Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Collection 5D’s

The Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME takes Duelists through a futuristic and supercharged journey in Legendary Collection 5D’s, the latest entry in the popular Legendary Collection series.

Drawing from a nearly 300 card set, Legendary Collection 5D’s gets the familiar Mega-Pack treatment with 9 cards per pack (1 Secret Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, 1 Super Rare, 1 Rare, and 5 Commons) including 3 foil cards in each pack. In addition, brand-new, never-before-released cards, as well as additional variant cards, will be available per box.

The Legendary Collection 5D’s set contains cards used by Yusei, Jack, Akiza, and Crow, plus their popular cards from this revolutionary era! In addition, each box contains one double-sided Game Box Board with artwork containing our modern Heroes on one side and fearsome Monsters on the other!

The set is a gathering of over 250 of the most famous cards from the 5D’s era, including three brand new cards previously only seen on the TV show, one of which is Yusei’s “Stardust Flash Trap” card. Every box will also contain Ultra Rare reprints of “Shooting Quasar Dragon” and “Black Rose Dragon,” two of the highest-demand Dragons of the game.

The box set will include five Mega Packs which feature new and highly desirable variant cards, and a double-sided game board with hero art on one side, and monster art on the other. The 9-card Mega Packs will each include 1 Secret Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, 1 Super Rare, 1 Rare, and 5 Commons, and include 3 foil cards per pack. MSRP is $29.99.

Each Legendary Collection 5D’s box contains:
5 Mega Packs, with brand-new and highly desirable variant cards, and 1 Game Board

Release: 24th October 2014

LC05-EN001 Jormungardr The Nordic Serpent
DARK/Dragon - Effect/8/3000/3000
Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. If there is a "Aesir" monster on the field, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand) to your opponent’s side of the field in Defense Position. If there is no face-up "Aesir" monster on the field, destroy this card. If this face-up Defense Position card you control is changed to face-up Attack Position: You take 3000 damage. This effect can only be used once while this card is face-up on the field.
LC05-EN001 Jormungardr The Nordic Serpent

LC05-EN002 Fenrir The Nordic Wolf
DARK/Beast - Effect/10/4000/4000
Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. During your Main Phase 2, if there is a "Aesir" monster on the field, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand) to your opponent’s side of the field in Defense Position. If there is no face-up "Aesir" monster on the field, destroy this card. At the start of your Battle Phase: Change all Defense Position monsters you control to face-up Attack Position. Both players take all battle damage from battles involving this card.
LC05-EN002 Fenrir The Nordic Wolf

LC05-EN003 Stardust Flash
Normal Trap Card
Target 1 "Stardust" monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target.
LC05-EN003 Stardust Flash

LC05-EN004 Black Rose Dragon
LC05-EN005 Shooting Quasar Dragon
lightsworn91 - 13. Jun, 03:13

It's about time

We all knew this was coming. The reprints I'm mostly hoping for are Quasar and Black Rose, looking forward to more updates about this legendary collection.

ralman88 - 17. Jun, 07:12

I just hope that if this is indeed a legendary collection all 5 dragons would be printed as the variant.

KarakuriSoldierMdl216 - 18. Jun, 09:17

For ages 4+

I thought something was missing, the "for ages..."

IvanV101 - 2. Jul, 08:49

i think what missing is "Kaiba collection" i don't know why done joey collection and or but all the stuffs in there mostly belong to Mai and joey stuffs all are commons. hope they will well done for this 5D.

Yugito - 13. Jul, 20:01


Could someone tell me the relevance of HERO art on a double-sided game board included in a 5Ds essentric box set?

lightsworn91 - 14. Jul, 03:36

The hero art refers to the 5d's protaganists, aka Yusei, Jack, Crow, Akiza, Leo, Luna, etc.
lordpain - 16. Jul, 04:05


after years of stalling with the joey's world and reprints of the other legendary collections finally we get something worth while which is quasar and black rose. hoping for the dragons,synchrons and theyre warriors,T.G. cards and plants. blackwings are ok morphtronics are kinda meh but fun. given septembers list and whats inside depends on how much of these sell. hoping for good cards cuz joey's world was a complete UGH set aside from the dark worlds and the rest of the secrets.in all honesty i think they just made all the old game cards(little D,sword arm of dragon,ect...) just to make filler for the set. yugi's world was great on the other hand, but unfortunately no kaiba's world......yet. might happen with in the next year or 2 though. i doubt we'll see zexal world until 2016 or 2017

IvanV101 - 6. Oct, 00:25


oh please konami, reprint Solidarity into super rare.. i love that card^.>



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