Forbidden/Limited Cards (effective July 14, 2014)

New Limited:
Goyo Guardian

New Semi-Limited:
Magician of Faith
Formula Synchron
Reinforcement of the Army

No Longer Limited:
Dimensional Prison
Mirror Force

Complete list can be found here.
TKing6488 - 3. Jul, 22:04

Thank you Konami

For hitting only one deck and boosting already broken archetypes coming out in the next set. Cosmic Dragons and Satella Knights just got more stupid with those semi limits. Not to mention we're in for a repeat format minus Geargias. Boring.

ywontuc - 3. Jul, 22:27

What dragons are being supported by what semi-limited card?
TKing6488 - 4. Jul, 01:12

cosmic dragons or yang zing.

With 2 formula now the deck will be able to synchro summon during the main phase (with formula) and the battle phase with cosmic dragons/yang zing. Formula is a bigger issue with soul charge still unlimited although it was to raise yang zing monsters hype just like RoTA with Satella Knights
EXTRIMAKER - 4. Jul, 11:59


Actually yang zing already have the ability to synchro summon during the opponenst turns main & battel phase, theiy don t need formular to do so,and even thought formular will give them more options to synchro into,it still will not be a major push for the deck,cause theiy main synchro level so far is 7 and 8,level 2 formular would be possible but seeing as theiy want to go for theiy boss monsters and use theiy level 1 monsters in combination to make the boss uneffectet by spell and traps i don t think theiy will go often into formular instead, just to draw one card(wich theiy can do with supply unite anyway) so there would be littel to no reasion to synchro into formular.

what i really like about this list is,magician of faith on 2 and
Goyo Guardian is finaly back so we finaly have a vailed lv 6 option for synchro again also mirro force on 3! beware the backrow XD.

TKing6488 - 5. Jul, 20:44

you're right I forgot

I honestly forgot that they can be used during the Main Phase as well. So yeah formula is a waste in that aspect. I love the fact Goyo is back. Card wasn't that unfair to begin with even back when he was banned. The 3 prison mirror force is annoying. This game is changing to a war of the backrows. Although it isn't terrible just takes some getting used to.
IvanV101 - 5. Jul, 21:45

i don't agree with 3 mirror force or prison will do any good, they doing nothing.... i run alot backrow and still lose to Trap stun.. that thing should get hit same for cold wave, i even think trap stun even better than cold wave it can safe your trap like call of the hunted or vanity being destroy. my only hope is book of moon back at 2. and also happy Army back at 2... they should compare Army with tenki... tenki should get semi or limit

EXTRIMAKER - 6. Jul, 12:27


yea backrow gets more heavy thats true,but honestly in the current meta mirro force is no longer a problem but d-prsion is,for exampel shaddoll can activate nehpilins effect when he is destroyed but not if he is removed from game,the same for midrash and also tellaknight will also be able to use theiy grave effects if theiy run into a m-force,and yang zing don t care at all because theiy regular monsters can use theiy effects when destroyed by card effect and theiy synchro-boss monsters are either uneffectet against spell/traps in general or in case of Yazi can t be targetet so theiy have no problem at all with backrow like d-priosn or m-force,and also bujin have rabbit and turtel to survive both of those cards and GK has counter trap plus lance or decendant to nuke them,so yea mirro force is not that much of a problem anymore and d-prison can be avoided.

TKing6488 - 6. Jul, 23:20

mirror force can be well times but still isn't as strong

The problem with both of them is they're not chainable and must be activated on attack declaration. If they survive with all of this backrow hate. The game is very fast paced and advantage can be established as soon as turn 1. Satella Knights and Shadolls are a bit much IMO. Altair is too unfair with an effect being able to plus one player just for summoning it and Shadoll Fusion is just a dumb spell granted both decks have other plays. But their power has made certain cards lose luster
EXTRIMAKER - 7. Jul, 11:41


1.Eh yes m-force and d-prison can be chained...maby not on mst but you can chain m-force to d-prison and vise versa so yea theiy can be chained XD.

2.yea Altair is good but by no means unfair its just his owen archtype that makes him so strong but that is cause he is pretty much the focus of the entire deck,because without him theiy is no consistent way to revive the other tellaknights from the grave,also he is the one that gets summond most of the time when the xyz s are destroyed so yea his effect is very important for the Consistency of the deck.

