Yu-Gi-Oh! Collectible Tins 2010

Just in time for the back-to-school market, this will be the ninth set of collectible tins for the game. This wave includes tins featuring three designs: Majestic Red Dragon, Black-Winged Dragon, and Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste. Each tin includes five booster packs, a “Secret Rare” version of the monster featured on the tin, and four random “Super Rare” cards

Wave 1: 31th August
Wave 2: 2nd November

Wave 1
  • 1 pack of Stardust Overdrive
  • 2 packs of Absolute Powerforce
  • 2 packs of The Shining Darkness
  • 1 Secret Rare Promo Card
  • 4 Super Rare cards (3 Shonen Jump variant cards plus one bonus card)

Majestic Red Dragon 2010 Collectible Tin
Majestic Red Dragon 2010 Collectible Tin

Super Rares
CT07-EN006 Elemental Hero Stratos
CT07-EN007 Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord
CT07-EN008 Cyber Dinosaur
CT07-EN009 Battle Fader

Black-Winged Dragon 2010 Collectible Tin
Black-Winged Dragon 2010 Collectible Tin

Super Rares
CT07-EN010 Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest
CT07-EN011 The Wicked Eraser
CT07-EN012 Blackwing - Vayu the Emblem of Honor
CT07-EN013 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Majestic Red Dragon 2010 Collectible Tin
Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste 2010 Collectible Tin

Super Rares
CT07-EN014 Archfiend of Gilfer
CT07-EN015 The Wicked Dreadroot
CT07-EN016 Dark Armed Dragon
CT07-EN017 Dragonic Knight

Shooting Star Dragon 2010 Collectible Tin
Shooting Star Dragon 2010 Collectible Tin

  • 1 pack of Stardust Overdrive
  • 1 pack of Absolute Powerforce
  • 2 packs of The Shining Darkness
  • 1 pack of Duelist Revolution
Super Rares
Elemental Hero Ocean
Gandora the Dragon of Destruction
Dreadscythe Harvester
Stardust Dragon

Red Nova Dragon 2010 Collectible Tin
Red Nova Dragon 2010 Collectible Tin
  • 1 pack of Hidden Arsenal
  • 1 pack of Absolute Powerforce
  • 2 packs of The Shining Darkness
  • 1 pack of Duelist Revolution
Super Rares
Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord
Magician’s Valkyria
Red Dragon Archfiend
The Wicked Avatar

CT07-EN001 Majestic Red Dragon
Secret Rare
CT07-EN001 Majestic Red Dragon

CT07-EN002 Black-Winged Dragon
Secret Rare
CT07-EN002 Black-Winged Dragon

CT07-EN003 Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste
WIND/Dragon - Fusion - Effect/10/3200/2000
This monster can only be Special Summoned by Fusion Summon (from the Extra Deck). Once per turn, you can select 1 Dragon-Type Synchro Monster in your Graveyard. Remove it from play, treat this card's name as that monster's name, and give this card the same effects as that monster, until the End Phase. While this card is in face-up Attack Position, any effect damage you would take from an opponent's card effect is inflicted to your opponent instead.
Secret Rare
CT07-EN003 Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste

Shooting Star Dragon
WIND/Dragon - Synchro - Effect/10/3300/2500
1 Synchro Tuner + "Stardust Dragon"
Secret Rare

Red Nova Dragon
DARK/Dragon - Synchro - Effect/12/3500/3000
2 Tuner + "Red Archfiend Dragon"
Secret Rare
DIOS_GALE - 20. May, 22:55


Draco Equeste and BF - dragon good!!!! =D Yeah! Konami!

OMGulator - 20. May, 23:05

I hope the 4 Super Rares are not Tokens.

TKHM - 21. May, 00:04

That would be really interesting. I'm expecting it to be something like the Promo cards of the Yusei tins or the holo Blackwing Shura, Stardust Assault Mode, and Iron Core, though.
OMGulator - 21. May, 08:36

Hang on a sec...

