2012 Collectible Tin

It’s that time of year once again where Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc will be releasing their first wave of 2012 tins. Each Holiday Tin will include 5 booster packs plus 5 additional foil cards. This 5+5 model was incredibly popular with fans in 2010 and 2011. Each embossed tin will feature a powerful monster (also depicted on the tin’s lid), plus 4 variant cards including high-demand cards that are difficult to obtain. Perfect for the new player, or for the veteran looking to fill out his collection!

Tin Contents: 3 Photon Shockwave Packs, 2 Galactic Overlord Packs, 4 Super Rare Cards and 1 Secret Rare Card.

Release Wave 1: 14th August 2012
Release Wave 2: November 2012

Wave 1

Heroic Champion - Excalibur
Heroic Champion - Excalibur

Super Rare
Blizzard Princess
Wind-Up Rabbit
Wind-Up Zenmaines
Evolzar Laggia

Evolzar Dolkka

Super Rare
Dark Highlander
Wind-Up Zenmaines
Genex Neutron
Scrap Dragon

Wave 2

Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo

Super Rare
Number 16: Shock Master
Rescue Rabbit
Maxx "C"
Tour Guide From the Underworld

Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis

Super Rare
Malefic Truth Dragon
Rescue Rabbit
Leviair the Sea Dragon
X-Saber Souza
lightsworn91 - 28. Apr, 04:28

Possible Predictions for the 2012 Collectible Tins

The first 2 tins might be Heroic Champion-Excalibur and another card from return of the Duelist. As for reprints I hope we get more Jump reprints such as Shooting Quasar Dragon, Sephylon, the Ultimate Time Lord, Meklord Emperor Grannel, T.G. Hyper Librarian, Meklord Emperor Wisel, and Meklord Astro Mekanikle, basically all the Jump cards that were released last year. I predict Rescue Rabbit will be the high demand card that will be reprinted in the wave 1 tins.

Gilfordvgg - 28. Apr, 07:01

I totally agree with your predictions . I have a feeling that Maxx C and Steelswarm Roach are also going to get a reprint as super rares here .
Jhooten - 28. Apr, 12:33

my predictions

my predictions are maxx c, rescue rabbit, wind-up rabbit, inzektor hornet, safe zone(but i don't think so), thats all i could think of for now

brain_master - 30. Apr, 07:24

Hope you right except I can live without safe zone maybe roach instead
Amantol - 30. Apr, 08:07


ok, Maxx C is very possible (StoR); Safe Zone is a 10$ card, so not that likely as a reprint; with Photon Shockwave not out of print & as Boosters in this Tin, both Rabbits are totally NOT going to be reprinted; and last but not least Inzektor Hornet... no, just no! Just to play in Insektordecks & (that's the main reason) just to new!

Predictions: Maxx C, Hyper Lybrarian would be nice, Scrap Dragon, i would like tour guide but i don't think so =(, well time will see...
Ghostar - 28. Apr, 15:00

Shark Drake

I think Shark Drake will get a reprint, I know its too early for it, but with the release of Chaos No. 32 Shark Drake Vice it only makes sense.

Asdfghjkl1234567890 - 28. Apr, 18:37


Secrets: No C39 Utopia Ray, Neo GEPD and HC Excalibur. I think that HC Excalibur will be an exclusive-tin promo (like the Dragon Knight in the year 2010).

brain_master - 29. Apr, 17:22

this would suck

If rabbit gets reprinted and they limit it in September :(

judaikunakafish - 29. Apr, 22:05

2012 Tins

Didn't see these coming (sarcasm)... honestly Konami has become pretty predictable. I'm guessing MAXX C to b in one of these tins if not then most likely the Return of The Duelist Special Edition. I'm expecting Neo Galaxy Photon Dragon, Number 32: Shark Dragon for Wave 1 and for Wave 2 I'm expecting Chaos Number 32: Shark Dragon and Heroic Champion Excalibur I'd like to say Rescue Rabbit for the second tin's promo as well but I still think it hasn't been out long enough. They've proven me wrong with that before tho. I don't think they'll Limit Rabbit especially now with priority finally gone for the TCG. As for the other promos I'm expecting more SJ Magazine reprints and maybe a SJ Alpha reprint. I would like to see Number 16 in one of these tins. I don't expect them to Limit Tour Guide either, but I didn't expect them to Semi-Limit Reborn Tengu before it came out in the OCG, so they could limit it. I don't even think OCG is getting Tour Guide or Tengu until after the September banlist, if I'm not mistaken. That being said they probably won't Limit Tour Guide. Think of how much it would hurt the Extra Pack 5 sales if they did. Just glad priority is finally gone.