3.Shaddoll fusion is awsome,it is the first consistent fusion that can be used in more then one archtype,that alone make the card good also you can fuse from the deck and it is not abuse able cause only once per turn can you use the fusion and also only when the opponent has a extra-deck monster out can you use the second effect to fuse from the deck and seeing as xyz and synchro are more abuseable due to theiy natur of being extra deck monsters and most peopel complaint in the past that xyz and synchro are to strong for fusion to work anymore,i say it was the right move to bring a fusion deck out that can actually benefit from the fact that xyz and synchro is played.

TKing6488 - 9. Jul, 07:23

Being chainable in the Main Phase or Summon is crucial.

2 - Inzectors have 2 cards that play well off of each other limited and they're archetype specific. I believe Altair falls into the same category being able to get a free XYZ and another Altair off of Deneb. Repeatable plays usually get hit as we saw in Wind-Ups, Inzectors, and other XYZ based decks

3 - Sure Shadolls Fusion card is a plus with XYZ's. I do love the splashability being I play them in my Dark Worlds. I think the Fusion can be a bit much spamming Dragon/Falcon/Beast from the deck. The Fusions also being able to get the card back I think is a terrible concept. That's why OCG mains Black Luster Soldier and Chaos Sorcerer (on occasion) as well as siding Caius to make sure they can't get it back. If Shadolls lose their recruiting of their spell card chances are they lose the game. Yes most people did complain fusions are irrelevant but now it's that they are overpowered lol.
lordpain - 8. Jul, 15:01

this is why OCG should be in charge

nothing really changed that fact that heros have 5 add cards now is erelivant because stratos had options and was a search monster too. regardless things that shouldve been hit werent which are:GK recruiter,GK decendant ,necrovalley if GKs were untouched,lightsworns lumina,lyla, kuribandit,soul charge(super shocked this didnt get touched) and a few others however this wouldnt be an issue if OCG were in charge because we'd have a way better banlist and theyre deck things they have where its all ultra. back when they took upperdeck down and took charge things were good,now the games gotten so much worse since then and since they went rogue from OCG's packs. plus id enjoy running trishula again to troll dark worlds and a few others

TKing6488 - 9. Jul, 07:08

You do realize that if OCG were in charge

We'd have 3 Royal Tribute -_- and nothing else you mentioned hit. Soul Charge is the only card in general that I have a real problem with. (any card that has players maining Maxx C to stop it eventually gets hit). Trishula is a troll card to every deck being that it doesn't target and that player can gain great advantage instantly. It can stay banned. TCG is also coming out with an all foil Noble Knight deck in the near future.
greater222 - 8. Jul, 16:37

Not the best banlist..

This ban list did not do much...Are we expecting more spam? Mirror Force and D Prison does not do anything for those that spam and pop and go for game.

Yay for ROTA at 2!

EXTRIMAKER - 9. Jul, 14:14


I agree on that one commplettly,the OCG bannedlist is so fucking broken,i mean think about it: 3-d-prison,3-M-force,3-torrential,3-scapegoat and 3-gorz,also trishula, 1cyberstein,3royal tribut,and also on a side note,when fucking Dragon rulers were limitet to 1 back in januar of the tcg list,theiy were only semi-limitet in the ocg,and suprsingly a entire list later the ocg was going the same way as the tcg and limitet them to 1,so yea ocg is more balanced my ass XD.

Also i think it s hilarious how LordPains entire post is just him bitching about GK s and Lightsworn,and how the TCG used to be good back when upperdeck was in charge and that the game is now more broken then ever,wich is wrong entirely.

greater222 - 9. Jul, 18:24

I am not sure what OCG is doing with all of those trap cards. In their most recent WCS ( force and d. prison weren't even used.
OCG Banlist seems more fun though.