It could be the remaining Duel Terminal 2 cards that weren't in The Shining Darkness and Gold Series 3. They probably needed to make them easier to get. However, your ideas aren't bad either.
Axel1723 - 21. May, 01:36


i hope there not wal mart target and hobby exclusive tins but the promo cards are bad ass and i wonder what the supers are -_-
Dark Armed is a super

TheDarkAngelRocket - 21. May, 02:03

Collectible Tins 2010

I expect the fourth promo to be Shooting Star Dragon, since the first three promos are cover cards from the last three sets.

Fob4eva - 21. May, 04:44

No way

If Shooting Star Dragon is going to be the front page of Star Strike Blast, why would they release that card early. They wouldn't do that.
OMGulator - 21. May, 08:39

Another reason why Shooting Star Dragon in tins is a bad idea is... why make Shooting Star Dragon easy to get but not Formula Synchron as well?
Infernity Zero - 21. May, 23:38

4 Super Rares...

Maybe Formula Synchron is 1 of the 4 Super rares; 1 from ABPF, 1 from TSHD, 1 from DREV, and 1 from STBL.
RavenFromHell - 29. Jul, 16:37

now thats an interesting thought :P
Dragon King - 21. May, 02:31


I have two Majestic Red Dragon at this time,but Black-Winged Dragon?...that's great news! Plus Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste,that's also awesome too. But i feel this may hurt konami in the long run. Here's how i see it.
Konami,loves money(like ever business in the world).What makes them money,is Demand. Players want cards,so they buy lots of packs to get them.If they put a card the is in demand in a tin like that.Duelist may still buy the packs,but with less force. I was trying to get Black wing dragon from other deulists,but no one would trade.
But,now i'm glad. I can get one now and not have to trade away my cards. And thinking that Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste is going to be in one too,mean i don't to cut off a leg or arm to ot get him.
I'm hoping wave 2 will have Shooting Star Dragon and Scar-Red Nova Dragon.....plz,plz,plz!!!

magikarp - 21. May, 12:44

Why would they be hard to get anyway? They are bad cards.
Axel1723 - 21. May, 04:06


ithink there gonna do what they did a few years ago and do a 3 for 3 meaning wave 1 gets 3 and wave 2 gets another 3 and hopefully wave 2 is shooting star dragon scar red nova dragon and another accel synchro i heard they were making 4 for the starstrike blast set but idk

ZeroFrame - 21. May, 05:17


I was hoping for draco-Equiste... and whala... the tin came out. Plus.. Black winged dragon is a good collectible card.

Forrenz - 21. May, 20:18


I think you mean "voila" :)
Infernity Zero - 21. May, 23:40

What's funny...

I was just thinking "I'm gonna skip this pack...the only thing I want is the Draco-Equiste.." and it's in a Tin! Now I can just skip the pack overall (unless there's a special TCG Excl. or Shuisha Card) XD
tsog - 21. May, 05:42

Meh promos.
Even stardust/blackrose were better.

ShiroRyu - 21. May, 10:47

I was sort of expecting this, but didn't expect Drago-Equiste to be in wave 1.
I imagine wave 2 will be Shooting Star Dragon, Scar-red Nova Dragon and either Formula Synchron or some other (perhaps OCG) card.

Also, interesting that we get a pack of 4 super rare cards, perhaps the missing cards from Japanese DT02, perhaps other OCG cards, possibly (hoping not) tokens.

I'm also going to guess/hope that the packs will be:
2x Duelist Revolution
1x The Shining Darkness
1x Absolute Powerforce
1x Stardust Overdrive

ShiroRyu - 21. May, 11:17

Oh also, really happy that Drago-Equiste is going to be a tin promo. I want a few for my Hero deck (and Lightsworns when The Shining comes out over here), so if I don't pull any at the sneak or in my box (I typically always get a booster box for each set when it's released) I can just get a couple of tins. :3
Infernity Zero - 21. May, 23:41

Formula Synchron FTW

Infernity Zero - 23. May, 12:56


The Packs are PROBABLY gonna be like this instead; but your thought may also be true:
2x Duelist Revolution
2x The Shining Darkness
1x Absolute Powerforce
Crys - 21. May, 13:42