ShiroRyu - 29. Apr, 22:21

Predictions, since everyone seems to be doing this

(EDIT (19/5/12)) Ignore this post, Konami have been unpredictable again and skewered my prediction.

brain_master - 30. Apr, 01:54

Don't see any chance of tour guide being in this he already getting two versions of himself in the same pack lol
blackwing dragon - 30. Apr, 01:58

i cant see shock master cuz its to new it wont even get released until may sometime
im really hoping for hyper and rescue
most likely the exclusive card will be the cover card for the last 2 packs
number c39
neo galaxy eyes
possibly shark drake vice
h-c excaliber
or something close to those idk wish that list is the reall one i would love copies of those cards
i dont have 500 bucks to get tour guides or rescue rabbits or maxx C's
so reprints would be wonderful
littlewingedkuriboh - 30. Apr, 02:33

rather than souze and golem, it's likely they'll give us shooting quasar and the other time lord, but i wouldn't mind more golems.
ShiroRyu - 30. Apr, 09:51

Okay, let me explain

Kevin (from Konami) said that reprinting Tour Guide in the Battle Pack was a way to avoid the sudden shock that Pot of Duality caused last year (where it was suddenly reprinted as an easy-to-get card) by slowly lowering it's value on the secondary market instead of suddenly. This to me implies that there's another reprint of Tour Guide on it's way. And if you don't think they'd reprint it twice in a year, look at Brionac: available both in HA05 Special Edition and in Gold Series.

As for Shock Master & Golem, we were also told that since SJ stopped being printed, we could expect reprints of the promos a bit sooner than in the past. However, August would've still been a bit early, hence why I put them in the Wave 2 tins.

It's unlikely we'd get Utopia Ray & Neo Galaxy-Eyes, since last year the tin pattern went:
1st Wave: GENF's cover card + another Ultra from the set
2nd Wave: PHSW's cover card + another Ultra from the set
Note we didn't get an Odin tin or a Junk Berserker tin. It's not impossible, but I think last year's pattern worked nicely, and it'd be likely to be repeated.
DarkWingEmperor - 2. May, 05:14


I doubt they will just put in a random Xyz Ultra for the tins this year. The reason they did that pattern last year was because they were too few packs with Xyz Monsters, and they were running the then new tactic into the ground in every way possible. Now they have 4 cover cards to use, Wave 1 could be Utopia Ray and Neo Galaxy, and when wave 2 comes out, both Return of the Duelist and possibly Abyss Rising will be out, so Excalibur and Shark Drake Vice will be out. The promo's will probably be the few Jump Promos still waiting for a reprint. for the big card, i would be guessing Rescue Rabbit or some other top tier secret rare for wave 1, however this could be wrong as Solemn Warning was only Ultra.
boomerandzapper - 2. May, 06:43


I don't think that would happen, because of the packs in the set.
ShiroRyu - 2. May, 16:18

You bring up a good point, skipping STOR & EXVC's cover cards last year to focus on Xyz does make sense. They may carry on that pattern however. I imagine it's 50-50 whether they'll repeat or revert. They usually print August's set's cover in wave 1 though, so if anything it'd be NGEPD + Excalibur, then Shark Drake + something else. The only time they reprinted February's cover card was in 2010 when they had 3 tins in Wave 1.