LordPains is wrong for sure, if anything...If anything it is Kazuki Takahashi for making those overpowered cards!! (JK)

People just somehow come up with the most stupid decks and still win so what can we do. The game evolves and Konami need to make money too.
TKing6488 - 11. Jul, 07:55

Cyber stein is fine at 1. 5000 is a hefty cost for a card you can only play one of. Every format has their issues. OCG's is no different than ours in terms of that. I only said what I did to lordpain because he complained about GK's as if they were a major threat (they are still very good) and then said OCG would've handled it better when their win button is unlimited there. That doesn't make any sense lol. E Dragons were a problem in their own design. The reason why they were so unfair was because they searched themselves.
lordpain - 12. Jul, 13:48

your opinions dont really matter because im always right and since you dont do your studying you would know that in OCG they have a card called chain dispell which would take care of all 3 necro valley and other bother some cards because TCG likes to fuck with the sets im sure it wont be in there. and im sure you havent played regionals or done any YCS like i have. chaos lightsworn was the popular deck i kept losing to along with kaiser gravekeepers. the rest were just bro fists,evols, frognarch and darkworld skill drain.

the fact they didnt hit soul charge or kuribandit is terrible because lightsworns benefit from it waaaaay to much. as for soul charge regardless if its a 1000 per monster the fact you can have 3 and set up for multiple things weather it be synchro or overlay its still to good to have at 3 it needed to be hit to 1. finally given this shit list AGAIN decks like laval/flamvell (quasar version)evilswarm,lightsworn and x saber get the most benefit from charge. GK not as much but still pretty cheap. until youve actually play against GK and chaos lightsworn ive played against you really cant say anything.youll see. its still the same trash format from april 1st. the only real benefit is the rule change about fields and the player who goes first doesnt draw.
TKing6488 - 12. Jul, 22:04

I can say a lot

Chain dispel is a neg. It only it's multiple copies in the deck which Gravekeeper players typically spam search before just activating it. They also have the assailant to get it back if it's in the grave. Which it can be recruited by at least 6 to 7 cards with recruiter spy and nobleman. They can also chain wiretap and trap stun of they don't want to lose their copies. Honestly the whole mentality of YuGiOh players going I am right and your wrong is really redundant.You can use that card against them if you want. I don't prefer it. Also if monster reborn is banned then why do people want soul charge at 1?I don't care about the lifepoint cost or no battle phase that card promotes too much advantage by itself. Kuribandit causes the same advantage but for certain decks
EXTRIMAKER - 10. Jul, 13:36


my thought s exactly xd,Also most of the decks that were used on the Junie wcs,were Tellaknight and Shaddoll,m-force and d-prison a kinda pointless against them and so is gorz,so most peopel play evacuation device instead cause its still on 3 in the ocg,and torrential is also in some decks atleast at 1 or 2,also vanitiys emptiness is played,so yea theiy trying to focus on anti-summon cards rather then on anti-attack cards.

TKing6488 - 11. Jul, 07:58

About Vanity's

Card is insanely more powerful in OCG than TCG. Plus it stops Shaddoll Fusion from going off. I personally would main Compulse being I Special A LOT. but that is the reason it's played. MST has a powerful influence with Emptiness and could make it a really nasty neg. Heavy Storm is basically I lose lose all my backrow anyway or have solemn judgment
EXTRIMAKER - 11. Jul, 14:46


1.well yea Cybersteins cost is huge but in some decks that could be of great use,for exampel i have a exodia deck build in yugioh pro that plays with gift cards+Hope fpr escape,and if cyberstein reduces my life by 5000 i m left with 3000 life and 2000after hope resolves so i can draw 3cards to begin with not including the life points boost of gift card,also i get a strong monster on field,so but yea 1of is enough indeed.

2.well GK can search themselfs aswell infact the entire deck is nearly just searchers think about it: commandant search necrovally,spy searches any gk with 15 or less atk,nobelman doas the same just for any gk except himself,and recruiter searches any gk with 15 or less def including himself,and then you have the boss monsters shaman,decendant,Heretic and the two other bosses nobody needs...oh and ambusher but he can be played(even thought it is not needed) So yea 97% of the monsters search for other cards of the deck the rest depens on the build,so searching is not the reasion why the dragons were broken it was more like the combination of the fact that there were all lv7 and therefore had acess to all rank7 monsters and that there were "dragons" cause there had the best mill+draw enegine at the time that would work best with these monsters any other archtype would not have made them so powerfull after all there was a reasion why dragon-canyon and super rejuvenation was banned/limitet.

3.also yea vanity is awsome and yea storm is awsome to,but like you said vanity needs a good set up before you can use it otherswise mst just destroys it xd in worst case even for plus 1.

EXTRIMAKER - 13. Jul, 02:22


"your opinions dont really matter because im always right".