4 Super Rares...

unlike others, i hope the 4 super rares will be the emeaining tokens (Dandy Tokens, Ojama Tokens, Scapegoat tokens *_*)

penguar321 - 22. May, 01:41

your not the only one

I don't really want them to be tokens compared to some other cards it could be. But, seeing as I run a quickdraw deck. I want an english Dandylion token(if there is one, please tell me), plus holo tokens would be pretty sweet.
Zelda 264 - 22. May, 03:36

Promo cards

I just found this on the official yugioh site.
Majestic Red Dragon tin will have Elemental Hero Stratos as one of the promos
Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste will have Dark Armed Dragon as one of the promos
Black-Winged Dragon will have Chimeratech Fortress Dragon as one of the promos


Snipamatt - 22. May, 03:42

Confirmed Super Rares OMG!

Tin contents: Black-Winged Dragon

1 pack of Stardust Overdrive
2 packs of Absolute Powerforce
2 packs of The Shining Darkness

1 Secret Rare card: Black-Winged Dragon
1 Super Rare card: Chimeratech Fortress Dragon <-------

Tin contents: Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste

1 pack of Stardust Overdrive
2 packs of Absolute Powerforce
2 packs of The Shining Darkness

1 Secret Rare card: Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste
1 Super Rare card: Dark Armed Dragon <---------

Tin contents: Majestic Red Dragon

1 pack of Stardust Overdrive
2 packs of Absolute Powerforce
2 packs of The Shining Darkness

1 Secret Rare card: Majestic Red Dragon
1 Super Rare card: Elemental Hero Stratos <-------


Proof is on the yugioh website if you look in products and see each of the tins info. :D!

OMGulator - 22. May, 14:06

I agree

Absolutely ridiculous. I'm so pleased that the Supers are not tokens!
ShiroRyu - 23. May, 11:12

What if they were Gorz and Dandylion tokens? Those would be neat.
Myrel - 22. May, 12:38

So is anyone else slightly surprised that these tins don't seem to have Duelist Revolution?

I'm also guessing the wave two tins will be Shooting Star and Scar-Red Nova Dragons. Especially since the site says there will only be five tins.

ShiroRyu - 22. May, 12:47

Interesting, I didn't notice that. I wonder why they're doing that? :s
Crys - 22. May, 13:43


WTF Shit, another de-rarization? ç_______________ç my poor DAD ç______________ç

ShinobiPhoenix - 22. May, 13:49

Did you forgot about the Gold one?

Come on man. It's actually been ALMOST 3 years now (November 2007), I think the rest of us deserve one by now.
Crys - 22. May, 14:09

i know, but before, the Secret DAD was $$$$$$$$$$$$$, with the gold DAD it goes down but also the gold one was enough difficult to find. But, in a TIN ?!?! Shit.
ShinobiPhoenix - 22. May, 14:33

This only matters to those who bothered to spend that much money for paper.

The rest of us remembered this was a card game.

It took almost 3 years, but I'll get my DAD... assuming I'll even use it, but I'll have one to make that choice.
Fob4eva - 22. May, 17:30

NICE! 2 gold dads ftw, now super! Can't wait! Probably quitting by then! GOOD JOB KONAMI
ShiroRyu - 22. May, 21:03

Secret Dark Armed will still be wanted by people who prefer the secret one for their decks, so it'll still be worth more than your average secret. Like I prefer secret Judgment, even though we've got it in ultimate and later this year gold as well, I'll still stick by my secret ones. Same with other cards, like Cyber Dragon, who had so many reprints, yet none of them beat Ultimate Cybers. And Ultimate Cybers still sell for (checks ebay) £27.70.
Shadowmancer_Lord - 24. May, 15:48

@Ryu: Well, Troll and Toad has it for $33, and your estimate would be about $40 US, so it's not quite that bad.

Out of the non-Ultimates though, the original Rare is worth most for some reason, which pisses me off because I love that alt. art, I'm running a CyDra deck and I only have 1. And I've made a vow to never spend more than $10 on any one card.
ShiroRyu - 24. May, 16:17

Yeah, cards seem to be more expensive over here in the UK :/
ShinobiPhoenix - 22. May, 13:50

The other 17 Variants.

I wonder what the other 17 Variants are (9 from these 3 tins and 4 from the Wave 2 tins).