The packs shriek has listed are for Wave 1. Wave 2 will probably have 3 ORCS and 2 REDU packs.
littlewingedkuriboh - 30. Apr, 01:14


so scrap dragon, tgu, maxx "c", inzektor hornet, and some other stuff?

blackwing dragon - 30. Apr, 01:54

tgu is guarenteed and confirmed in battle pack i cant see them reprinting that again so soon
but if they do i will not complain
makes it that much easier to get it
as for hornets and maxx "C" atleast maxx C is almost guarenteeded tobe in here if not the battle pack
blackwing dragon - 1. Jul, 08:49

brio was reprinted in ha05 sped but it wasnt available over here in the states it was only printed to europe and austrailia
hopefully ur right because tour looks lame as common or even star foil
but doubt full atleast if they do that it wont be available for us in the states anyway
thats my thoughts anyway we still got 2 months left so who knows
konami has done some whacky shit lately so any thing is possible with them involved
but honestly unless they release something spactacular
i think im going to back out of the game here soon
got to get ready for school in the fall
blackwing dragon - 30. Apr, 01:52

i am really hoping for a wind-up rabbit

my predictions
wind-up rabbit
possibly zenmaines
BLACK LUSTER ENVOY would be really nice
like they did with dark armed
what ever cards dont come out of battle pack possibly
rescue rabbit is highly likely
scrap dragon possibly
trident and 5 head for those dragon players
tiras/adreus(unlikely because of battle pack epic dawn)
hieratic exceeds possibly but unlikely
if that is the case mostlikely that rank 8 guy that is the secret in the galactic overlord pack
hieratic dragon overlord of heliopolis
black rose would be nice
maybe the blackwing synchros
reprint blue eyes from anniversary would be awesome
if that art isnt chosen for the gold series anyway
possibly some OCG only exclusives that we havent gotten yet
hard to tell really
any other guesses?
i know i am mostlikely way off so no smart ass comments if u plz just my hopes and guesses is all

brain_master - 30. Apr, 01:57

Would be nice if they put rabbit with dolka to have little kids with rabbit decks lol
blackwing dragon - 30. Apr, 02:13

i wish they would reprint monster reborn, heavy, dark hole, book of moon, foolish burrial,mystical space
and the rest of the staples as supers or tin promos
i know they all got alot of reprints
but the last reprint for reborn or dark hole was like years ago
that is just what i would like to see

anyone else agree or disagree?
comments suggestions thoughts

littlewingedkuriboh - 30. Apr, 02:31

dem reprings

dark hole, book of moon, foolish burial. they've been reprinted. well dark hole in the sixsam structure. mst was reprinted as a gold in 3 and monster reborn isn't too needed at this point. most of the people that want it have it, it's not worth an exorbiant amount of money. and heavy will be out within the year or so.
brain_master - 30. Apr, 07:26

Am pretty sure they will put some of those in the battle pack
Belgian Blue - 30. Apr, 09:36

The date tells all ...

Tins that early in august ? Expect them to reprint power cards that will get hit or lose value come september anyway. So I would definitely go with Maxx C, Tour guide second reprint, rescue rabbit stuff like that. TGU and Rabbit as the same 1-2 that we had last year with POD-warning.

jobniks - 8. May, 20:25


well i would add in scrap dragon since it is over rated and still un used xD
Infernity Zero - 5. May, 18:31

Heroic Champion - Excalibur

One of the 2 Wave I tins. Just announced and I saw a pic of him on the cover of a tin. It's orange with cool symbols in the background from what I saw (the pic was kinda blurry plus I'm tired)

Infernity Zero - 6. May, 02:40

THanks for adding the source PokemonKing

I would've never found the picture again and so many spams of "Wheres the source" would've sprouted up
Pokemonking3000 - 6. May, 03:15

No problem

I was already going to ask for a source, but then I found the pic.

