Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Duelist Pack Yusei 3

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Duelist Pack Yusei 3
For the sixth consecutive year, five-card Duelists Packs are an easy and affordable way for even the youngest or most casual Yu-Gi-Oh! fans to 'Rev It Up!' This 30-card set brings Duelists more of Yusei's latest and greatest cards! Featuring 8 brand new, powerful cards (4 new Monsters, 2 new Spells, and 2 new Traps), plus a second chance to get 22 more of Yusei's favorites.

Release: 25th January 2011

DP10-EN001 Sonic Chick
DP10-EN002 Shield Wing
DP10-EN003 Stardust Xiaolong
DP10-EN004 Drill Synchron
DP10-EN005 Card Breaker
DP10-EN006 Second Booster
DP10-EN007 Effect Veiler Rare
DP10-EN008 Dash Warrior
DP10-EN009 Damage Eater
DP10-EN010 A/D Changer
DP10-EN011 Stronghold Guardian

DP10-EN012 Boost Warrior
FIRE/Warrior - Effect/1/300/200
If you control a face-up Tuner monster, you can Special Summon this card from your hand in face-up Defense Position. All Warrior-Type monsters you control gain 300 ATK

DP10-EN013 Justice Bringer
EARTH/Warrior - Effect/4/1700/1000
Once per turn, when a Special Summoned monster your opponent controls activates its effect, you can negate the activation.
Ultra Rare

DP10-EN014 Bri Synchron
EARTH/Machine - Tuner/4/1500/1100
If this card is sent to the Graveyard as a Synchro Material Monster, until the End Phase of this turn, the Synchro Monster that used this card as a Synchro Material Monster gains 600 ATK but its effects are negated.
Ultra Rare

DP10-EN015 Big One Warrior
LIGHT/Warrior - Effect/1/100/600
During your Main Phase, you can send 1 Level 1 monster, except this card, from your hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon this card from your hand.
Super Rare

DP10-EN016 Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste Super Rare
DP10-EN017 Majestic Star Dragon Rare
DP10-EN018 Drill Warrior Rare
DP10-EN019 Cards Of Consonance
DP10-EN020 Variety Comes Out
DP10-EN021 Blind Spot Strike
DP10-EN022 Double Cyclone

DP10-EN023 Battle Waltz
Normal Spell Card
Select 1 face-up Synchro monster you control. Special Summon 1 "Waltz Token" with the same Type, Attribute, Level, ATK and DEF as this monster. Players take no Battle Damage from battles involving this Token.
DP10-EN023 Battle Waltz

DP10-EN024 Synchro Gift Rare
DP10-EN025 Starlight Road Rare
DP10-EN026 Synchro Barrier
DP10-EN027 Power Frame
DP10-EN028 Desperate Tag

DP10-EN029 Card of Sacrifice
Normal Trap Card
Draw 2 cards, if the combined ATK of all your face-up Attack Position monster (minimum 2) is less than the ATK of your opponent's face-up monster with the lowest ATK. You cannot Summon or change Battle Position the turn your activate this card.

DP10-EN030 Synchro Material
Normal Trap
Select 1 face-up monster your opponent controls. If you Synchro SUmmon this turn, you can use the selected monster as a Synchro Material Monster. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this card.
Rebornsan - 24. Oct, 16:19


What about Duelist pack crow?
theres nothing good in this pack except for veilers

Izen - 24. Oct, 18:51

There's not much good in Crow either.

A bunch of reprints of cards that aren't hard to get (except maybe Cards for Black Feathers) and Zephyros. Veiler is used in a lot of decks. Blackwing Stuff is not, except the rarely seen Sirocco in the Side, but Sirocco isn't even in this. They decided to reprint the ones we already have rares and holos of, and not the ones we can only get in common.
Darkwarrior - 24. Oct, 20:05

Crows pack

I hope konami arnt gunna do what I think there going to do, release yusei's pack but leave crow's pack out and put the new stuff in storm of ragnaroc as OCG cards :@

Black masked emporor - 24. Oct, 22:43

doubtfull as thats more a upperdeck thing to do.. but saying that *breaks off a twig to touch wood constantly till crow pack announced*
Infernity Zero - 24. Oct, 23:09

New 4-Star Tuner

Does ANYONE care about Optimus Prime??? O_O

RavenFromHell - 25. Oct, 19:07

Optimus Prime?

who's Optimus Prime? the wiki don't name him as a tcg/ocg card...
Infernity Zero - 28. Oct, 16:36

Brai Synchron, the Autobot Tuner

Brai Synchron

Last time i checked optimus prime does not fly. Brai synchron looks like a gundam.
Vartio - 9. Jan, 15:18


If you're going to insult it at least know what you're insulting.