17 cards to make Supers out of, so much to choose from.

I can't even attempt to consider what.

penguar321 - 22. May, 15:51

SE reprints

So this is what there going to be doing since there no longer doing Special Editions for the boosters.

Teadi Sama - 22. May, 19:53

actually, there's still gonna be a SE for Shining Darkness, with tragoedia being one of the promos
Forrenz - 22. May, 23:19

Prove it

No SE for Shining Darkness has been announced yet (still).
Teadi Sama - 23. May, 01:20

so far, it can be found on yugioh.wikia, and they've been reliable so far since most of their stuff comes from this site anyway.
ShinobiPhoenix - 23. May, 12:38

It doesn't come "most" from this site...

... they just like to blame when they are wrong about something on this site.

There is no Shining Darkness SE regardless of people's complaints, any page on Wikia about it has been deleted and continued to be, there's NEVER been anything about a Shining Darkness SE on this site and I can promise you that and Kevin Tewart was already quoted outright saying there was no Shining Darkness SE and that people need to get that through their heads (almost mean about it, but the way people are just ignoring facts, I'd be mean too).

They never said they were STOPPING SE, just they had enough to deal with Hidden Arsenal 2, Duel Terminal 2 and where to shove the bad cards from the OCG DT02, Gold Series, the sets, the tins, Worlds, Nationals and everything else, it was a full plate and something had to be cut.

It's just skipping Shining and getting back to it with Duelist Revolution SE.

and FYI: Since you brought it up, why don't you go LOOK on Wikia for the page you claim exist. It's not there, what you WILL find is a DELETION Log, because the page has been created and then DELETED now up to 15 times. That's FIFTEEN TIMES. 15 FAKE pages, even one from yesterday. It's called trolling, the set doesn't exist and wikia should be the LAST source for anything confirmed. Just a repository of things confirmed by other people.
slypher2005 - 22. May, 22:00


now we got a Super DAD, the now just kills the price for the secret rare version. lol

masterofdarkness - 22. May, 22:49

holy crap

i was not expecting the promos ecpecily e-hero stratos and DAD and the secrets are good as well

Great Shogun Shine - 23. May, 03:17


Never expected Dark Armed Dragon and Chimeratech Fortress Dragon! I hope there be Lightsworns in this set.

NK9 - 23. May, 04:23


Dark armed dragon as super rare?????, definitively this is a grateful surprise, i cant´t wait for this

TKing6488 - 23. May, 06:12

Dark Armed

I'm sold, I thought that this was going to be another wave of stuff already being released but wow they really surprised me. All I hope for now is just for Ehren to be reprinted so I don't have to buy one for 20.

ShiroRyu - 23. May, 11:11

Agreed, Super Ehren would be awesome. :P I have 2 Secret Ehrens, but I'd probably prefer Super (and reserve the Secret rarity just for Judgment and Kristya). :p
SavrCosmicFighter - 23. May, 15:45

Super Dark Armed

I can finally get one w/o paying a arm and leg and say: Yeah I got one, but I don't use it and no I'm not trading O.o lol

Makes you ponder highly what the other 17 cards will be..hopefully to help the newer player base catch up

ShinobiPhoenix - 24. May, 04:47

And because it had to be done: The inevitable Oprah quote!!

(in Oprah voice)

"You get a Dark Armed Dragon...

... and YOU get a Dark Armed Dragon...

... and YOU get a Dark Armed Dragon...


GUN - 24. May, 09:51

Wow never expected this.

Hahah XD XD

@About DAD and the rest.
Awesome. =D I have 2 gold rare DAD's but im not complaining about that its coming cheap. I needed another one so this is great. And nice to see other players can get one to. And wow chimeretech fortress dragon is also aboslutly awesome. I needed one more and saturday at the national championship they wanted 25 for it, i said 20 but they said no. Hopefully there reading this. =p =p