EDIT: Uh...I'm I not allowed to post links? Is that why my post is gone? Or is it just my computer?
Infernity Zero - 6. May, 17:00

The link is gone its not just you
Asdfghjkl1234567890 - 17. Jun, 19:58

impossiburu 2nd Promo

blackwing dragon - 18. Jun, 03:51

my predictions

Heroic Champion - Excalibur Collectible Tin
3 Photon Shockwave Booster Pack
2 Galactic Overlord Booster Pack
CT09-EN001 Heroic Champion - Excalibur (Secret Rare)
CT09-EN00? Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon(Super Rare)
CT09-EN00? Ally of Justice Catastor(Super Rare)
CT09-EN00? Black Rose Dragon(Super Rare)
CT09-EN00? Shooting Quasar Dragon(Super Rare)

Evolzar Dolkka Collectible Tin
3 Photon Shockwave Booster Pack
2 Galactic Overlord Booster Pack
CT09-EN00? Evolzar Dolkka (Secret Rare)
CT09-EN00? Rescue Rabbit(Super Rare)
CT09-EN00? Kabazauls(Super Rare)
CT09-EN00? Sabersaurus(Super Rare)
CT09-EN00? Evolzar Laggia(Super Rare)

evolzar dolkka is confirmed
il try to find the link and post it i dont remember where i found it though

jobniks - 18. Jun, 11:14

for real ?? xD

i dont think reprinting vanila monsters in a tin will happen any day soon xD

you just mach those two waves 1 is nice secon is rabbit starter deck xD

i see maxx c amd scrap dragons reprints somewhere here
KarakuriSoldierMdl216 - 18. Jun, 04:01

@blackwing dragon

REDMD is not gonna be a promo, he was already printed in a SE as a Super, making his total number of prints 4, so i doubt he'll be in these tins. i doubt rabbit will be a tin promo, probably maxxc, tourwhore, and 2 other useless cards

blackwing dragon - 18. Jun, 07:45

ur prolably right about that but none the less
for dolkka it would make sense that rabbit was reprinted
kinda like red dragon archfiend was for red nova
and stardust for shooting star respectively
as for the rest i honestly dont know i was just making some guesses
mostlikely way off
but guesses arent always right
any other ideas?
thoughts about my guesses would be appreciated
just no down talk alright
blackwing dragon - 18. Jun, 09:22

do u really think tour guide will be reprinted a third time in this tin
it just came out in the battle pack y would they reprint it again as a tin promo?
maxx C maybe
scrap dragon or black rose more probable
i want to see catastor but i dont think that will happen
the other ice barrier synchros might be nice or some other synchros like mist wurm possibly
leviair would be amazing
or even roach or tiras and adreus but again they just came out in battle pack so i doubt that
with the six sam deck coming out maybe shi-en reprint if that ra yellow special edition is fake anyway
i would really like to see some fabled support reprints
the synchros especually
but thats just me
more dragon support to
but thats a given lol........................
ShiroRyu - 19. Jun, 11:30

@blackwing dragon

A few points I'd like to make:

- Rabbit in a Dolkka tin doesn't follow the same logic as RDA in the Red Nova tin. You don't need Rabbit to summon Dolkka (would you believe it, you can use Evolsaurs too), where as you do need RDA to summon Red Nova. Still, I won't discount the possibility. I do see Rabbit being reprinted some time this year, whether in the Wave 1 or Wave 2 tins, or in REDU Special Edition.

- Kevin Tewart said that they were trying to avoid repeating the sudden price drop Duality experienced last year, which is why they didn't wait for the tins to reprint Tour Guide. So it might either get another reprint at some point, or might be hurt by the September list, or both. And as for cards having limited reprints in a year, look how many reprints Utopia is getting: YS12, BP01, DL14, GLD5, DT07... five reprints this year.

- Ra Yellow SE isn't fake. It's out now. Just only in US and Canada, because apparently Konami's European division didn't think it'd sell well enough over here to justify multi-language reprints or something.

- In January, this was posted on Pojo. So far, the information has been accurate, the 5-card booster turned out to be Battle Pack, the Structure Deck that turned out to be the Samurai SD, etc. (although the release dates for Battle Pack and Starter Deck 2012 were the wrong way around - possibly BP was pushed back due to last minute changes, so the Starter was brought forward to fill the gap).
So, for the majority of Synchro reprints (particularly core-set cards like Black Rose and Scrap Dragon), I'd expect them to be in this Legendary Collection 3 should it turn out to exist.
Dragon King - 19. Jun, 20:38

This how I feel....

