Duelist Alliance Deluxe Edition

Duelists will be in for a treat with the Duelist Alliance Deluxe Edition, which comes with more guaranteed foil cards than ever before! Jam-packed with nine Duelist Alliance booster packs, Duelists will be thrilled to get their hands on cards for Shaddolls, Yang Zing, Superheavy Samurai, Ultra Athletes, Lightsworn, Stellarknights, and Pendulum Monsters! Not only will Duelists get 2 Ultra Rare versions of Common and/or Rare cards found in Duelist Alliance, but the Deluxe Edition also includes 3 of 5 Super Rare versions of preview cards from the November booster release, The New Challengers!

Each Deluxe Edition also comes with a handy Beginner’s Guide that features instructions on how to Pendulum Summon, the powerful new game mechanic for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Each Deluxe Edition comes in a storage box adorned by the forces of darkness or light, in one of two elaborate designs – one featuring the radiant Lightsworn, and the other the sinister Shaddolls!

Each Duelist Alliance Deluxe Edition contains:
  • 9 Duelist Alliance Booster Packs
  • 2 Ultra Rare versions of Common and/or Rare cards from Duelist Alliance
  • 3 of 5 Super Rare versions of preview cards from the November booster release, The New Challengers.
  • 1 Beginner’s Guide.
Release: 12th September 2014
Reiji - 31. May, 20:29


Ultra Athletes? What.

TKing6488 - 1. Jun, 03:01

Probably a new archetype. or it could be added support for Battlegaurd King. That's my two cents other than that I am just as clueless
LightswornChild205 - 1. Jun, 04:33

Felice, Lightsworn Archer

I bet this'll be the TCG release of the Lightsworn Archer tuner monster. I also hope the TCG makes more US original Lightsworn cards.

TKing6488 - 3. Jun, 19:35


No offense but they already have enough support. We don't even know what the exclusive of the starter deck is yet smh. Although you're probably right and they will get more support because that is what Konami does.
Reiji - 1. Jun, 12:46


It must be an archtype, since they mention it along with the others "get their hands on cardS for ..."

EXTRIMAKER - 4. Jun, 14:58

About Ultra Athletes

I made some research and found out that in the original japanese version of this booster(wich is called duelist advent) there are NO cards that have anyhting to do with the name "Ultra Athletes",but i also found out that there is support for the Holy lightning archtype but for some reasion it is not mentioned here,so this leaves two possible outcomes:

1.there for some reasion Re-name the Holy lightning archtype into Ultra Athletes.

2.Ultra Athletes is like Noble-knight another Tcg Exclusive Archtype,wich would explain why its not mentioned in the japanese booster

TKing6488 - 4. Jun, 16:07

Can't be Star Seraph's/ Holy Lightning

They are numbered 83-83 in the OCG Set making them OCG Exclusives. They will probably not release them like they did for cards numbered 81-90 in the Primal Origin set. The only two archetypes (to my knowledge) that haven't been named are Fantasia and Battleguard. It can also be a TCG Exclusive archetype. I think that is the most likely possibility but we'll find out eventually
EXTRIMAKER - 5. Jun, 16:06


well yea thats true but i don t think that theiy would re-name fantasia into atlehtes?,i mean ok theiy did some bullshit with wyrem and phantasm dragon...but theiy names still fit to the entire artwork of the archtype,and well those fairys don t looke any atlehtic,i also rather think of a tcg exclusive archtype maby the first Pendulum archtype that can do shit with it?(would help selling pendulums to more players if they were to become meta with a archtype also it would probably raise the price of pendulum dragon due to him being a sort of rota/sangan for any pendulum deck.

TKing6488 - 30. Jun, 07:27

Pendulums will take awhile to take flight because many players despise it

I actually think they are balanced they take a few turns to set up with cards that we can use now. Plus I have actually faced many good variants. Those are the innovators that can give them a kick-start
lordpain - 11. Aug, 21:37


this set was a complete waste of time. almost no one went to the sneak last weekend in my area and they always have like 50 people there. only 2 showed up for play but that was about it. idk what the hell these retards are doing at TCG but they need to get the rights on OCG exclusives and vice versa so we can have some better pulls. theres only a few good cards from this set but not even worth buy any packs or boxes, maybe from a few people but thats about it. bout the only thing good was odd eyes pendulum dragon which i see being a $50 card or more. less if people dont buy anything from the set other then cosmic dragons or satellar. and lastly ultra athletes? waste of space is more like it. ive seen terrible cards in my days but the ultra athletes gave me duel terminal cancer XD



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