Brai Synchron is based on Galaxy Cyclone Braiger, If you search for J9 and Braiger, odds are you'll come upon it.

Braiger was a popular Japanese anime featuring the J9 team in their attempts to stop Khamen Khamen from literally destroying Jupiter if I remember.

To do this, they use Braiger, which is formed from a transforming car with, if I remember, a Flight form called "Brai Synchron".

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braiger
bmxbunnie17 - 25. Oct, 01:09

this set is meh i want DP Crow

B. Katarn - 25. Oct, 03:38

Go Away Yusei


RavenFromHell - 25. Oct, 18:19


I FULLY AGREEEEEEE *dances through bedroom*
lets just discuss which cards should be in the DPJA (Duelist Pack Jack Atlas) X9
TheDarkAngelRocket - 25. Oct, 23:36

Re: B. Katarn

That's right, Konami should at least try to force a theme out of Jack from this pack. Crow's clearly has BW swarming, returning cards to the hand, and negating cards. Yusei's has swarming the field with monsters and Synchro Summon rapidly.

Jack, well, he has...
Vice Dragon + Level 3 Resonator = Red Dragon Archfiend
Multi-Piece Golem = Big Piece Golem + Medium Piece Golem = Small Piece Golem

Nothing else. His deck is full of Tuners (especially now that Scar-Red Nova is out in OCG). There is no real theme behind his deck as he continuously plays new cards in each of his appearances. If we were to count the number of monsters used by Jack alone, it'd exceed the number of monsters Yusei himself used.

If you want to collect a bunch of meh Tuners and a decent Level 5 monster, be my guest. Let me assure you that Jack's set of Tuners aren't all too good. The difference between Yusei/Crow and Jack is that the formers actually have Tuners and stategies that can speed up Synchro Summons. Jack, on the other hand, does not.

If Konami actually wanted to make a Jack pack, then they should at least try to create cards that can easily swarm the field (and by that I don't mean Vice Dragon + Dark Resonator). There is clearly a theme within Resonator so they should at least elaborate on that (even if it is only a bunch of Fiend Tuners).

Also he has Exploder Wing Dragon, a card that requires Dragon-Type Tuners. His only Dragon-type Tuner being Dread Dragon, which is meh.

The only good cards Jack has ever played were the combo I mentioned (Dark Resonator + Vice Dragon) plus Battle Fader. Nothing else warrants a good strategy.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 29. Oct, 18:39


That's because Jack isn't about intricate strategy. He's all about POWAAAAAHHH!!!!!! lol

And when you really think about it, Yusei doesn't seem like much of a theme either. Sure it works to get out Synchros, but that's something a bunch of Decks can do already.
Infernity Zero - 2. Nov, 22:35

make an effin Jack Pack already! I want the Vice Dragons, Battle Faders, Red Nova, Force Resonators and Shock Waves! Also, it would be a good chance to release the Speed World and Speed Spells :3
In that case add SP - End of Storm and Speed World 2 to the above list :D
penguar321 - 29. Oct, 17:35

Cant wait for this

I plan to use this set to stock up on effect veilers. I want more for collection/trades.

RavenFromHell - 1. Nov, 16:12


you getting Veilers means other ppl will also get Veilers... so that means they wont be needing them XD so byebye tradebait
lightsworn91 - 26. Dec, 03:13

I think that card will be the only card worth pulling for from this pack.
Dragon King - 5. Nov, 16:04

I alwayed owned Red Nova!..

It took some time,but i made a super fast deck to bring out Red Nova and even Shooting Star in no time!
Because of deck copiers,i can't say here. Just trust me on this.
If jack knew what i know,he would put every one of them to rest!