This is just my opinion but I think cards like ghost or secret should be reprinted and not just from packs, everything from magazine subscriptions to manga....need to get a second life in a tin.
And in my verdict...I don't think reprints are all that bad,specially for "Tour guide of the underworld". From what I've seen there still going for $30,even if they are reprints. I've noticed a lot of people on this site talk like oh $45 for card,that's not too bad!....Well it is!!  Although some may have disposable income, doesn't mean everyone else does!
So I'd rather pay $20 to get a reprint of tour guide of the underworld and 4 other cards that I wanted,than to spend $30 on just one card!
Cards like Roach,I can see being in tin...... it was a secret rare and a lot of money ,so a lot of people would like to see that card reprinted.... Plus I feel it has been long enough!
Quasar dragon... Is something else I would look forward to seeing in a tin.
And this may sound little weird but I would also greatly enjoy Gagaga Magician and Gagaga Magician Girl. I know he's only a super rare but still I can't find anyone to trade with me and all the card shops I know I'll don't seem to carry him. My opinion is that he is a very under appreciated monster card! You have a monster who can almost turned to any level you want.....this means,if you can get more then one on the field...you could almost summon any XYZ monster you want! Gagaga Magician Girl..... Not that important but still would be nice since it was a secret rare. Anyway I feel there are a lot of cards that require a reprint of them because a lot of people where not able to get them from packs. I don't think any of the more recent secrets Rere's are going to shopping this tin.
blackwing dragon - 20. Jun, 08:41

ok my appologies them
i couldnt find anything on the ra yellow mega pack special edition at all on the kanomi site or yugioh wikia
so i asumed that it was just a false rumor
my bad i appologize
ztech - 27. Jun, 21:48

@dragon king

i agree with your concerns but the likely hood of gagaga magician is slim as he is now a common in the battle pack but he is criminally underused and gagaga girl is likely except that order of chaos is still in print and not very useful without gagaga magician so its doubtful sorry

Dragon King - 29. Jun, 16:06


Thank you for your feedback....but the won't stop konami!....remember "Spore"?!?...lol....it was a common too. I just wanted gagag girl,for my magician girl Collection...lol

I'm kind of hoping for Magi Magi Magician Girl...but I feel if anything,it well see up on Return of The Duelist...at a secret rare.
ShiroRyu - 1. Jul, 14:50


It won't be Magi Magi.

Reason: the 4 super rare cards are noted as being 'variant cards'... this is by definition a reprint of a card in a rarity different from it's original. So it's definitely not going to be a card previously unobtainable.

Also I reckon that, rather than in Return of the Duelist, it'll more likely be a promo card for something down the line, or a prize card (if a prize card, hopefully introduced at YCS Sheffield since it's introducing a new YCS format).
quincymccoy - 28. Jun, 04:54


Still worse than Tour guide, but hey, still a good thing.

And then that highlander, why do both tins seem like they're going to be heavily specialized secret promos with semi-good supers.

Amantol - 28. Jun, 11:21


yeah, zenmaines, another reprint of a card that's just 9 month old & not maxx c, which is way older & at least a staple (2 or 3 times) for every (side-)deck...

no, it's zenmaines, thx konami, you screw't up... AGAIN!

we all know that the reprint will come, but my guess was the gold series 6 or something like that NEXT year, i really ask myself at the moment: why should i buy booster for this expensive cards anymore, when they got a reprint not even 1 year later...!?

and a little bit sarcasm @ the end... #vote-4-cardcar-in-wave-2!

brain_master - 28. Jun, 23:40

Where does it say zenmaines getting reprinted , I didn't see it up at the top
brain_master - 29. Jun, 08:00