ShiroRyu - 24. May, 11:16

Yep, that's a great attitude to have. :) I've got a secret Dark Armed myself, but I'm not really fussed about this (or similar cards like Judgment Dragon) since it gives players who can't invest as much in the game the chance to use these cards as well, and the more players able to make competitive decks = a more diverse meta environment, which is always good. Also, I've not been able to get a Chimeratech Fortress before (no-one at my locals who has any trades them) so now I can get one. :p
Hoping Stratos will have updated text as well to accomodate Vision Heroes, and looking forward to the remaining cards!
GUN - 24. May, 13:08


A diverse meta is always nice and not everyone is rich. And for the collectors they cant still have the more shiny ones. I got 2 ultimate rare judgement dragons this saturday and it cost me alot and had to give a lot of cards to besides the money. But its worth it for me even do judgement dragon is coming cheap soon. Cause he lookes so awesome as ultimate. =D

tsog - 25. May, 07:26

DAD reprint is nice. I could use another one.
Though I was hoping DAD gets banned come september. Not likely going to happen now.

ShiroRyu - 25. May, 20:57

Technically it could still do, CCV was banned pretty much as soon as Turbo 1 came out and it was reprinted as Rare.
That being said, I don't see any reason to ban DaD. It's not the scary creature of destruction it used to be.

I'm hoping Gold Sarc will be reprinted in one of these tins. I want to run a goldless deck, and Gold Sarc is the only gold rare in it (ironic huh?)
Chaos_Blaze - 27. May, 05:04

Van'Dalgyon confirmed

OMGulator - 28. May, 19:11

I see what they're trying to do here

3 of the 4 currently revealed Super Rares are Shonon Jump Promos. Are they trying to make some Shonen Jump Promos and other somewhat popular cards easier to get?

Lentra - 2. Jun, 14:38

Another reveal

The Wicked Dreadroot is going to be in the Dragon Knight tin.


ShiroRyu - 2. Jun, 18:42

Drat, beat me to it. :p

Another Jump promo. I think there might be a pattern here. 4 of the 5 cards being Jump promos now, with the odd one out being Dark Armed. I'm still hoping we'll see a super Gold Sarc somewhere. I wouldn't be surprised to see the other "The Wicked" monsters in the other 2 tins. Jump cards I would like to see are Green Baboon, E-Hero Ocean, Tragoedia and Toon DMG.

However I'm not going to bank on the cards being simply previous Jump promos. So far all cards have also been or are related to cards used by anime/manga characters, so I think that likely has relevance.
ywontuc - 10. Jun, 19:18

new additions to Black-winged dragon tin

Blackwing-vayu the emblem of honor
The wicked Eraser

leonaxium - 10. Jun, 19:49

Vayu + Proof

Lentra - 10. Jun, 22:00

Not there now

Vayu, if it was listed, isn't on the site anymore. Whether it was an accidental reveal/hide or a mistake on the part of the webmaster is an unknown, so personally, I'd think it best to leave Vayu to a 'maybe' status. (Though I won't argue a bit if it shows. n_n )
Chaosflo44 - 14. Jun, 15:22

D - Hero Plasma

I think he would be reprinted. Maybe here...

localbballer23 - 15. Jun, 01:27

Cyber Dinosaur announced for Majestic Red Dragon Tin

Just checked the Yugioh site and saw it announced.

OMGulator - 16. Jun, 11:03

Bad card is bad

Nobody Special Summons from the hand unless it's Gorz, Tragoedia or Blackwings. Cyber Dino is too situational EVEN for Side Deck material. Will STILL get the tin for Stratos though.
foxfires - 16. Jun, 11:49

phantom dragon

Cyber dino isn't worth playing, phantom dragon is better
darkarmeddragon666 - 17. Jun, 19:54

predictions for the non-jump supers

vayu in the BWD tin is pretty much a no-brainer. as 4 the majestic red tin, its probably gonna be grepher imo, but hopefully konami will answer my prayers and give us super ehren.

