Forbidden/Limited Cards (effective October 1, 2014)

New Limited:
Glow-Up Bulb
Infernity Archfiend
Soul Charge
Super Polymerization

New Semi-Limited:
Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
The Transmigration Prophecy

No Longer Limited:
Coach Soldier Wolfbark
Magician of Faith
Formula Synchron
Reinforcement of the Army

Complete list can be found here.
Setosama - 27. Sep, 21:44

This list is garbage!

Glow-Up Bulb? RAIGEKI?! ONE OF THE FIRST 10 BANNED CARDS EVER IN THE GAME?! (First 13 in the TCG) Infernity Archfiend?! WTF DID INFERNITIES DO TO DESERVE THIS PUNISHMENT?! YOU ALREADY TOOK AWAY 2 OF THEIR BARRIERS! THEY WEREN'T EVEN ONE OF THE TOP 3 DECKS THIS FORMAT NOR THE LAST! Super Polymerization? Is that you're pathetic attempt at hitting Shadolls? Or are you just hitting Elemental HEROes harder when you already banned and should have given them back their Stratos on this list and didnt.


Only things that are GOOD on this list are Soul Charge to 1 (which the OCG did also), Gorz the Emissary of Darkness to 2 (which the OCG has had for more than a year now), Blackwing - Gale the Whilrwind to 2 (AGAIN which the OCG also did on their last list), and all of their unlimits on the list with the exception of maybe Wolfbark but RotA isn't fair being hit while all other search cards roam free, Magician of Faith is too damn slow now and who the hell is going to run 3 Formula Synchron? Everything else, ESPECIALLY on the new limits is utter bullshit. -_-

lordpain - 28. Sep, 00:19

i play heroes too

i understand why super poly was limited but at the same time it kinda hurt me but i can atleast replace with filler cards. with shadolls spamming and controlling the current game in japan but america on the other hand likes its money from winda and construct as well as sister shadow games.

artifacts arent a threat right now theyre too slow and not everyone is running msts for popping. ive seen a spike in magic jammers,seven tools, and other negations. if you wanna play artifavts right you gotta use absorbing jar lol. and formula at 3 is ok but not as insane as when there were 2 dandylions running the game lol. glow up bulb is ok to because its jsut promotional shit for LC 5D's so we can blow our gil and then theyll ban it right after lol
Dudewitbow - 28. Sep, 02:13

>RE: Why infernities did to deserve it

You must have not read who won worlds... they did a lot more than just win a simple YCS. They won the big kahuna
EXTRIMAKER - 27. Sep, 23:24

my thoughts on this.

1.Glow up bulb is very understandable because for once shooting Quasar will be released in the next Legendary collection and formula is needed for him so formula goas to 3 and bulb to 1 for better ways to summon Quasar,also bulb was already a long time reqest to come back ever since it got hit peopel wantet it to be unbanned again so this move makes in any way sense.

2.Infernity is fast enough to kill qlipoth before theiy can do shit so i would say theiy wantet to eliminate that deck complettly just so qlipoth have it even more easy(same for super poly as it will be used by shadoll to counter qlipoth with shekinaga wich now no longer works as effective as before(thats atleast how i see this move).

3.soul charge is obvious.

4.Raigeki is pointless anyway so why not unbann it? just as it happens yesterday i had a discussion about raigeki being entirly pointless now as it can t really do much to the game anymore because most deck don t bother with it: think about it: shadoll has midrash wich doas not care for card effect destruction neither doa there facedown flip effect monster neither doa the rest of the deck,madolche also doas not care,satellaknight has counter traps for it and can re summon there monster when the xyz get destroyed and call is on 3(and with dragon spring there have 6 calls!) yang zing doas obviously not care at all,and any Pendulum relatet deck such as Qlipoth doas by default not care,also even noble knights and battleing boxer doa not care so doas Bujin and traptrix,even GK doas not care,so for evilswarm and rulersworn so why not unbann a card that has lost 99% of its impact on the game because the decks evloved to a point where raigeki became just as bad as Dark hole hell even mirro force is to some degree better then both of them but even that is not played in all decks(if played at all) so yea it s like with magican of faith it just got unbanned because it no longer matters anyway.

5.gale is support for blackwing cause there really need it as of currently there can t compete in the meta game,and also same reasion as with bulb and formula.

6.Gorz is to some degree good against Qlipoth as it can stop there otks and also we never had gorz on 2before he always was on 1 in tcg and seeing as he made no impact to the game in the ocg where he is on 3! i don t see why there should not semi limit him?.

7.ceasfire is proablaby due to some peopel trying to hard to win with chain burner so konami wants to end this annoying deck i guess^^... makes sense as to many people buying and using ceasfire means less peopel that buy there new cards wich in turn is bad for the money making.

8.transmigration prophecy is a good side against all grave relatet decks but also it is no longer that strong as it was back when it got limitet so again why not semi limit a card that has lost most of its impact anyway.

9.Coach is obvious fire fist is so far outclassed by qlipoth and the other new archtypes so why not unlimit him?.