Yea Ignorance at its Best XD,but also flawed logic because think about it: whats the point of you being "correct" or "right" when everyone else dissagrees with you?,are you really that immature? that you honestly believe that as long as you think you re right you must be right!,even thought everyone else says you not,and even if we go as far and assume thats your view on the situation than why bother to respond anyway? i mean really whats the point of arguing if the only conclusion or resolve that comes out of it is: I m right and you are all WRONG(especally if this was your opinion to begin with).

Also just so you Know i actually play GK compettive(ycs berlin,regonal in muenchen both is in germany) and never won any big tournament so far with it neither did anyonelese seeing as the internet when you search for gk wins somthing only brings up news from formats befor 2013 and some dudes coming tops with(still not win) so why bann or limit any card of a deck that obviously has no significant meaning on a grand scale for the meta cause out of 100 peopel maby 2 are playing Gk so where would that change anything? right it would NOT change anyhting at all except for wastet space on the list and peopel finaly giving up on the deck entirely.

also Yea soul charge is op in a Lightsworn build i give you that,but kuribandit on the other hand is really way to slow for the deck he maby helps milling and adding stuff you need,but if you really know how lightsworn works then you don t need kuribandit to make it a good and fast deck,also aside from arguing how good some cards from dragon of legends are in certaint decks,are you really telling me that you were naiv enough to believe that "konami" would actually bann or limit any card that got recently released?(lightsworn deck and dragon of legends booster) i mean there never did that in the past so why would there now?o.O i mean even from a marketing perspective(wich is important cause konami needs to make money) it would be not wise to forbbid/limit the use of a product that got recently released and also helps to make costumers buy other products(dragon of legends goas hand in hand with the lightsworn deck wich in turn goas hand in hand with upcoming shadoll archtype wich in turn gets support in nextchallenger) so yea it was obvious that THOSE cards would not be hit at all "maby" next list theiy get hit.

TKing6488 - 13. Jul, 04:41

Konami did that before remember Makurya in DB1

A Gravekepper deck did really well in YCS Jersey. But the deck is balanced. Its boss card is a darn flip effect and the deck is a stun based deck. I actually think decks like this are healthy for the game otherwise the decks will just be coming out with faster and faster strategies.

Lightsworn can be hit in many ways. I think the best way to hit that deck is to just simply limit Judgment Dragon. Kuribandit is interesting in itself but the combo with Soul Charge is just dumb. Either limit both or just ban Soul Charge. Kuribandit still poses a threat in Sylvans and Shadolls. From a marketing perspective that wont happen from a logical it should. The marketing aspect is the reason why they hot all the indirect support first (typically older cards)
lordpain - 13. Jul, 05:44


yes i am always right regardless of what you say. if you can find solid evidence and prove me wrong then do so. until youve played several YCS like i have then youll see why. the fact they didnt touch anything this list is not as surprising but predictible. i know the next regionals,YCS and WCS is going to be trash and completely spamed. but again try to find solid proof im wrong and ill take back my comments but thatll be impossible
TKing6488 - 13. Jul, 23:01

yeah when did you go

Things always change with either sets or lists which always get dated by the games evolution. I been to a Shonen Jump, 2 YCS, over 10 regionals, UDE day, and nationals. And you know what they are all dated because mechanics and things change. Taking back your comments would be impossible because that's the sole purpose of the banlist. To get rid of overpowered combos and spam once the set as been rotated out or proven to be too overpowering (e dragons and spellbooks). You're right about the game in that sense but as in OCG handling it better I still highly disagree. We actually have more decks in our format compared to OCG.
EXTRIMAKER - 13. Jul, 12:41


then again GK as a entire archtype is by far not as broken as makyura was,after all the dude made a FTK and OTK possible that was super-consisten so yea it was kinda obvious theiy would bann him after all he only gets better with every trap released.

also if you only Limit JD then that would change absolut nothing for Lightsworn as theiy most powerfull versions are the Rulersworn and shaddollsworn wich both can just play 1 JD and still do just as fine as before.also Kuribandit to 1 would most likely hurt rulersworn but not shaddollsworn and bann soul charge just take out some explosion power of both decks but theiy can still do very fine without it,after all rulersworn was played before soul charge came out and shaddollsworn has in test for me atleast already shown that it can benefit from soul charge but doas not need to run it in order for the deck to be strong.

