 ATK and DEF for every Dragon-type monster in your Graveyard. This card is unaffected by Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards and Effects.

I actually made this card on YGO Card Maker a few years ago. (Thought of it when I was in 1st-2nd grade lol)
RiverShock - 2. Mar, 18:14

Congratulations, Infernity Zero, you did the undoable. You broke Gale Dogra. Though even if that didn't exist, your card would be broken. It's not hard to get a BEUD graved.
darkscythequeen - 2. Feb, 14:18

BEWD Synchro?

As a Dragon fan, I love any new dragon card that comes my way, and since they said that this new BEWD 'has never been seen before', it could be that they retrained the famous dragon we all know to become a Synchro Monster, since it just doesn't make sense that there's a Blue-Eyes White Dragon Tuner (I.e. White of Legend), but no Synchro.

GodTonberry - 8. Feb, 01:12


YEAHA!!!! I mean, very well then.

New Blue-Eyes card huh . . . a lot of peoples seem to think it's gonna be Sin BEWD, but I'm not so sure. Wasn't that a VJUMP promo? Correct if I'm wrong, but the pattern seems to be that vjumps are released in the TCG mostly with Shonen Jump magazine, or as a special offer with the mag. SO by that reasoning, I would assume that it is not, but I could be wrong.

MasterSephiroth - 14. Feb, 18:37


It's Sin Blue-Eyed White Dragon according to ideal808.com^^...but as German cards player I'd love to see something like:

Weisser Drache mit eiskaltem Blick
Der Name dieser Karte wird als "Blauäugiger w. Drache" behandelt. Diese Karte wird als Normales Monster behandelt.

White Dragon with ice-cold Look
The name of this card is treated as "Blue-Eyes white Dragon". This card is treated as Normal Monster.

'Cause in the german dub we had this cards name translated into that. I'd really love to see this^^

Infernity Zero - 16. Feb, 00:59

Sin Blue-Eyes White Dragon


The "brand-new 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon' Effect Monster" is Sin Blue-Eyes White Dragon, or whatever Konami changes the name to. It's right there on the Booster Box.

AndrewOverload519 - 20. Feb, 12:04


Now that I found out that Sin BEWD is the "new" BEWD Effect Monster, I'm quite disappointed. I was expecting something new and different, especially considering the fact that I have a Blue-Eyes deck myself. Oh well, I guess there's always Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.

At least the Ultimate Rares in the set would give those who play the Traditional format something to play with.

Infernity Zero - 21. Feb, 14:23

Ultimate Rare Pot of Greed!


But don't get me wrong, I still want one.
skyphertheslydragon - 25. Feb, 23:20

DP Joey

If there is a Duelist Pack Joey, I am looking forward to an ultimate Fiber Jar, lol. I like Gilford the Lightning's Alt Artwork as well. Reprints of Graceful and Skull dice would also be interesting. Finally, a common Scapegoat too.

It would probably have a reprint of B. Skull Dragon and hopefully Meteor Dragon. That way we will finally get Meteor Black Dragon.

Red-Eyes B. Dragon would obviously be in this pack.

I really hope they do make a DP Joey.

'Till next time, "Gotcha"!

KarmaCutter - 1. Mar, 21:43


If XYZ is included I guess X,Y and Z could be inside after all...
Another guess are signature cards like:

Spear Dragon
Lord of D. (+ the flute of course)
Kaiser Sea-Horse or Glider (even better!!!)
Final Attack orders

RiverShock - 2. Mar, 18:19

Shrink and Final Attack Orders really aren't "signature cards" of Kaiba's. Especially Shrink. Shrink's about as much of a "signature card" as Book of Secret Arts is to Yugi. It's just a generic card he used a couple of times. Final Attack Orders was major in its appearance, but it only appeared once, and in a capacity completely unlike the RL equivalent.