Thanks dawg
brain_master - 10. Jul, 16:47


Wow every little kid going to have a rabbit deck lol
I will build one just to know how it feels cause I will never make a wind up deck because they are just sacky

dragon master of the tcg - 10. Jul, 17:31

another wasted print

great another wind, when will they stop printing these? and im not going to be impressed if they print some junk like rescue rabbit or tour guide (although tour bus wouldnt be so bad) but by the looks of things it's going to be jump promo's now like malefic truth and shooting quasar (seeing how it wasn't in gld5)

ShiroRyu - 13. Jul, 18:22

I agree. Utterly wasted. Why would people buy these clearly rubbish products when they include previously-expensive cards that everyone's using in their decks? Madness it is. Surely tins filled with Morphtronics would sell more.
dragon master of the tcg - 15. Jul, 01:25

because the sheeple do as the are sheeple told

just cus its expensive doesnt make it good, a better choice would have been maxx "c" or tiras/adreaus, hell look at cardcar D goes for a lot yet its a terrible card. todays game is ruined by players who do what everyone else does and think their deck is good and laugh at players who either dont have the money or think up new and interesting idea's, we need to stop this mentality and stop jumping to the next archtype cus everyone else does.
just cus it works for one deck doesn't mean it will for all and my point was we need the more useful cards to be reprinted (at least scrap dragon got a reprint cus it was needed)
Pokemonking3000 - 15. Jul, 06:51

Just because Card Car D is not as splashable or "great" as other cards does not mean it is a terrible card. There are quite a few decks that make good use of Card Car D.

Anyways, Did it ever occur to you that there are people who actually what to play decks like Wind-Ups or Dino-Rabbit? Not because everyone else wants to, but just because THAT person wants to play the deck

Not once have I heard a person say "You know what? Everyone else is playing X deck, I should play X deck too". If anything I hear more of "Everyone else is playing X deck, I should play Y deck instead".
ShiroRyu - 15. Jul, 11:41

Exactly, most people I know at my locals who play decks like Dino Rabbit, Wind-Up, Inzektors and the like play them because they like the deck and have been playing them since they were released, and in some cases testing them since their OCG reveal/release.

But, at the same time, you can't blame someone for wanting to use a deck that's proven it's a winning deck at a large event like a YCS or Nationals or whatever. It's common sense. If you go to a tournament with the intention of winning, you want to use a deck that you reckon has the best chance of winning. Especially for events like Nationals that are once-a-year.

Also, Tiras/Adreus got a reprint in Battle Pack. They in no way need a reprint.
brain_master - 15. Jul, 21:29

I think the reprints are good and necessary especially scrap dragon
The only thing that ruins the game is vendors who see that you really need x card so they decided to charge as much as they can get out of you for x card . That's why I laugh at them when stuff like zenmaines gets reprinted n they lose like 4-5 hundred dollars on the ones they have
SavrCosmicFighter - 13. Jul, 12:35

i lol'd

Laggia, Neutron and Scrap Dragon for the rest of Wave 1

Maxx C for Wave 2? >.> <.<

dragon master of the tcg - 13. Jul, 16:57

so its not all bad

ok so the tin kinda redeemed itself with laggia and scrap dragon, i just think its silly putting the laggia in the excalibur tin
Ghostar - 14. Jul, 05:11


Its simple, they want you to buy both tins.
brain_master - 13. Jul, 18:11

hanzo ... its whatever

I had forgotten about that strategy already because it seems like it will not receive any more support

blackwing dragon - 16. Jul, 21:21

i run hieratic ninjas and hanzo as a secret is awesome
cant wait
wonder if they will reprint supertransformation out of the tins aswell
or the normal transformation ninjitsu card that was out few years back
im really hoping for white dragon ninja but i doubt that will be the case
maybe atum and or gaia in the other tin as support for the hieratic guy
ShiroRyu - 19. Jul, 11:33

The Super Rare cards are variant cards. So none of them will be cards that were already available in Super Rare. So this excludes Supertransformation, Atum and Gaia Dragon.
Transformation was reprinted in Turbo Pack 7, and is easy to get.
So of all your suggestions, White Dragon Ninja would actually be the most likely.
ShiroRyu - 13. Jul, 18:27

For those wondering what's in which tin:

Heroic Champion Excalibur Tin
Picture: http://oi47.tinypic.com/2jcaw51.jpg
ScR Heroic Champion Excalibur
SR Blizzard Princess
SR Evolzar Laggia
SR Wind-Up Rabbit
SR Wind-Up Zenmaines

Evolzar Dolkka Tin
Picture: http://oi48.tinypic.com/14nd06d.jpg
ScR Evolzar Dolkka
SR Genex Neutron
SR Scrap Dragon
SR Dark Highlander
SR Wind-Up Zenmaines

Setosama - 15. Jul, 11:08

That's actually REALLY smart playing on Konami's part...