TKing6488 - 13. Jul, 23:07


It can be highly inconsistent. E dragon LS is actually balanced. Eclipse Wyvern spam searching JD is just stupid. You can also hit solar recharge being this is what makes the deck turbo much like charge of the light brigade. Like I said before may be in other post we can talk about what's healthy for the game but factor is we don't make the lists. Not trying to troll just being logical. Makurya was an example of a card that could get hit right away.
EXTRIMAKER - 13. Jul, 12:54


yea like i said before you ignorant,so why should i even bother? arguning with someone that refuses to actually listen to anyone but himself,i mean serously i just said in my last comment that after 2013 GK regardless of its support did not win any big tournament so why should theiy bann it? or hit it at all,and your arguments were proofen wrong not only by me but also by tking6488 and greater222 and you still refuse to listen to us and claim you have proof of anyhting and we don t but you actually NEVER showed solid proof or reasion why gk should be banned or hit at all,the only thing you did and still do is Bitching about the deck because you lost to it but thats no reasion to bann or hit it.

lordpain - 13. Jul, 22:54

listen dumb fuck if you read it correctly which your retarded ass didnt youd see that i said certain cards should be limited in that deck/other decks,and other cards in LS including kuribandit and soul charge. if anyones not listening its you dumb ass but again I AM ALWAYS RIGHT. you dont see the forest for the trees, also meaning you dont see the format like i do because i go to YCS and nationals when theyre available near me and you dont know how bad it gets so no matter what you say or do it doesnt change the fact im right but when you get hit with double or triple quasar ,or just swarmed and overcumbered. doesnt matter you know nothing.
EXTRIMAKER - 14. Jul, 13:08


well you talk polite and with reasion so i don t see why anybody for that matter would or should call you a troll,i was just trying to say that soul charge and kuribandit are not needed for those decks to be played and that banning those two cards would not harm either rulersworn or shaddollsworn so if the reasion for banning charge or bandit is either of those decks then peopel mightaswell just not bann them at all but rather sideboard against it of course banning soul charge will eventually happen cause it also happened to monster reborn at some point but i don t think rulersworn will be the reasion for it,also i agree we don t make the list and yes theiy are exampels of cards that got hit right away but those were cards that kinda were op at the time theiy came out and would have kinda broke the meta if theiy were on 3 to begin with.

TKing6488 - 15. Jul, 18:31

Banning those cards would greatly affect those decks

Kuribandit and Soul Charge together are a major issue. I personally just want Soul Charge gone. If Kuribandit is still a problem (which I think it will be in decks such as Shaddolls, Lightsworn, Sylvans, and Infernities) just limit it. Soul Charge gives a player a board and the lack of a Battle Phase isn't really a big factor if a player establishes presence at the right time. Soul Charge is breaking the meta in so many ways because it enables over extension or follow up to a board wipe. lordpain is right about those moves.
EXTRIMAKER - 14. Jul, 13:15


i say it for the last time: i give you plenty of response to your arguments just re read them and you can clearly see that i don t lack any experinece when it comes to gk or the meta but then again i don t feed the troll so i stop talking to you now.

EXTRIMAKER - 15. Jul, 20:37


Given the fact i have not so much experience with rulersworn as a deck(playing it i mean) or shaddoll,the same for charge and bandit but from all the games i played against rulersworn i don t see why the bann of charge would affect them so much,seeing as theiy still did well without it,but then again maby i overlook somthing here?,it also is true that other decks benefit greatly from it so the card by itself(charge) is broken that i admit but bandit? not onyl is he very slow and cost a normal summon and a entire turn to activate but also he works only in certaint decks,such as
LS-builds,shaddoll,Sylvan and infernite so yea not as broken as charge and i don t see him bann worthy either cause his effect just supports miling decks but doas not make them over the top strong and also 1veiler,1findish,1skill can easly kill bandit and make him a wastet normal summon,and seeing as most peopel play those cards i don t see a reasion for him to be limitet or banned soul charge i agree that it can be limitet or banned cause its far better then reborn ever was and can be used in any deck and can not easly be stoped.

