Duelist Alliance - Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview: 9th - 10th Ausgust 2014

DUEA-ENSP1 Dragon Horn Hunter
DARK/Warrior - Pendulum/6/2300/1000
The horns were needed to prepare a medicine for her village, suffering from a plague. Unknown to her, the dragons burned and trampled her village, once displaced from their den.
Pendulum Effect (Blue 3/Red 3):
All Normal Monsters gain 200 ATK. You take no Battle Damage from battles involving Normal Monsters you control.
DUEA-ENSP1 Dragon Horn Hunter
lordpain - 17. Jul, 21:59


fucking incredible art. hope they keep making more like these. art wise and maybe archetype

Dragon King - 18. Jul, 05:07


In a way....I was kind of hoping the promo was going to be a Pendulum monster!....this is so cool!!

TKing6488 - 18. Jul, 07:14

Like the art

Still not a fan of Pendulums.

lordpain - 19. Jul, 08:57

i am in small doses but maybe theyll bring bottomless back to 2 to cope with the swarmings. triple torrential looks good right now lol.either way theyre simultaniously summoned so theyre pleanty of fun things to chain to theyre summonings, so the trap holes will be used more like adhesion, deep dark, giant, bottomless and "darkfall" in other cases. summon breaker works great too if you can get it out in time. its just a matter of tests via online and in the real world.
TKing6488 - 26. Jul, 08:18

They are balanced and take turns to setup

Quilophs are going to be the first pain the butt Pendulum deck. The fact it can main Skill Drain is absurd (although why Skill Drain hasn't been limited yet is beyond me). Vanity's Emptiness also shuts them down. It all depends of preference. MST can stops them dead from spam Summoning. There's many approaches just depends on the deck a player runs.
Great Shogun Shine - 18. Jul, 09:48

They didn't put a day and month for the sneak preview?

lordpain - 18. Jul, 17:51

the release date is in august and sneaks are a week before its release. http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/ the count down is on the page so hope that answered your question



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