Dragon King - 8. Nov, 00:54

Never mind...it was beaten.
What's the point of trying to summon a powerful monster,just to have some broke ass card stop it. You know what?...i'm starting to hate ygo a little.
Jhooten - 31. Dec, 07:28


effect v's out of here cards of convenice and shield wing out of this pack. and yes i kno i spelled some stuff wrong in this post :) i am going to try to get a box of this pack lol yay makes some cards really easy to get lol

bmxbunnie17 - 22. Jan, 17:29

this pack is a waste the only good thing is veiler they should have came out with crow would have sold much better then this crap pack would

Black masked emporor - 23. Jan, 14:09

yusei pack haters

i dont know what you people are talking about...
1)synchro material + urgent tuning is broken.
2)Battle waltz not only good for synchro swarmsbut makes a trap buster spellcaster that has been out ages easy to play yes im talking about sorcerer of dark magic he is the horus of the traps nough said
3)Justice bringer he is like doomkalibur knight without the need to tribute and you can choose when to activate sure it has a restriction but who cares it can stop that those once per turn synchro effects like doomkaiser dragon, x saber wayne etc
4)brai synchron lv 4 machine tuner my deck has been needing one of these for agesim sorry but synchro monsters wthout effects love this guy gaia knight now will have 3200 atk and loses nothing scrap archfiend has 3300 atk and loses nothing
5) repeat chances for dragon equitse, cards of consanance
6)synchro gift huge potentialand half the fun of the game i like cards like this there are cobom with this like crazy synchro for red dragon archfiend play this and one of your tuners has an extra 3000 poly your red dragon with a big warrior like gilford or neos get dragon equets sttack with dragon equets then de fuse it get 2 big monsters giving you 3 hard hitters and if you have 2 tuners with total levels of 4 on the field bonus with your down urgent tuning that is just one very broken exampleespecially if you locked down your opponent last turnso they couldnt counter it

Darkwarrior - 24. Jan, 05:25

and where are these cards going to be played in BW, plants, graveskeepers, scrap, Fish, glads and Dragunity. The only good and usefull cards that came in this pack are the Veilers and the Starlight Roads. Yh erm i would still rather play DCK over that justice bringer guy hes kinda sucky that he does ONLY special summon guys and not everything =/. Yusei's cards are mainly only played for fun builds there not realy THAT broken nor are they great. sorry mate this pack is a crappy pack in my books no offence
Black masked emporor - 3. Feb, 01:58

any current top deck can use synchro material + urgent tuning use the tuner your opponent summoned for a synchro summon during their turn or tune your tuner with their attacking monster and you dont lose an attack because it was used in your opponents turn. battle waltz again any synchro deck can run this need an extra monster the same level as the synchro on the field for your 2 tuners to be even more broken. i give you the gravekeepers i wouldnt run any of them in my gravekeeper deck. and i never said to replace dck with justice bringer they would work better in the same deck. i agree they arent all broken cards but if used well they can be broken the best stratagie is one your opponent doesnt see comeing .. oh and my yusei junk build has come first in my locals 4 times in a row and all the decks you mentioned couldnt do a thing. then again i focused on destroyer alot....OTK mostly, im not saying that these cards are the best im just sick of people saying they are worthless because they arent broken people who say that dont have imagination enough to see their potential besides arent all decks supposed to be fun???? it is a game after all. P.S. why would i take offence im just pointing out that these cards have potential in the right deck, people thought frogs and morphotronics sucked... i defy anyone to battle one with a mainstream tier one deck and say it was easy... oh and Dragunitys dont really count they are frikkin broken without any outside help they have dragon support, synchro support, winged beast support, wind support, dragunity support and with the dragunity arm leveatin + l&d dragon they are pretty much full as is but a side deck for them would benefit from battle waltz, synchro material and maybe synchro gift. and none of yuseis cards would ever effect glads because they are like chalk and cheese
TheDarkAngelRocket - 25. Jan, 21:39

Duelist Pack Hypocrisy

I hate how people are bitching about this one pack because only 2 of the 30 can be "used in metagame." Has it ever occured to you that over 90% of the cards in this entire game are not worthy for metagame?

This IS anime; these cards were designed so that the main character (Yusei) can somehow defeat his opponents. His deck does not have a particular strategy.