OMGulator - 22. Jun, 11:06

About the MJD tin

Nope. It's going to be The Wicked Avatar. They've already revealed the other two Wicked Gods in the BWD and DKD tins.
darkarmeddragon666 - 22. Jun, 14:07

can u read!?!

its says "3 jump variants and 1 bonus card". taht means the wicked avatar will NOT be in the MJD tin, as 3 jump promos have already been revealed. They may include 2 wickeds in 1 tin, tho. I hope they do include avatar in one of them, as its the only wicked id ACTUALLY want to summon. Dreadroot is crap and Eraser is bettter w/phantom of chaos (although outclassed by norerlas)

shriek - 22. Jun, 19:06

it's different per tin...
ShiroRyu - 26. Jun, 13:47

Plus "3 jump variants and 1 bonus card" doesn't exclude the bonus card from also being a jump variant. :) Besides, Stratos and Van'Dalgyon have both been released outside of jump (Stratos in CP06 and Van'Dalgyon in Yugioh R)
Infernity Zero - 13. Jul, 02:39


You can easily win using a combo of Dreadroot and Avatar, so you'll have 2 4000+ ATK and DEF monsters, and every other monster gets shrunk. EPIC WIN!!!!!
localbballer23 - 24. Jun, 06:42

Vayu's the next non-JUMP super

So what's left? Ehren? Red Dragon Archfiend?

Jump cards:
Genesis Dragon (fingers crossed)

ShiroRyu - 29. Jun, 11:20

Yes, I would love to see Ehren and Genesis Dragon :P
slypher2005 - 2. Jul, 00:22


Yeaaa now Vyau is gonna be a super rare, that's gonna kill the price of the Ultra and Ultimate. :-D
darkarmeddragon666 - 25. Jun, 04:46

MJD tin promo

still hoping 4 either grepher or ehren. rda would be nice tho (and would make perfect sense, so ya it probably will be rda considering the pattern).

Setosama - 2. Jul, 01:18

Just one more card to reveal in each...

One Jump Promo in either BFD or DKDE tins and the Regular Supered Version of a Pack Card for the MRD tin...

I'm willing to bet that The Wicked Avatar is gonna be in the DKDE tin... but... it could be in NONE of them... Barbarose would probably sell plenty of tins... Tragoedia might as well. Konami could pull a fast one on us... We ALREADY KNOW that Avatar is not gonna be in the MRD tin because we already got 3 JUMP promos there...

Hm... I want to think Barbaros is the other one... Since it's around the same release period as the rest of the JUMP cards.

Barbaros and The Wicked Avatar are my guesses... As to the super in MRD... I have no clue at all... I PERSONALLY want a Super Rare E.Hero Gaia, but Ehren would be nice, too.

Black_Wing_Ascendant - 2. Jul, 13:08


Super Vayu, Super Dark Armed, Nuff Said!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!

arcana force 1 the magician - 8. Jul, 16:48

this is so stupid. why would they make a 30 dollar card into a 3 dollar card? i was looking forward to get a ultra fader but i dont feel like trading for it cuz i know its worth nothing now. what other great card r they gunna make easily to get, emmersblade? infernity barrier? kristya?

Infernity Zero - 8. Jul, 20:00

actually...i'm kinda hoping for infernity barrier now that you mentioned it :P
Shadowmancer_Lord - 9. Jul, 01:34

Uhm... stupid? How the hell is it stupid? <_< It's a card that makes the meta more balanced, and now everyone can get it. Therefore, now everyone has a more equal chance to win since the staples are not limited to the rich kids anymore. Some people like to play but don't like to spend $40 on one card. Why should they have to lose because they can't afford to get cards that the rich kids can?

IMO, there should be no Yugioh card that's widely usable priced over $20. It's ridiculous. If it's a card only usable in a few decks? Sure. But not something everyone can throw in to counter some of the biggest threats.

So basically, you're bawwing because now other people will have Faders too so you won't feel special anymore. Big deal.
ShiroRyu - 9. Jul, 02:53

Why would you not trade for something because it's worth less now? Surely that'd be a plus for trading for it since you can get it without giving up as much. :/

I agree with Shadowmancer_lord, I mean look at the Pokémon TCG. Even the rarest and most competitive cards in current sets are worth under $20.
I don't agree with the ridiculous card pricing that gets attached to cards, I mean from what I've seen Infernity Barrier is just as easy if not easier to get than some other secrets. I've actually owned more Barriers than I've seen Destroyers, Neutrons or Saber Vaults combined, and all of those Barriers came from packs bought locally rather than ordered in or traded from elsewhere.