10.magican of faith is pointless anyway so why not unlimit a card that really by all means doas not do shit anymore.

11.reinforcment of the army is obvious it is support for Stellaknights.

TKing6488 - 28. Sep, 08:00

Worst list in a long time.

They didn't do jack to the format. Floodgate cards such as Emptiness and Skill Drain should have been hit. I can understand the unbans but come on man this is obvious milking to make money. It's kind of sad this is the rationing we're using to many hits. The game is all about money now and nothing else. That and the whole concept of a turn lasting for an hour along with unbeatable boards. How about fix those problems Konami?

EXTRIMAKER - 29. Sep, 02:23


1.Nobody takes a houer for a turn thats impossible. theiy owen new products such as stellaknight,noble-knight,and quasar support was obvious so no suprise here.

3.skill drain will not get hit when qlipoth is about to be released as skill drain is a Key card in the deck as you can see on devpro all qlipoth decks that are any good run skill drain on 3! same for vanity it also run by some in qlipoth and shaddoll(wich i personally don t understand but hey it worked in ocg for them so why not in tcg?) also as most peopel will proablby run 3shattering arrow in side against qlipoth and that card can destroy traps aswell means vanity becomes less powerful anyway so why hit it?.

4.the game is and always was all about money there never was a time when it was "cheap" to build a "tournament winning deck" after all this game was made to give the company money not to be a charrity game for free...but peopel tend to forget that.

5.there never was and never will be a card or deck for that matter that is infact "Unbeatable" even all of the Divine-monsters are beatable(with "divine" i not only refer to the generic god cards but also to cards like the snake godness an Qlipoth-killer that are very close to be "unbeatable" but still get there asses kickt by some generic cards that are in overall strange less powerfull but more flexiable)
TKing6488 - 29. Sep, 02:50

1. Being Sarcastic although turns can drag at times because a player has that man options

2. Unbans are great Floodgate cards reign without Heavy Storm Period

3. Quilphoth is not the only deck that mains Skill Drain. Strains of Yang Zing and Dark World Burning Abyss have also been using this card. It also shuts down the Big 3 if played properly. Spell Shattering Arrow only destroys Spells

4. There is no such thing as an unbeatable deck. I am talking about unbeatable boards because of flood-gate cards such as Emptiness and Skill Drain. It's all about luck in that situation. Although Flood Gate cards makes the situations more prevalent.
Black Masked Emperor - 1. Oct, 20:31

Back when mind master was at 1 with gusto loop I could synchro for an hour easy if I wanted too, granted I only needed 20 minutes to get game.
EXTRIMAKER - 29. Sep, 16:26


1.ok sarcasmus over the internet is hard to detect atleast for me.

2.Well heavy storm still would not chain much as peopel then would just side or even main deck starlight road.

3.Yea but it is the only relevant deck out of those,cause for once Konami wants to push them cause there pendulum,and the other thing is that burning abyss can t do shit against them as there lose when skill drain is on field(saw it myself in all the duells i used to play with qlipoth against Burning abyss there always lost cause of skill drain or to put it differently i always won when skill drain came thourgh regardless of the situation) also DW is no longer relevant for the meta as yang zing and Shadoll and Qlipoth outclass the deck to a point where it just becomes nothing but fodder to yea skill drain was not hit because of qlipoth and so was emtpyness as emptyness can also be used against them and for them. all the time i play this game now and i play it since it came out in my country,i never came across a "unbeatable board" nothing like that ever existet and if it did at a time then over time it became pointless see raigeki for exampel very strong in the past but now its just another dark hole that won t do much to any Meta deck.

TKing6488 - 30. Sep, 06:21

I'm just going to point out your third point.

The constant outclassing of decks from booster to booster has grown stale to me to the least. I've beaten every meta deck with my Dark World deck against good players. That's besides the point. I'm just tired of the newer cards getting more and more powerful. I am the I like an archetype and stick with it type of guy. Dark World since 2005 Zombie sworn since 2008. I just love the way the decks play. Don't get me wrong I added newer stuff as time progressed Burning Abyss goes great in DW and I splash Shaddolls. My Zombie sworn deck finally got it's entire plant engine back with the list. I also don't expect everyone else to apply to my preferences. So I don't flame lol

5D's was in my opinion the best era. It came with Extra Deck cards that any deck could run. Now it's just this archetype now gets outclassed by that archetype. Honestly it's been like this since Wind-Ups/Samurais and it's just redundant now. That and these hits are clearly because Konami wants to sell more stuff lol
EXTRIMAKER - 1. Oct, 16:29


Well i be honest i don t think you really beat "every meta deck" with your DW deck,because i honstely can t see how dw beat,mermail,spellbook,madolche,fire fist,GK,evilswarm,constellar,rulersworn,Prime dragon ruler,prime spellbook,all on its owen,espacally against peopel that know how to use those decks,

i could see how you beat some decks with it as dw was at some point the dominating deck but every meta deck since 2005? up until now? sorry dude but i don t believe that....because if such a powerful dw deck existet Konami and the user base would have know of it at some point and then peopel would have played this version of dw against Rulers in theiy prime and then dw would have become know for being to broken instead of rulers...