I do, however, agree that Spear Dragon, Lord of D., The Flute of Summoning Dragon and Kaiser Sea Horse are very likely. (I also HOPE for Glider, but he only used that once or twice, so if it is included, it'd be pretty much solely for rarity.)
Fob4eva - 8. Mar, 19:06

Enough reprints with shrinks!

That card was use to be busted when it came out in SJC. Then it got reprinted in SDZW and now SDMM.
Dragon King - 7. Mar, 14:26

Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon....Not Sin?

Will,i guess everyone was right about Sin-Blue Eyes White Dragon was going to be the new card.
But not its Malefic Blue Eyes White Dragon....dont ready care...lol

Forrenz - 7. Mar, 19:58

At least we're getting it.

I'm glad to see we're getting a "Sin" - er, "Malefic" card so quick. If the do a Joey pack any time soon, I'd hope for "Malefic Red-Eyes B. Dragon", unless it comes with the movie.
Dragon King - 8. Mar, 02:03

I hope the movie hits the states soon.....it would be cool.
it will most likey come to dvd.
Fob4eva - 8. Mar, 19:05

Tristan's voice = Yusei's Voice

One thing i don't want to hear is his voice with yusei. Same with Bakura's voice on Jack Atlas. They call it malefic because they can't use the word sin. We should all know by now that they sensor everything that has something to do with religion and body parts.
Forrenz - 8. Mar, 21:02


Where did THAT come from? Everyone knows all that already (literally for years now).
I'm sure it'll be straight to DVD, but it better be watchable in 3-D like it is supposed to be, and I still kinda bet [Malefic Red-Eyes B. Dragon] will come with it, especially when it's the weakest of the Sin monsters (well, except the "Gear" Tuner, but I doubt they're making it into a real card).
Infernity Zero - 11. Mar, 23:36


I saw a clip from the movie when Sin / Malefic Truth Dragon was summoned, and it reminded me exactly of Marik and Ra (they merged). I want Truth Dragon!
skyphertheslydragon - 18. Mar, 01:15

Sin/Malefic Truth Dragon

This card was just announced to be released in the OCG. I am pretty sure they will change its effect(s) and maybe its stats too. I doubt that the Spell card used to summon it will be needed (look at Armityle, the sacred beast fusion, for example).

Regarding this pack, I was hoping for an Ultimate Rare Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, lol, since there was one in that rarity in the OCG. I still hope for an ultimate Crush Card, because that was also an ultimate rare in the OCG, and that artwork probably look awesome.

I wonder if Malefic Blue-Eyes is going to take the place of the regular Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
magikarp - 16. Mar, 21:26

Infernity Zero - 8. Apr, 00:12

Blue-Eyes / Red-Eyes Deck V.2

3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon (first ever version)
3x Red-Eyes B. Dragon
3x Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon
3x Malefic Red-Eyes B(lack). Dragon
2x Red-Eyes Wyvern
3x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
3x Any Dragon

2x Polymerization
3x Any Field Spell
1x Terraforming
1x Field Barrier
1x Shrink
3x Burial from the Different Dimension
3x Pot of Avarice

1x Negate Attack
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Dimensional Prison
1x Draining Shield

Extra Deck:
2x Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Any advice?

skyphertheslydragon - 8. Apr, 19:33


I would recommend to try running Masolleum of the Emperor for a Field Spell. Also try out Dragon's Mirror (remove from play Dragon Type Fusion Material monsters in your Graveyard instead of the Field). Return from the Different Dimension should help. By the way, Burial from a Different Dimension is limited. Trade In might provide draw power, and you may want to cut back on the number of high level monsters. If you can, test out Five-Headed Dragon (Dragon type Fusion monster with 5000 ATK/5000 DEF) in your Extra Deck. Although it may seem out of place, with all the Darks and Lights, one Chaos Sorcerer might fit too, for added removal. Threating Roar might work better than Negate Attack and Draining Shield.
judaikunakafish - 9. Apr, 03:30

wow really?