If it was clearly short-printed (like CCV in Gold Series) then I would imagine it'd be worth more than the average, but I still wouldn't price it as high as they go.
OMGulator - 8. Jul, 18:13

Very interesting reveals

Battle Fader in MRD tin (A somewhat decent trade-off for those expecting RDA)

2 more tins (Shooting Star Dragon kept its name. Scarlet Nova Dragon got a kick in the teeth :P)

Ocean in SSD tin (easy-to-obtain Ocean is a nice suprise)

Exodius in RND tin (an apology for not appearing in our Gemini Structure Deck?)

All in all, I'm liking what they're doing there though I bet the prices will go up with stuff like this.

Dragon King - 11. Jul, 04:56

Red Nova.....cool!

I'm glad to hear Red Nova Dragon is going to to be in a tin.
My pc has been out for a long time,so if i seem a little out of the loop,,,i;m sorry..lol
I'm happy about Shooting Star Dragon as well. But its Red Nova i'm aiming for. You just need to tuners and RDA and BOOM,Nove!
Shooting Star on the other hand is a little more ticky. Knowing my luck,i'll never get that Synchro/Tune,to make him.

Chaosflo44 - 12. Jul, 11:25

Hidden Arsenal!?!?

Why do they reprint Hidden Arsenal packs? Maybe a new chance of Brionac?

Infernity Zero - 12. Jul, 21:32

And Mist Wurm and AOJ Catastor :P
ShiroRyu - 13. Jul, 13:00

It'd have made more sense if the pack spread was:
1x Hidden Arsenal
1x Stardust Overdrive
2x The Shining Darkness
1x Duelist Revolution

1x Hidden Arsenal
1x Absolute Powerforce
2x The Shining Darkness
1x Duelist Revolution

rather than having Absolute Powerforce in both but Hidden Arsenal only in one. :/ From both a character point of view and a cards-per-tin point of view.
Lentra - 21. Jul, 03:41

Dragon Knight tin complete


Looks like Dragonic Knight is the last card for the Draco-Equiste tin.

OMGulator - 21. Jul, 09:39

Gah! You beat me to it...

Anyway, decent card none the less.
FilipGX - 26. Jul, 17:29

Other promos

I bet the other unconfirmed cards are:
Gandora the Dragon of Destruction
Orichalcos Shunoros
Cyber Eltanin
Darkness Neosphere
Genesis Dragon

and 2 more bonus cards

RavenFromHell - 29. Jul, 16:49

dont think gandora or shunoros gets in... the others are even likely :P but it can also be that the remaining cards are from sets before (TSHD, ABPF, DREV)
Lentra - 29. Jul, 04:24

Black-Winged Dragon Tin complete


The Christmas Monkey. Who'da thunk it?

RavenFromHell - 29. Jul, 16:50

not in the B-WD tin i didn't XD
Infernity Zero - 4. Aug, 22:39

Shooting Star Dragon Tin

There's still a chance Formula Synchron will be in it... (*crosses fingers*)

Dragon King - 8. Aug, 03:18

I hope so too.....
It would suck if you buy the tin,just to have to look every were to find formula synchron.
I was lucky be when MSD was in a tin,Konami made MD a common.
so a get a lot of them..lol
RavenFromHell - 12. Aug, 19:55

why'd ya even bother buying MSD? he's epic fail, coz its nearly impossible to SSummon him :S
Infernity Zero - 27. Aug, 16:52

@ RavenFromHell
I've brought it out LOADS of times, it's actually fairly easy:
Bring out Stardust (piece of cake), discard Level Eater for Quickdraw Synchron, reduce it's level by 1 to revive Level Eater, and Normal Summon 1 Level 1 monster from your hand (or use One for One).
Dragon King - 28. Aug, 20:58

My deck has a level boosting and lowering thing going on. So for me,it's not really that hard. I call him out 4 out of 10 times.
I have a lot of monsters,so i don't need to summon MSD every time.
I would like to get Shooting Star Dragon and Red Nove Dragon still.
Red Nove,a little more since i only need is RDA and two Tuners to summmon him. If i don't get my hands on Formula Synchron ,i'm going to get the Nove tin first.
Infernity Zero - 29. Aug, 21:27

you can't bottomless RND, or Torrential him, OR Mirror Force him ;)
TheDarkAngelRocket - 31. Aug, 23:40