you see i agree with you that the 5ds era was very good for the game for several reasions,but also you have to understand that Konami wants money and peopel give Konami money for creating Broken cards,this is cause most peopel seem to think that just buying a broken deck is enough to win a tournament(wich we know is not true but there maby don t know) and also noobies that came new into the game want qick results and success so there would go for the strongest deck that there is so obviously Konami sees this and creates even more broken shit ending in said outclassing of older decks this goas even back to the very begining of the game and can therefore be classified as just "the Natur of the game" ´but yea it really goas on my nerv Sometimes.

greater222 - 1. Oct, 21:01

Game 1, 2, 3

He might be able to beat the meta decks in Game 1. Game 2 and 3 are where usual decks will often lose to meta decks because of the siding.
Dark World may be able to beat meta decks until they side in shadow imprisoning.
You could say, I'll put in 3x MST. Well, what about Vanity's Emptiness?
The meta decks are about advantage. Even if they made a play, they still have insane card advantage. After Dark World goes for a play, it's hard to keep a 4-6 card hand with 3-4 cards on the field.
Black Masked Emperor - 1. Oct, 21:30

Depends on the plays, a good darkworld player can clear the field and go for game all at once emptiness doesn't help with grapha, mst, trap eater etc. The deck can then easily get 8000+ attack in a turn with the right build. Mine however is an ftk exodia build.
greater222 - 2. Oct, 17:16

Chains will never end

That is not a valid point because a good meta player can clear Dark World. You may say a better Dark World player is out there...oh but wait, there has to be a better deck because if DW was so great, why aren't they at the top.... There is always going to be one player better than the next, that is why there is a "meta". Meta decks is what is topping, Occasionally there will be random decks that you may see near the top, that is because they failed to have proper sides against a random deck..
TKing6488 - 8. Oct, 17:37


You bring up the best points. A rogue deck often tops because of an ill prepared side. Dark Worlds have a common side for one of the meta decks. Shadow Mirror. The major problem for Dark World is they draw too many side deck cards or their dead main deck as long as shadow mirror is out. If you go for a big play with Dark World and the opponents life doesn't hit 0 that leaves the dark world player suseptable to being punished. I do win game 1 often but I always lose game 2 or 3 to not drawing an answer to a card that shuts me down. But hey that's Yugioh nownow
EXTRIMAKER - 1. Oct, 23:12


Then the opponenst sides dark mirro and its GG,Prime dragon rulers or prime spellbook rape the shit out of any dw deck thats fact otherwise dw would have seen more play during those decks Prime,the same with tele dad at its prime,and i myself played madolche online even several times against dw and theiy still never won also proablby even mermail at theiy prime could beat dw without much resistant,even My GK deck can do it,even lightsworn at theiy prime could do it legandry six samurai could easly do it with 3 shi en and 3 gates of the six,its not that dw is bad and i certaintly don t hate the deck infact i played it myself and like it but still its nowhere near the horror of Prime ruler and spellbook,and i saw all those decks and also played against them so i know what im talking about when i say its bullshit that he beat every meta deck in existens that came out after dw was released and after 2005.Also if all this doas not convince you,then ask yourself this: why doas nobody know of his broken tier 0 dw deck that can even destroy prime rulers cause surely peopel would play this if it was THAT broken.

EXTRIMAKER - 1. Oct, 23:17

Black Masked Emperor

Yea and a good Prime ruler player with all his cards at maximum,goas for 2rank 7first turn plus draws like 5 or more cards and still sets like 2-3 cards and can repeat that every turn and even worse.

Also Back when tele dad was at its prime there was no grapha no snoww no gate and no xyz or tourguide,and no emptiness so how exactly did he beat tele dad back then when the player he played against know what he was doing? sorry several youtube videos already show that Prime ruler and prime spellbook are far to broken to be defeatet by any dw deck at all when both players KNOW what theiy are doing,cause a noob can lose even with those decks.

EXTRIMAKER - 3. Oct, 19:10


Prime dragon ruler was at the top of most tournament for atleast 2lists wich happen to be released halve a year back then so a entire year was just dragon ruler pawning everyhting that tryed to competet until some dude made a complett anti-dragon ruler deck to win and then the new list almost destroyed the entire deck and even so there still relevant to the meta in form of Lightsworn ruler,when Dw was at its prime it dominatet for 1 list and then got outclassed very fast by the new cards even to the point that most peopel don t even considere them for the meta anymore,as most of the meta consist of shadoll,yang zing,tellaknight and soon Qlipoth wich all have a very good match up against dw as shadoll benefits from dw play style and yang zing doas not care at all cause theiy pretty much all re-summon themselfs and tellaknight can re summon everything and qlipoth is a pendulumc archtype wich means there do not care for destructive effects anyway because there can also re summon themselfs and also Killer is instant win cause dw has nothing that comes close to be able to kill,Killer. so the power gap between dw and prime ruler is just to great for dw to ever hope to overcome ruler.



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