Seriously? lol Not looking for anything from this DP but the Super Return and Malefic Blue Eyes and all of the alt. art cards that we'll b getting... other than that that's pretty much it... I don't really care much for the ulti banned cards, although an ulti CEDEOTE will be nice...

ShiroRyu - 14. Apr, 02:36

I have to say, I'm not particularly impressed with the amount of rubbish in this pack (e.g. Swordstalker, Judge Man, Hitotsu-Me Giant). I'm sure they could have cut this down to 30 by eliminating these rubbish cards. Or at least put in better cards that Kaiba has used such as Spear Dragon or *ugh* Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon. Seriously where is BESD? DP Yugi had Sorcerer of Dark Magic, while Kaiba's left with Judge Man. :/

On the plus side, we have Sin/Malefic BEWD, along with reprints of Kaiser Glider, Master Dragon Knight and Paladin of White Dragon, all of which are pretty spiffy, along with Ultimate Chaos Emperor Dragon.

Still no word on the final Ultimate yet though? I hope they surprise me, like OCG-art Monster Reborn. I'm guessing it'll be Cyber-Stein though.

MasterSephiroth - 14. Apr, 10:58

Card List

I've just arranged these cards, the way Konami normaly is arranging reprint sets:

DPKB-EN001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
DPKB-EN002 Hitotsu-Me Giant
DPKB-EN003 Judge Man
DPKB-EN004 Swordstalker
DPKB-EN005 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
DPKB-EN006 Saggi the Dark Clown
DPKB-EN007 X-Head Cannon
DPKB-EN008 Vorse Raider
DPKB-EN009 Lord of D.
DPKB-EN010 Cyber Jar
DPKB-EN011 Y-Dragon Head
DPKB-EN012 Z-Metal Tank
DPKB-EN013 Vampire Lord
DPKB-EN014 Different Dimension Dragon
DPKB-EN015 Kaiser Glider
DPKB-EN016 Kaiser Sea Horse
DPKB-EN017 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
DPKB-EN018 Enraged Battle Ox
DPKB-EN019 Peten the Dark Clown
DPKB-EN020 Familiar Knight
DPKB-EN021 Ancient Lamp
DPKB-EN022 The White Stone of Legend
DPKB-EN023 Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon
DPKB-EN024 Paladin of White Dragon
DPKB-EN025 XYZ-Dragon Cannon
DPKB-EN026 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
DPKB-EN027 Dragon Master Knight
DPKB-EN028 The Flute of Summoning Dragon
DPKB-EN029 Polymerization
DPKB-EN030 Pot of Greed
DPKB-EN031 Magic Reflector
DPKB-EN032 White Dragon Ritual
DPKB-EN033 Cost Down
DPKB-EN034 Ring of Defense
DPKB-EN035 Fiend's Sanctuary
DPKB-EN036 Interdimensional Matter Transporter
DPKB-EN037 Return from the Different Dimension
DPKB-EN038 Cloning
DPKB-EN039 Crush Card Virus
DPKB-EN040 ???

So now there is room to speculate about the last Ultimate (being a trap card)...maybe it's ring of destruction...but i don't think so, 'cause it should...it should...be a card that has a later release than the Crush Card Virus from GLD1...I don't now which it could be...

Setosama - 14. Apr, 20:06

WOW! This pack ROCKS!!!

Everything I would have wanted from this pack and MUCH more! Well, ok... I would have liked a Super Rare copy of Soul Release in here. That would have been AMAZINGLY pretty to look at. But aside from that and the new Blue-Eyes monster being Sin... I'm sorry "Malefic" (WTF)... IT'S GOT EVERYTHING ELSE ANY KAIBA FAN (like myself) COULD EVER DREAM OF!!!

Ring of Destruction is THE LAST card in the set. A YouTube Vid of some guy opening some early packs proves it. Epic Awesomeness!

If I can get a job, I am buying BOXES of this set! Love it! WAY ****ING better than Yugi's DP!!!

Infernity Zero - 14. Apr, 23:57

What if the last Ultimate Rare is Soul Release...