Shooting Star

The Shooting Star Dragon tin doesn't contain at least one pack of Starstrike Blast? Blasphemy!

skyphertheslydragon - 1. Sep, 01:43

And the Draco-Equiste tin has no Duelist Revolution pack(s) in it. That seemed strange to me too, since they used to release the most recent packs related to the main promotional card(s) in the appropriate wave of tins. (I think that Ancient Prophecy was in the Power Tool Dragon and Ancient Fairy Dragon tins, promo card being AFD, and I believe that Stardust Overdrive was in the Magestic Star/Wirachocha Raska (spelling?) tins, both promo cards being relevant.)

However, last years two waves of tins are simliar to this years. The first two tins last year were both set cover cards. The last two were from the same set (Stardust Overdrive), with one being the cover card. The same thing happened this year, with the first wave being cover cards for the last 3 sets, and the second wave being the cover card for the next set (Starstrike Blast) and another card from that set, used by a main character.
skyphertheslydragon - 16. Sep, 15:33

Magician's Valkyria is in the Red Nova Dragon tin.


skyphertheslydragon - 30. Sep, 16:18

Additional Card Revealed

Red Dragon Archfiend is also in the Red Nova Dragon Tin.

(see link from my previous post)
Lentra - 20. Oct, 05:56

Red Nova Complete.

The Wicked Avatar is the last promo for the tin. Not that we should be surprised, given that Eraser and Dreadroot were in Wave 1.
Lentra - 30. Sep, 05:13

New Reveal for Shooting Star Dragon


Gandora is in the Shooting Star Dragon tin.

dragonzord onyx - 2. Oct, 03:12

Shooting Star Dragon Tin

I bet you any amount of money that the bonus super rare card in the Shooting Star Dragon Tin will be Stardust Dragon. Considering the fact that Red Dragon Archfiend is in the Red Nova Dragon tin
Infernity Zero - 3. Oct, 18:03

skyphertheslydragon - 8. Oct, 13:21

The Latest Reveal

Turns out the non-Jump promo in the Shooting Star Dragon tin is Dreadscythe Harvester. Same link as the original post.
ShiroRyu - 8. Oct, 14:17

Dreadscythe is a jump promo though. :/ (JUMP-EN015)
Disappointed by it though, out of all the JUMP promos in the tins so far I think Dreadscythe is a terrible pick. Red Nova tin looks so much better than Shooting Star right now.
skyphertheslydragon - 8. Oct, 15:52

You're right, I believe that Dreadscythe Harvester is a former subscription promo. (I was thinking of another card.) I am probably going to just get the Red Nova Dragon tin now, depending on what the final card is for the Shooting Star Dragon tin. I had great pulls out of the first tins, (such as Hamsters and Snyffus), so I am considering picking up about two or three Red Nova Dragon tins. (Hopes to pull Duality(s), lol)
ShiroRyu - 8. Oct, 19:39

I'm quite happy the Scar Red tin has HA01 in it. Never know, I might get another Mist Wurm or even Brionac! Or not. We'll see. :)
polargod1 - 20. Oct, 06:52

both tins complete

shooting star
red nova
i like that both tins contain the original dragons. and as for the wicked avatar, i think we all saw that coming, since the other two were in wave 1

ShiroRyu - 21. Oct, 01:22

Super Stardust is boring, but I expected it after Red Dragon was revealed in RND.

Overall, I want RND tin more - it has HA01 and Exodius, whilst SSD has only Ocean that I want. I'll probably just get 1 RND tin and trade for the Ocean/extra Exodius. Or maybe just trade for the Exodius/Oceans.
dragonzord onyx - 22. Oct, 00:10

Correct guess

I was right when i told all you guys that Stardust Dragon was going to be in the Shooting Star Dragon Tin a couple of weeks ago. I must be very smart when it comes to Yugioh cards since i have being collecting them fr the past couple of years.



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