You're not going to find anything in this pack that Yusei himself hasn't used. Anyone here who expected anything in a Duelist Pack to benefit Scraps, Karakuri, Lightsworns, and Fish decks must be kidding themselves.

Blackwings are the only exception to the rule, for the obvious reason, and even Crow's pack wasn't going to be released in the TCG. KoA knows that releasing a pack full of Black Feathers (which every commercial player shold have) is a waste of money and/or print.

Boost Warrior, Drill Warrior, Majestic Star Dragon, Shield Wing, Stardust Xiaolong, and Stronghold Guardian are good enough cards in their own rights.

If all you see in this pack is an opportunity to stack up at least 2-3 Effect Veilers or Stralight Roads for their Rarities, fine by me. Konami is still collecting your money. It is much easier than wasting even more money buying the Ultra Rare.

After all, Duelist Packs do exist to curb down the rarities of some of the most important anime cards. They don't exist to please the fanboys and fangirls who only nit-and-pick specific cards worthy enough for the metagame. Konami is collecting your money either way, so... Happy hunting.

Gravekeepers Jackal - 25. Jan, 23:57

Amen to that.

You're exactly right. Yusei's cards are not metagame, they are designed to help him beat the bad guys. I use a deck with all of Yusei's best tuners and synchros, but it is meant to be a fun casual deck not a tounament deck.

On another note, I looking forward to this pack for the Drill and Brai Synchrons as well as another Drill Warrior. I want to stock up on the Drill cards to build a deck using Drill Warrior and Grand Neos, which I would call my Gurren Lagann Deck. lol (If you don't know Gurren Lagann, it's a mecha anime on SyFy where the main character's mecha uses drills just like Drill Warrior and Grand Neos.)
lightsworn91 - 26. Jan, 00:55


Duelist Packs are supposed to be comprised of cards used by the characters in the show. Since the first release of Duelist Packs, they have included cards at a lower rarity then those from their original booster packs. Duelist Packs were created to inspire to make fun decks based on those used in the show. I for one enjoy duelist packs. Another Note, Anyone think Konami will a release a joey duelist pack? It would make sense since 2009 we got duelist pack yugi and last year we got duelist pack kaiba
crimsonblade18 - 27. Jan, 03:26

Hell NO

Sorry, but I can't agree at all. I went to my store and saw that they had rare veilers for $5. I buy 10 packs and not a single veiler. I got all of the other 6 rares though. I spent $20 and won't be able to trade or sell any of the ultra or supers I pulled because no one wants them (if you guys do email me at crimsonblade18@gmail.com, but you'd have to send first or contact me at Pojo under the username: crimsonblade18). I pulled an ultra Justice Bringer, a super Boost Warrior, a super Big One Warrior, and every common (but 1) and every rare (but veiler >_<). It makes me mad because at least with DP08 (Duelist Pack Yusei 1), I pulled Stardust Dragons and Tuningware and Armory Arms, which are actually trade-able.

And I regret spending that $20 because today I went to another store and they had really cheap cards like a Black-Winged Dragon ghost rare for $5!
ywontuc - 28. Jan, 18:24

Wow Ghost!

yeah even if it is ghost most of them are trash (Rainbow dragon/Chaos Neos/Rainbow Neos/Red Dragon Archfiend/ Assualt Mode/Power Tool Dragon/ Ancient Fairy Dragon/Majestic Star Dragon/Majestic Red Dragon/Black-Winged Dragon/Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste/ and for the most part Shooting star Dragon) Sellers are hard press to get $5 for these on ebay even if they were first edition put in a 10 gem case before human hands touched them. So basically unless it was stardust ghost for 5 get over it and yourself.
bystander79 - 25. Jan, 23:19

Effect Veiler

It is a rare card in this set. Better than paying the singles price for the other version.

crimsonblade18 - 27. Jan, 03:27


Ultra is already 10. You're only paying $3 more for a much cooler version. And add another $5 for the ultimate, which looks even cooler.
Darkwarrior - 27. Jan, 05:18

TBH i hate ultimates i think the new ones look ugly. Its all about Supers and Secrets ^^ and for staples RARES!
Infernity Zero - 29. Jan, 23:35

Battle Waltz

I was gonna put 3 of them in my Malefic Deck (Paradox Dragon OTK, enough said), but then I looked at the card again. :(



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