This message basically speaks for itself...

EDIT: I just read your post again, and I didn't see that ROD is the last card.
ShiroRyu - 15. Apr, 02:36

Yeah, the final Ultimate is Ring of Destruction. Proof here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XTnvjXAzow 1:19 + 8:31.
Disappointing, OCG-Reborn would have been sexy.
Shadowmancer_Lord - 16. Apr, 08:08

... Everything?

I'm sorry, but no. <_< No Gyakutenno Megami, which served as one of the coolest moments in the anime. No Virus Cannon, which was a big part of his Battle City deck strategy. No Burst Stream of Destruction.

But worse than that. Worse than all that. NO. FUCKING. KAIBAMAN. D<

This would have been the perfect place to reprint Kaibaman. But noooo. Instead we get... Hitotsu-Me Giant, and gay clowns, and VAMPIRE LORD. He used Vampire Lord exactly once, in the Virtual World arc. <_<

Seriously we got screwed on this pack. If there were alt. arts of most of these, THEN I'd love it. But I've been a Kaiba fanboy since Ep. 1 and.... ugh, there are just so many more things they could have done with this that it's not even funny.

Also, an SR Blue-Eyes. That's almost goddamn sacrilege. D< There should never be a Blue-Eyes lower than Ultra.
ShiroRyu - 16. Apr, 17:13

Exactly, they had so many better options to put in over the crap they ended up putting in. It seems rather than thinking about what strategies Kaiba uses, they just had a long list of cards that Kaiba has used and picked them at random. And thrown in Malefic BEWD since it's new to the TCG. Yugi's DP wasn't full of chod like Full Moon, Silver Fang or even more recognizable cards like Gazelle, Magnet Warriors or Celtic Guardian. So why did Kaiba get stuck with all this crap?

And yeah, I totally agree about BEWD. BEWD at anything below Ultra should be illegal.
ywontuc - 17. Apr, 14:06


SKE-super rare
so based off this it is a little late to start being mad at konami for super blue-eyes
ShiroRyu - 17. Apr, 21:51


I'm not really mad at Konami for super BEWD, but since this whole set's rather poor we might as well throw all the issues with this set out there. Besides that, why would use use a Super BEWD when we have Ultra/Secrets BEWDs easily available? It's crazy!
I'm fairly sure DL09 BEWD doesn't exist. There isn't a 'DL09' set even. We had a DL9, but the only card with that was Last Day of Witch.
ywontuc - 17. Apr, 14:15

open response question.

Why is the general opinion for this pack the highest of any pack? From what i see people think this set is greater than say gold series 2009 or turbo pack 1. my opinion it is ok im still going to collect it but i already have 7/8 of these cards. but when i got duelist pack yugi i already had all the cards in the set.

ShiroRyu - 17. Apr, 21:55

I'm probably going to get a few packs, see what I pull, but it's got too much rubbish in to invest much in and not as much awesome in as I hoped. I'll probably end up trading for Ultimate CED, Malefic BEWD and the other ones I'm interested in.
Infernity Zero - 21. Apr, 14:20

Birthday Present

yesterday was my birthday, got 10 of this pack...AWESOME PULLS!
-Malefic BEWD
-Fiend Sanctuary
-Alternate Art Vorse Raider
And a lot of other good stuff!
(I also got 2 Duelist Pack Collection Tins with 3 foil cards Purple and Yellow, pulled 2 JUNK ARCHERS, Machine King Barbaros Ur, Minefieldriller, and Stardust Dragon / Assault Mode; and 2 ABPF SEs, pulled an Oracle of the Sun, a REDMD, Dandylion, and other cards.)

ShiroRyu - 21. Apr, 19:47

Nice. I got 1 to see what my luck was like, pulled XYZ Dragon Cannon, and more importantly, none of those rubbish cards! Not bad! I got 3 ABPF SEs too, pulling an Ultimate Quilla and an Ultimate Urnight. P:



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