Forbidden/Limited Cards (effective April 1, 2014)

New Forbidden:
Morphing Jar
Morphing Jar #2

New Limited:
Coach Soldier Wolfbark
Mermail Abyssgunde
Inferniy Barrier

New Semi-Limited:
Hieratic Seal of Convocation

No Longer Limited:
Magical Stone Excavation
Primal Seed

Complete list can be found here.
TKing6488 - 21. Mar, 03:02


Been playing Dark World for awhile, Morphing Jar needed the hit. Morphing Jar #2 I don't quite understand but I rarely see the card let alone play it. All the limited were necessary. Necroface should've stayed where it was at because of Zombie Deck out. Primal Seed loop should not exist.

Black Masked Emperor - 21. Mar, 13:09

Morphing jar and jar #2 being banned is due to jackpot 7 OTK.
Limited all are pretty well deserved.
Necroface.....why Konami why so necroface empty deck is back
Convocation only run 2 anyway
Magical stone nothing good to get back with it anyway
Primal seed I thought you wanted otks gone Konami then why give 2 that should have stayed dead back.. Why



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