Putting Scrap and Genex Neutron in the Dolka Tin and putting Laggia in the Excalibur tin gives them a higher chance that people will buy both tins...

Judging by what they did here, I'm gonna join the herd in assuming the shared promo for wave 2 is gonna be Rescue Rabbit.
Black masked emporor - 17. Jul, 15:16

looking forward to these tins can finally get my girlfriends decks finished so my decks can have worthy opponents to train against
just so you know the decks she has are;Dark/archfiends, Zombie/plant, chaos-sworn, crystal beast, Beast synchro, Watt/battery man, six samurai (classic), heal burn OTK, Spellcaster nostalgia (dm and dm girl etc) and amazoness Xyz (work surprisingly well). I'm running quick fusion heros.

IvanV101 - 19. Jul, 05:24

i havn't seen black rose, catastor, vajayna and Metaion, the TimelordPrice reprint yet...humm

ShiroRyu - 19. Jul, 11:28

Catastor was in Turbo Pack 7.
They'll likely do Black Rose and Metaion reprints if they do a 5D's Legendary Collection, but that won't be 'til at least next year if it happens.
You can't realistically expect them to reprint every card though.
brain_master - 19. Jul, 16:31

Wow now that you mentioned it I need a black rose pretty badly lol
Dragon King - 30. Jul, 04:14

I still think Steelswarm Roach,would be nice!
IvanV101 - 31. Jul, 03:55

i just hope of roach and Leviair the Sea Dragon....i need roach the most

brain_master - 30. Aug, 02:28

help everyone

This would benefit the many
Maxx C
Emergency teleport (seen the price on it lately)
Rescue rabbit
Leviar sea dragon (come on already!!!!)
That spirit card that just got un banned (lol)
Miracle fusion

Evil Joey - 13. Sep, 06:30

Rescue Rabbit and Shock Master

Rescue Rabbit and Shock Master will be in Hanzo tin while Rabbit and Malefic Truth Dragon will be in Heliopolis tin.

lightsworn91 - 13. Sep, 16:07

I'm surprised that Shock Master is getting reprinted so soon, I though it would be a while before it got reprinted, still its great that its getting reprinted. Rescue Rabbit was expected to be reprinted, so no surprise there. I'll most likely get both tins just to get rescue rabbit and shock master. Also it would have been great if Shooting Quasar Dragon got reprinted instead of Malefic Truth Dragon, but oh well. Maybe Shooting Quasar will be reprinted in the abyss rising special edition or the Prophecy Destroyer tin.
KarakuriSoldierMdl216 - 14. Sep, 22:28

Hanzo Tin

According to my friend, a konami judge, Quasar and Maxx "C" are in the Hanzo tin, and Weisel is in the Heliopolis tin

ralman88 - 20. Sep, 06:21


At least Maxx "C" is confirmed to be in the hanzo tin. I hope your friend is right on the Quasar.
KarakuriSoldierMdl216 - 20. Sep, 21:21


i hope so, i need an english one, everyone complains about my japanese one, but hey, it was cheaper than the english one

ralman88 - 28. Sep, 00:30


NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! Frigging, 30 dollar pain in the ass, Leviair the Sea Dragon is now reprinted in the heilopolis tin.

Fob4eva - 19. Oct, 07:40

No its not. Leviair is so easy to get.
ralman88 - 4. Oct, 20:24

A NEW reprint revealed.