TKing6488 - 16. Jul, 03:52

Soul Charge is only unfair for decks that can dump monsters in the Grave Really fast

The entire concept behind Soul Charge was a better replacement for Monster Reborn. If it only brought back one monster at a cost of 1000 I'd say heck yeah lol. I thought Soul Charge would've been balanced but it just promotes careless over-extension. A Player that secured advantage can lose it with this one card (same can be said about Exciton Knight but it can be countered in so many other ways than Maxx C)

Fiendish Chain cannot negate Bandit. Bandit tributes as a cost and even though it's effect technically activates on the field Chain will not negate it. Veiler and Skill have a Special clause that they will follow the effect even if it resolves in the Graveyard. Typical Examples of this includes Thunder King Rai-Oh, Rescue Rabbit, Lonefire Blossom, Justice of Prophecy and Possessed Dark Soul are similarly worded to bandit. Veiler cannot negate End Phase effects in TCG so it will not negate Bandit. OCG just made a rule change from End Phase means until End of Turn (like Breakthrough Skill) The only thing I don't like about Bandit is the +'s that you can get for running LS RULERS, Shaddolls, and Sylvans, if these weren't existent Bandit could be splashed in other decks but wouldn't be as effective. I prefer a limit. Banned was hypothetical lol. Also sorry for the ruling rant LMAO. I'm strict with those :P
EXTRIMAKER - 16. Jul, 17:30


"The entire concept behind Soul Charge was a better replacement for Monster Reborn".

Wrong,the card was createt as part of a booster series to bring ANIME cards into real life,and raphael(the dude that played Eatos and the guardians in the anime) played soul charge and it had a 1:1 translation from the anime the effect is exactly the same,same goas for the rest of the dragon of legend booster cards(some being even more broken in real life then the actuall anime Version),so there clearly never intendet it to be a reborn replacement peopel just made it into one because reborn is less powerfull and is Banned.

also i did not know that about bandit,most peopel i play online against would not try to use bandit when i make a vailer or a chain to it,but then again maby theiy did not know this either XD,but seeing as the ruling is already effective in ocg and we also got the field spell ruling theiy had(that both can have a field spell) i say we get this ruling before theiy bann or limit Banndit cause in all honestie he is not worthy of the list,maby JD is or Midrash or even the lv 7 yangzing(seeing as you can literally make it invincible) and even soul charge for that matter,but not bandit he is to much limitet to milling decks and not all of them are competetive enough to win a tournament,or did you latly see rulersworn,infernite,sylvan win a tournament? i for myself did not.

also the ruling thing is ok xd i like to learn my lessions after all it helps me getting a better understanding of the Game and therefore improving myself.

TKing6488 - 18. Jul, 07:04

That's how it was advertised

In actuality they ban Reborn and give us something worse lol

Many do not know rulings (but they are complicated)

As for Bandit I agree to disagree. Just because decks don't win tournaments doesn't mean they aren't dumb. All the decks you mention did top. HAT and Madolche are currently the best decks of the game. People bandwagon then those decks get hit and they find something new to bandwagon. Cycle of Yugioh has been like this since I started and is never going to change.

That's life. Learning Lessons. If you don't learn then you will forever be the same XD
EXTRIMAKER - 18. Jul, 12:53


Well seeing as Soul charge was a card in the first series wich is like nearly 10year s old now and reborn was played in the anime alongside charge and many MANY peopel wished over the years for the anime cards(espacally the broken ones) to become real cards,i don t see how the advertising was wrong here? i mean Konami wants money and if theiy see that peopel want anime cards SO BAD that theiy willing to go to a illegal game to use them(yugioh pro percy version) then of course Konami would make those cards to gain more money thats just how the Company thinks.

well its not like i don t know my rulings,its just that i m human so i can t know any ruling of the game especally if the game keeps changing the rulings over the years so you have to re-inform on the basics just to be up to date and seeing as i have a life outside of yugioh then its no wonder i don t know all the rulings.

Well i guess we can t agree on bandit then for me he is not nearly as strong as he needs to be in order to get hit on the list,theiy just to many back-draws and counter to him for a hit to be justified,i rather believe theiy hit the deck that uses him instead of himself so he gets less played because of it.

TKing6488 - 26. Jul, 08:28

In actuality

Monster Reborn was banned Soul Charge was released. Advertising was correct but it's just the timing to why I said it. Konami is a business so making money is a no brainer (reason we have broken cards around so long)

You seem to comment a lot on here to have a life outside :P. We all can't know everything.



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