Tour Guide From the Underworld is confirmed to be reprinted in the Hanzo tin.

dragon master of the tcg - 4. Oct, 22:27

so a slot that could have been used for something good like steelswarm roach gets wasted on a card that already been reprinted, its bad enough that rabbits in both tins
Setosama - 5. Oct, 09:15

Don't forget, we've got 1 more tin at least

Prophecy destroyer. Roach might come in that if he's not in the Heliopolis tin
ywontuc - 7. Oct, 03:35

roach is bad bro get over it.
Setosama - 5. Oct, 08:49

That 4th Promo in the Heliopolis tin better be REALLY good

Otherwise, the Hanzo tins will be in MUCH higher demand. When Hanzo was first revealed as the wave 2 Tin Cover Monster I was really taken aback. I knew Konami had to put some REALLY good promo cards in there or that tin would NOT sell. They went above and beyond with the good stuff in that tin. SO many people are gonna buy 2 of that tin!

Leviar is a great start with Heliopolis but... That last promo better be REALLY good, otherwise, that tin is not gonna sell as much. Leviar and Rabbit are quite easily the ONLY selling points for that tin right now.

ywontuc - 7. Oct, 03:34

So when Heliopolis was announced you were like "Oh I need that for my rank 8 slot" or "Oh I need that for my Hieratic deck"?
MasterGawain - 10. Oct, 06:04

SRSLY Though

If the Promo is Roach i will be pleased. Thats the only other card i can see being reprinted in here, or quasar dragon, but i think that will be in the Abyss Rising SE. Roach needs a reprint, and the Heliopolis tin is nowhere near as good as the Hanzo tin right now. Like you said, leviair is about it for this tin.
IvanV101 - 11. Oct, 08:02

i hope for infernity barrier, phton strike bounzer and hieratic Dragon King of Atum get reprint soon, most card i want is infernity barrier

FoxD - 16. Oct, 11:08

The Last Card !

Last Card : Steelswarm Roach, Shooting Quasar Dragon or Meklord Wizel Please !!

razole - 18. Oct, 06:10

Last Card Heliolopolis

The last card is:

X-Saber Souza

Yes, i'm disappointed too.


FoxD - 18. Oct, 13:46


Souza the Last Card !! Disappointing all the same...

blackwing dragon - 18. Oct, 21:54

thats just fuckin stupid
but then again i can kinda see y they did that
theres already 1 high demand card in the set actually 3 high demand cards getting another one guarenteed will drop the price of the original and the packs imensly meaning no one will be buying the packs so kanomi is going to loose more money from that then gaining money from the tins
so it kinda makes sense but then again out of all the cards they could have choosen stupid ass souza SERIOUSLY
blackwing dragon - 18. Oct, 21:56

we will just have to wait and see what the next tin brings
i can almost guarentee there will be a second tin for wave 2.5
theres always 2 tins no more no less in every wave sp heres hopin for somethin good
but then again prophecy destroyer isnt that great to begin with so..........
well i guess we will just have to wait and see
Fob4eva - 19. Oct, 07:36

Smart buyers won't buy the hieratic tin. Instead they load up on hanzo tin. Overall, the hieratic tin is beyond garbage.
blackwing dragon - 19. Oct, 08:49

any cards out of the tins i want i will just buy individually especually from the hieratic tin
i really dont want another souza i have enough already its pathetic
Fob4eva - 24. Oct, 20:05

I only see 2 high demand cards. Leviair doesn't count.
ywontuc - 19. Oct, 18:23

Who's excited for legal shock master, malefic truth dragon, and x-saber souza?

blackwing dragon - 22. Oct, 06:27

arent they already legal?
i mean they came out of the shonen jump
as mass production product
not like its a duel terminal or anyting
dragon master of the tcg - 23. Oct, 02:00

manga, book and shonen jump promo's are only legal in america as they are officially distributed there but in some where like the U.K they are not as we dont get a proper release, if you go to the official site and got to the U.K one then banned list there is a hyperlink which says which cards are not legal. personally i think this is bull as it means america can play cards like shooting quasar dragon and we cant until a mass release is made (usually in tins, sometime gold series)



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